Thai Traditional Massage

About Thai Traditional Massage

If you are walking around the paved streets of Thailand, you’ll be amazed at the number of thai massage parlors all around the country. In most of these massage parlors, it costs just few dollars for 2 hour session, but if you are getting thai massage from 4-5 star hotels, this could cost as much as 50 dollars. Unlike European oil massage, you get massage with a loose massage cloth provided by the parlor.

Thai massage is based on the traditional theory from India about “invisible force lines that runs through the body”. Basic theory is, a therapist stimulates this line by pressing points on the force lines. This actively seeks to release blockages and allow the force flow throughout the body. The Therapist incorporates the use of hands, feet, arms and legs to stretch, balance and energize the client’s body. Also this eliminates the poison materials within the body fabric. The whole session is supplemented by many extension and stretching components. Sometimes thai massage can occasionally cause some pain when the therapist press some spots. This is natural because this is where “the force is blocked”, and even though you may have some pain releasing the blockage, after the session, you’ll feel much better.

When you get the thai massage for the first time, maybe you can get exhausted the next morning. This is also natural, because the blocked “poison” is now released into your blood stream and if this amount of poison is too much, you can get extremely fatigue next day. But of course, it will be gone just 1 or 2 days. After that you can enjoy thai massage again, and after this, you will not have such fatigue any more. Experts recommend you to have massage not everyday, but 2-3 times per week. If you actively retain to get thai massage every week, you can feel refreshed always. That’s the common secret of many old Europeans who retired to Thailand. Thai massages are the refreshments that make them live happier and healthier.

Some foreigners suppose “Thai massage is for foreigners”. But that’s not true. In smaller towns where you can hardly see any foreigners you can still find a thai massage parlor. In Thailand, thai massage is one of the common essence of living like food, water and air. It is not like the relaxing massage in Europe where it’s still treated as a luxury. That’s why you can get thai massage at such an affordable price.