The Special Characteristics Of Thai Women

Thai women are very beautiful and, unlike many Asian women, they usually don’t gain much weight as they age. They are delightful companions.

Thailand’s economy is booming, but there is still a wide gap between rich and poor. Many people in Bangkok live in slums and many people in the North and Northeast are poor peasants.

They have traditionally sent their daughters to massage parlors or allowed them to be the second wives of rich men.

Yet many prostitutes in Bangkok are well-educated and relatively affluent.

Some work regular jobs during the day and simply supplement their incomes by working parttime as escorts or hanging around certain coffee shops late at night where foreigners know to come.

Educated Bangkok women who aren’t prostitutes are among the `nice’ women of Asia most willing to go out with foreign men on a date.

They’re relatively sophisticated and exposed to Western ways. Yet they retain the traditional virtues of honoring their husbands and being faithful.

They have a nudity taboo, but are not inhibited physically, because they’re not taught by their religion that the body and sex is evil. They know men need and want sex and their role is to give is to their husbands.

Even when they don’t like it as much as you, they don’t have headaches. English is taught in Thai schools, so educated Thais speak it fairly well.

One thing to remember if you start to stay with one for a length of time, even a bar girl, is that they are jealous.

Many Thai men do have mistresses. They keep them apart from their main family.

Many Thai men go to massage parlors and many Thai women even encourage this, but only because there’s no emotional entanglement.

Traditionally, Thai women picked out their husband’s second wife when he could afford one, but the first wife’s status was guaranteed.

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  1. And so is it ever acceptable for a farang man to have a mistress too? I’m sure a “nice girl” Thai girlfriend would not permit such a thing under any circumstances…

  2. Definately not. I joke around about how I am going to get a “Gik” and she gets depressed for days.

    Thai girls are very sensitive, and usually the ones who allow the husband to have a “Mia noi” are the ones who were forced into the marriage to begin with.

  3. Thai girls are beutiful, can be charming, but lazy, thats mostly the fault of the tourist who come here and lavish them, it makes them lazy, if they can sit at a bar all night and shout one sentance without getting off their ass they are happy.
    Try to get a descent days work out of them for example waiting tables and you are only looking at 5% of them willing to do it because its too much like hard work.

    Thats one of their Characteristics

  4. Query: What is the Thai Nudity Taboo? Compare to say western countries and is there a PDA Taboo also?

  5. The “Nudity Taboo” comes from the fact that most Thai girls are actually quite conservative and traditional, and are socialized to “be shy.” The taboo generally fades over time, and you can gradually make your Thai girl feel confident about herself and get her to prance around the bedroom naked. It takes time, and it takes some understanding and work on your part. If you make her feel beautiful, you can help her learn how to screw your brains out with the lights on.

    There is also a PDA (public display of affection) taboo, as well, but it is not as pervasive as it once was. You will see Thai girls with their Thai boyfriends behaving in very sweet, lovely ways, for example, in restaurants, or on the SkyTrain. Generally, these girls are young, often in university, and from Bangkok. Isan girls tend to be more conservative, in my experience, despite the fact that they are disproportionately represented in the go-go bars (as opposed to the soapie massage parlors, which prize white skin tones for predominately Asian clientele).

    Personally, I do not find Thai girls “lazy.” I agree that some can be lazy, and if you enable that bad behavior, you have no one to blame but yourself. Girls who “work bar” will learn bad habits, though it is possible to find some amazing gems there, as well. My own Thai wife never worked in the bar, but she waitressed in high-end Bangkok restaurants. She worked her ass off, she took care of her family alone, and no one helped her. Now that she is a housewife, she does not just lay around the house. She keeps the house, manages her maid, manages her household budget, goes to school, keeps an amazing garden, and she cooks every meal for me, and takes very good care of me, as a good Thai girl has been socialized to do since birth.

    Thai girls are all different. It does take time to penetrate past the lovely veneer to get to know them. And sophistication. You have to learn far more about their culture than you might initially realize.

  6. no you definately cannot have a mia noi, your testicles would be removed swiftly and without error.

  7. This is a good piece of article esp the part it quote “Thai girls are jealous ppl”. There are incidents when the farang boyfriend’s or even their own thai boy break up with them. Rude words and even severe cursing and condaming are used against them. There is one email sent to a farang boyfriend by his thai girlfriend saying that he will be condamed by gods and that he is sin, will sent to hell and will have bad kharma or bad death and others very bad and rude accusation which personally we find quite funny. This kind of incident happens quite a number of times but i do not wish to generalise all of them are like this but no doubt they are indeed jealous type.

  8. They have traditionally sent their daughters to massage parlors or allowed them to be the second wives of rich men.

    this is true only to greedy ones =P

  9. Yes that’s true Thai Girls are often very jealous, but they will allow you to have fun with other girls if there are no feelings involved.
    If you just go for P4P, your thai girlfriend might be ok with that. But if you date another girl, or simply receive messages on your phone from an other thai girl, you could get into big problems!

  10. Where did you hear that BS??? Thai girls are like any other girls, they are jealous in a big way and they will cut your weenie off if you piss them off enough. No girl will “allow you to have fun with other girls” that is a bunch of Bull crapolla…

    Most, and I mean most Thai men cheat on their women (and their women cheat on their men), some more than others. Thai women know this, but as long as their men are not caught by them red handed, then they over look it as long as there is financial advantage for the Thai women to stay….. The moment the man is not useful and he is cheating, his dick will be flying off on a kite in a few days and the woman will disappear for good…Please guys, wake up for F**k’s sake!

  11. In Thai culture there is a situation where you can have a mia-noi (spelling ?) look into it and you will be astounded.

  12. I know about mai noi, I have lived it and seen it among the Thai men who I know. That is why I said what I said above about Thai people cheating…it is endless!

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