Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls

They deserve all they get!
I was approached by a western girl in Phuket
who was obviously having a hard time with the lack of attention.

She almost threw herself at me and said quietly in my ear that she and her mate were out looking to get laid. I was in the star wars nightclub at the time in patong surrounded by few hundred Thai lovelies.

Back in England obviously i thought it would be a dream come true to get a girl acting like this. However in Thailnd we have the upper hand so i decided to use it.

I told her if that was the case that she was maybe in the wrong place and perhaps she should try her luck elsewhere. She looked like i had thrown molten metal in her face. This was beginning to give me far more enjoyment than shagging her ever would.

‘What do you mean’, she responded.
“I mean look around you’ I relpied and pointed to all the Thai girls.

I continued to tell her how the arrogance of the western female had become increasingly offputting and thats why most males in the know were now coming to Thailand.

She then tried to come over all softly, softly and tried to explain she wasn’t one of these types. She then put her arms around me and whispered ‘please’ in my ear.

I was loving this. I finally pushed her away and said that i wasn’t the slight bit interested.
I could see her the tears of humility rise in her eyes and then she stormed off.

I felt a feeling of power wash over me that I’d never felt before.
Western females do this to men all the time in the west and it was superb to be able to enact the same punishment.

She was lucky though. i could of got her to buy me drinks all night whilst pretending to be interested and then gone off with someone else and the end of the night!

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90 thoughts on “Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls”

  1. I have to admit I am not sure what to think. Contrast to what glowing review people have about Thailand or Thai girls is a bit overblown. The land of smiling faces you are more likely to get a knife in the back or your throat cut. Thailand is a very dangerous place especially for foreigners. I had considered going to Thailand but prefer not to be sent back in a body bag. I always have had a hard time believing Thai girls have any interest in Farang men. It likely is more about their money then anything else. Not to mention you are dealing with a very xenophobic society. This in and of itself is reason enough not to believe what all is said here. My guess is that the City is not likely the best place to meet Thai women or at least the bar scene. If anything they are hell cats and dangerous. My advice is don’t advertise yourself like you have money. A sharp looking guy, well dressed, good looking, thin of coarse, (Matt Damon type) will likely attract the wrong type of girl or whoever else. Overweight guys doesn’t really matter as they are being played anyways. Go in groups always and keep money on hand to pay off the police if they stop you for no reason which is common. You already are going to have a hard time as is being a foreigner so better to be prepared then not. Now of coarse I am not saying this is true of all Thai Girls but just watch yourself. If you really want to impress them learn to speak the language somewhat. Always be respectful even if they are not. Shame is a powerful tool in the Asian world. If anything you can use it to your advantage. Turn town compliments always and if anything dog yourself. Yea I know sounds stupid but it will win you brownie points for sure. One more important thing. For the guys lucky enough to have a normal Thai girl take that for what it is worth. Run Run far far away!! Those girls are a very rare breed and protect at all costs lol.

    I admit I prefer Asian women as well but not for the reasons most Farang women think. It really has nothing to do with sex as some would like to believe. Asian women I have found easier to talk to for the most part. They don’t have the image complex most Farang women do in most cases. In western culture it is more about the women then is about the man as though he doesn’t have feelings. It should be an equal partnership but that usually is not the case. More importance is put on family then in western culture. Death likely would be preferred over divorce as usually is a last last resort. Which means more likelyhood of working things out. Although keep in mind always to be truthful and honest. Keep her happy and she will cherish you always. That is certainly much easier then dealing with Farang women which is a whole different story. So for all the haters out there that think they know everything take note. On the flip-side I still would like to visit Thailand someday but now is just not the right time. As long as the government and schools teach and brainwashing the population into thinking that everything non- Thai is bad or an illness things likely won’t change. As long as this exists then the world clearly has no future and would have been better off not existing at all. All this hatred will ever do is just get all of all killed. I respect the Thai people but with their government would quit feeding lies about foreigners and other cultures. We can learn so much from each other but that is likely just a fools dream. So to all the Thai women out there this applies to you are well. Don’t assume you have all the answers just because your government or schools tell you so. We all might just be Gaijin, Farang or whatever else you want to call us but we are people to. We all are of the same species and our future very well may depend on our ability to set aside our differences for the better of all people.

  2. @BlazinNSoul: For someone with so much to say it’s disappointing so much of it is wrong.

    Your entire comment sounds like someone who’s been reading too many of Stickman’s scare articles where he tries to drum up business for his detective agency or drive traffic to his site by posting highly questionable stories designed to strike fear into expats and vacationers.

    For someone who has never even been here you seem to fancy yourself somewhat of an expert on the place. Unfortunately, nearly everything you said is an exaggeration. You’ve read about Thai women from losers who think they’ve found love in a go-go. You’ve read about violence from doorknobs who like to act like football hooligans and then get the crap beat out of them.

    None of what you said rings true and I live here. Never been shaken down by the cops. Not once. Never had a violent situation with a Thai. I’ve had plenty of pissed up Brits, Aussies, and other farangs try to start trouble but I’ve never even been in a heated situation with a Thai.

    I’m not saying isolated incidents don’t occur. I’m not saying every Thai girl has honorable intentions. I’m not saying tomorrow a copper won’t pull me aside for spitting on the sidewalk and want some baht. All I’m saying is that the picture you paint doesn’t even closely resemble what I see on a day to day basis.

  3. @zed: Speaking for myself, I don’t think I’m saying that people aren’t entitled to choose their lifestyle or can or cannot have whatever opinion they choose. However racism is racism and to call someone on that isn’t something that I necessarily apologize for.

    And while I agree that all people (not just women) have their good and bad qualities, I don’t agree with your “without women, life would be crappy” sort of stance. I disagree not because life would be great without women but that statement implies that men need women. Men and women need each other. It’s the “men need women” sort of mindset that has western men putting western women on a pedestal rather than on equal footing. Women also need men and we shouldn’t forget that fact. To forget or overlook that fact only serves to perpetuate the inequality between men and women.

    Look what the OP said. You can’t tell me that if Dao was a woman and some drunk guy approached her in a bar that any of that behavior would be seen as appropriate. Now, I personally think Dao’s behavior was somewhat childish but nobody would ever fault a woman for treating a man similarly given the inappropriate way in which the woman approached him. Wouldn’t this thread be full of people vilifying such a man who acted the same? Wouldn’t they be outraged at the way he was treating this poor woman as a sexual object that he wished to use for his own pleasure?

    So why does having a vagina excuse that sort of behavior? Why is it evil for a man to objectify a woman but supposed to be flattering when a woman objectifies a man?

    The male-female relationship is fundamentally flawed in western society today. And what angers many farang women so much is that Asian women are exposing the inequality. That’s why some farang women react so violently and call them whores and attempt to paint any Thai/farang relationship as slavery or prostitution.

    It’s funny because GMA has both claimed that Thai women kiss men’s asses and that in farang culture men and women have equal rights and responsibilities. Really? Let’s diagram a first date. First off, the date is not equal in any way. The man is auditioning for the role of boyfriend and the woman is a judge. She auditions for no role because in her mind her having a vagina qualifies her to be a girlfriend. She spends the entire evening acting like Simon Cowell on American Idol scrutinizing your every move. Did you open the door for her? Did you pull out her chair for her? Did you pour her glass of wine first? What kind of watch are you wearing. Are you witty? Did you talk too much about you and not ask enough about her?

    But in Thailand, you take a girl out and when the waiter brings over your wine or water and the girl immediately grabs your glass and pours. When the food comes she grabs the serving fork and puts food on your plate.

    Many farang women like to characterize this as being subservient but is it? You’re paying for the meal. Wouldn’t it seem like common courtesy that the person paying is served first? It’s actually mind blowing to think of all the common courtesies two male friends would extend to each other that women don’t think that they have to show on a date.

    If you’re auditioning for the role of boyfriend shouldn’t she also been auditioning for the role of girlfriend?

    That’s equality. It’s not subservience. Unfortunately, back in the west many women have gotten it mixed up in their heads. Trudy and farang_girl are perfect examples of this where they say things like “I’ll pamper a guy if he deserves it.” Well, how does he go about deserving it? Oh, that’s right he has to kiss your ass first.

    It’s almost funny to read what the farang women have to say if you’ve experienced Asia. Like farang_girl complaining that she sat there on the couch all night and not one single farang guy came over and approached her to offer her a drink. And those Thai girls just kept walking right up to the farang guys and capturing all of their attention.

    See, that’s her equality. She wants to sit back on the couch and the men should come to her. When the Thai women go up and approach the guys she unleashes all sorts of negative comments about their character because they’re going after what they want. But for farang_girl that’s not how it’s supposed to work. She’s supposed to be able to sit back and have men chase her. How dare those Thai women disrupt her reality.

    I’ve always said that I don’t hate farang women. I hate farang women who feel that the only way to cope with a different reality when they come to Thailand is to hurl insults. They try to make all the guys into pathetic losers who they wouldn’t have sex with anyway and as GMA so eloquently put it, the Thai women are all bitches just after our money.

    Ladies, Thailand isn’t going to change so either go with the flow or go home. This rabid anti-Thai attitude and trying to convince me that I’m a fat, bald, ninety year old, pedophile, who could never get laid back in the west. I know all of that to be untrue.

  4. @Ruai. I agree with most of what you are saying, but for my part, I choose not to generalize. I think you would find that some farang women are totally sensitive to their husbands needs and put his well being first. On the other hand, you would find there are Asian women that are bitchy and demanding, materialistic and self centred.
    What I am saying is do not enter a relationship , with preconceptions.
    Make an informed decision, once you get to know the person.
    I have an Indian friend, who married a white woman, older than himself, who dedicated her life to making him happy, to the point of washing his feet in a basin of perfumed water EVERY day when he gets back from work.
    She is no gold digger, as he has a low paying job at a factory. She does it only out of love.
    This flies in the face of all preconceptions people have of white women.

  5. @zed: Well, I think we have to assume that sometimes people speak generally when in reality they are speaking about a group rather than everyone. For instance, I’ve tried (successfully or not) to say that I’m speaking about women like Trudy, GMA, and farang_girl.

    I know there are lots of great farang women. But at the same time one cannot simply deny that more and more in farang society the attitudes expressed by people like Trudy, GMA, and farang_girl are becoming more and more accepted as normal. It is for that reason I believe that many men sort of blanket all farang women whether or not it’s warranted. To be honest, I think 90% of guys who express negative views of farang women would gladly date them if they met women like you describe.

  6. This is kind of crazy – who would want a girl who bathes your feet with rosewater every night? No man with spirit would. One doesn’t have to go to the extremes of feminism – or even think the male/female relationship has to be equal in every respect – to be disgusted by the idea of a girl placing herself so far beneath you.

    Is that really what is wrong with western women, that they don’t become absolute slaves?

    It’s a shame that everything in the modern world has to be in extremes. The slavishness of Asian women is boring and repugnant to every intelligent, high spirited Western male, while the masculinity that many Western women have acquired is equally off-putting and kills any attraction.

    The typical (notice I say typical, not all) Asian woman is impossible to respect, value highly, or find interesting, while the typical (same disclaimer) Western woman has acquired masculine attributes that go a long way to killing her native feminine charm and sex appeal. What a sorry state of affairs!

    There really needs to be a happy medium, a woman who has oodles of feminine charm while cultivating her intellect and refuses to completely abase herself before any male. Sadly, such a woman is found neither in Asia nor the West in the 21st century. You would have to look to former historical periods.

  7. @George: I’ve never been comfortable with a live-in slave. I know some friends who are into it but I tend to date women who are very lady-like but nowhere near slaves.

    The majority of guys I know who are into the slave thing end up bitching and moaning about how their wives won’t do anything unless they’re told and have no initiative. So . . . I think on the whole, nobody really wants that. Some people just think they do.

  8. There is something missing here. The title of this article asks why Western women hate Thai women. That question is not answered well because all I have read here is a testimonial. Get to the point.

  9. you are all so pathetic you piece of self hating fags.I bet you are all jealous that white girls go out with black dudes hahahha go lick your thaï ladyboy boner catch aids and die.I bet you hate you mum because she is white.That’s because of piece of trash like you that there is AIDS in western countries

  10. I agree with Elle most of the idiots who go there looking for sex are too ugly or have no social skills and the only way they can ever have sex is paying for it with someone who speaks hardly/no English.Good for you if you actually find a nice Thai girl who is interested in you for other things apart from your money.Saying that Western woman aren’t as good as Thai because we can in fact can think for ourselves and don’t jump when you click your fingers is stupid.Western women are more fortunate than some poor Thai women,if our partner treats us with no respect and like crap we won’t put up with it but as these women are poor and are relying on you and your money they will act obedient and do what they can to make you stay with them and take care of them.Western women have manners and common courtesy but then again some don’t, i’m sure not all Thai women are lovely and polite.As a Western women I always try and be polite towards to other people and help others when they need help.I was brought up that way.Though it is sad that these poor women find the only way they can have a good life is going out/marrying a farang as they need money for themselves and their family I think it is good on then, if you’re dumb enough to fall for it and if they don’t genuinely love you.

  11. Oh Louise. I love it when you say “Western women have manners and common courtesy but then again some don’t”. Then again, one hell of a lot don’t. I’m here in Thailand – with thousands of other western guys – because of decades spent in another place where I was treated “with no respect and like crap” by a long succession of western women.

    In a western country now almost the only women who display any friendliness are Asian … and, no, none of them were hookers or after my money. Many other men have made the same observation. Asian women – of all backgrounds – just don’t carry the toxic baggage and grotesquely bloated sense of entitlement that western princesses do.

    Your generalisations are correct only in that they do apply to a minority of western guys and a minority of Thai women.They are a slap in the face to the rest of us, but I wouldn’t expect anything different. That’s why I’m here with them and not there with you. Coming to Thailand? Bring plenty of books

  12. Most Western women are so envious of Asian women that they continue, and always will, to live in denial and will not admit that they have failed their man in the quest for their foolish equality.

    It never fails, a man mentions he had a great time with an Asian lady, and the Western women around him will have fits…only because deep in their heart they know how wrong they have gone!

    Nevertheless, I think both sexes should be paid EQUALLY for well done jobs.

    I may have said it here before, I have no problems going out with girls in my Western world, but once I tasted the Asian woman, I am not going back…by choice! 🙂

  13. I love this story ! We need to give back all we can, it’s the only way. It’s not hate or bitterness, but justice. Well done mate.

  14. Seriously I don’t anderstand the hate against western women.I wish I could see your face at the last judgment so I could laugh at your uglyness white boys 😀

  15. @thfuck ?
    Not hate, just frustration. Most of us can’t afford to go abroad to meet beautiful, nice, feminine women, at least not on a regular basis.
    That means we are stuck with entitled, aggressive, snobby bitches instead. Give us permanent access to the Asian beauties, and the frustration will disappear like mist before the sun.
    You would simply become a unpleasant, but fortunately distant, memory.

  16. I think you should distingue which farangs women are jalous of thai women, may be ugly fat old farangs women are jalous of slim cute thai girls….but girls from east europe tall blonds or brunettestall with wanderful body. can only look down on thai bugs believe me….i have seen such beautiful farngs women in koh samui that thai women were totally ashamed to look at them and a farang told his friend: “but are we blind? we dont see the difference”
    besides, i like to bet one milion dollars against one coffee that if you look into thai women’s brain, you will notice that they don’t have brain but stupidity

  17. my gf from prague, tall 177 blond and really beautiful, we have been 2 weeks in koh samui and believe me, she did not hate thai women at all, she wanted to take photos near thai girls, 150 to 155 tall and she found it very funny and thai women were so very jalous of her long blond hair, her sweet beautiful face and not opposite at all….so tell me which farangs women hate thai girls? may be the wives of vampires?

  18. @ant45 I think the issue here is girls from eastern europe, only Americans and western/north europeans.

  19. I mean the issue is NOT about girls from eastern europe. In fact I think everyone likes you.

  20. farangs are italians women, french austrian, germans usa uk canada swanden south american (wowwww) polinesia russia sp holland greece spain portugal
    and so on…so all these farangs women should have really time to hate meaningless thai women….may be you have the time to write such stupidity, this is more real
    besides, thai woman have bad reputation, not hate, bad reputation everywhere in the world even in asia and about beauty, even in asia there are many girls who look better than thai….go to korea and especially laos…this over estimation about thai girls comes only from farangs when they have hard cock and 10 us dollars to spend….

  21. like I wrote before…there is no reason for my German girl to hate thai girls as she feels attracted to young thai guys. Once she had overcome her shyness and fears and had her first sex with a thai guy in 2007. Claudia loved it and I must admit that she could not get enough. It is rather her who wants to go back to Thailand than me, a farang male. If most western women would be more openly-minded towards sex, there wouldn’t be so many white girls either hating Thailand or being desperate for sex in Thailand.

  22. “so all these farangs women should have really time to hate meaningless thai women”

    That remark indicate that you hate Thai girls.

  23. Rainer what kind of man are you ? letting your wife screw around in Thailand with your knowledge and permission !? This is sick, grow a pair and get the bitch out of your life !

  24. mike
    the remark means that you still sleep and and when you wake up, you think too much
    who hates? I dont know the meaning of this word…you speak just like thai women, when they have nothing to say (and their little brain not allow them to say much)then always same words…you hate thai girls….you dont like thailand…you ,,,,,,and so on
    if you think farangs women hate thai girls, then you have really time to waste in nonsenses….i think also women from mars and from venus hate thai girls,,,yes because they are so important….hahahaha
    if thai women are so important for you, means you have always some money to spend….to throw away better say

  25. i think also philippines the same…”why farangs women hate philippines women?” or cambodia…why farangs women hate cambodian”! ,,,same when i was in the caribbean, same problems…why forigners women hate…..?
    or in Poland…why foraigners women hate…cuba…the same…especially puertorican women so beautiful sexy, many puertorican girls wom miss world contest and in puertorico the same problems because us european canada men love puertorican…then…why forigners women hate puertorican women?….and so on
    the only country where it not happens is in Laos, because Laos women are really beautiful sexy taller and more shapy then thai, but they are indifferent to farangs….
    the question why farangs women hate thai girls does not exist, or exist in very very small quantity, not really worth discussions…

  26. the problems is not why farangs women are not open minded….they are very open minded, but not open minded to men who look 40 years older, sick fat and without chances to find a woman in their country…thai women are open minded same as most of other asian women, because with open minded they open also your wallets

  27. mike….who cares why you dont understand…i just spend one minute a day for replybg to your nonsenses…i work in thailand and i judge for what i see….and you don need to understand me at all….try understand your nonsenses

  28. it is not the problem if I hate thai women, because I dont consider it so important subject at all….i dont think that farangs women hate thai girls.
    there are so many women in 5 continents and someone hates somebody somwhere….again, may be some farangs hate some thai girls, but where is the problems?…just very very few cases that is all….

  29. This article is so true, I am a farrang living in Thailand and when Western women see me with my long term Thai girlfriend I get scornful looks.
    While my girlfriend has her own job, is not submissive and attends university in Bangkok…you know the Western women have the same old stereotypes running through their heads and want to put a label on it to dismiss any concerns about their own flaws.

  30. Lol I’m not western I’m an East Asian chinese girls,I like white guys but not those who dated any Thai girls,those men are not attractive to me ,I wouldn’t even waste time talking to them,I really wonder why is that western girl still talking to you?what can she expect anything nice from a Thai expats

  31. Try being the blonde, blue/ green eyed woman, travelling with your husband there!
    You want to see jealousy!!! I can honestly say, I have never seen such grotesque behaviour from women in my life!!
    They reminded me of dirty hienas with rabies, frothing at the mouth!
    Even more so when their disgusting, geriatric, old white men would look at me!

  32. I get a lot of hate from Thia women because I went there to clean up one of their messes.
    A lot of us western women do. My daughter that I adopted from there wil never know what it’s like to be treated like a second class citizen. She won’t be forced to be a prostite and sleep with low tier white men with serious issues. That’s why those men are there and that’s why the sex industry thrives… Because of them!
    My baby is beautiful and smart! She is now in a safe country where she will have proper education and be treated as a equal. She will never go without because her FAMILY ( mother and father) will protect her and take care of her! She will never be sold!
    It enrages me on how she came into this world and that her biological mother treated her like nothing more than a pile of trash.

  33. Learn to love white femininity and Asian masculinity because you will see it in your children and grandchildren. May your daughters look white and bring home Asian son-in-laws. May your sons look Asian and bring home white daughter-in-laws. May the hatred you have for your beautiful white mothers and your self-loathing not be passed down to your poor children.

  34. the perfect balance between femininity and independence exists in western-raised aisan women. that’s the ticket!

    only thing is, they may have slightly higher standards than asian women in asia.

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