Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls

They deserve all they get!
I was approached by a western girl in Phuket
who was obviously having a hard time with the lack of attention.

She almost threw herself at me and said quietly in my ear that she and her mate were out looking to get laid. I was in the star wars nightclub at the time in patong surrounded by few hundred Thai lovelies.

Back in England obviously i thought it would be a dream come true to get a girl acting like this. However in Thailnd we have the upper hand so i decided to use it.

I told her if that was the case that she was maybe in the wrong place and perhaps she should try her luck elsewhere. She looked like i had thrown molten metal in her face. This was beginning to give me far more enjoyment than shagging her ever would.

‘What do you mean’, she responded.
“I mean look around you’ I relpied and pointed to all the Thai girls.

I continued to tell her how the arrogance of the western female had become increasingly offputting and thats why most males in the know were now coming to Thailand.

She then tried to come over all softly, softly and tried to explain she wasn’t one of these types. She then put her arms around me and whispered ‘please’ in my ear.

I was loving this. I finally pushed her away and said that i wasn’t the slight bit interested.
I could see her the tears of humility rise in her eyes and then she stormed off.

I felt a feeling of power wash over me that I’d never felt before.
Western females do this to men all the time in the west and it was superb to be able to enact the same punishment.

She was lucky though. i could of got her to buy me drinks all night whilst pretending to be interested and then gone off with someone else and the end of the night!

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90 thoughts on “Why Western girls hate Thailand and especially Thai Girls”

  1. Dao, are you male or female? I read your previous posts and thought you were female, but after reading this one, I am no longer sure.

    Keep up the posts though.

  2. My, how the tables have turned! I agree with you here. It’s so sweet to walk down the street with my Thai girlfriend, and as I pass a white woman I think to myself “thank god I no longer have to put up with the scraps available in farangland”.

    The bottom line is that if you have a sincere and loyal Thai girlfriend, and you keep her happy, she will treat you like an absolute KING.

    It directly opposes the farang woman, who sneers at you and says “What have you done for me lately?”

  3. I have to agree. Back home, the amount of work you had to put into a relationship was huge. I also felt that most girls were just using me to get something. But in Thailand, if you find a good girl away from the bar scene, then you will find that they are not very demanding. They always put you first and then think of themselves.

  4. I liked the story, it is good to “get even” sometimes! 🙂

    But it is not true that a Thai girl put her boyfriend first..
    Her family, parents, always comes first, and I think that is a nice thing. In Farangland, we don`t care to much about our parents, just think about how much money we will get when they die.
    Shame on us! *S*

  5. How childish and cruel you were Dao. Sure, farung girls do that back home. But why did you have to sink to their level? You should have taken her back to your hotel and showed her what she was missing out on. Shame on you Dao!

  6. That is a rare case. When I was in Thailand I met loads of Thai girls and flirted with them and that. The western women I met there were keen travelers and were not really going to Thailand looking for relationships and flirting and that but just to pass the time in a nice warm country with a lot of culture and what better place is there to go then there. I did see a couple of western girls with Thai men so it can be both ways.

  7. Apart from you Harry the attitudes on here actually make me feel sick. Really really sick. I knew there was a problem in the world with violence against women by men and that there must be some kind of hatred there but here I see in black and white. You absolute bunch of cunts. There is no other word for you.

    How dare you talk about any woman as scraps. I am a Farang in Bangkok and female. I am here to enjoy my job, a different country, meet interesting people from all cultures and experience life.

    I have met lots of farang men who have been great company and interesting to chat and have a drink with in Bangkok. I’ve also seen those cocky twats who look at you whilst they waltz past with their beautiful Thai girlfriend, And do you know what they’re usually the type of guy that I wouldn’t go for because I like men who don’t talk about women as if they are just pieces of shit.

    Shame on you all for your lack of respect and understanding. Are your mothers and sisters fat slags? Will your daughters be fat slags? How fucking dare you speak about Western women in such a nasty way. Farang women aren’t in Thailand looking to shag some random guy and contrary to what people might think they aren’t jealous of Thai women. I work with lots of Thai women and think they are great. I also like the British sense of humour so I love talking to Brits – male and female. Harry you may not know it but any woman – western or otherwise would choose you over the likes of Dao or Marc and Tommy you are also pretty obnoxious. They guy who I think runs this site or something seems to think I get personal well yes, I do get personal – you racist sexist pigs

  8. Dio mio!. Somebody once told me: “Never let a perfectly good opportunity pass you by.” You might regret it someday!

  9. I am new to this site but I have seen this “Trudie” all aflame several times. Now why when we are in farangland is it ok to bash men and use us for our economic clout? If I had a dime for every fat rich guy with a hot chick or some nerd who couldn’t get laid now having a hot date because his dot.com ipo was hot and he cashed in, I would be rich. I have worked in a ton of environments where women in America can sit and talk about every man as if we are the scum of the earth but how quickly they jump at economic opportunity. Well if some guys feel that western women fit the bill as scraps after their experiences then that is fair for them. If you wouldn’t date em trudie, so be it. Leave the blog and the dating to us cunts.

  10. Haha Dao, you’re the man dude. I live in New Zealand, th ehardest place in the world to pull chicks. The girls here are all built like Farmers or Rugby Players and they look at you like you are the scum of the earth unless you’re International sporting celeb. I don’t really care becaues to me they are so average to look at and even worse once they open their mouths. Arrogant, stuck up. Most of them here would never consider going to a place like Thailand or the philippines, becasue they know that once they leave the farm, the competition really starts heating up.
    Good on you mate, put in a good one for the team!

  11. Trudie, kudos to you for standing up to all these bullies who slag farang females. I am not a farang female myself but after reading the vile comments directed at them, they have my utmost sympathies. I wonder what their mothers and sisters would say if they knew what these losers think of frang women. Keep on challenging these pigs Trudie!

  12. Thanks Akin – the Thai girls laugh and call it the ‘revenge of the nerds’ so they tell me ‘like the film’ I know a lot of these men wouldn’t be able to have sex with a woman if they didn’t pay. My main concern isn’t to do with prostitution – it is really to do with attitudes to women – both Thai and farang. A lot of my Thai friends also complain that they have the added slight by farang men that they are often asked if they are prostitutes – especially when they walk down the street in their hometowns. The intense hatred in how a lot of farang men look at farang women is pretty unpleasant. I honestly now just look away if I see a farang man as it is just easier that way. They probably think I’m one of those ‘arrogant, stuck up’ girls but to be honest I don’t care as I have to protect my own self-esteem. I have nothing against men paying for sex but I have a lot against treating women like dogs. The way these men talk about women is pretty disgusting. And that kop guy is hilarious – no woman I have ever met on earth thinks New Zealand men are particularly up there – they call women ‘chicks’ for a start. One big mistake a lot of men seem to make on here is that in general women don’t have the competitive streak that men have. Maybe the bar girl culture gives that impression to them. Most women are far more interested in loving a man and he loving her and feeling happy. I have said this before but some women might be bitchy/catty but really that isn’t my experience. Women are supportive and kind in general. I don’t like New Zealand and Australian men particularly in a sexual way – they are not my type at all – I have met a lot – I don’t think they have as good a sense of humour as British men – they are way too competitive and earnest for me – yawn yawn I’m afraid. But I don’t hate them and I think it’s great if men are finding beautiful Thai girls but don’t make out that other women aren’t worth anything. I personally prefer men from the USA – they are a bit more ‘get up and go’ than your average British guy and a lot more expressive in the bedroom but I like all men and don’t slag off short Welsh men because I’ve met a lot of strapping Yanks. Short Welsh men are often funny with great eyes and sexy smiles. I personally have never gained anything financially from a man. I work hard, I love life, I am attractive with my own house and have never ever ever gone out with a man because of his job or status. It doesn’t interest me in the slightest. It isn’t just farang women who feel slighted by these strutting Western men – a lot of independent Thai women find the whole bar girl scene and the way men treat women twice as distasteful as farang women do. You guys are only meeting a section of the Thai women who think go go bars are ok – there is a massive massive percentage of Thai women who have never ever been anywhere near these prostitute areas and who don’t want a farang man because they know these men often pay for sex. And Akin I agree, I wonder if kop thinks his mother and sister are not worthy of love too or are they the only women in New Zealand who don’t look like butch lesbians which is pretty much what he’s saying about his own kinswomen. Life isn’t a competition and yes, I am sure that’s why New Zealand women don’t come to Thailand because they are frightened of looking shit???!! And talking about teams you certainly come across – as many of the other men on here – as if you are batting for the other side. If you hate women that much why don’t you all go and just screw each other.

  13. I’m Thai woman ,I don’t think thailand is known for the sex trade and thai women are seen as sex workers, prostitutes, real Thai woman they are dustrious, nice and friendly more than you could know. let’s not think in nagatively with Thai woman, Some people are just rude and ignorant. Thailand is a beautiful country with very warm and hospitable people. Don’t be offended by people who think negatively of Thai people . They are only being ignorant.

  14. Hanabi – Thailand is known the world over as a beautiful place, with friendly lovely people but it is known as the sex capital of the world pretty much – that is true I’m afraid and it is fascinating that you didn’t know that. Have you been to Soi Cowboy and Nana and Patpong – we have nothing like that in England! If you mention Thailand to many people in the West it won’t be long before jokes about Thai brides are mentioned and ping pong shows and all the brothels. I certainly don’t think negatively about Thai women – I think they are fun and strong and great to be around. There are a lot of prostitutes here in Bagnkok and a lot of my Thai friends get upset when they are presumed to be a prostitute when they have a good job and are decent women. Most people think that Thai people are nice. My main problem is that some of the men on here have a bad attitude to Thai women and to be honest there are some Thai women who do marry farang men for their money but I understand why – it’s a shame though. I don’t think Thai people are particularly industrious though I have to say – god in the West we really have a harder work ethic but then we tend to get a lot more pressure at work to perform. Really there isn’t the same work ethic here at all – it is a whole different world.

  15. For the most, I think white women are the prettiest in the world. They are just behaving the way most women behave whenever they have upper hands. Dao if you knew how to sweet talk and please a woman, you would not have any real trouble with these white ladies that you seem to despise so much. I love white women even when they are bad. I am not white by the way.

  16. While Trudie is unhappy about Western men treating western women as dirt, she seems to be interested only in western men based on her posting. My question to Trudie: Will she date or dance with a non-white male, Asian or otherwise, or is she like most of the western expat white women (particularly the white American women, yes even those who claimed to vote for Obama) here in Singapore or elsewhere in South East Asia, who wont even touch a non-white skin?

  17. Whats with the people saying new zealand woman never travel to thailand im a new zealander/thai and ive been there before and i know lots of kiwi woman who have been there. The way you guys talk about woman gives me a picture that all woman want to have sex with you … haha my ass and not all of us kiwis look like butch lesbians mayb KOP thinks so coz all the ass he ever gets is his sister.Im into the whole thai wife thing as my mum is thai and meet my dad 20 years ago i just fuking hate the old/fat/ugly tourist men with their arms around young thai girls it just adds to the point that all men care about is their female trophies. ANd the dao dude you must think ur top shit but i bet you had to pay for that pussy as you sound like a desperent cunt.And the trudie lady i agree with what you say but didnt need a big story on all the men you fuk from different countrys you sound like a slut and least nz men r men not like fucking yanks and poms who act all gay all the time and again Kop maybe nz chicks have more respect for them selves then to put out to an asshole like you haha ur prob just another fucking aucklander stuck with all the dogs haha SOUTH ISLAND REP

    by the ways im 16 and will be bak in thailand soonish for FULL MOON PARTY see all you fucking perverts soon

  18. I have conflicting opinions when I hear stories like this. On one hand it was childish. There’s no reason to go out of your way to hurt someone’s feelings. And I’m not sure if Holt meant it sincerely but he’s right that just because women do this all the time to men doesn’t make it okay to flip the tables when you’ve got the advantage.

    Then, on the other side I think about the level of arrogance it must have taken for a woman to walk up to a guy in a bar and tell him that her and her friend want to get laid. I have to ask Trudie who seems to think every guy is attacking women if this would be acceptable behavior for a guy to do to a woman; walk up and tell her he wants to fuck her. Is she not treating him like a sex object that she thinks she can turn on for her pleasure?

    I don’t think a lot of women get it in terms of why guys have this attitude though I tried to explain it (which is different than making excuses for it) in another post here. Maybe SUmmer08 is right that Dao had to pay to get “pussy” that night but what does it say that he’s willing to travel half-way across the world and pay for it rather than get it for free? And maybe she’s right that KOP can’t get laid back home but, again, what is that saying about the environment guys face back home?

    In other words, this attitude that you’re complaining about is often the result of women’s behavior back in the world. Dao even makes several references that I think a lot of men connect with right away but most women don’t even pick up. For instance, his line about making her buy him drinks all night and then fucking off with another girl. I think almost every guy has had this happen at least once if not multiple times. Or if she doesn’t leave with another guy she plays along with him all night and then makes an excuse to leave with her friend(s). While immature, he’s relishing the fact that he got to turn the tables on someone.

    Is that sexist (as Trudie claims)? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think the emotion is less about her sex as it is about revenge. It seems like he’s projected all the negative experiences he’s had with farang women in the past onto this one person and feels some small little victory in the game of life. It’s certainly a childish but I don’t think it is any more sexist than a kid feeling a warm glow when he hears the neighborhood bully got his ass kicked.

    Personally, I would have made up some excuse why I wasn’t interested and seen her off. No need to humiliate her. In fact, I probably would have felt bad for her. It’s gotta be hell getting a guy’s attention in someplace like the Star Wars bar in Patong if you’re a farang female.

    But all that being said . . . I have seen some farang women make complete twats out of themselves trying to steal the attention away from the Thai girls and it makes me sick to watch. This happens more in places like Patong where it’s all tourists and all nightlife rather than in Bangkok where there’s a more diverse mix. I think any guy who’s spent a week or two down there can tell you about farang women coming into the Bangla beer bars and trying to out-sexy the Thai girls. They’re usually loud, drunk, and obnoxious and speak to the Thais in a very condescending and demeaning manner while they play up to the guys. I’ve seen girls try to jump up on bar tops to dance and get the guys looking at them, jump in guy’s laps, made jokes about with them you can get it for free rather than having to pay a whore (while the Thai girls are standing right there), steal a guy out from under a Thai girl, etc. It’s really rather sad and ugly to see.

  19. …I read this report and I do not think that all farang girls hate Thailand. I have recently submitted a report on my own experience and the sex-adventure of my farang girl, which fits in also here (read below). She is not a loud and drunk girl but approached thai guys in a different manner.

    Female sex tourism in Thailand: My girlfriend had paid sex with a thai boy

    Sometimes ago I went public with a rather unusual and humiliating experience in Thailand in regard to female sex tourism. During our Thailand holidays my farang girlfriend actively looked for thai guys and was finally bedded by a young thai lover.
    I initially intended to find out, to how many other farang males something similar happened, either if their girlfriends went alone to Thailand or they even travelled even together with their farang boyfriends, like in my case. From the partially very abusive and insulting reactions I understood, that I probably touched a total taboo subject. Others readers doubted my experience at all. It is a “tables are turned” situation in a country, which is by some considered as a sex paradise for male westeners only. Today, I can only conclude that my case is a real rare one, or it happens much more often but the humiliated farang males felt so demeaned, that none ever talks openly about it.
    Nevertheless, I still believe that I am probably not they only farang, who had to accept to share his girl with a thai competitor, or otherwise lose her. Therefore I try again to start a discussion on this taboo subject and hope for some more serious and honest replies:
    As a student from Germany I visited Thailand together with my girlfriend some years ago for the first time. Claudia and I were together for three years and she never cheated on me nor did I on her. She is a good looking girl and rather conservative minded. But already during our initial visit I recognized how much she was fascinated by young athletic Thai guys. On the other hand she became extremely jealous when I dared to have a quick look at Thai girls or any other females.
    However, probably women’s sexuality must be stronger than a conservative mind set: During our second visit she admitted having sexual fantasies about Thai guys, which I had already suspected for some time! Once having ousted her fantasies and when she realized that she rather provoked a depressed reaction on my side than an outrage, I was totally surprised how she kept pushing on with her ”ideas” with great stubbornness…to let them finally become reality! Only later Claudia admitted that she would not have had dared to ever tell me again her fantasies, would I have reacted outraged. But my reaction obviously boosted her self-confidence to try to let her fantasies come somehow true and not to bury them under feelings of shame and guilt. From this point onwards something changed between us: From day to day she showed more and more openly her interest in Thai men …obviously interpreting my embarrassing helplessness to cope with the situation as silent consent (…which is was not !). There was less and less hiding of her sexual desires and no more false excuses for me…!
    I do not like to reveal all the details, they are embarrassing and I know, a lot of farang and Thai guys will laugh at me, when reading this report. Anyway, after a week or so she was mentally ready to make an approach. Claudia persuaded me to join her out to some boys bars, ..driven by her desire, but still hesitating. After long lasting and luring eye-contact with young Thai guys, it seemed to me that they quicky understood, what the young farang lady was after but were irritated by my presence. I hated it to see all this youngster queing for Claudia and asked myself, if they are more greedy for her body or our holiday bugdet. It took two or three nights more and instinctively we both new that my “escorting her” had became obsolete. She finally became confident enough to roam alone, but always came back early.
    It was some days later, when she got a call on her mobile while we were spending the afternoon at our hotel pool at the Golden Palace Hotel, off Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. She became very exited…and after a while asked me into my face, if I can live with the fact that she intends to date a Thai boy that night, whom she met a night before. I was very jealous but I saw in her eyes how extremely exited she was to date the guy and we both knew well …tonight it will be for paid sex. I asked her ’Claudia, are you really sure…?!’ She swallowed and nodded silently and said ‘Rainer….it has nothing to do with you….it is simply…’.
    She intended to take the Thai boy out for some romantic dinner and then come back to the Golden Palace Hotel. She as well as I felt more secure to let it happen in our place, rather then in some unknown seedy place. At the Golden Palace Hotel we were sure that outward guests are all registered, when staying in a guest’s room. On the one hand Claudia wanted to have her first experience with a young Thai stranger in secure, comfortable and familiar surroundings, but on the other hand, she wanted me to be safely excluded and not to spoil in any way what was meant to be her perfect sex. (Later she admitted that she was at this time very insecure, if I, in the end, would not lose my temper and do something stupid, respectively totally freak out in the hotel floors once after I have realised that she is naked on the sheets with the Thai guy!). Strange enough, instead of my burning jealousy, I simply assured her that I will respect her privacy…probably instinctively sensing that my girlfriend was expecting me to no longer be an obstacle to her very special sexual desire. I surrendered to the inevitable situation and hoped all will be fast forgotten after a one night stand, what will hopefully satisfy her desire for good.
    Before she went out that evening Claudia rented a second room on another floor for the remaining time in Bangkok without revealing the room number to me.
    Later that night we left together the Golden Palace Hotel, turned from Soi 1 on to the Sukhumvit Road. In a pharmacy near Siam Square Claudia bought the obligatory condoms. A guy at the counter gave us a dirty smile and said in bad English: “You have fun…!” I thought desperately jealous ‘….for some lucky Thai penis!’ We stepped out into the warm air of a busy Bangkok night. She checked again nervously her own room key, and the condoms in her handbag. There was something like a ‘oohh, please understand!’ in her eyes when she hugged me and gave me a hasty kiss. Then we separated. ‘There goes my girl, ‘… to meet her date…,’ I thought.
    I sat frustrated in one of the cinema complexes at Siam Square and then spent a poor night in an empty double-bed, not daring to imagine what was happening behind one of the doors on an upper floor. I never asked my girlfriend what she paid for the ‘service’ she received. (Claudia remained silent on those nights and I finally respected her privacy).
    After a sleepless night, I went down to the breakfast room and passed by a the reception. The two chinese guys of the night shift saw me approaching stopped immediately talking and were extremly polite to me, but when I just left the reception on to the yard they started giggling and I had the suspicion they were amusing themselves on my expense.
    I entered the breakfast room and saw Claudia with her new lover at a table. I will never forget how pleased and satisfied she looked, when our eyes first met incidently. The very attentive thai guy next to her was relatively tall. I remember how his black hair fall over his forehead and covered one of his eyes. The other one was aggressively watching me.
    They let me approach, looked at each other, then Claudia and the Thai gave me a humiliating smile and invited me to join breakfast at their table. The young thai was clever enough to immediately exploit my insecurity and weakness, when he touched my girlfriend openly in front of me and watched her enjoying his hand on her naked leg. He managed to shattered the rest of my self-confidence and within hours he suffocated my last resistance. What I hoped to be a forgetable one night stand turned out to become a take over of my girl for the remaining holidays. He made it absolutely clear that he would stay in the ‘driver’s seat’ for the rest of our holidays, having good sex and being paid for it by a farang girl! On the other hand I understood from Claudia that she somehow enjoyed the macho-behaviour of her non-western exotic lover and that the Thai showed no whatsoever respect for the fact that I had been her boyfriend for so many years. Claudia spoke to be for a long time and tried to convince me that it is really only a sex affair with the Thai. She tried to confort me but was also clear that he will bed her exclusively. Eventually I retreated fearing to lose my girl and his aggressivness towards me decreased. The winner takes it all!
    Later I assisted Claudia to move her remaining cloth from our room to her new room. The Thai was in the bathroom showering. I saw his and her cloth scattered all over the carpet, the toilette paper on the side table and the bed sheets in total disorder. I remember how I swallowed and until today I imagine how they undressed, how he got on top of her and started thrusting my moaning girl.
    It happened all so fast that after the holiday I was emotionally struggling for a long time. After our return Claudia did not cheat on me and proved that she was, after all, only interested in hot sex with a young asian. Occassionally she still sends him some money, but I can live with this.
    Today I am still together with Claudia and we have engaged. We are honest enough to each other to accept that she will go out again to look for a suitable partner, if we ever go to Thailand again.
    Apart from trying to start a discussion on the subject of female sex tourism in Thailand it is for me important to send this report to all those, who still believe that
    1. asian guys are unable to satisfy farang ladies because of their again and again repeated “myth of smaller penis size” ,
    2. who still believe that women sexuality is restricted to certain pattern / types. Claudia overcame her shyness…and finally did only that openly, what many girls, housewives, etc. might secretly think: To enjoy a tropical night with a perfect lover with no regrets.

  20. Rainer,

    Sorry to hear about your story, I read it roughly and found out Claudia might be effected by that Thai’s magic.

    I’m Thai, so I don’t want you to hate here.. I can sense to your furious tone.. Wish you luck.

    By the way is there any “female sex tourism” here? I never know before

  21. Trudi,

    I don’t think your thought is correct. I do accept here has a lot of prostitutes and legal entertainment venue especially massage parlours.. But beyond Soi Cowboy, Nana or Patpong… There are a thousands of place where have no Thai Chicks around.. If you go to Thai local pub in Thonglor or Wine Bar in Sukhumvit area, then you won’t find any of that girls.. Plus, Western guy here loves to hook up for short story with local women (which mostly come from suburabn like northeastern to find money in BKK).

    FYI, if you go to Emporium or Paragon, you will astonish why Thai lady there is so white (like Chinese) and well perform (i mean acting), that girl will be at least graduated from well known bachelor school.. Totally different

    All expat should stay here longer and see the various places before saying Thailand is the sex-tourism country.

    By the way, I feel so bored with Yellow girl but interesting to date with white expat lady who is working here… Anybody knows where can I find? pls advise me

  22. I’m a Western girl and I LOVE THAILAND!!!! I love its people and their smiles (rather than their legs and breasts), I love their energy and thinking (more than their submissive attitudes), and so much more about Thai women, men and their country. I’ve never suffered once from the lack of attention because believe it or not many Thai men have a fantasy about sleeping with a white woman, I’ve even been stalked twice, (kinda like the ‘exotic asian woman’ fantasy, you know what I mean) and pulling a Farang tourist is not that hard either… even for a blonde! In short I feel more beautiful in BKK than in Paris, because out here I stand out and get a lot of attention, and I don’t feel constantly surrounded by an endless sea of 1.75cm drop-dead gorgeous, fashionable femmes fatales, with full-sized breasts and a personality beaming with intelligence, as is the case in France. So Western boys, enjoy your time with your Asian trophies, nobody’s missing you in the West, and when we cross paths, like Trudie I also look away, usually out of embarrassment for you, who don’t realize that you look like complete idiots with a 20 year old on your arm. Thanks to Trudie for standing up to these men who think they’ve understood everything about the female psyche and can place all Farang girls in one box- now who’s being arrogant again???

  23. Poor Trudie has a chip on her shoulder.I love Thai women and always treat them with respect and kindness “jai dee”as they say.That is more than i can say about the way i have ever been treated by any farang gold digging,complaining ,whining,jealous bitch.I am glad Trudie doesnt like Aussies ,who the fuck would want anyone like her any way.Fair trade,farangs are cunts according to her and i despise farang bitches with attitudes like yours.Maybe if you COULD find yourself a fuck it would do you good

  24. ewwww

    with a butch name like trudie now wonder she is angry.

    like a white man wold whisper sweet nothings like truuuuddiiiee.

    give me fon or lek anyday.

    sounds like she needs a big fat cock up her. preferably a new zealanders.


  25. Dear Turdie,

    I don’t endorse Dao’s ways — I’m more of a “live and let live” type… but your bitterness is a stark reminder of what girls are like back home. You’re obviously not content with your life here compared to back home, missing out on the power trip, perhaps. The inequality between sexes in the west, mostly geared against men, is real. In Thailand, we finally get to be sought after, rather than begging for scraps. You shouldn’t take it personally or get offended by that.

  26. It is shame that people can be so overwhelmed with thoughts that affect the way we feel. It seems that when someone encounters an epxerience, they automatically think it is like that with the rest of the culture – thisis stereotyping. As travellers, and even if you work in another country you are still a traveller [visitor] we must respect that culture no matter what. As social beings, we have not moral right to judge another culture based on a minority of incidents. Just as we are expected to respect other cultures when we go there, the same must happen in return. How can we be role models to others when we adopt a wrong moral position. And for those who say their partners go off with someone else, don’t blame the person that attracted, blame your partner, they made the choice, they are a conscious being who has the ability to make a decision based on right or wrong. Was a gun held to their head to go to bed with someone? I think not. Do not enter another culture and expect that culture to be like your culture.

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  28. Correct, people share experiences that’s why it’s helpful to be in this kind of network/site where people can express their thoughts. The same way as this is of course arguable as the writer speaks for his encounters and beliefs and so some can attest on what they’ve been in the same manner as the writer or in the opposite situation.

    I think the beauty here is reading all the contents and being able to come up with different point of views, some are enlightening and inspiring. Some are cautions and warnings not to be taken for granted. Which all are very helpful.

    If we keep an open mind and accept the fact that we all don’t see the same angle, then this keeps us going and hope be better “creatures” 🙂

    The title is of human interest, it catches the reader’s eyes and attention. This may be true but then not to all. I think it’s the same way when the question is changed to Why Thai Women..etc.

    Anyway, if I were to answer this, I’ll just answer with two words, WHO CARES? 🙂

    Keep smiling! 🙂

  29. Hi Truddie !!! I cannot agree more with all you have said in this forum! I’m also a western woman living here in Thailand. Living here for 10 years, running a multinational company and growing up a kid all by myself. My husband found a “nice” Thai lovely bitch 3 years ago, who by the way cheated on him too with some other onces which has more money than he has… hahaha… and guess what ? Now he is asking me to understand him and help him get rid of her! Most of the farang man who are coming to Thailand are looking to escape of the harsh reality life and make themselves feel confortable… and they found the pefect match, Thai gogo bars girls who rip them off by kissing their ass… there is nothing about beauty here… look around … tell me how many Thai beautiful girls you can see on the streets ? Very few of the farang man are lucky enough to find the right one and exactly as you said . The good Thai girls will not look at a friky fat farang pig who is just looking for sex.. ( which most of the farangs do anyway), as back home no one give a damn shit on them because they are looses but here they are considered interesting for what they can provide. 🙂 So they need to find someone to f… , keep quiet and please them…. So Yupee.. let’s go to Thailand! What farang man does not really understand is that a woman in general treats them exactly the way are being treated. But farang man think that as long as they pay … then woman has to treat him… And yes I must admit here that some Thai woman has understood this trick well enough not to care about any morals. It is not regarded as prostitution, it’s simply way of life, making a living for Mama,Papa and entire family… We have a saying in my language.. The male dog will not go after female dog unless she raise her tail! and many Thai Girls are raising their tails just for the sake of having a farang boyfriend to pay their billd. Truddie we don’t need to compare ourself with Thai Woman but simply stand up for our fundamental values and be proud of who we are.. and BTW.. I’m dating a very nice Thai man which he is 100 times far better that many farangs I have met regardless their nationality.

  30. I find it interesting that all the western women who comment on these types of posts basically prove the point being made. Trudy is openly hostile to both farang men and Thai women. Even though she says over and over she thinks the Thai people are great and she has Thai friends she somehow always finds a way to make an insulting comment without intending too.

    And GMA doesn’t even try to hide her hate of Thai women. And her bullshit attitude about all men being sexpats or sex tourists in another example of someone who obviously is bitter and feels threatened by Thai women.

    The truth of the matter is that there are more Thai women than there are Thai men (go look it up, it’s true). There are about 2% more women than men in the 15 – 64 age range. On top of that Thailand has a huge gay and transsexual population which probably takes another 5% or more men off the market for a lady looking for a husband.

    So conservatively, 7% of women won’t be able to find a mate. That’s if every whiskey drunk, wife beating, unemployed Thai males snaps up a lady. Eliminate the bottom of the barrel and you’ve got a gap of 10% or more.

    So contrary to what GMA claims, they aren’t just lifting their tails trying to land a big payday so they can support their families. They’re trying to satisfy their biological need to procreate. And Thai men know this and use it to their full advantage by sleeping around or keeping mia nois.

    Some girls are greedy and of questionable moral fiber and they might be looking to bag a rich guy but for many their options are very limited and they are looking for a legitimate relationship.

    And for many of these women they study hard, sacrifice, and get themselves through university only to land a job making 10,000 – 20,000 baht per month if they’re extremely lucky. The work is usually mind numbing and their bosses can be demanding on a level most of us westerners can’t even comprehend.

    And those girls look around at what’s available in the dating pool and it’s depressing. First there’s a severe shortage of men and those that are available are taking full advantage of the shortage of men and are playboying around constantly. Second, most women don’t want to marry down and if they’re a dark skinned girl from Isaan they probably won’t be able to marry up.

    So they look around and they see these farangs. Not just the sexpats or sex tourists but the thousands of nice, normal guys who have decent jobs and simply enjoy being able to have their pick of women. Not all men in Thailand are obese, grotesque looking 90 year old men shagging 20 year old girls. There are a lot of 20-something, 30-something, 40-something, 50-something guys here too. And they range from good looking to ugly just like anywhere in the world. In fact, even in the nightlife areas the average age of the men in the go-gos seems to be getting lower and lower. On a Friday night, I would guess mid-30’s is your average.

    So the whole stereotypical fat, bald, ugly old man dating teenagers is nothing more than a convenient way for farang women to dismiss the fact that many younger, attractive, and normal guys are dating women maybe within 5 – 15 years of their own age.

    Farang women just need to get over it. They need to quit making it seem like every Thai girl is a tart and every farang man is 100 years old. Go out anywhere away from Sukhumvit or Silom and you see a lot of perfectly normal relationships.

  31. Ruai, that was a well written, and thoughful post.

    However, after reading some of the posts on here, and the main article, it is difficult not to come to the conclusion that Western women in Thailand have nothing to fear from Thai women, as they seem to be taking all the creeps off the shelf.

    If many of the posters here, and the author of this article has experienced a trend of western women treating them with contempt, then I am not surprised.
    I am no Casanova, and if this sounds like a boast, then it’s not by my intent, but I have never had such trouble from western women.

  32. @Scott: Well they’re also taking the good ones too. I was just at some business networking thing recently and there were all of these well educated, well dressed, successful Thai women and a room full of farang business men. My friend leaned over to me and said “It’s almost not fair to the farang women here. They’re so outclassed.”

    And while you might not be a Casanova, I do think your experiences might be unique. There are lots of nice, well-adjusted western women out there but more and more it’s becoming the norm for western women to be crude and aggressive.

    I think GMA and Trudy are perfect example of this type of woman.

  33. Ruai, do you even know Trudie or GMA? How can you be attacking them for being “disrespectful towards Thai women”, while at the same time insulting them based on a few of their posts? I really wonder what the intention of this article is: to launch a public slandering of western women, while speaking in their name?!…
    If you’ve read all of Trudie’s posts, and you came to the conclusion that she is hostile to Thai women, it may be that you were only looking for confirmation of what you already believe, as the first line of your last post mentions. It is a well-known psychological bias. In that vein, it’s also interesting that you chose to ignore my post while talking of “all the western women” who joined the conversation.
    I suppose you know that many Western women have suffered from being left by their husband/boyfriend in Thailand. So, instead of entering a statistical demographics-based explanation to prove how wrong and insensitive Western women are, why not lead by example and show some compassion, eh?

  34. I don’t think all Farang women are as bad as you say. Perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places? True, I want to work, and I’m not the type to marry, but I’m not the type to be jealous either, as long as he’s honest. I don’t feel that I should sleep with someone if they buy me dinner, or if they don’t tell me that’s what they want before getting me a gift. Maybe you feel pressure to buy things for women? It’s wrong of society to expect men to ‘man up’ and not women as well. I have nothing against a ‘I’m a housewife, you work and buy things’ trade-off, but I prefer to be creative and be independent, and pay for things myself. I like buying gifts for guys as well, though it can be difficult as society seems to pressure them not to ask (kinda have to catch hints).
    I think you’re overstating the disparity on the pressure between men and women though. I still feel lots of pressure to lack passion and yet remain on the emotional side of things, despite my more logical bent. Sex in the media is never geared toward me, as women in this culture are pushed to be frigid for fear of being a slut. I understand that there are plenty of these pressures on men too, but part of this pressure (on both sides) is self imposed in order to divide labor in society. It may not end with others, but at least a few individuals can say they’re above the petty squabbling between the sexes. I think, whether I am a man or a woman, Thai or Farang, the basic feeling is the same if I burn my hand or my heart.

  35. Oh. And China. China has a lot of men, and the population of them is only growing compared to women. Score!

  36. @S: I only know Trudy via her voluminous postings here. Where she attacked many of the people posting with personal insults even though most people seemed to begin by treating her respectfully. It’s one thing to disagree with a point of view but there’s really no need to attack people personally. And the longer she kept at it the more anger and bitterness you could sense in her writing. The more of her true personality came through.

    For instance, you ask what I know about Trudy’s views on Thai women? Here’s an example from just a single thread:

    Have you seen most of the farang men here with Thai girlfriends??? – pleeease….usually got a good job which makes them feel like their some big player or something, usually eaten all the pies, pasty, often spoilt, not altogether attractive – I mean I am single and red bloodied but wherever I have lived in the world I ain’t never been that desperate!

    So, what is that saying about Thai women? That they’re all money-hungry whores who will date absolutely anything? While I can’t deny that a lot of relationships like that do happen but go to Las Vegas and hang out around the pool at the Bellagio and tell me it’s just a Thai thing.

    As much as a farang man doesn’t like a farang woman with a personality or god forbid, actually more intelligent!!??

    So, Thai women must not have any personality of can’t be intelligent? The words above are Trudy’s but that was actually one of the assertions of a farang girl who posted and Trudy gave her big kudos in the comments.

    Listen I’m not one of your young Thai girls – I wouldn’t be impressed with your cheap topman suit and I know a ponce when I hear/see one.

    Again, Thai women must obviously be impressed with men farang women wouldn’t take a second glance at which obviously means that she thinks farang women are superior to Thai women.

    See, the problem is that the only way people like Trudy can make their point is if they basically make every Thai woman into a bar girl or so desperate that she would pounce on any farang man who moves.

    Sorry, that’s just not my experience and I find it insulting. I find it not only insulting to me but to the Thai women. I normally try to date university educated women with decent jobs that aren’t looking at my wallet. And I know lots of other guys who are the same. Lots.

    Within the group of people I normally hang out with (Thai women) or have dated, one is a model (I’ll admit she can be a ditz sometimes but she’s not stupid by any means), a girl who is VP at an international company, an attorney at an international company (and comes from a very rich family), a girl who works an office job during the days and goes to an evening MBA program in the evenings, one who works for an international company and is in charge of several of their locations in Thailand, another one owns her own company and recently returned from a tour of America and Europe that she paid for on her own dime, etc, etc, etc.

    So yeah, if someone like Trudy or GMA is going to portray women like that as only being out with me (as a date or as friends) as only being after my wallet I find that way off the mark.

    I mean, we don’t even have to get into GMA’s obvious dislike of Thai women do we? I think saying that her husband ran off with a “Thai bitch” pretty much sums things up there.

    But it’s the Trudy’s out there that annoy me because they always claim that they love the Thai people and especially Thai women and then paint every farang/Thai relationship as basically being enhanced prostitution. What does that say about how she thinks about them?

  37. Hi there. Nice posts from you.. I enjoy reading them even though I don’t agree with everything you are saying here.. Actually to start with, we cannot generalize that all Western woman hate all Thai woman. As I have posted in one of my previous comments, there are both Good and Bad girls (Thai and Western) Yes I hate some of them .. especially those who are going after money, destroying families and futures for their own sake. I want to emphasize that this kind of persons are available also between the western woman as well. Not only in Thailand but all over the world. So conclusion here is that I don’t hate all Thai Woman. I have many Thai girlfriends which I love and respect very much. I believe Trudy tried to express the same idea earlier. So again, there are bad girls whom I hate, and there are good girls which I like. The good girls you have just mentioned in your post 🙂 I hope so far we are clear.
    Next: Please be precise if you comment my posts. I wrote “Most of the farang man who are coming to Thailand ” you are writing “And her bullshit attitude about all men being sexpats…..””.
    The meaning of “most of the farang” is definitely not the same with “All men” .
    So please don’t try to generalize and twist my words…
    Of course there are also normal farangs men having a normal relationship with a good Thai woman.. Hopefully you are one of them. If so congratulations!
    Bottom line here is that actually you have a complete wrong perception about the relation between a Thai woman and a Farang woman in general. There is no native, nurtured hate as such between Thai or farang girls. The hate will come with for reason.. and reason most of the time is… Guess who ? … YOU men, who cannot be faithful to one woman (thai or western) because you need to f… around in order to fulfill the Thai woman procreation needs. You even said yourself why Thai man has several Mia noi…
    You wrote “They’re trying to satisfy their biological need to procreate. And Thai men know this and use it to their full advantage by sleeping around or keeping mia nois. ”
    Point proven already exactly by your words! 
    You should have find a better reason for your men community having sex with more than one woman .hehe.
    So Ruai please get it straight: The trigger which generates the hate is exactly you men and the way men act in a relationship. And that hate cannot be generalized to everyone.. Yes I used to hate that girl who destroyed my family and my marriage but later on, I realized it was not only her fault and she could have not done it without his great contribution. And I did not hate her for being Thai but I hated her for her doings and dirty character she has.. Note: she is not a bad girl because she is Thai. Nothing to do with her nationality.
    Not all the Thai girls are whores and bitches.. 🙂
    Hope I’ve clarified my point of view… and guess what Ruai .. I don’t feel threatened by any Thai Woman. I’m still young, beautiful, financially independent and most important, free to date whomever I want! This is just great for me that finally I’ve got my freedom back, and I have the possibility to find, choose for a better men.
    Have a nice evening.

  38. GMA,

    I think you misconstrue this argument for your own benefit. Whether you say “most” or “all” is semantics. I think it’s safe to assume that in any sort of generalization that when someone says “all” they realize that it does not apply 100% of the time. For instance, I can say all Thais love the king. I’m sure there are a small percentage of Thais who don’t but they are an exception to the rule rather than the rule itself.

    Likewise, “most” is just a modifier used to say “all” without dragging yourself into the argument of whether it applies 100%. If you were really looking to distinguish you would make some guesstimates like “. . . 80% of Thai women I know . . . ”

    Bet let’s push on beyond the semantics. Instead, let’s talk about the one person you don’t assign any blame in all of this . . . you.

    Your husband supposedly ran off with “some Thai bitch” but why? You talked about why men f*ck around and why Thai women want farang men but you haven’t discussed whether or not you were providing the relationship he desired. The fact that in your responses you haven’t even addressed what the status of your relationship was when his eyes began roving leads me to believe the honeymoon period was long ago over.

    I can’t know that for sure so I’m just guessing. But I do know that in many divorces I’ve seen it always seems to come as a complete shock to the other party when it’s obvious to everyone else around them. It might be some guy who isn’t supportive of his wife and then he comes home one day to find the house cleaned out and is absolutely shocked because he thought things were going well. Or it can be the nagging wife who thinks that because her husband obeys her every whim that HE’S happy too. Then she catches him f*cking his secretary and she tells all who will listen that it totally caught her off guard.

    Men who are happy in their relationships don’t tend to abandon them. They might get a little on the side (especially here in Thailand) but if he left you then she obviously was satisfying him in ways you were not otherwise he would just have her tucked away as a girlfriend on the side. So, instead of telling us guys that the reasons we cheat are the Thai girls and us, you might try looking at yourself.

    And I think you’re taking my comments out of context. I said Thai guys f*ck around. While I believe that men are not hard-wired for monogamy genetically western men have it beaten in their heads that monogamy is the only acceptable type of relationship. One of the ten commandments is thou shalt not commit adultery.

    In Thai culture not only is having multiple partners less frowned upon it’s sort of necessary seeing has how there is such a huge disparity between the number of men to the number of women. But the bottom line is that Thai men grow up in a culture knowing that women are chasing them. They grow up in a culture where television soap operas regularly feature mia nois. For them it’s more natural.

    So that was what I was saying. In some ways us farang men are desirable to certain classes of Thai women because they’ve heard that we don’t playboy around like our Thai brothers. Even back in the home, a lot of Asian women who are studying in the west or have moved there (first or second generation) date western guys rather than their own. From what I’ve seen them say on message boards and blogs it mostly comes down to that farang men tend to treat them with more respect. But I’m not an Asian woman so I can’t vouch for that.

    It’s also why Thai women seem so “subservient” (a term many Thai women haters like to use). I think a lot of western women misunderstand Thai women in this regard.

    In the west we live in a society that has lost all touch with reality. Everybody expects to be rewarded regardless of their actions. In schools they’re afraid to give a child an “F” because it might hurt his self-esteem. All teams in a youth league get a trophy because it’s felt that only giving trophies to the winning team might demoralize the children.

    How many times do you hear waitresses/waiters say the reason they can’t be bothered to give good service is because people don’t tip well enough? Tips was originally meant to be short for “to insure prompt service” but today waiters and waitresses automatically expect to be tipped regardless of the quality of the service that was provided. Hell, they’ve even started putting tip jars into places like fast food restaurants and Starbucks.

    All of this isn’t to discuss the plight of western civilization but to highlight how different Thai women approach the problem. Landing a man is difficult. Landing a guy who is willing to get married and take care of them is even more difficult. Landing a guy who is all of that and willing to be loving, kind, and monogamous in return is . . . seventh heaven.

    So their attitude towards relationships is to keep their man happy. They know how easy it is for their man to find another woman. If they don’t take care of their man some other woman will.

    I know it’s been mentioned in this and other threads but my first date “test” for both farang and Thai women is when we order a bunch of food served family styles (order several dishes and then serve yourself when they are brought to the table) I always see whether she serves herself first, waits for me to serve her, or serves me. If she waits for me to serve her then I’m going to be looking to dump her little princess ass off as soon as possible. If she serves herself first I’ll be more gentlemanly about it but there won’t be a second date. But if she serves me first and then herself then I know she at least respects me and is trying to show she can be girlfriend material.

    There is a movie that’s several years old called Bronx Tale with DeNiro amongst others where a kid is given some advice on his first date. He’s told that he should open her door for her, put her in the car, and then walk around the back of the car to the driver’s side. If she doesn’t unlock the door for him then she’s not worth seeing.

    Both Trudy and farang_girl have made comments (here and other posts) that they will pamper a man who deserves to be pampered. We’re not necessarily looking to be pampered. We’re just looking for common courtesy. If I’m paying for the meal, opened the door for you, and treated you like a lady the least you can do is unlock the car door for me and offer to serve me my food first. Common courtesies aren’t things you should have to earn or be deserving of. That’s why they’re called COMMON courtesies.

    In Thailand, across the board, common courtesies seem to count for more than they do back home. Whether it be deferring to elders respecting rank, the Thai culture instills a sense of politeness. Back home we’re all but losing any sense of being polite to one another. That’s not subservience or passivity, it’s simply how people should treat each other. The fact that many women think it’s being subservient actually says more about them than the Thai women they condemn.

  39. “And I think you’re taking my comments out of context. I said Thai guys f*ck around. While I believe that men are not hard-wired for monogamy genetically western men have it beaten in their heads that monogamy is the only acceptable type of relationship.”

    Women too. Just saying, I don’t stay with one because I want to – I do it because I respect and love him, and have honestly asked. Monogamy is a little odd for me, and a lot of women I know. It’s really more of what society demands of us as well.

  40. well I have this Thai neighbor with a foreign guy, she brags yelling at him oftentimes a week as “u not go home” “u go away”. So shocking why a guy would allow himself to be treated that way and that yelling Im talking about is on THE STREET. Worst, the guy is physically fit, the woman is much and more than overweight.


  41. …Margot, …from my own personal experience with my girlfriend, girls might also not be hard wired for monogamy. I might sound like a bad joke but in our 2007 Thailand holiday SHE (the farang female!) discovered Thailand as destination for her sexual urges and slept with a thai guy who became her termporarily lover, whereas I (the farang male!) kept strictly to monogamy. It might be true that usually males have it emotionally easier to have sex with a female and love nevertheless their girlfriends wifes, etc. But there obviously exceptions to this behaviour as my girlfriend enjoyed Thailand for her urges…and was far away from any monogamy when she went with a suitable thai partner on the sheets….but what can I say, can I really blame her: How many westeners betray their wifes with thai girls…and find whatsoever excuses!

  42. Haha, yes the western women certainly do that a lot, and as they say there is nothing worse than a jaded woman … but on the other hand you might say that you are still letting women control you. I on the other hand would have shagged her and then told her to piss off! That would have been even more fun. You could have got her to buy you drinks all night too!

  43. That’s because you’re butt ugly over in the Western world. You’re consider loosers and can’t compete. That’s what you’re bitter about. Desperate men seek desperate women. Be careful, they may be shemale. The sluts there will give you the attention that you long for, poor pathetic old fart. We feel a big hole in our hearts because you left to go to Bangcock. I’m torn because my choices have just been limited. Darn, all the dorks have left the country. I’m so bitter. Please come back and undo this hurt. Moron!!!!

  44. Well, I just have trouble because I like men in general. Men are smart and funny and handsome, similarly with women. I would always ask before getting another partner, and if my partner said they weren’t comfortable, I’d respect that. I would expect the same from any man I was with. Honesty, you know? I have never cheated on a partner of mine if they demanded monogamy of me, and I have always consulted them should I feel tempted. I think it’s made things a lot smoother.
    Rainer: I would say not to cut yourself off from white women altogether like some of the men on this site, though. Nobody is entitled to everything they want in a partner and it’s best to keep your options as open as you can. Even if you have a pick of who you want now, a relationship with someone outside of your comfort zone stretches your human experience further, you will be wiser for it. For instance, I dated a computer programmer/advanced mathematics enthusiast who saw no merit in socializing or the arts at all. We both learned a lot from each other – more than if I had dated somebody with a similar mindset to me. If you are hurt by a relationship, the best thing to do (I think) is to strengthen yourself in a way that will not hurt other people in the future. You may not realize it when it begins, but if you remain bitter you will find yourself trapped in it.

  45. I just hate the bar girl who assisted in ruining my parent’s marriage. If you’re single, fine, choose and do as you please. If you’re married, well…

    Now, my dad is in Thailand, sucked dry of all his money with nowhere to go…and you know what, all I can say is, what goes around comes around…GOODBYE!

  46. Yah, this reminds me of something that happened to me as I arrived in Bangkok again and was looking for an apartment. I was staying in a serviced apartment while scoping the market and one of the afternoons I met this model-hot blonde Danish girl in the lobby. We came to chatting and within an hour we hit up Soi Rangnam for some drinks. Now, I suffer very much from yellow fever, but this girl was damn hot (even for a white girl!), so I indulged her. Anyway, she was giving Thai girls a run for their money, paying for my drinks, constantly giving me compliments and smiling and laughing. I do believe, I may have greased the wheels with the time tested line: “Sometimes, I’d just like to meet a girl who I can really talk with and who has an opinion”. It’s about the only thing you need to tell a farang girl to get laid in Bangkok.

    Anyway, 3 hours after I met her we ended up at her room.

    I avoided more contact with her after that, because she was a little psycho and tried to run some weird jealousy game on me about some football player from Sweden, I didn’t care.

    What’s the moral of the story? I don’t know.. Not all farang girls refuse to change their behaviour, this blonde bombshell worthy of being married to Sly Stallone, certainly didn’t have any problems with giving me the Thai treatment.

    Had it been me in that Phuket bar, I may just have comforted the poor girl.

  47. @Ruai,

    Look at the writing of Anonymous then you will understand my point and where my hate is directed towards… I hope this explains a lot. Lukely I was smart enough and not let her ruin my business too and take hold on our assets… Although she tried very hard! Of course what goes around comes around ! I cannot agree more !
    But whatever I say you are definetly pro Thai woman and seems that you find nothing good in a western one.. well then be happy with your Thai girls and stop sharing sided oppinions about farangs girls. As I said earlier there are good girls and bad girls in both sites…and the way you men get treated by a woman is the way you treat her… That’s it. It might be true that perheaphs we western woman are more demanding on duties, responsabilities and sharing those but hei .. you forgot that we have grew up in a society where woman and men has equal rights and equal responsabilities. So it is also fair from our point of view to request the same from our partners. Try to keep your farang wife home as a house wife back in Europe and have only one income, see if you can manage and affort to have maids and drivers… 🙂 In Europe a woman works 10 times harder then a Asian woman in general. Job, house, shopping, kooking, homeworks with the kids, etc etc… So as long as we bring income into the house and do also the house work then of course we demand some help, respect from our beloved farang men… If they would keep us home and not need to work for sure we would be a far better housewifes to please your “majesties”.

  48. @GMA: Listen, you don’t get to tell me what to do. Don’t tell me not to share my sided opinions. You stop sharing yours!!!

    I did read anonymous’ comment and I’ve read your comments. So what? Both of you are mad because you got outplayed by a Thai girl? So you’re entitled to make racist comments because of that?

    And honey, you’re high on yaba if you think you grew up in an equal society. Anywhere where a typical divorce settlement that leaves the man wiped out financially and the wife is sitting back and collecting child support and alimony for doing nothing is not equal.

    And you’re completely delusional if you think you work harder than your average Thai woman. Completely delusional.

    I wish there were some spunky Thai girls here who would slap some sense into you. You live in a fantasy world.

    You’re a bitter, bitter woman who can only make herself feel better by putting down Thai women.

  49. Wow guys (and girls). Whats with all the personal attacks? Theres no need for it.
    Everyone has a right to his or her opinion and life style choice. One man’s food is another’s poison. Farang women ,Asian women, Latino women ,African women, all are individuals and have their good qualities and their bad.
    Lets be honest guys, without women, life would be crappy. Give them the respect they deserve, and you will get respect back.

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