Isan – Northeast of Thailand

Isan, the Northeast of Thailand, is the driest and most seasonal area in Thailand, thus the geographical features of the region are mainly dry dipterocarp forest, savannah and stony soils.

Isan attractions are, undeniably, affected by these features, including the two kinds of mountains, flat-topped mountains, and Cuesta mountains, which is similar to the blade of the machete.

Most travelers are attracted to the charm of pine forests and savannah on those flat-topped mountains like Phu Kradung, Phu Luang, and Phu Keaw, which are mostly over a thousands meters high.

However, Cuesta mountains also produce such attraction as Phu Phan, Phanom Dong Rak, and San Kampaeng Mountains. These mountains are generally 500-1,000 meters high. They occur from the unevenly liftings of earth layers, so that they have a steep cliff on one side and a slope on the other.

From these two kinds of mountains, the Northeast owns many view spots from the cliffs and on the hill, sa sandstone waterfalls, natural stone gardens, and numerable stone temples, which were built since ancient times. All of these natural and cultural attractions are really unique, and it is indeed an amazing experience to explore this region, at all times.

5 thoughts on “Isan – Northeast of Thailand”

  1. Should have made a mention of the Isaan girls. I think Sutthichai is Thai and therefore rather mentions the countryside instead of Isaans’ delights.

  2. I’m going to Isaan for the first time this weekend. Let’s hope the Isaan girls are more interesting than the countryside described in this article.

  3. Isaan girls are great. I’m sure you will have a great time. The country-side is a bit boring though.

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