Secret of finding a place to stay in Bangkok

If you are planning to visit Thailand the first place you will arrived is Bangkok the capital of Thailand. Bangkok is one of the major cities in the world.
Moreover Bangkok is on the top group of the world tourist destination. So in the future if you are planning to visit Bangkok and explore more in Thailand.
Here is the article will give you a guideline of Bangkok’s accommodation.

First of all there are many different hotels in Bangkok. You can find a room with a very cheap price as low as possible or you may even find an excusive room with a special price as well. Everything is depend on where and what are you looking for. Here is a great example. If you want to stay over on Sukumwit (one of the most expensive and popular area in Bangkok) everything will charge more than usual. Sukumwit is really like a place for tourism for instance if you go to some street on Sukumwit you will see all Japanese language, No Thai or English at all. And if you go along the street you will surprise with all Indian again. Can you see now why area called Sukumwit is more expensive than other.

Another tourist attraction is located on the old part of Bangkok called Kao San Road. This place came up with a very interesting history. Kao San Road is almost like some
where in Europe or America or somewhere else that is not located in Thailand. On Kao San Road you will find a lot of guest houses with very cheap prices.
The price can start with 250 baht up to 1000 bath ($4 – $27). So if you are looking for a cheap guest house and the foreigner life style. You really should find out here on Koa San Road.
Those are just some of the interesting places for you to find a great place to stay for you trip.

Here is the secret of finding a place to stay in Bangkok….Do you know there are some of the key for you of find greater opportunities. Do you know that you can find a much nicer room! I would love to recommend you to find what ever you want with the agency. The better choice must have the better chance.

After 2 years for me to find all agencies that can possibly give you great offers I have listed it on this website for you

I hope you will find the best offer and have a great time in Bangkok!

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    Do we need this? Not only does it tell most of us what we know already, in poor English, but the link he/she gives points to a site that isn’t even live yet, just ‘parked’.

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