How to find the Best Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok offer also a huge selection of accommodations all around the city. Khao San Road located in Banglampoo area, near the Grand Palace, is the place for backpackers. Here there is a large selection of budget guest house renting beds as low as 3-5 Us Dollars up to average of 10 US Dollars for a double room. Sukunvit Road in the High class area of Bangkok where you will find many 3, 4 and 5 stars Hotels and Resort.

On the Internet there are many Agency and tour operator who provide large lists of Hotels and Resort in Bangkok. Every Hotel Network have something to offer that can be interesting for one person but not for others and every Tour Operator has different Hotels to offer.

Many Hotels networks have special deals with the hotels and very often you can find discounted rates through the Internet.

This is the reason why it is important to compare between different Tour Operators and Hotel Networks.

For instance, The last Minute Reservation Network offer cheaper Hotel rooms rates, why ? last Minute Reservation Network display on their website the unsold rooms from different Hotels and Resorts. All The Hotels within the network display, on daily basis, the unsold room they may have. Very often the Hotel will give discounted Room rates because they want to have less vacant rooms as possible. The rates are updated everyday directly from every Hotel and Resort.

But how to know which one is a good Hotel ? This is the most common question. You can’t believe what the hotel say about itself, everybody will say “I’m the best”, You can’t believe the Hotels Network too because they may get some money to recommend some Hotel. Who you can really believe are the real Guests, Customers who has been there already. Some Hotel Network offer a section of Guest Comments, Opinions, reviews about the Hotel, Resort or Guesthouse they have been. This is a great way to pick the real information about the hotel.

If you have found a good Hotel and you want to find further information about it, you can alway search Google or Yahoo with the Hotel name as keyword and most probably you will find the Hotel Website. It is common that the Hotel itself offer higher rates than the Travel Networks. In fact the Hotel Networks has always special deals with the Hotels and can offer better Rates than the Hotel itself.

This website offer a complete selection of Guest House, Hotels, Resort, Apartments in Bangkok provided by several Hotels Networks and many Guest Comments

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