Sex, Drugs, Exploitation, Money, Suffering

During six months living and travelling in South east Asia I was up set by the levels of exploitation of women across Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and Cambodia.. I noticed that it always the beautifull girls and women that are on the scene. I Stayed with A Thai girl for 1 Month in Nong Khai. I was working and had hoped she would get a job, This however didn’t happen, after a month I sent her back to Bangkok to where I met her. This was a horrible experience to have gone through. The fact that I was sending a really nice girl back to a life of danger and uncertainty.. I also stayed with a Laotian girl for 3 months. This girl was 26. I flew back from Vietnam and Cambodia to be with her.. My time spent with her was up and downs. I met her freinds who didnt seem to care about dignity as they boasted about their rich boyfreinds in different countries or about the amount of money they had got.. But my question was always “but where are they now”? To which I would not get a reply! These girls get promised the world by passing travellers and older sex tourists. Yet they never learn that the chances of these promises coming true, are so un-positive.. When I visited Cambodia I was horrified by the level of child sex exploitation. I saw it every place I went. Tuk tuk driver in both Vietnam and Cambodia offering 13 year old girls out for sex to foreigners. I mean what the hell are these guys doing. I would question these people as to why they were doing this.. They would just act like it is normal. I want to know who’s fault it is, who started this industry?? Was it the American military’s faults, Tourism, or has it been a problem for Asia long before western influence ever took over. The Sad thing is that all of the above have influenced and helped with the increasing levels of women working in the streets, brothels and bars across asia. Money is of major importance throughout the world. But in Asia people generally take care of each other and no one goes without if they have no money. However once the women see and get involved with a well off foreigner or rich person. All they think about is money and how to get it. This results in more shy naive girls entering into this game, More jabba and other drugs being distributed by dealers who will get girls hooked so that they can use them as they please. I saw a lot of people on jabba through out asia i even tried it! It is a awfull drug. The laotian girl who i stayed with for what felt like a life time, was partially hooked on it. I would try and calm her down, takin her away from drink and other persuations. I saw her in some heart wrenching states, I saw the best and worst of this girl and when she was on the jabba she became deluded and a easy target for anyone. She would go crazy at times, smashin her head onto a stone road the one day, blood ooshin out, she also managed to smash a bottle over her head after several hits against it. All of these times she had secretely smoked the drug. It still makes me upset the vision of her doing these things. And i am certain that their are many many more girls like these. Beautifull people, but once they get involved with drugs, and get money on their mind they really dont get the lives they so deserve. I also feel so sad that their familys actually do little to stop the girls/women from leading these lives! It is selfish and I totally disagree with the pressure that is put on these girls heads…

Globalisation is a major problem, the influx of people travelling to these countries as sex tourists are destroying the heart and soul of south east asia. But it is up to the people to but a stop to it. But the truth is; why will they when they make more from a foreigner than they can from their own kind.?  

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  1. It sounds like another case of “they would just be better off if they were more like us” I think your heart is in the right place but I do not think you understand their culture.

  2. You, almost by definition, are seeing the world through a self-selecting group of people. For every yabba addicted girl there are hundreds (or even thousands, or tend of thousands) of wonderfully adjusted girls who wouldn’t even touch a bottle of whiskey let alone drugs.

    I’m not a fan of closing your eyes to problems but if you saw all of this in six months then you’re hanging out in some pretty messed up places with some messed up people. You could go to any country in the world and hang out with the bottom of the barrel and see the same if not worse.

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