10 things I hate about Bangkok (Part 4)

THE PISS ARTISTS: Happily, they are a dying breed, but all farangs will have come across them in go-go bar toilets. A Thai male lies in wait for the unwary pisser, armed with hot towels and debatable massage skills. It happened to me in Rainbow 1 in Nana Plaza recently. As I aimed my appendage at the sanitaryware, two hands started massaging my shoulders very roughly, causing me to piss over my trousers and shoes. There was a world map on the wall in front of me and, for the first time in my life, I noticed how massive Greenland is (836,109 square miles populated by only 56,361 people unless someone has died or been born since I checked Wikipedia. It is also the world’s largest island as Australia is also a continent and doesn’t count). “Christ, Greenland is massive,” I told my masseur. “Velly cold,” he replied. “Where you flom?” I pointed at Britain. “Velly far. 12 hours in airplane. Solly about Plincess Diana (it was the anniversary of her death).” That last comment alone was worth my lavish Bt20 tip.

FARANGS WHO WEAR FACE MASKS: The whole point about living in Bangkok is that you are tacitly accepting that at least 10 years will be taken off the lifespan you would have had if you had stayed in Farangland. If the pollution doesn’t get you, alcoholism, a road accident, stray bullet or sexually transmitted disease probably will. Those are the rules and it is not acceptable to try to shorten the odds. In any case, the farang I saw wearing a face mask as he ordered food in Robinson’s basement restaurant not only looked like a total dickhead but was being deeply insulting to the people who had prepared the dishes, as though he might contract bird flu from the khao pad gai. Prat.

THE 7-ELEVEN ICE DISPENSER: When I watch Thais use this device, everything goes smoothly. When I use it, half the polar ice cap goes crashing to the floor. I suspect it is programmed to discriminate against farangs.

TOURIST SURVEYS: Guess what? They aren’t tourist surveys at all. The black-clad youngsters with Amazing Thailand shirts who approach you on Sukhumvit Road are really promoting a hotel in the Asoke area. They are perfectly pleasant and some are up front and ask you to complete the form so that they can get their commission. If I have time, I fill out the form but supply false details so that I appear to the hotel’s management as their ideal target: a married brain surgeon earning more than $100,000 a year who visits Bangkok six times a year and is staying in Room 506 at the Landmark Hotel. “Call me any time,” I say.

KINGTEX CONDOMS: The name would suggest that they are of a farang-friendly size. While I am by no means hung like a donkey, my experience of this brand is that they would not fit round a farang’s little finger. And they break at the most inopportune moments.

THE THAI IN FRONT OF ME AT THE SKYTRAIN COUNTER: There are always two queues at every station. One progresses quickly and smoothly; the other is mine. That is because the Thai in front of me, unlike everyone else, does not want to get change for the ticket machine. No, he wants a monthly pass with a student discount enabling him to travel from On Nut to Victory Monument between the hours of 8am and 10am and 4pm and 6pm, excluding Tuesdays, Thursdays and Buddha days. He haggles over the price and never has enough money, so he disappears to the nearest ATM. Meanwhile, I have missed three trains.

THE ‘TAH CARP’ CENTIPEDE: I was taking a leak in my apartment when one of these creatures went scuttling past my bare feet. It was black and about six inches long. I tried to kill it with a shoe but it just kept wriggling. Eventually I managed to flush it down the shower drain. I later learned via a Bangkok Diaries article that these giant bugs are known as “motherfuckers” by Thais and have enough poison to put you in hospital for a few days.

‘MAI PED’: While I love Thai food, even the sight of a red chilli has me rushing to the toilet. The owner of my local restaurant knows that I don’t like really spicy dishes. “Mai ped (not spicy),” she assures me as I make my selection. One hour later, I have stomach convulsions and chronic dysentery.

THE SALES PITCH: Sex, massages, shirts, sunglasses, lighters, watches, maps, amulets, flowers, suits, bags, CDs, DVDs and a shoeshine. These were all offered to me within the space of one hour on Sukhumvit Road recently. I don’t know what happened to the guy with the laser pens.

FARANG GIRLFRIENDS: I was watching the general craziness on Soi Cowboy one night from a beer bar where I had bought one of the girls a drink. Along came a good-looking farang male of about 25 with his farang girlfriend who, to put it bluntly, was a lump of lard. He looked seriously depressed. My hostess turned to me with a look of utter bewilderment and said: “Peter, why do so many farangs have ugly girlfriends?” I felt the need to defend my admittedly pig-ugly Caucasian sisters and explained that while the girl might not have been attractive, she perhaps had an inner beauty that appealed to her boyfriend. “I can understand that, but why do they bring their girlfriends to Thailand?” she asked. “They only do it once,” I replied.

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  1. lol I am glad we don’t have such ‘tourist surveyor’ here. But on the contrary we have so many ‘business men’ who are men in business suit pretending to make acquittance with you while their true intention is selling various hotel and trip vouchers.

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  4. Perhaps if you said “mai pet” (not spicey) as opposed to “mai ped” (no duck)

  5. What irks is the “walking style” many people walking on a busy sidewalk or bts/mrt station seem to be in a world of their own, one without regard or even awareness of others trying to get from point A to point B. People will walk directly into your path, again, maybe unaware or even able to give thought to doing/not doing that.

    People can stop at the base of a busy escalator to check a sms message or talk, obstructing many others. There seems to be anarchy, entropy, and confusion, not to mention what to me seems like abnormally slow walking velocity. I have not seen such walking in any of the numerous developing asian or south american countries I have been to. Certainly not in Japan, Singapore, Taipei either, where people on escalators stay on one side as to allow others in a hurry to walk and pass them. I have rarely seen this is Thailand. Thai friend that haved lived/studied abroad feel the same.
    Honestly, at times I feel as if I am on the set of “Night of the living dead” and I am the sole remaining person alive.

    Often I walk on the road next to the curb cause I don’t want to die of old age before I reach the destination.

    But, almost all people are polite and humble, a significant saving grace.

  6. oh well, i feel sad for the farang girlfriends and made me raise my eyebrows to some commenting on them. I just wish those “beautiful” ladies in there aren’t products of cosmetics and surgery lololol!

    On the other hand, sorry but I think it’s too childish to just mind the looks..huh?

    That mai ped is also very true,did have the same experience more than once. lololol.

    Thanks for the info on the centipede!goodness!

    I’m just thinking wearing a facemask could also mean cause the person is ill, right? perhaps those farangs needed ’em.

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  8. I have a little suggestion for ‘MAI PED’. I, being Thai, also find that ordering “Mai Ped” would never work. My mom told me that I have to specify how many chili do I want to put in the dish. Usually I will order half a chili or no chili. If I order “Mai Ped”, they will put 10 chili’s.

  9. Bangkok girls sucks uneducated bitches craving for stupid farang’s money to get them out of their shit. That’s it.

  10. Ya and it’s the case in every poor countries ! But once you know that people shouldn’t take advantage from it cause it makes prostitution more and more present. And please dear farang people dont believe that asian people LOVE you because you’re white its 90% of the time the opposite actually but…you do have cash.

  11. but there is a high class thai society and also for rich farangs is impossible to meet any girl there….no matter how rich farangs are, they will marry only cheap bar girls or avarage women, included teachers and nurses, but high society thai girls is a different world

  12. Farang will marry cheap girls because they are loosers or simply because it’s easy, and this easiness makes them feel good.

  13. …but why marry? this is the point which I never understand….
    marry in Thailand is only good for thai women, is one way street ending in dead end road…everything is temporary, but the house they have bought naively on name of thai women are forever…but forever for the women…
    in Thai high class society, also professional farangs like doctors and others, are not considered at all, they only live for them and marry amongst them and look down to all farangs, no matter how high class farang can be in his Country….this has been my direct experience….also if with smile….

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