Available Rooms last minute reservation

Just few days and the New Year Holiday are starting. Many people decide to spend their holiday in a tropical place just to take a break from the cold climate at their home country. Thailand is one of the preferred destination in South East Asia for several reasons: Thailand offer hundreds of natural beauties; wonderful tropical beaches, amazing waterfalls, green rain forest with secular trees. Thailand receive several millions visitors yearly, which make the most visited country in South East Asia, in fact in Thailand there is a huge selection of accommodation for every taste and budget.Student and Young people use to stay in Khao San Road in Bangkok where is possible to find guest house starting from 5 Euro per night. Also Pattaya and Chiang Mai offer guest house at similar rates.For people who like to stay by the beach is possible to stay in Koh Samet renting beach bungalows at low cost. Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta, Khao Lak are all great beach resort in the South of Thailand where you can spend your New Year beach Holiday.If you like to spend your holiday in a luxury place, Thailand offer a big selection of 4 and 5 star resorts and hotels. Some people think they will never have a chance to spend their holiday in a luxury Hotel because they can’t effort. This is true in the West but not in Thailand: here you can find 4 and 5 star hotels and resort offering room sometimes less than 100 Euro a night. In Bangkok you can find gorgeous Hotel by the river with suites at less than 100 Euro. In Koh Samui you can rent a Villa by the beach with their own private pool, in Phuket you can rent beach cottages with 5 star resort facilities.For people who like to spend their holiday taking care of their body and spirit, a big selection of Hotels and Resorts with Spa Facilities are available in every Thailand destination.

If you still need to reserve your holiday place for the New Year you will have fewer chance to find a free room. In fact from 24 December to 7 January is the busiest time of the year and many hotels and resort are fully booked. This doesn’t mean that you will not find a room. The hotel that today is full, tomorrow may have a free room. Room availability change everyday form many reasons: some guest check out earlier, some people change or canceled their reservation, etc.If you want to reserve right now an Hotel Room for new year, there are hundreds of website where you can book your hotel, but all those website have a problem in common: they usually send you the confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours. This is not a problem during the year, but for high touristic seasons it is a problem.You spend a lot of time searching for a suitable place, then you make a reservation giving your credit card details and, after 24 hours, you receive an email saying that the hotel you have choosed is full and you should choose another hotel. This mean that you’ve loosed one more day a you still don’t have a place for your holiday.What to do next ? search for another hotel and wait again 24 hours to see if the place is available ? this can go on for several days and in the end you may not find your holiday place.There are few options for finding your holiday place in the high touristic season:1- Reserve your Hotel through a travel agency. They provide usually full include packages with airplane ticket, transfer, hotel and dinner. This option is usually more expensive, you have a limited list of place to stay and you need to follow the schedule on the program.2 – Contact the Hotel directly. This is a good option, it is reliable to make a reservation with the luxury five star hotels and Resorts, but not so for low budget or middle range accommodations. I’ve seen many times that small family running hotels, resort or guest house with limited number of guest rooms don’t take so much care of their reservation if they are fully booked.If you make a reservation and you don’t pay a deposit, you can’t be sure that you will find your room, sending money to the hotel can take many days to arrive so this option is not the most safe if you need your reservation fast.3 – Last Minute Reservation system is the most reliable option for instant confirmation of your reservation.This system show in real time the room availability of thousand of Hotels, Resort, Guest House in hundreds of cities worldwide. You need to reserve a room in Bangkok in the next 2 days ? or you need a room during Christmas ? If you planning to reserve a room within 20 days you can check in real time the room availability, make a reservation by paying a 12% deposit with credit card or even debit card and get your instant confirmation.In the Hotel Industry rooms availability change every hour, in the high season every minute, people change schedules, some people cancel their trip, some guest extend their stay, some guest change the room category and so on. There are so many reasons that cause the hotel reservation to change continually.The Hotels associated with Last Minute Reservation System update on daily basis the hotel room availability up to 20 days in advance; it is normal that some room which was previously reserved, may be canceled or the guest didn’t show up at all and suddenly a room get free just at the last minute. Any Hotel manager never want to have free rooms, so they offer special deals for last minute reservation, in this way they get less, but they get full instead of having vacant rooms.Booking your Hotel or Resort with Last Minute Reservation System is cheaper, fast and reliable. In just few minutes you can book your room without waiting for the confirmation.Few simple steps:1- Insert the destination and the date you want to book2 -check for available rooms3 – reserve your room by paying a deposit 12% ( with credit card or debit card )4 – Get your instant confirmation immediately