A Bad Girl in Bangkok is Crap

MSB posted a comment in a recent thread and included a link to a site called A Bad Girl in Bangkok.  I thought it would make for a good post to expose it for the sham that it is.

A Bad Girl in Bangkok is supposedly written by a girl calling herself Wan who works in the fashion industry by day and hooks at Gulliver’s in the evenings to make extra money.  She takes us on a trip from why she got into working the bar through each and every one of her encounters.  Now, let’s pretend for a moment you’re a young Thai girl who – according to Wan – has decided to enter the bar scene due to a financial hardship caused by your mother needing money for the doctor, what are the chances that you’re going to set up a Blogger account and decide to document your experience . . . in perfect English?

And, here she’s been with 3 men in her life and gets down and dirty with some 45 year old Brit she doesn’t find attractive on her first night and we’re supposed to believe that she’s proud of the fact she was able to make the customer happy?  Really?  Maybe the farang writing for this site should actually talk to so real bar girls.  No, not the chit chat in the bar but actually be friends with them and hear them tell you about how their first time was.  I think terms like “scared shitless” and “feeling dirty” would more accurately describe the stories that I’ve heard.

Oh, and if you’re going to feed us this line of bullshit using such proper English your story might seem more believable if one of your customers kept complimenting you on how well you spoke it.  Freelancers and bar girls aren’t exactly known the world over for their eloquence so the fact that you can write it as well as a native speaker means that at least one of your customers would have been taken aback.

Hell, she even used the word “cleavage” in one of her posts.  When I read that I happened to be IM’ing with a Thai friend of mine who is in the import/export business and speaks English very well and I asked her if she knew what cleavage was and she had no idea.  But this young woman working in a low paying fashion industry job, with very little contact with farangs knows that word . . . right!

The one that made me chuckle is when one of her customers couldn’t get off and told her that she was a starfish in bed but she claims not to know what he means by that.  Why mention it then?  Wouldn’t it be more natural to say something like “he called me something I didn’t understand”?  It sounds a lot more like someone who knows exactly what the term means but is trying to write in the voice of an innocent Thai girl who hasn’t heard it before.

There’s also the issue of going out and buying a three pack of condoms.  My experience has been that it would be easier to get a Thai girl to spit on a Buddha statue than it would be to get them to buy condoms in public.  Why is there no mention in feeling shamed when she went to clerk to pay for them?

In fact, a lot of what gives this away as a hoax is what isn’t said.  No, I don’t really want to hear stroke by stroke details of each encounter but the posts lack information that would give them credibility.  Things that would be obvious if you were actually going through this experience but would be easy to overlook if you’re just taking the piss.

The mentor instructs her to buy condoms but not KY?  The mentor sends her out there without any tips on what to do if the guy is abusive or how the whole scene should unfold (e.g. when to get paid, when to leave, etc)?  Nothing said by the mentor on what type of sex is okay and what isn’t?  That’s a pretty shitty mentor if you ask me.  Yet, the mentor gives her valuable advice like farangs like women who dress sexy, have big boobs, and wear red lipstick.  Wow!!

There’s no moral dilemma discussion.  There’s no mention of how she’s reconciling this internally with her Buddhist beliefs.   There’s not even a hint of fear that her parents or friends might find out.  Nothing.  None of the stuff you would expect from a girl who was initially against selling herself but was forced into it for financial reasons.  In fact, not only does she not dwell on any of those issues she immediately goes from simple girl living a very simple life into materialistic whore in about a week’s time.

I guess the only question is what the end game is here.  Is the idea for some farang to write a sexy blog and then pimp out a bunch of girls who go around saying that they’re Wan?  Is it just to drive traffic to the website and sell ads?  I don’t know what the end game is but I do know the site is BS.

4 thoughts on “A Bad Girl in Bangkok is Crap”

  1. LOLOL! Don’t get me wrong but the story is quite a bit common. Try speaking to more girls so you’d have the idea at least what I’m talking to. Just be sure you have enough budget for that. I have a friend who’s been paying their hospital debts up to this moment, she saves and cuts down her personal expenses to save part of her salary for that, end of story.

    Another Q, even a decent office worker woouldn’t like all the job she’s/he’s doing, A teacher not all his/her students, company employee not his company at all times and even a businessman would sometimes hate what he’s dealing himself with but then the bottomline is CHOICE. And what one sacrifices for that.

    I don’t want to judge, I believe I don’t have the right to, but I’d say I sympathize more those hundreds of street vendors enduring the heat and dust just to earn a little but decent income.

  2. It looks like whoever started the Blog ‘A Bad Good Girl in Bangkok’ lost interest in it quite some time ago. There hasn’t been an entry since July last year.

  3. Let’s make it postive Mega, maybe he’s been occupied with some things lately. Or busy interviewing his subjects. 🙂

    People who have more time can spend it in the site, if it happened there’s no n1h1 outbreak here, I should have been out shopping at least or just roaming around to use my time, lololol! Okay, I have to admit that I get tired of the traffic situation as well lately, it’s just too much so better stay at home read and write.

    I should say net socialization hope this wont make me a nerd sooner though lolol! 🙂

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