Good Girl With Two Faces

This part is not really my own story, but it’s picturing that also good girls can be turning to bad girls.

About 2 years ago, it happened that one of my friends accidentally met one girl from LOS when he visited me and my family at home in Farangland. This girl was manager from a wedding studio in BKK and she managed all the things which had to be done for preparing the traditional marriage for me and my wife in BKK. Our traditional marriage was great because everything was well prepared. So it happened that this girl visited us in Europe one year later for 2 weeks.

That’s been the beginning of a nightmare for my friend, but no one could see this at the beginning. My friend and the girl met each other, had little bit of small talk and exchanged e-mail ad. So after meeting one time they started corresponding and tried to know each other more and more. My friend decided to spend his next holidays in Thailand and my wife managed some things for him so he could go for scuba diving too when he was in LOS to meet his pen pal. What can I say? They fell in love during his holidays, the girl and my friend. At this time the girl just started her own wedding studio and it happened that a big shop window was broken just when my friend stayed in BKK. He was asked if he could give money to fix the window again. Ok, he was and he still is a big boy, in love and acting like almost every teenager to impress his new girlfriend. He gave the money. When he returned to Europe he was deep in love, the girl was deep in love and the story about upcoming nightmare was running. He invited his girl to come to Europe for 2 weeks holiday. She came for 2 weeks and he acted like Mc.Billionaire. 1 week Switzerland, 1 week North sea-bungalow. So the wedding planner also started to plan. During the following months he was asked for money several times. New profit camera for the wedding studio, her father sick and mother had to see the doc. He always send money, still happy to be deeply in love. Next holidays have been planned, and Christmas holidays 2003/2004 he was going to see his future wife again. I spend my holidays with my family in Thailand too. So we had chance to see each other many times. What I could see was not very special, because he still acted like Mc.Billionaire and his future wife acted like Queen herself. He spend a lot of money for gold (chains and rings) and other things. I tried to stop him, told him to come down because its been overacting from him in this case.

Later, back in Europe he started to prepare all the papers to get married. Again he had to send a lot of money for getting translated her papers. Ok, its a lot of paperwork and you have to spend money to get it all right.

At this point the discus about how much money he had to spend for the traditional wedding in BKK started. About 1 Mio Th Bath was said to him. I tried to talk with him serious and told him, its ok that he has to pay, pay also to her family. But he should calculate how much money he already send for his future wife. For the shop and her parents. About 1 Mio Th bath already. I guess slowly he started thinking little bit clearly. A few months later, his future wife arrived in Farangland. All the papers have been prepared and the appointment for wedding was made. Accidentally my wife talked with one of her close friends in BKK by phone. The nightmare got an face. The girl already planned to get back to BKK short time after marriage. Her husband could come to visit her during holidays and while she had to stay in Farangland, she wanted to sleep separate bedrooms. Hmm, very strange. I had to talk very serious with my friend. I discussed this point with my wife and we both agreed that this story would not have an happy ending if we keep quiet. So I talked with my friend very serious about what we found out. He told me, if I would not have been started to talk with him, he would have been asking me. He told me that the girl he was going to merry soon was not the same person he met and spend time with before. The girl completely changed, or now showed her real face. The next few days things started to run very fast. My wife had to be a little bit like Sherlock Holmes and found out that in BKK there was waiting another man for the girl. The shop was sold and the money was gone, She bought land to build up a nice house, but not for her and her future husband. So only 4 days before wedding my friend send the girl back to BKK.

Now we know that the girl sold the land, the other man took her money and run away with bargirl.

  1. Never show that you have money, even you have a lot
  2. Relationship with woman (not only Thai) is a deal and you have to be very smart to make it getting a good deal for you.
  3. In money things I never found smarter girls than Thai girls

My friend lost his heart, lost a lot of money, but still loves LOS. He spend relaxing holidays with scuba diving last holidays in Thailand again. And what can I say? He is starting to fall in love again. We will see if now we will have an happy ending for him. We wish him all the best.

Tong Dee

2 thoughts on “Good Girl With Two Faces”

  1. This seems to happen to a lot of farangs, if reading all the chat rooms, is anything to go by. Why don’t people learn? Never invest more in Thailand than you are willing to walk away from.

  2. True. Sorry for my words but perhaps the “tickle” down there makes a big difference. If I were a CON and would wan’t to get any man in my hand for sure I’d go for what every want wants and that he just can’t get with somebody else (u know what I mean) and after he falls madly in love with me, I’m sure I could get a lot from him. Wish I have the skills! Hahaha!

    Kidding aside, guess that “business” is common here. I don’t want to generalize either, I heard some “good” creatures too. But yeah, I don’t know if there is that word GUILT in here.

    Anyway, Ton Dee ,sorry to hear about your friend, hope he learnt his lesson.
    Thanks for sharing the experience as well. It’s an eye opener.

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