Spotting The Lady Boy

In case you’ve missed it, I put together a fun little game where I took five pictures of Thai models/actresses and five pictures of lady boys and asked people to guess which is which. If you haven’t taken the test already, get your butt over there and give it a shot. No fair peeking 🙂

With nearly 5000 votes counted I think we’ve achieved a large enough sample size to find some interesting patterns. I’ve been quite surprised at the results so far. I thought I would share them here.

1Nong Poy
Lady Boy
About 43% of people guess Nong Poy’s gender correctly.

Nong Poy is one of Thailand’s most famous ladyboy models.

2Pum Dolaros
Surprisingly only 39% of people guess Pum’s gender correctly.

Pum Dolaros is a famous Thai actress and model.

3Tanyarat Jirapatpakon
Lady Boy
A little over 52% of people can guess Tanyarat’s gender correctly.

Tanyarat Jirapatpakon was crowned Miss International Queen 2007. And by “queen” they mean transexual/ladyboy.

Lady Boy
Areeya doesn’t fool many people as evidenced by the fact that 88% of people pick her gender correctly.

Areeya is a well known ladyboy model who has her own adult oriented website.

Lady Boy
A little less than 80% of people guessed Oa’s gender correctly.

Oa is a new up and coming adult model staring in lady boy films/shoots.

6Ople Ausanee
Ople is correctly identified by 72% of the test takers.

Ople Ausanee is a model who has appeared in Thai Penthouse Magazine.

7Seephrai Mungphanklang
Only 27% guessed poor Seephrai’s gender correctly making her the most misidentified in the bunch.

Seephrai Mungphanklang a.k.a DJ Nakadia is a famous Thai DJ. She also models but because of her Isaan looks she isn’t as popular with Thais as she is with Westerners.

8Lila Boonyasak
Lila’s gender was guessed correctly about half the time.

Lila Boonyasak a.k.a Cherman Boonyasak a.k.a Ploy is a popular actress who has been appearing in films for quite a few years. She was voted one of the 10 sexiest woman in the world in the Thai edition of FHM.

9Random Ladyboys at Bed Supperclub
Lady Boy
The random lady boys at Bed were guessed correctly 70% of the time.

I don’t know their names but they are described by photographer Bangkok Angel as “2 Ladyboys (or if you wanna talk Bangkok Slang: Chicks with Dicks 🙂 at Bed Supperclub Bangkok.”

10Aom Phiyada
I thought Aom’s very lady-like features would poll better here but she was only guessed correctly 57% of the time.

Aom Phiyada is a popular talk show host and stars in various soap operas.

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