Mangos and beer don’t mix!

I am in trouble when it comes to Thai women’s habit of stuffing food in my mouth. I take my drinking seriously and I do not agree with having mangos, dried frogs, or other foodstuff messing with my alcohol intake on a Saturday night. I prefer to keep my eating and drinking separate. Mangos and beer don’t mix, in my opinion.

Now, what I need to know is, how do I politely or cunningly turn down these female foodpushers, because I’ve noticed they take offence when I reject their offerings. And since I have no wish to be impolite or rude I need a way around this problem.

I realize, that it’s not only Thai women who have this habit. My mother and grandmother back home in Euroland also seem astonished when I turn down the third plate of massed potatos with pork chops and heavy gravy.

My excuses so far havn’t gotten me anywhere. Claiming allergy to mangos or high blood pressure to avoid salty frogs don’t work. I either get a hurt expression or slightly angry look from the rejected woman foodpusher.

What to do! Any suggestions?

13 thoughts on “Mangos and beer don’t mix!”

  1. I think you need to move the focus back to them. Based another post on “I like Poompooyee”, just say “No thanks, I don’t want to be poompooyee like you.”. That should get them reved up enough to forget the food. If they get angry just say “but I like poompooyee”.

  2. @FelixComun. Are you sure!? You see, I don’t know what a Poompooyee is. And I am afraid too ask:-))

  3. Poompooyee = a bit on the chubby side, though I would have spelled it boombui.

    Just say no thanks, they make the beer taste funny. The girls don’t stay upset for more than a few seconds. Personally I think crickets and grasshoppers are great bar snacks

    Insects and somtam won’t get you too fat anyway.

  4. Of course! boombui, “a bit on the chubby side”. Girls can relate to that, I guess. Or mangos makes the beer taste funny. I am sure those excuses will get me around the foodpushing issue. And with the beer intake chubby shouldn’t be to hard to prove!

  5. Have you thought about going out with someone where you can deal with these basic issues rather than someone who reminds you of your grandmother??!!

  6. BTW seymour totti – I don’t think you should be promoting porn on here. Your name clicks onto an adult site. You might seymour totti but I bet you have to pay for it. The thought of some fat lech eating insects has actually made me feel quite queasy….and Giacomo you so have issues with your mother – too afraid to ask??

    BTW for all the farang men here who can only buy girlfriends – that is you lot I am surmising – not just because you are expat in Thailand but pretty revolting in your views – a female over the age of 18 is a woman not a girl, a person not a thing. These beautiful women only sleep with you because they like the look of your baht and I imagine that most farang women wouldn’t touch you in a million years. Any intelligent farang men on here or is it just full of cocks like you lot??!!

  7. trudie dear, your ability to comment on other people’s psychology, emotions, and inner workings are amazing! You must have read a lot of women magazines in your life. You see, I presume, that’s where your insights originates from.

  8. Oh come on….that is pretty lame. Giacomo it isn’t so much Cosmo. psychology really as just that it’s sort of really obvious. You’re talking about your grandma, your mum and your girlfriend all feeding you and you not knowing what to do about it. You aren’t one of those guys who likes to wear nappies are you and pretend to be a baby??! If you were at all insightful you would have guessed by now that women’s magazines are the antipathy to where I am coming from in life.

  9. Hmmm . . . or perhaps the guy was simply asking for tips on how other people handle it that might be more effective than his current method.

    Or should everyone re-invent the wheel?

  10. trudie dear, you should meet my grandma! She’s a nice old lady. But I don’t see her as a sexual object. Since the dawn of time women has been stuffing food in mens mouth. Mothers to make sure they grow big and strong and gf’s and wife’s to make sure they stay put.

  11. Billy B, you’ve got me. I’m always looking for a more effective way to hunt down game. But I’m finding the world upside down in BKK. Here I don’t get to hunt, gdm! About the wheel, I let the taxi drivers take care of them.

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