Why Farang Men Like Thai Girls And Hate Farang Women

I have a good mate who is married to a non-Thai woman. Although separated by several continents she has many of the same values as a Thai woman.  They were having dinner one night with a farang couple.  My mate’s wife offhandedly mentioned that sometimes when her husband gets home from work she’ll pour a basin of water and wash his feet. 

The farang woman was aghast.  She, in her self-righteous zeal, berated the wife for being subservient.  She told her she should more pride in herself and not allow herself to be treated like a slave. 

The wife, biting her tongue as best she could, told the farang woman that she doesn’t do it because he expects her to.  For her it is a way of showing appreciation.  Her husband provides for her very well and they own several beautiful homes.  She wants for nothing.  She went on to tell the farang that her husband is a loving and caring man who attends to her emotionally as well as financially and that she loves him very much.  She asked why it should seem so strange to do something for her husband that he finds relaxing and enjoying. 

Like I said, she was biting her tongue as best she could but her feelings were eventually betrayed in her last sentence on the topic.  "Perhaps if you Western women showed your husbands some respect and appreciation for being a good husband the divorce rate in your country wouldn’t be over 50%."

This interaction is a perfect illustration of why so many farang men fall in love with Thai women.  It also serves to illustrate why so many farang women simply cannot grasp why farang men seem to prefer Thai women.  The farang women think they know but they are as wrong as first timer to Thailand who can’t see past the Thai smile. 

Farang women, generally, think that farang men are attracted to Thai women is because they are submissive.  They think the men are attracted because they can get a girlfriend half their age.  They think that the men are attracted to the tight little Asian bodies.

The farang woman is correct but only to a certain degree.  Yes, men are attracted to those things but there’s more to it than just that.  Farang men also want to feel appreciated and respected.  Yet, as the story told above demonstrates your average farang woman would never lower themselves.  Farang women cherish their equality too much to do something that seems to them to be so one-sided. 

However there’s an inequality in most farang / farang relationships.  By that I mean that when you weigh all of the tangible and intangible qualities each party brings to the relationship the man, generally, is bringing more to the table than the woman.  For instance, in few farang / farang marriages does the husband earn less than the wife.  Likewise, you’re far more likely to find an attractive man married to an average looking woman than to find an attractive woman married to an average looking man.  There are no absolutes here but just going by the numbers this is more true than not. 

So you have these inequalities in most relationships.  I know that’s a hard pill for some people to swallow but one only need to look at the number of men who graduate with degrees in economics, mathematics, computer science, medicine, and the other hard sciences vs. the number of women.  Men, just going by the numbers, are more likely to be the higher earner.  So right from the starting blocks you have an income discrepancy between the two.  In order for the relationship to equalize she needs to bring something of the same value to the relationship. 

Unfortunately, Western women cherish the concept of equality too much.  Tell a secretary making £30,000 a year that she needs to bring something extra to the table in order to marry a software engineer making £60,000 and, rightly or wrongly, she’ll accuse you of being a chauvinist.  So men just tend to accept that as part of life.  Tradition says that their job is to be the primary earner so they accept it unquestioningly. 

But there’s a catch.  Even though, traditionally, that means that the woman should shoulder more of the household chores and generally try to provide a good home life for her husband who has been fulfilling his traditional role, many farang women feel that that role is outdated and beneath them.  Whether that is true or not is not for me to answer but in one way or the other the woman has to bring things back to balance or the relationship simply isn’t going to work.  Perhaps she’s much more attractive than her husband.  That might even things out.  Maybe she’s a wildcat in the sack.  That might balance things out.  Maybe she knows just when and just how to stroke her husband’s ego.  Maybe that’s what evens things out.  I don’t know what it is as it will be different for different couples but without the balance the relationship is doomed. 

I believe this is why you often see so much hostility directed at farang women by farang men who have been fortunate enough to have a relationship with a Thai woman.  Even if they don’t fully realize it consciously, it dawns on them that they’ve been getting the short end of the stick in most relationships.  And like finding out your girlfriend has been sleeping around on you behind your back the farang man feels humiliated for being taken for such a fool.  His rage is often so out of proportion with the actual damage done that he dismisses all farang women as . . . . well, I could list several derogatory terms here but I’ll allow the reader to fill in his/her own. 

Personally, I don’t hate farang women.  I don’t date them very often nowadays but I don’t hate them.  I do prefer to date Thai women.  Not for the reasons that most farang women might think but because Thai women tend to try to balance out the relationship.   Obviously you cannot talk about an entire sex and not have exceptions.  There are Thai women who’s mind set is more like the farang women I’ve described and there are farang women who have an outlook more like the Thai women I describe.  That’s why I try to steer clear of making sweeping statements and say things like "tend to" or "normally."

It’s funny because most farang men have brainwashed themselves into believing many of the same things as farang women.  I guess it’s natural since we come from the same culture.  I remember the first time it really struck me.  She was Thai with a good job, had a post-graduate degree, and was certainly not the poor farmer’s daughter stereotype.  We were having dinner and when the food arrived she served me and then herself.  When my water glass was half empty (or half full depending on how you look at it) she would fill it. 

I was a little uncomfortable with that so I indicated she didn’t need to serve me.  She insisted gently saying "You relax.  I take care of you."  As I thought about it, it made sense.  If she likes you then demonstrating that she can be a good girlfriend or wife is very important to her.  It would be the same as a guy holding a door open or pulling the seat out for his date.  This is her way of saying that she likes me and that this is one of the qualities she intends to bring to the relationship. 

Perhaps farang women will think she was being subservient but I thought of it as part of the dance we call dating.  I show my ability to provide by taking her to a nice place to eat and she reciprocates by demonstrating that she can be a caring girlfriend.  If anything, instead of viewing it as an act of weakness, as being subservient would imply, I viewed it as a sign that she was not the type of woman who would only take from the relationship without giving back.  Obviously, a respectable quality. 

Now if one contrasts that with a normal farang / farang date you start to recognize how the whole relationship imbalance manifests itself.  It’s very difficult for a woman to screw up on a date unless she doesn’t show up, passes out drunk, or belches at the table.  It’s hard for her to screw up the date because she is not the one auditioning.  The man is primarily the one who is auditioning.  So on a normal farang / farang date the man is expected to demonstrate all of the qualities that he can bring into the relationship and the woman will either approve (agree to a second date) or disapprove (decline a second date) without ever revealing her hand.    

On a farang / Thai date both the man and woman are auditioning equally.  This is true equality and I find it refreshingly honest which is why I prefer to date Thai women.  When I date a Thai woman I feel as if I actually have some control over the situation.  It is as much up to her to impress me as it is for me to impress her.  I don’t want to say it makes you feel as if you have more power than you do in a farang / farang relationship but it’s the difference between a job interview where the company has specifically recruited you because of your unique talents and a job interview after you’ve been laid off during a recession.  In one you feel like you’re in a position of control.  If the company wants you then they need to demonstrate that they can provide you with the working environment and compensation that you feel entitled to.  In the other scenario you’re just happy to have gotten the interview.  You know what you think you’re worth but the phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook so you’ll probably take whatever they offer even if it’s not what you think is fair. 

One needs to look no farther than romantic imagery in the media to see how imbalanced the relationship process is in farang / farang relationships.  How does a man show he loves a woman?  He buys her roses, chocolates, diamonds, gold, and other gifts.  If he’s truly the romantic type he does something huge like fly her off to Paris for an amorous holiday.  How does a woman show she loves her husband?  Well if we are to believe the media representation of farang / farang relationships then a peck on the cheek might be ample reward for those chocolates.  Giving him sex might be the payoff for a diamond ring or a Paris holiday. 

The idea of a man constantly showing his wife with gifts and affection is seen as romantic.  The idea of a woman who showers her husband with signs of affection is seen as weak and of low self-esteem.  In fact, if we’re to believe the media then the best gift a wife can give her husband is to leave him alone.  How is the husband rewarded for mowing the lawn and taking care of the manly household chores?  He’s allowed to watch football on television.  What is the husband’s reward for taking his wife out to go see a "chick flick" which bored him to tears?  He gets to go hang out with his mates for a boys night out. 

Better yet, can you imagine seeing on television a show where after taking his wife out for a very expensive and romantic dinner his wife offered to give him a foot massage?  Not the rub your big toe and then try to have sex type of massage but a proper hour long foot massage?  Yet it would seem normal if a woman comes home from an exhausting day at the office, kicks off her shoes, and her husband massages her feet as she explains everything she’s been through that day.  We call that kind of man romantic.  In fact, that is the message that Western media promotes.  Men being subservient to women is romantic and women being subservient to men is chauvinistic.   

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to say that love with a farang woman can’t be found or that you can’t find a farang woman who won’t jump through hoops to make the relationship as equal as possible but it’s much rarer in the Western world than in Thailand.  From a social point of view this change in how equality has only occurred over the last 50 or 60 years.  Back then you had housewives who took pride in performing their traditional roles.  Interestingly, according to the University of Maryland, between 1950 and 2000 the number of divorces per 1000 women married more than doubled.  Also of note is that the highest rate of divorce was during the 1970’s when women’s activism was at it’s peak.  That’s obviously not enough data to make any sort of direct correlation but this blog post isn’t a PhD thesis so allow me some latitude. 

And just as I’m not saying that finding love with a farang woman is impossible, I’m also not saying that Thai women are a piece of cake either.  In addition to things like language and cultural issues you also have people who just don’t possess the qualities you look for in a partner and/or possess personality defects.  I’ve dated more than a few girls who I hope to never see again even as a friend. 

The bottom line is that I don’t agree with the people who think all farang women are fat, whining, bitches nor do I agree with the people who say that any man who dates a Thai woman is doing so for the sex, subservient attitude, or because he’s too much of a loser to find women back in the West.  There are some very valid reasons why guys like to date Thai women and there are some very valid reasons why they don’t want to date Western women.  It’s all about what we hope to find in a relationship.  For instance, I have a mate I’ve known for well over 20 years.  I’ve seen him go through countless relationships.  The only long-term relationships he seems to have are with women who are controlling and dominating.  He likes to be a bad boy.  When he’s with submissive women he runs right over them.  When he runs into a woman who wants to control him and tame him that is when he is the most happy.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for me at all.  I could never date the type of women he dates and he would never have a meaningful relationship with a Thai girl.  We’re just wired differently. 

That holds true for all men.  There are some of us who aren’t satisfied with the type of women we meet in the West.  That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with those women.  They just need to find someone who’s looking for that personality type.  For us unsatisfied men, there are aspects of Thai culture that produce women who we’re more compatible with.  Different strokes for different folks. 

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  1. francis.. u said wrong, u are very bad man in the world, thai lady or farang woman ,both are human , u should stop to say very bad word with Thai people and u should get out Thailand , no one want u, coz ,, Good man should not say bad world with lady. they will do bad or good , it not your matter. Since i born i just saw bad people like you.

    im lady , i not easy , your money can not by everybody to stay with you . i believe no one want stay with you who is stupid saying.

    website , they just write idea so u should not come to say bad.

    Francis , you know ” human not said bad with woman in the world. You world like animal said…

  2. everybody have different way for life so you should keep your word for your life and your woman.
    you said another one bad and easy then you should look yourself to see how much u make another feel bad with your post.

    Thai lady or farang lady both are human and they can should they life ,, they will do good or bad it not your matter coz u not owner of them life.

  3. Francis….. a lot man in the world,
    bad and good . i can not say i hate or llke .
    i can not say anyone bad. i can do just open eyes and look . i spent time to improve my self , i try to do my best, i wish u can have a good life and spent your time as same as human do .

    u will happy than say bad to girl on your post.

  4. @Francis.As people living here in Thailand, we all had our share of experiences whether good or bad. But I cannot generalize that all Thai woman are whores or hookers! Yes unfortunately their reputation is very low due to the high level of prostitution in the country and the behavior of many of the girls, but this does not mean all of them are prostitutes. My point here was to state that Farangs man does not hate Farangs woman. I believe every each of us has it’s own life experience, and we cannot generalize to everyone. it’s up to us to make it better and learn from our mistakes

  5. not all are officially prostitution, but “ALL” for money and wealth, behave like that…no exception

  6. yes i agree…thai women are lazy liers and sick for money……no exception, is their culture

  7. bill bangcock
    to write so many nonsenses, where in thailand do you live? or may be you write what you dream at night after a bottle of wiskey?

  8. Francis.. . Thai culture teach people do good thing . and u wrong to say .
    im one Thai lady , i not agree u said 99 % lazy coz y never touch and learn more about girl and lady.
    if u met many bar girl and easy girl for sex then u will never know how is lady life . we not lazy ,every day we cook and take care good who is lover,
    Money it can not buy every thing in your life, if u had buy sex frome girl then u get it short timr , and u will not get llove forever. u can not buy love.

    just some part and just some people did same u said . i think just 40% like that u said.

    please do not say bad with people when u say Thai girl and woman it make any people who is not do that feel bad.

    NO one perfect in life ,, even your self. so u should look your self before say about other one.

  9. Honestly speaking, i have never been in a bar, neither in thailand, nor elsewhere…
    Also professinally speaking, i am against alchool sigarettes and any kind of drugs.
    I have never dated a bar girl, for sure not in thailand….
    my thai friends are most government employees…
    is not polite from me to exprss like that…but i am still convinced that what i have written above is true..
    all thai women lies very very much and are selfish and sick for money and accomodation…no matter of which ssociety level…the difference from bar girl is just the way and the quantity to obtain money or others valueble things, such as gold, houses cars and so on, but the content is the same…lies cheatting and sex offers…
    it is a typical thai women deep attitude to lie and scrounge….and does not help to fight the problem, with justify them…
    sorry, but so are the majority of thai women and thanks to that majority, for a farang is better to generalize, just to avoid to fall in the world of hurt….
    i can agree with you folks, that may be many thai women are not lazy and not liers….but this within thai socity only…as long as they are with a farangs…they are like that….

  10. Nan…
    thai girls cook? some rice with chickens or soups? what else? have you ever been in italy and seen what italian women cook for their bf or husbands? so many specialities that you will b lost of words…and they are no spoiled to want to have a car or a house or gold and money…they do for love
    mostly thai women want true love and they say that they coof for their man, but cook what? and they do it, only because they calculate that they will get much more in reurn…
    please stop nonsenses….no thai woman do anything for love…may be for love, but only if money first…….
    why you try to defend the impossible?

  11. No need to compare. There are no one perfect in this world. The Thai or even other country they have their own colture and belief. We all have born in the different places, difference momma, daddy, different teacher and difference environment…so how come we should be the same. Each opinion come up with our experiences and what we have seen. You might think thai girls are bad coz you are not thai and you never ever see a good thai girl, but we(the thai) think in opposite side coz we always stay with Thai and most of them are fine. I am a Thai girl and i’ll not blame you who have said something bad to thai. Its ok since some of us made you think like that, Actually we are so lovely and our culture always teach us to perform everything nice, that was unfortunately for you guys who have not seen.

  12. agree 100 per cent with francis….
    Nan is human and pretend everybody to be human….how many thai women are human.. why Nan, dont you tell them and not need tell to Francis….
    do you think that exist a thai woman, so humanto live with a farang for LOVE, if farang hs an income of 15.000 bath a month and you must live with him in a small rented room and drive togeter a second hand motor byke?
    dont you think that the much more that farang can offer you, the mor you love him?

  13. Francis ,, Ant 45 . what i said it truth ,, it not nonsense. i dont know what Thai girl did bad with farang but please not say All Thai woman must same as lie or cheatting.

    if i will dicide to married and spent my life with someone i can love , i dont care how much he have, coz i believe we can work and take care each other.

    Not only farang do good , and farang also did bad
    Thai girl also , they do bad , and good.

    about takecare they lover , both , even Thai or farang they have different way to care coz it different food, different brain.

    i have many friend farang friend in the world since i was study .

    we share culture and i know ,
    i know i can not stop why u feel.

    but i want to tell u and i not stop u say on here.

  14. about food . not only Thai food i can did , italian it very nice food , my husband teach me cook , and we learn about different food.
    and i not say farang foogd is bad . i respect anywhere i live and try to learn more different thing in the world.

    Life will happy if u open your heart and try to feel sensitive with different thing .

  15. I am italian and hav been in thailand a couple of time and a couple of months
    what i dont understand here is the generalisation about farangs girls and thai girls,
    thai girls belong to one country only, also if is considered a nice place to visit, but honestly, apart exceptions, thai girls as well as filipinas and cuba, do not really have an honorable reputation, as well as is mentioned by somebody to go visit one of those country, is then automaticallz connected with sex holiday and with temporary easy quick weddings. Farangs is not one country, the word farang is existthanks to the restricted racist complex of thai people, prpbably to hide their minority complex, not to forget that thailand after all is a dictactur nation and still belong to thir world.
    farangs country might be over a 100 may be more and may be less, so how can be made such compare? is swedish same as greece or is italy same as island? and is usa same as portugal? Or Russia same as spain?and so on. So, how can somebody compare thai girls with so many girls os so many countryes? is may be such a compare, just a way to over estimate , the small smiling pretty thai women, but for sure not so beautiful, but in beauty far behind girls of the over mentioned countryes and the sweetness and smile are also in southern european countryes, even opener and more sincere than plastic quick thai smile without content.
    Than thai food compare with farangs food? what does it mean? in Thailand , people does not even know how big is the world and nobody know what is out of their country. Thai food has a very very limited of choice, to compare with chinese italian spanish french greek portuguese food and so on
    mention farangs food in thailand it means that is about that very cheap not healthy fat food whichis eaten in uk or germany, fried eggs, steak of cheap level bacon potatoes and a couple of other avarage food which is not to consider a speciality at all.
    Please look in italian restaurants in italy and you have 1000 towns and regions wnd each one of them has tousends of speciality, the restaurant are cleaned and the food is under health control. In thailand wherever you go, you always eat Khao pat tom jam and something more, but some restaurant are cleaned, but most of them would not suite a toilet here in italy, there are spider nets everywhere and insect non stop and dogs around and at night (i saw it many times) rats in the kitchen and nob health control and food in the street is cooked strange unhealthy way, all improvisation and when they cook, cars tuk tuk bykes , all kind of smoke go to the food, inclusing dust.
    The only advantage is the price, but then again, you save in one way and you spend much more to see a doctor
    in puket and other touristic places there are more cleaned restaurants, but here the prices are even highe than in italy.
    any comment?

  16. i dont know how much docter asked from farang if they are need stay at hospital , but i know it must too much for pay. i understand .
    i not think how different about people in the world ( human) but i respect every country , i like face of farang woman , look very pretty but when i look my face i must laughing haa. i like to live with husband in USA , then some day visit my hometown. i never think to compare every body in the world.

    i am thai lady , my life just married first with husband , and i not easy to wedding i have to decide for long time . . …Thai lady not all easy.

  17. Bicefa… u said it truth, your sound learn more and u can understand another one , u sound nice.

    that make me feel Italian man not all say bad with Thai people.

    thank u to u .

  18. try to inform about experiences is almost a duty…
    thailand is beautiful, like many other countryes in the worls, but generalize farangs people and generalize farangs food , is a very superficial way to judge and also show a luck of intelligence

  19. I have left thailand 2 months ago and for good, becaus my work is again near home in Venice
    honestly, I had ups and downs in Thailand
    If you can stand so hot weater, boring spicy food and to look at many drunk farangs with bar girls, then Thailand is a nice Country to visit and may be to live
    good luck to all. including nextt victims of thai girl´s blackmails

  20. I am a Thai woman and I think the answer for this question depends on your experience that you’ve met. Thai women or even Farang women are human , there are whether good or bad person just like men all over the world.
    If you had a bad experience with any Thai woman , it did not mean Thai women will bad at all.I would like to share Thai culture to the foriegner that we teach son and daughter will be take care their parent when we grew up or when we have income just like when we were child ,our parent need to take care thier children also. If you talk about Thai prostitutes , please understand that probably they have no choice but they need to earn money for thier family life. Don’t look down them. I am an officer from big company in Thailand and I used to chat with Farang men ,they asked for me to make a relationship with but I denied them at all because I think Thai woman is not easily like you thought and I don’t want any men look down Thai women. Just want you know.

  21. Francis:
    You have pessimistic with Thai women so much!! How many Thai woman do you meet or have relationship with? Did you have bad experience with her? Why you abused with Thai
    women so much? You are not gentleman. Do you think you are good person enouhg to blaim others? never seen the rude people like you.

  22. to be able to discuss with a thai woman is more painfull than when you have the hand on car and slamm the door…somebody said so and i agree after last 2 postings…
    I dont judge as my personal experience, but for my ackowledge and also to say that thai women and farangs women are good and bad same way, is a contradiction to the title of the blog, which is entirely misleading anyway.
    What I mean that farangs women are good and bad according how life is…but thai women are bad, because are organized to be bad, starting with the ideal to find a farang no matter age and look and to try to get his moneyy to buy house and cars and support family and so on….mostly are organized cased to suck the money of naive farangs and leave him pennyless because of thai extreeme selfishness and again, most of case are organized, not to confuse when farangs women have ups and dwons in life according what destiny brings…they dont organize their destiny, just happens to be bad or good….thai women organize destiny for personal interest….do you need 1000 years to be able to understand that? or are you all damm stupid and blind?

  23. Only if you consider link spamming “information.” The reason we moderate is because we get dozens of SEO, casino, etc links spammed in the comments every day.

    The only way to discourage it is to make sure it never appears on the site and thus never benefits the spammer.

  24. to say that I am pessimistic, is avoiding reality…thay family good with childreen and so on, not to mention the childreen without parents left behind …to abuse of a thai woman is a nonsense, all thai women with farangs, know how to be purposely abused and then accuse the naive farangs
    stop Always mention words like “pessimistic” and about “your thai bad experience” like an exception…there are milions of openly evident case of women hunting farangs for interest and use words like “love” knowing how naive mostly farangs are…there are also happy case of farangs married in Thailand, but Always on way….I give you all my money” and you give me a fake love from family which is not really his family…theere are milions of farangs purposely organised cheated by farangs women….not exceptions, but rules….if you look at the exception and dont see the rules, you just confirm that Thailand is the country of fake smile and fake love and fake family…i dont judge about my personal experience….to look and verufy and judge is my job

  25. correction…farangs cheated by thai women organised cheaters (not farangs….sorry)

  26. Oh my God! Francis,you’re not be curable.Your attitude is very narraw and look only one dimension. First, if you accept that people all over the world are either good and bad guy, you would not say like this. You’re right woman even man is good or bad according to how she/hi is. Not only Farang guy but included Asian,American ,African at all.
    You still are right ,the bad person because of bad ideal that they believe but not only Thai women. You should honour the lady first.
    BTW,the person who need 1,000 years to understand this issue is you!!!

  27. look the couple walking together in Thailand…she small Young cute and he (farang old fat or sknny and sick …..love story thai style?
    situation like that are many in Thailand and look vomiting…..thai woman dont care if she lives with godzila or dracula, as long as money is there. The world is of bad and good people, Thailand is of good and bad people and sick women for money who have strong somach….unique situation in the world….try find a thai woman who marry a poor farang or a thai rich woman who has interest for a farang with avarage income….
    that thai is according to world opinion “sex industry” and that in Thailand are the highest number of prostitutes in the world, is a fact and that thai women insist to be right also in front of world statistic and evidence is a thai sickness…thatsomebody is stubborn and defend the impossible, is also a hai sickness…..
    without thai prostitution, Thailand would have milions less tourists, also thai government is aware of that, may be not aware is Rachel….
    is better you tell us how to cook tom jam kung, may be we learn something, but dont teach us about thai women, we know better than you, in all dimension

  28. about my profession..you never ses me at bars and never see me with bad girls and sick farangs, may be easyer find me around the world of tai Oratai, or yingluck Shinawatra…. and people like that….
    i dont care about anybody’s else profession…just in case…..

  29. I guess that you stay and work in BKK,Thailand.Unfortunately,why my country has a nasty foreigner like you!! What is your nationality? If I say men of your country are all bad.How do you feel? I can’t stop your belief but if you fall in love with good Thai lady in some day , you may be changed your mind and stop saying this.I regret that some bad Thai woman destroyed Thai women’image but I must accept that’s is the real life.In other hand there are a lot of good Thai women in my country that you’ve never seen or even touch (such a unlucky guy you are). I never hate Farang both of male or female.I always respect the good person that never seen in you Francis!!

  30. hahahaha, thai women never give up, not even in front of evidence…i dont live BKK, but am there now and then, especially 2 years ago when at silom red shirts…….you understand….I love thai women when romantic at candle light dinner and romantic time for dessere..hehehe….but i would never marry a thai woman in my life and if you have little brain you will know why…i dont want to support a capricious woman, her huge family and scroonger friends and milions of spoiled noisy childreen….i like only the romantic part of it…the rest i leave to naive farangs who like to live in the world of hurt…..not me èleaseeee
    I am a bad farang? may be I am not stupid, be clever and know thai Language, is better hyde it to thai women and surprise them later

  31. My point on this issue is there are two coins of everything. Bad & good , right & wrong , Black & white. You said that there are milions of evidence cases about Thai women hunting Farangs. Impossible ,if you could check the statistic the couple of them There should only thousand couples and not bad at all.
    I want to share my bad experience in Italy. I have been Italy four times in the past ten years, On the second time I have been pickpocketed in Rome (The top ten city pickpocket in the world) but I never hate Italian and your country , I never blame all people in your country. You work as a journalist that should be neutrality of any issues. Talk about the tourism in Thailand ,my Italian friend told me that he never see any beautiful beaches like in Thailand ,that’s why he visited Thailand many times. Talk about Thai cuisine (Tom yum Kung,Pad Thai, Som tum) ,we have a lot of Thai cook book on the shelf book all over the world . Unfortunately, Some Farang come to Thailand for looking only prostitute as the dark side and never open and see the bright side.

  32. look at Google: costa amalfitana. costa smeralda, Senigallia beach, yesolo beach, lignano Sabbiadoro, versiglia, tropea and many many other beaches. no thai beach can compare with one of them…only prices may be, but in italy beaches are cleaned and at 5 am the beaches attendent clean all kind of dirty left by foreigners tourists, because italiand dont leave any dirt…in Thailand i have seen dogs all night and day on the beach,in bambee, also elephhant pissing and shitting and thai people throw all kind of trash on the beach at bampee rayong koh samui and everywheree…dogs at night do toilette and sleep on the beaches, just where tourists lay at daytime…prices in Thailand are much cheaper,,,but rooms so small and food portion also too small…
    regarding pickpockets, i find a typical blackmail of you, because may be you dont know that italian government accept (at our coasts) many foreigners, we give them food accomodation and money and they steal left and right….99% of pickpockets in italy are from eastern europe or arabs country…italiand dont go so low class, when italian steal, then will be your ferrari car or your van googh painting or bank robs and big mafia organisation and things at that level…pickpocting belongs to cheap foreignners believe me…….so i am sure nobody has stealen your ferrari or your van googh and nobody of big mafia had interest about you…journalist thai style? hahaha, try publish your crime and dont be afraid of thai dictactur….then we see the reality….your italian friend had money to cheap thai dirty beaches, but not the money to spend Holiday in sardinia costa smeralda…not same prices and believe me, italian beaches are much more beautiful and cleaned that thai beaches, where apart dogs everywhere, are also prostitutes everywhere, while in italy, especially at beaches resort, prostitution is strictly forbidden…about everywhere is the same in the world….italian women dont look for a 65 70 85 old foreigner to marry and take care family and childreen, they have proud and love italian men….no need foreigners to bring money in Exchange of body..italian women have proud and taste, not just go with every drunk foreigners like thai women do…journalist? do you ever look at Google about thai prostitution, or you are journalist thay style??????

  33. I did not compare “what the most beautiful beach /country is? You said if no have prostitute ,there is less tourist in TH. I just pointed you to know that there are a lot of beautiful places in TH (top ten country which Western people like to visit). You mentioned about TH food and prefer how to learn to cook TH food more than to know Thai women , I just pointed you that there are a lot of TH cook book anywhere in this world like Italian Food.
    I’m really sorry that not even you look down Thai people but you also look down your compatriot. I feel bad to know that your beautiful country has a disgusting people like you. You like a kid and I’m paralyzed to talk to you. I think I should stop to talk to you. I’m not journalist ,I am Bank officer. I am a woman that one man try to satirize. Tell me are you happy to do that?
    Shame on you.



  36. dear rachel…you are “only” a thao woman and your italian boy friend is “only an italian man with you” no more than that……
    teach him how to cook thai, because he cannot teach cook italian…there are no ingredients in Thailand for a decent otalian food believe me, not even at robinsonn you find right ingredients, because italian food belongs to another world,,,,but if i want to find a copy of italian gucci purse or perfume or many other italian fashions and a copy of a Rolex, then in Thailand is not problem to find all those fake things, while in italy if they find you to sell a copy of Rolex for 30 euros 1200 bath—-financial officer can arrest you or punish you with 1500 euros,,,while in Thailand are sold milions of fake Rolex omega and other western items and highly corrupted thai police dont care, as long as in not thai economy damaged, but ours

  37. that is only your opinion about disgusting people (person) like me and i have milions of people who have good opinion about me, including mis yingluck shinawatra….who are you to judge me? a small impertinent thai woman, who i would avoid and not spend a bath if i meet you

  38. Ha ha ha ,that Italian guy is not my boyfriend even though he asked for many times. I don’t like Italian type (mostly don’t speak English). Don’t mention our PM
    (Miss Yingluck)because she will be unsatisfied if she know you look down Thai Women. I don’t care how many people have good opinion with you but for me you are very unly guy. Good Luck.

  39. Hi Fancis. I’ve been following your latest comments and I really had a big laugh. Although some of your points are really valid, but since you are not living in Thailand but in the “Bella Italia” you don’t have a truly touch with the this society, culture, mentality which means you cannot judge 100% the reality on the ground about Thai ladies. True that most of it you are right about it, but again NOT all Thai ladies are bad. And there are some well educated Thais who are speaking quite a good English. So take it easy or “cha yen yen” how we say in Thailand with making statements about every single Thai lady. BTW for your info, I’ m a farang lady living in Thailand for 14 years and believe me I have seen it all! And yet I don’t consider all Thai ladies whores or hookers. That’s it for today Bello! Auguri and stay calm:)

  40. thai women dont look if farang speak english, only look if atm is good…
    italian dont need to speak english in Thailand, have sex dont need to speak so much
    dont tell me what i can mention,,,i mention yingluck because she added me at her facebook and i was at silom risking my life april 2 years ago….may be better you dont mention anything at all, because when you speak, you mis the wanderful chance to shut up

  41. dont forget, in Thailand italian men dont fuck…we make love…
    about speaking english…do uk people speak english? or speak cocknick….no english man speak good english in yìthailand…he drinks and every 2 words one is “fuck” stay with them …are your level

  42. gma
    if you say that not all thai women are whores or something ike that, you just confirm that they are….not all of course…but not all could mean also 99% (joking) , but means “many” as Google reports…you cannot say the same about other country,,,can you say for example…not all italian women are whores…or, not all french women are whores or spanish or german or Others, because would not make sense…but to say that not all thai women are like that, it makes sense.
    you are lucky because you are a woman, so thai men dont behave with farangs women same pressing and hunting as opposite….besides, what can they do with so small bananas? lets be funny, better laugh for not cryng…hahaha

  43. do you consider democratic open information rude? I am sure the admin know what means free information and opinion and also aware that your asking to block what is over your capacity of understanding, sounds like blackmails….people can have free opinion and express own experiences…i have mine…you have yours…..in Thailand free informaton and democracy is still far to come…

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