Getting Drugged in Nana

I was cruising Nana alone one evening stopping off here and there, having a drink, and then moving on unless I saw something of particular interest. It was nearing closing time for most bars so I sat down in one of the go-gos and ended up agreeing to bar fine a gal.

She was quite new to the scene. I don’t say that I buy into that lie often but I could tell by her inability to walk in high heels, her confusion about how things worked, and the fact that the mamasan felt it necessary to explain what her tip should be to me before we left, that she really was a bit of a newbie.

As we exited Nana something hit me like a lead pipe to the back of my head. Between the ever-broken escalator and Soi Nana my head began to swim. I was losing coordination and I developed tunnel vision.

I knew something was wrong but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Nana isn’t the place to get yourself sorted out so my first priority was to get back to my hotel as soon as possible so I could figure out what was going on.

I looked at the girl I was with and I could see in her eyes that she was aware that there was something wrong with me too. I wasn’t quite sure if that was a good or bad thing.

I hailed a taxi and when I opened the door she hopped in first and slid over. I stood there hanging onto the door looking into her eyes trying to decide if she had played any part in what was happening to me. I was looking for even the faintest hint that she was happy or relieved to see me in my current state. All I could see in her face was worry and concern.

Like I said, it was near closing time when I went into the go-go so I only had one drink there and she never asked me for a lady drink so none was purchased. I had not gone to the restroom nor had my drink left my sight while I was in the go-go. Although I couldn’t be absolutely certain I was fairly sure that whoever slipped something in my drink hadn’t done it at the go-go.

I made the decision that having her with me was probably better than being alone right now. At least if I passed out in the taxi the driver wouldn’t dump my body on the side of the road and haul ass out of there.

I told him where my hotel was and told him there was another 100 baht in it if he could get me there quickly. He floored it and we were at my hotel in record time.

The doorman took one look at me and could tell I was out of sorts. I stay at this hotel quite frequently so they staff there aren’t too surprised to see me pissed out of my mind but the doorman quickly recognized I wasn’t pissed and that something completely different was going on.

He helped me out of the taxi and walked me to the elevators. The security guard at the elevators is a good chap who usually rates the girls I bring back. The doorman left me with the guard and the guard threw my arm over his shoulder so that I could use him as a crutch.

We got to the room and the guard sat me on the couch. He asked if he should call a doctor but I told him that I wasn’t sure I needed one just yet. I asked him if he could come and check back on me in an hour. I also told him that under no circumstances should he allow the girl to leave the hotel without being accompanied by me. If she was part of this she sure as hell wasn’t going to get out of the hotel with any of my belongings as I lay passed out in my room.

He agreed and left. I told the girl to go ahead and take a shower. While she showered I collected anything of any value and went to the room safe. I listened carefully for the sound of splashing water. I wanted to make sure she was actually showering before opening the safe.

With everything out of site I sat back down on the couch. This was the first time I had to actually sit and think about what was going on. I still wasn’t sure if I should go to the hospital or not.

I started to take a inventory of everything that was going wrong and whether or not it was better or worse than when it first hit me. I was relatively convinced that I was in the recovery phase. Whatever had hit me had peaked and now it was a matter of letting my body eliminate it from my system.

The girl finished showering and came out with a towel wrapped around her. I told her I would take a shower and went into the bathroom. I took turns alternating back and forth between cold and hot water. The hot water felt calming. The cold water was the shock my body needed to keep myself alert.

I finished showering and soon after the security guard came up to check in on me. I told him I was feeling better and reminded him that he shouldn’t allow the girl to leave unless I came down with her. He nodded and took off down the hall.

I climbed into bed and she joined me. I told her that someone had put something in my drink and tried to explain to her what had happened. I’m not sure how much she understood but she seemed to get it. I told her that I didn’t have any power to do anything with her but I wanted her to stay with me and if anything happened to me she should call the front desk. I even showed her what button to press on the phone.

In the morning I awoke startled much like when you dream about falling. As I jolted myself into a sitting position I realized that the girl was still with me and she had been resting her head on my chest all night.

My violent awakening had woken her up as well. She rolled over to face me and said “Boom boom. Boom boom,” which I took to mean that she had listened to the beating of my heart all night. I laughed and gave me an ear to ear smile.

After breakfast and showers I walked her down to the lobby slipped her tip plus an extra 1000 baht in her purse and put her in a taxi home.

I still don’t know where I was drugged or for what purpose. That morning as I reviewed the evening I couldn’t think of a single place where I had left my drink out. I’m usually very savvy to stuff like that.

My best guess is that I wasn’t the intended victim. I don’t recall talking to any girl who would have thought I was interested in bar fining her other than the one I took back with me so there would have been very little reason to slip something into my drink. None of the bars I was in tried to make me stay longer to let the drug set in nor did anyone follow me out of any of the bars.

The amount of drug I was given was not incapacitating. In fact, all things considered, I recovered very quickly. I’m guessing it was not a full dose.

Like I said, I still don’t know why or even how I was drugged but it should be a lesson for all you guys out there. I no longer drink mixed drinks in bars anymore. I’ve switched to beers and ask that the beer be opened in my presence.

Stay safe out there!

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  1. It’s somewhat common knowledge that many bars “recycle” drinks. Since it seems like you didn’t get a full dose, it could have been left over from some other poor mate.

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