Knowing When to Walk Away

Another night in Bangkok and I find myself strolling Nana looking for entertain me for the evening. I happen into Rainbow 4 and settle in to watch the action.

Beside me sits an African-American guy who looks about as thuggish as they come. His eyes are as wide as saucers so it’s obvious that he’s a newbie to the scene. He’s the type of guy who would probably start a fight if I met him in a bar in his hometown but Bangkok is the great equalizer.

He turns to me and says “Yo, this is fucking amazing!” I smile that smile only an experienced patron of the Bangkok nightlife can smile and ask “So, your first time, eh?”

We end up chatting a bit and he asks me how this all works. I give him the basics in terms of how much things should cost, bar fines, etc. He enthusiastically devours every word.

I spot a real stunner sitting opposite from me and motion for her to come over. She comes and sits in my lap and my new African-American friend’s jaw almost falls on the floor.

I chat up the little birdie a bit and I ask her how much for a long time session. She quotes me 4000 baht and I laugh and tell her that I’m not some newbie like my friend over there. She drops her price to 3000 which I would normally never think of paying but she is really a stunning masterpiece. Besides, I’m on holiday and why shouldn’t I treat myself?

She goes to change and the mamasan and I settle up on the cost of the bar fine and the drinks.

We leave and I hail down a taxi on soi Nana. We get in and I begin to notice that the girl I bar fined a few minutes ago and the one I’m sitting next to are two completely different girls. She begins screaming at the taxi driver in Thai. Mind you, she isn’t angry with him she simply doesn’t seem to have any concept of voice modulation. Everything she says is shouted.

My Thai isn’t great but I do catch on that she’s talking about me and I ask her point blank what she said. She said she told the driver that he should ask me for 1000 baht for the fare because I was a stupid farang. Hmmm, this isn’t turning out as I had hoped.

We get to the hotel and get up to the room. Before I can even suggest a shower she’s on her knees ripping my pants off. Not exactly romantic but who am I to complain?

She’s doing her duty with so much vigour that within five minutes I’m closing in on the point of no return and tell her to slow down. She tells me that she wants me to cum fast and then she can go shower and we can boom boom. I relent since it seems like a win-win for me.

As soon as I’ve done my deed she jumps up and runs into the bathroom. I had assumed she was going to spit out the proceeds of our interaction and shower up. Instead, after several minutes of not hearing the shower go on I peek in and she’s fixing her makeup. I ask her what she’s doing and she says that she has to go and she wants paid.

I tell her that we agreed upon a long time session and she begins screaming at the top of her lungs that she has a boyfriend and cannot stay long time. She starts demanding payment at the same ear shattering volume and I begin to become a little concerned that this could turn into a proper scene involving security or the police.

I tell her I’m not paying long time and she demands 2000 baht. At this point I’m happy to give her anything to get her out of my room.

She comes back into the bedroom and sits on the bed putting on her shoes and I fish around my pants for 2000 baht. I am quite angry at this point and tell her as I hand her the money that I’m going to go back down to the Rainbow and tell the mamasan what she’s just pulled. She laughs a crazy laugh like I’ve never heard before and tells me to go ahead because I don’t even know her name.

At this point I am scared. I can see something in her eyes that just isn’t right. She’s whacked out on yaba or something. That makes a person like this dangerous because their behaviour is completely unpredictable but I also don’t need to have the boys in brown coming up to my room because of all the commotion and finding drugs.

I grab her by the arm and start pushing her toward the door. She is still laughing her manic laugh as she revels in the fact that just a moment ago I wanted her to stay long time and now I’m telling her to get out.

When I get her to the door she refuses to leave. She starts asking me why I’m mad and asking for my mobile number so she can see me again. I’m stunned. I simply look at her and say “Get the fuck out of my room.” She stands her ground alternating back and forth between giving me puppy dog eyes and laughing manically. I pick up her purse and toss it into the hallway. She runs after it laughing and she calls me a stupid farang as I close the door.

To say that I’m not in the best of moods would run dangerously close to understatement. I throw on some clothes and decide to go back down to Rainbow and tell the mamasan about this little incident.

As I pass the reception area she’s still retrieving her ID card and I ask the security guy to tell me her first name. He does and I laugh as I walk past her saying that now I do know her name and I’m going down to the Rainbow. For the first time during this whole ordeal she actually looks scared. Good.

I jump in a taxi and head down to Nana. By the time I get to Rainbow 4 I’m sweating buckets due to both the heat and my anger. I ask to see the mamasan and she comes outside.

I have to completely shift modes at this point. I apologize to her for bringing her a problem and then I describe what happened with the girl. All of this is very polite and I make very sure to let her know that I paid the girl. I don’t want this to turn into a question of money.

I also tell her that I think the girl is whacked out on yaba or something. And with this I get a concerned raised eyebrow. She insists that none of the girls are allowed to do drugs and said she would call her and if she was on anything, drugs or booze, she was sacked.

I thank the mamasan for her help and apologize again for having to bring this problem to her. She thanks me and darts off back into the Rainbow.

I don’t know if she got the sack but I have never seen that girl again. Certainly not in Rainbow 4.

I hope she did get sacked though. I would like to think that word would get around about a girl whacked out on drugs but this being Thailand and she being so undeniably stunning I’m sure there’s always somebody who will hire her.

The lesson I took away from this is that you should always trust your gut. When she started to seem crazy in the taxi I should have had the driver pull over and ended things right there. I knew any girl who was obnoxious enough to call me a stupid farang to my face was going to be trouble but I allowed it to escalate because I was thinking with the wrong head. In Thailand there’s just too many good looking women to settle for a bad apple – ever!

10 thoughts on “Knowing When to Walk Away”

  1. I always bar fine unknown girl ST. If all goes well I offer her the extra money to stay until lunch time.

    From all the reviews I read it seems like it’s best to leave the mercenaries of RB4 to the Japs.

    Good post anon. And you handled the situation exceptionally well !

  2. Hey, every woman knows a stupid farang when she sees one. Just as a reference point – women are not ‘birdies’ or apples. Many women go into prostitution because of poverty and drug problems. Many of these women are desperate and unhappy despite being stunners. What do you expect with your 1000 baht – love’s long lost dream?? Maybe you should take your friend Manny with you next time – what a creep.

  3. Yeah you should have called it a night at the cab. But now you are well experienced. At least you got out with everything intact and no boys in brown.

  4. Set off the alarm bells and stop right away when they pull the bait and switch. Mamasan should have been called on this one right away. How much did you have to drink before you paid barfine? No offense but this would have been caught by mmost newbies right away. Keep your wits about you and be pleasant (in the bar at least) and get the one you chose or none at all.

  5. Wayne, from my read, I think he means that it was the same girl but she was not the same person. Not necessarily a bait and switch but perhaps she had taken something when she went to go change.

    That’s just my guess. Anon?

  6. I think it sounds better saying knowing where to go and choosing the best place for you. We can’t expect something else in a place we know and heard for some reputations…, unless it is what you’re really up to…simple logic….

  7. tough, you go to thailand to abuse women coz you wont get away with it at home. so be abused back.

  8. I dont want to sound judgmental about picking up bar girls, Ive been to Thailand and know what goes on there, but I have a serious question to ask all of you go-go goers:
    Whatever happened to going out to bars and clubs and actually hitting on REAL girls? Isn’t more exciting/competitive to try to pick up a girl that doesn’t charge you a bar-fine? For me, the chase, the flirtation and ending up taking a real girl home for a one night stand is much more exciting then to go to some sleazy place and pick up a stoned out whore that God himself doesn’t know where shes been.
    (Im just asking as Im moving to Bangkok in June, and after reading so many posts about Bangkok, so many people have written these blogs about Thai bar-girls as if its such an amazing experience. I would really seriously like to know what all the fuss is about)

  9. Eking – Come back and talk to us in a year. You’re assuming that Thai bargirls are the same as western hookers. They are not. Although sadly there are signs that they are becoming more so. You’re also assuming that the men who frequent go-go bars are actually capable of picking up regular girls. Next time you’re in a go-go bar take a look around and count the guys who you think have the game to hook a regular girl. Not many.
    I guess it also depends on what turns you on personally. Speaking for myself, I have plenty of game for the regular girls, but I just prefer the unique thrill of the P4P scene. I like them; they generally like me, and we have a pretty good time together. So I trade in both markets. The costs work out at about the same – the regular girls are perhaps a bit pricier if you go posh. I’m not a particularly big fan of breaking hearts in the morning (seeing her in tears spoils the party for me), so the bargirl option definitely has the edge in this department. There’s a whole host of plusses and minuses. Different strokes for different folks.

  10. Eking. I can only speak for myself.

    I have no problem picking up girls, i do it all the time and i love it.
    But after hunting for food everyday for years its a really nice and welcome change to have the food served instead. It’s addictive. It’s freedom. It’s beautiful. It’s paradise. I love it.
    But iv’e only spent like one month in thailand so far, hoocked up with about 14 girls in that time, so if i would live there for a few years i would probobly get tierd of it eventualy im sure.

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