Top Ten Tips to Spotting a Lady Boy

Okay so you’ve taken the Spot a Lady Boy Test and perhaps you didn’t score as highly as you thought you should have. What now? Avoid Thailand?

Fortunately, there are some signs to look for that can help keep you from accidently going home with a man packaged as a woman.

Here are the Top Ten Tips to Spotting a Lady Boy

  1. She is too gorgeous. Let’s face it guys, not a lot of Thai models spend their time hanging out in go-go bars or in any of the naughty nightlife venues. If you’re cruising Nana and see someone who looks like she just stepped off the cover of a modelling magazine she is not a she.If a lady boy is going to have surgery to remove body parts and get breast implants then they tend to get a lot of other work done too. They get their noses done, cheeks, the whole deal. That’s why they look so fantastic. They have all of the quality Thai features and they’ve surgically enhanced themselves to also have all of the quality Western features.
  2. Large hands and/or feet. Next time you see an Asian woman look at the size of her hands and feet. They generally tend to be on the small and petite size. Lady boys hands and feet tend to be much larger. In addition to hand size pay attention to shape and size of the wrist. It often is a better indicator than the size of the hand.
  3. Adam’s apple. Men have Adam’s apples. Women don’t. A lady boy with the financial means can have a surgery called thyroid chondroplasty which will reduce the size of the Adam’s apple but most lady boys don’t have that kind of money and in some cases the reduction is only partial and the Adam’s apple is still visible.
  4. Height. Lady boys tend to be taller than most Asian woman. While there are no doubt tall Asian women they are rare and if a woman is both tall and beautiful she would be a top model. Think about it; are you hanging out in a place where a top fashion model would be hanging out? If not, chances are she’s a he.
  5. Shoulders. Men tend to have broad straight shoulders. Women’s shoulders tend to slope downward. If her shoulders look like the type you might see on a American footballer or Rugby player then chances are she’s a male.
  6. Voice. Lady boys tend to have strange sounding voices as they are trying to disguise the masculinity in their voice. Some will even speak very softly so as not to risk their voice cracking mid-sentence.
  7. Other lady boys. Lady boys tend to travel in packs. If the lady of your dreams is hanging out with five other girls and one or more of them is obviously a lady boy then chances are she is too.
  8. Too much makeup. Most Thai women don’t wear a lot of makeup. If she’s caked on a foundation and looks more painted than a tricked out Harley Davidson gas tank she’s got something to hide.
  9. Aggression. Most Thai women, and Asian women in general, are very shy. Even your typical bar girl shows some level of restraint. Lady boys tend to be ultra-aggressive compared to women. They grab your sleeve, block your path, and sometime will just outright reach down and grab your cock. While you might find some bar girls who are similarly aggressive in their actions their attitude will tend to be more playful and they’ll laugh while being aggressive. Lady boys are all business in this department so if you have aggressive behaviors accompanies by aggressive attitude then you’re probably dealing with a guy.
  10. The walk. Thai women tend to simply walk. You rarely run across a Thai woman who knows how to work her ass for maximum effect. Lady boys style themselves after Western concepts of sexiness and the swoosh in the walk is something they get down pretty quickly.

There are other things to look out for as well but if you’re in doubt, simply ask. I would say the vast majority of lady boys will tell you if they’re a lady boy if you ask them directly.

Even if she’s one of the minority who would lie about it and you end up back in your room with someone you suspect might be a man here are some things to look for:

Only wants to do it doggie style

Insists on only providing you with oral sex

Seems overly shy about you touching her in that region

All in all though, if you’ve gotten this far with a lady boy . . . either he’s a top notch act or you’re not being very careful.

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32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tips to Spotting a Lady Boy”

  1. My #1 giveaway… ladyboys are always touching their hair. They are obsessive about it. This signal alone will tip you off while they are still a block away.

  2. What’s the strategy here? It sounds to me like you guys don’t want to meet up with these ladyboys. I sure as hell would like to! I have seen Mint, Helen and Paris tonight. I’d love to spend time with all three of them…

  3. From experience I would recommend the Thai men. Most of them have sizable equipment and all are uncut. The men are very humble and accommodating. You dont have to be gay, I’m not, to enjoy sex with Thai men. What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand. Wifey never need know.

  4. for real, the best lady boys you can see are the latins, try the ones from argentina or the best from brasil, but also try the ones from my country, the mexicans. you can check it up at
    wanna e mail me? [email protected]

  5. Well, the problem with Ladyboys is that most of the time they appear at places that are packed with beautiful Thai girls. After a few buckets of Thai whiskey mix and bottles of chang beer, one can be tempted to not do care so much about the check list anymore, if problems like seeing double don’t make it impossible anyway 🙂 Some Ladyboys have fake i.d., don’t mind lying to you about their real gender and can really be the perfect illusion. Spotting ladyboys on the street is easy, normally, but when in a dark nightclub, intoxicated and horny as hell it can be a bit more difficult sometimes! Of course you will notice at some point, but maybe by that time you already kissed her or danced with her cowboy style in front of 20 farangs who wonder if you are into ladyboys or just the biggest moron they’ve ever seen..
    Believe it or not, it happens to people a lot!
    Any stories? I am sure they would be appreciated!

    Ps: Stan, having sex with men means being gay!Or at least Bi.. Denial?

  6. Leave it to Americans to make sex with another nationality comparable to trading cards.

  7. I believe in the post modern era men are shifting from lady to fairy ( ladyboys). Basically, there are some reason that they are seeking in terms of curiosity, relationship, love making and more.. As they said, we are a product of change and we evolved from time to time.
    Having a ladyboy in your life is fun but it needs more guts to carry her. It doesn’t mean that you are different but it is more about the acceptance of society….But if you believe that it is good and it is your happiness then go for it..Who cares? They are just envy…life is too short..I have this principle that choosing a ladyboy is hard especially when u want to live with her like killing an elephant with a tiny needle.. Love ladyboys, care them much and choose wisely….

  8. I once joked with my farang frineds that I was a ladyboy. I would give a million baht to capture the look on their faces, it was hilarious. But I felt a bit bitter for a moment to think that they actually believed what I said for seconds. 🙂

  9. Another thing I’ve noticed is the shifty eyes. Their eyes always seem to be darting all over the place.
    Has anybody else noticed that?

  10. @Aaron

    No, but I noticed their eyes are more ‘slanted’, which is because as men, their eyes are placed farther apart as to better spot their prey (the newbs!).

  11. Personally……. if they look good and have no dick….. I don’t care.

    I mean, if there is no way I can tell by looking at the chick/dude naked…. then it makes no difference to me. Unless I plan on having kids with that person of course.

    I don’t consider myself gay in anyway at all. If a girl looked like a man, I wouldnt be attracted to her at all…. even though she is a girl and has no cock. I would rather have a good looking post-op.

    It’s all about the cock people….. well the lack of anyway.

  12. Proponents of the idea that the vote was stolen point to Ahmadinejad outpolling Mousavi, an Azeri, in areas where Azeris are in the majority. ,

  13. Of course the ultimate giveaway is when you slip a hand into her panties and a bloody great salami slides across your palm. If she can’t explain that away you got a ladyboy.

  14. I can’t stand the sight of ladyboys. But I will tell you this, Same-sex marriage in Canada is more of a threat to me than ladyboys in Thailand.

  15. Because he is not secure in his own sexuality and is afraid deep down that he is gay. Why else would you go out of your way to vilify such people? Why were you even reading a post on how to spot ladyboys, only to leave such a comment Sheldon? Interesting indeed.

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  17. Layboys have their own bars where customers can go looking for them. You do see the occasional one working out in beer bars but they are usually up front about themselves. It’s rare you’ll find one trying to trick blokes who are out looking for real girls.

    The ones that trawl Sukhumvit late at night are pretty damn obvious, even “After a few buckets of Thai whiskey mix and bottles of chang beer”

  18. I would for sure not want to pay a lady boy to have anything with him. They better be transparent or customers will be VERY VERY angry. But as I’ve seen from comments above they don’t seem to do that so everything’s cool 🙂

  19. @Dariya

    Lol, I’ve definitely been on the receiving end a few times. It typically goes like this. The complaint about the aggressiveness of the ladyboys ends up surfacing somewhere in conversation. Then she would reply, “maybe I’m a ladyboy too.” Then I just can’t get the possibility out of my mind!

  20. Sure-fire way to tell the whether it’s a lady or a ladyboy; Get her to extend her arm straight – if her arm hyper-extends at the elbow then it’s a chick.
    Works 100% of the time.

  21. I can vouch for the aggressive behavior. I walked down Soi Buakhao, Pattaya, and was literally lifted by two rather large ‘women’ and carried into their bar, which had quite a lot of ladyboy motif’s displayed.

    All in all though, once you get over the fact they are men they are a good laugh, and play pool far better than any bar girl. Be careful not to put any wagers on the game…

  22. i would love to meet a beautiful ladyboy i have dreamed about it for years. though i dont have the money to travel to aplace where thay are. in the US i have never seen a place where thay are welcome. or i just couldn’t find it. in any case i think all ladyboys are beautiful and would love to live/hang with them where i could be me and like for who i am. much love to all.

  23. 15 Years in BKK

    Just ask her is she likes to get f&$@d up her ass. If she agrees without hesitation think again – or just enjoy it.

  24. Thai ladyboys are good to look at, why you think all the ladyboyshows are so populare, and on the streets/bars they can get abit aggressive when you pass them. But the are people to, and should be respected like that.

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