How to stop the Money Talk!

I like to go out for a few beers when I’ve finished a job.

That happened to me the other day, so I went into a bar, where a waitress/bargirl serviced me a Heineken and began chatting with me. Soon she was telling me, why she was working this bar. She needed money to go home to Isan and start a farm.

Another example was a girl, who worked a massage parlour. After I’d been their a couple of times, she’d told me, that along with her sister, she wanted to take over their parents farm up country. She straight of suggested I should give her 1000 USD a month so she could realise her plan.

Now, it happens fairly often to me that girls tells me about their money issues. And I can feel with that. It’s just that I don’t like to talk about money with strangers, especially, when I’m just trying to have a beer and relax.

And since I’ve heard too many stories about money problems, I’m turning a little cold when the conversation turns in that direction.

As an absolute beginner in Bangkok, I had no idea how to stop a girl from talking about money. But it is pretty simple. One simply says: “Let’s not talk about money.” That, instantly, rings a bell. Most waitresses, bar-girls, massage-girls, who likes to bring up their money problems, usually, giggles and starts to talk about something else, right away.

Just remember to say it in a completely normal tone of voice. Don’t sound annoyed or angry.

Another money-talk-stopper that goes with most girls and with shop-assistants, who wants you to buy something, is: “I think about it,” while you tab your fingers to your temple. That will also give you a giggle from a girl and make a shop-assistant retreat discreetly.

6 thoughts on “How to stop the Money Talk!”

  1. Regarding the ‘money talk’. I seldom run into it where I drink, (Cheap Charlie’s) but occasionally I wear a T-shirt that says ‘I am not an ATM’ Gets a few laughs.

  2. UnicoTees’s shirts have good quality,you can also DIY your own shirt there, I purchased one from there before!

  3. This is where I’m glad to be a women. No money talk at all… just requests to show me the sights of BK. Thai style.

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