2 songs on falling for a gogo-girl

She wears a coat of color
Loved by some, feared by others
She’s immortalized in all men’s eyes

Lust she breeds in the eyes of brothers
Violent sons make bitter mothers
So close your eyes, here’s your surprise

The Beautiful is empty
Beautiful is free
Beautiful loves no one
Beautiful stripped me
Strapped me

In your mind she’s your companion
Vile instincts often candid
Your regret is all that’s left

She told me where I’m going
And it’s far away from home
I think I’ll go there on my own

—Right, I just realized I have to bring this post up to 250 words. So I will spend the words on explaining why I posted a song by Creed.

I’ve read quite a few posts on guys complaining about how they were cheated in matters of the heart by bar-girls, gogo-girls, and freelancers. So the song seemed to fit right in with their bitterness.

Personally, I don’t understand how someone can fall in love with a girl who’s obviously tainted by the line of work she’s in.

I once saw a documentary on Dutch working girls. And it pretty much concluded that they will lose their ability to love for real. Sex and love becomes a mechanical thing to them.

Now, Thai working girls are generally nice and easygoing, but I guess the same conclusion applies to them.

And by the way, we are the ones keeping this machine running. If we weren’t here these girls would have to do something else. All in all, that would likely be better for them.

So there’s no need to complain about how a girl dragged you around by the nose. Why shouldn’t she. It comes with the territory as far as I can see. But maybe I’m wrong.

–Now, here’s another song by The Tubes. It’s for the tourist who just arrived with the four o’clock at Suvarnabhum. And who’s running around in bewilderment in BKK-nightlife.

Step right up and don’t be shy
because you will not believe your eyes
She’s right here behind the glass
and you’re gonna like her
’cause she’s got class
You can look inside another world
You get to talk to a pretty girl
She’s everything you dream about
but don’t fall in love
She’s a beauty
one in a million girls
Why would I lie?
You can say anything you like
You can even touch the merchandise
She’ll give you every pennies worth
but it will cost you a dollar first
You can step outside your little world
You can talk to a pretty girl
She’s everything you dream about
but don’t fall in love

If you do, you’ll find out you’re gonna lose

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