The Most Expensive Girl in Phuket

I was with a mate down in Phuket a few years ago and we strolled into one of the many beer bars along Bangla road.  We hadn’t been in this bar before so we sat down and ordered a beer.  There was a fat bastard sitting at the other end of the bar with two girls on his arms.  He was having the time of his life.  I looked to my mate and said "1000 baht says that it’s his first time."  I got no takers on my wager.

We got chatting with the bar staff and spent an hour or two at the bar watching the big guy have the best night of his life before we headed out into the night in search of more fun.

The next night we stopped in the same bar and the bar staff gave us a full accounting of how the rest of the night played out for the big guy.  Apparently he had taken both girls back to his hotel room before passing out.  He took two girls to his room, didn’t touch either one, and paid them both 4000 baht. 

Just as we were leaving the big guy was arriving at the bar.  We debated for a moment or two if we should hang around.  We figured we’d get the entire story tomorrow and there was fun to be had.  Off we were.

We returned the following evening and, as usual, the girls at the bar were oh so happy to tell us everything.  He had wanted to go with both girls again but one of them wasn’t interested and she blew him off.  That left him with the other girl who wasn’t really all that attractive.  From what I could tell she normally didn’t go with customers and only worked behind the bar. 

The girls called her over and she had an ear to ear grin.  She wasn’t shy telling us how he paid her 5000 baht and she was quick to show everyone at the bar her new gold bracelet. 

This scene repeated over the next few nights.  Each night we would come in and all the girls around the bar would be giddy as the girl showed off her latest gifts from the big guy.  By the time the big guy was getting ready to leave she had accumulated two gold necklaces, a gold bracelet, and several new articles of clothing. 

On the big guy’s last night my mate and I decided to hang out in the bar.  He danced the night away with his girl and was glowing with that glow only a man in love has.  He took off early because he wanted to spend some extra special time with his gal. 

Having been caught up in this story like a bad soap opera we, of course, stopped off the following night to hear the girl tell us how the big guy gave her 10,000 baht and sat in his hotel room crying like a baby because he didn’t want to go home.  I sensed that she was already tallying up how much she was going to milk out of him while he was back home.  She smiled and said "I am so lucky my friend didn’t want him."  I laughed and responded "Well, you are now officially the most expensive girl in all of Phuket."

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