Paedophiles Love Thais

Whenever I read the English press in Thailand there always seems to be a phrase or quote that just makes you scratch your head.  In this story about a paedophile ring down in Pattaya they quote Pol Col Suwitpol as saying the following:

”Most of the foreigners who bought children from the service have been staying in Thailand for a long time and were frequent customers. They love Thais but they did wrong and broke the law, so we must take action.”

It just boggles the mind that his statements to the press sound as if his hand was forced.  Hey, they love Thais (which seems obvious from the nature of their crimes) but golly we had to arrest them.  Where’s the indignation?  Where’s the sense that the arrest of these predators may keep other children from being abused?

1 thought on “Paedophiles Love Thais”

  1. Clearly wrong. I have never even seen a pedalo in Thailand – and I doubt if there was one, the shorter Thai legs would reach the pedals. Far better to say Thailand loves klong taxi.

    And the sentence is the wrong way around anyway.

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