Why Do Farang Men Travel Across The Globe To Meet Thai Prostitutes?

How many times have you tried to explain prostitution in Thailand to someone who has never been to Thailand and been at a complete loss?  I found myself in yet another one of these conversations the other day and it made me think about why I have little or no desire to use the services of a farang prostitute yet I travel half way across the world to pay to have sex with Thai women.

First off, let’s look at what farang prostitution is.  I have two examples to share and I think they are quite common for farang men.   First off, let me say that I don’t visit farang prostitutes very often.  If I purchase the services of farang prostitutes more than once a year it would be odd.

The first experience I will describe is actually one of the better times I had with a farang prostitute.  I was in Amsterdam on business and walking around the red light district I happened across a very cute Asian woman.  She was, of course, behind her little glass window and after some exchanged smiles I walked up to her door and asked if 50 Euros was okay.

I was a little concerned about whether or not she might have been one of those girls you hear about who come to work through some shady employment agency and then get forced into prostitution.  Our chit-chat in the doorway dispelled any such notions.  She spoke English perfectly and I would later learn that her parents came to Holland before she was born and she had grown up her entire life in Holland.

We went upstairs to the bedroom and we continued to chat.  She was quite pleasant to speak to and she had a warm smile that made her seem genuine.  She asked me what I was in the mood for and I told her I would like a blowjob and then to fuck her.

After making sure that I paid before services were rendered she told me I could take off my clothes and jump under the covers when I was ready.   I don’t know where she went or what she did while I undressed but when she returned she quickly stripped.  I sat on the edge of the bed and she knelt on the floor and took me in her mouth.

After a bit of that she asked if I wanted to be on top or if I wanted her on top.  I told her to get on top and after some bumping of the uglies I approached orgasm.  While my evil seed was still filling the condom she jumped off, started to dress, and told me that I there were some wipes on the sink if I wanted to wash up.

While she did seem like a nice gal the whole experience seems so clinical.  Would you come home to your girlfriend and ask her exactly what sex positions she wished to perform before having sex?

Remember, this is one of the better experiences.  At least she had a good attitude and didn’t attempt to rip me off as I’ll relate in my next story.
In Amsterdam again but this time I am there on holiday.  After hitting  few pubs I’ve got a good buzz on so when I pass this gal in the window who had a body to die for I was already sold.

I entered her little cubby and we went into a back room on the same level.  There wasn’t much talk other than the discussion of price and a demand to be paid right then and there.

When we got to the bedroom she lit up a cigarette and stood there impatiently as she demanded that I get naked.  I complied only because I was too drunk to want to get into an argument.

I stood there naked and she took a long drag off the cigarette, snuffed it out in an ashtray and then she knelt down and began sucking my cock.  Well, I guess you could call it sucking cock but it was more like my dick simply being in her mouth and I was doing most of the work face fucking her.

When she had had enough of that she told me to go over to the bed.  She laid down in starfish configuration letting me know exactly what to expect.  I jumped on and started pounding away.  I remember thinking to myself that I hoped I cum fast because I wanted to get out of there.

A few minutes into the act she pushed hard against me.  She said “You’re taking too long.  Another 50 Euros or you have to stop and finish yourself,” with an angry and not in any way attractive look on her face.  I told her I would pay the extra 50 Euros just to end this nightmare.  She demanded I get the money immediately which I did before climbing back on top of her and finishing what I started.

I left her little room feeling dirty, ashamed, and wishing I had never laid eyes on her.  I truly would have enjoyed jerking myself off more than fucking that whore.

My guess is that the vast majority of guys who visit farang prostitutes have an experience that is somewhere in between the two tales I’ve just told.  Personally, I’ve had more experiences like the later story than the former.

Now, let’s compare that type of experience to the type you might have with a Thai prostitute.

First off there is no such thing as the wham-bam thank you mam, one nut and you’re out, sort of fuck in Thailand.  Even a short-time with a girl is a generous 90 minutes and if you’re up for it (no pun intended) she’ll pound out two or three orgasms with you.

A long time purchase is an entirely different scenario altogether.  Here you’re renting the girl for what could be 5 – 10 hours.  There might be a meal involved, some conversation, perhaps taking her out to a nightclub to go dancing, and maybe even a personal connection.  I don’t mean love or anything like that but I enjoy knowing that the person whose company I’ve paid for is a real human being.

A long term girl basically acts like the perfect girlfriend.  If you want to go back to your hotel and fuck until your testicles fall off, she’ll fuck you silly.  If you want to go grab dinner, she’ll serve your meal.  If you want a little massage, she’ll make her best effort (most are horrible at giving massages but they do try).

It’s difficult to reconcile it in your mind the first time you catch a prostitute folding your laundry or making the bed that they do provide full service which to them means acting like a proper girlfriend and making sure that the room is looked after.

To me and many other men this doesn’t seem like prostitution.  Sure there’s sex involved but it seems more like you’re renting the companionship rather than paying for the sex.  A farang prostitute is selling her pussy.  She doesn’t owe you any conversation, has zero interest in your satisfaction beyond whether or not you cum, and is incentivized to finish the business as quickly as possible.

That’s precisely why you’ll see guys blissfully walk down the street with their Thai hooker hand in hand.  That’s why guys can overlook her profession and marry a Thai prostitute.  It’s because she doesn’t act like the kind of prostitute farang men are used to.

Make no mistake about it though; she is with you for the money.  Many of men have had the rude awakening of running out of cash and being dropped like a hot potato.  But the Thai prostitutes are not so crude as to advertise that their interest in you is based solely on money.

In fact, they help men live the illusion.  Show me a Thai prostitute who doesn’t have a boo-hoo story about sending money to her poor family, a sick buffalo, a parent’s gambling debts, or some other financial disaster and I’ll . . . well, I don’t know what I would do because I’ve never seen such a girl.  Instead of feeling like he’s paid for sex the man now feels somewhat noble.  He’s helped her with her financial problems.  It allows him to believe that the dinner, the conversation, and the sex were all real.  Two people met, shared a great time together, and for what is for him a relatively trivial amount of money he was able to be a hero.  A good Thai prostitute knows not only how to stroke a cock but she’s a master of stroking egos as well.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to even know where the line is between the fantasy she creates and reality.  For instance, there was one girl I met who after several rounds between the sheets got up to leave around 10am in the morning.  I paid her and walked her to the door where she gave me a passionate kiss before disappearing into the hot and sunny afternoon.  I went back to bed only to hear a knock less than 10 minutes later.  It was her.  She walked into the room, reached under my robe grabbing my cock, and said “you can do one more time before I go home?”

Where exactly do you file that one under?  She had already been paid.  She wasn’t getting any additional money.  Why did she come back?  What was in it for her?  Did she really like me?  Maybe she started to walk home and realized that her place has no aircon and fucking me was a bargain price to pay to spend a few more hours in a comfortable hotel room.  I don’t think I’ll ever know the answers to any of those questions but what I do know is that she was unlike any farang prostitute I’ve ever run across.

Of course, not every encounter with a Thai prostitute ends positively.  There are certainly Thai girls running all sorts of scams but they tend to be mild in comparison to farang prostitutes.  And yes, there are girls whacked out on yabba, with abusive boyfriends, and stringing along suckers who send them money every month.    But for every girl like that there’s a bar full of women who will make you feel like a king as long as the money keeps flowing.

In some worst case scenarios guys have had a Thai prostitute take him for every last penny he’s worth.  It happens.  I guess it could happen anywhere in the world where you allow yourself to be blinded by love and you throw common sense to the wind but I would imagine it happens slightly more often in Thailand because the girls are better equipped to allow men to live in a fantasy world of their own creation.  While he’s off in dream world she’s cleaning out the bank accounts.

But what is it that’s different about Thai prostitutes?

Most European counties either have legalized prostitution or turn a blind eye to it.  Even in countries without a liberal view on prostitution it’s an hour or two flight for most to a country where it is legal.  In the US, while illegal, ask any taxi driver and he’ll take you to parts of town where you can pick up a prostitute.  Australia and most other farang countries have similar availability.

And many countries are known for the availability and beauty of their women.  Brazil, Costa Rica, Amsterdam, The Czech Republic, The Ukraine, and The Dominican Republic are hotspots for sex tourists. I’ve yet to see a red light district in any country where beautiful girls from every race aren’t available.  Asians, Africans, stunning blondes, beautiful brunettes, olive skinned, or pasty white skinned; it doesn’t matter.  You can always find a girl who suits your fancy.

So why does someone from the UK board a 14 hour flight to travel to a third-world country to have sex with uneducated girls from the poorest rural areas of Thailand?  The price he will pay for a night with a girl will run slightly less than $100 USD which is not much more or less than it would cost him in many other countries.  It has to be more than just the sex.

In fact, the most time you spend in Thailand or coming back to Thailand the more you realize that the sex is only a small part of it.  It’s about having fun.  It’s about the laughs.  It’s about her getting you to try some food you may have never tried on your own (fried bugs, anyone?).  It’s about the way she snuggles up to you after sex and purrs like a kitten.  It’s about the way she talks to you like you’re the love of her life without seeming fake or manipulative.
Maybe it just can’t be explained.  Maybe you have to experience it to really understand what it’s about.  Maybe farang women (prostitute or not) will never get it.  Maybe your buddies back at home will never quite understand.

But do you really care?   Hahaha

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  1. seems to me that the girl coming back to offer “another round” was just giving a freebie to work on customer relation to make you come back to her. in the business world this is called “incentives”. don’t want to destroy your fantasies, but you said they are good in creating a perfect illusion. there you have it.

  2. did it ever come to your mind that paying 50 bucks in amsterdam for sex is much more comparable with going to a karaoke bar hooker and paying 300 baht instead of taking a freelancer? the service that you describe are available in amsterdam for sure, but more in the range around 500 euro i suppose. call girls can play your girlfriend and give you an illusion of being in love around the world if the payment is right.

    so why do men travel around the globe for sex? because it’s cheaper. maybe being far away from their family and friends gives them a feeling of taking less risk as well.

  3. jan, there’s no fantasy at all. He said as much in the post.

    I doubt though that it was customer relations. She had already fucked the guy silly. She had been paid and was on her way home. If I had to guess, an air conditioned hotel room probably seemed like a better place to kill several hours sleeping than the unconditioned flop house she shares with three other girls.

    And I’m not sure what karaoke places you go to but 300 baht for anything sounds way too cheap. You can get a bj at Lolita’s for 700 baht but that’s about as cheap a price I’ve seen for getting a nut off.

    Your overall opinion seems to be a little off the mark though. Only a small sub-set of prostitution in the western world is geared towards creating the illusion. I really can’t even say I’ve heard of any western prostitute who has mastered the whole GFE as well as even some of the worst Thai hookers. So it’s not really a good comparison. When 100% of the market offers GFE in Thailand and only 10% offer in back in the west, you’re talking about apples and oranges.

    And your parting shot really has me doubting you know very much about this topic. By the time you add up plane tickets, hotels, etc Thai hookers are no bargain. And as the author asks, why not eastern europe? why not rio? Your average punter in the UK could do a weekend trip to the Ukraine and get shagged out of his mind. So why is he getting on a plane and flying half way around the world? Eastern Europe isn’t far enough from his home? 🙂

  4. i’m talking about the price a local thai would pay. of course giving the fact that i am not a local thai i can only report what has been told me from various sources. that lolitas place seem to be on sukhumvit. my whole point is that you have to go away from sukhumvit. i’m talking about comparing prices that locals get in their home country.

    lets not forget that coming to Thailand for paid sex includes a holiday as well. So that puts it into perspective. a regular Thailand holiday is not much more expensive than anywhere else with a similar level of accommodation. the sex part is then only the add on, even if that was the intention to come here in the first place.

    “When 100% of the market offers GFE”

    thats the problem. this might be right from your point of view, but that’s only valid for what you see. that 100% is your own microcosmos. but if you talk about all of Thailand it would be much less than 10%. and same as in the west, it would be the on the top end of the price range.

  5. maybe i should add how i come to the assumption that less than 10% of the prostitution market is catering for foreigners. it’s difficult to get numbers of course, nothing is registered.

    i manage to find some numbers though, that seems pretty realistic.
    it is estimated that every day 450.000 Thais visit a prostitute (1999). taking the number of visitors from 1999 from the official TAT stats there are about 200.000 tourists in Thailand at any given time (1999 with some math). now it’s up to your guessing how many of them are here for sex and how often they take the services. and of course there are the ones that don’t travel anymore and live here, and yet still visit prostitutes regularly. but i think the number is comparably low, as these people are often in relationships or don’t have the funding to take these services to regularly. let alone the mental implications with this kind of lifestyle.
    you might trow in that this in 1999 and tourism has grown since then a lot. but so did the thai economic situation which might have let to higher numbers with for the local market.


  6. ok what kind of loser goes to prostitutes?!? That’s really pathetic If the only way you can have good sex and feel loved is to pay desperate impoveished girls. Don’t you know that those prostitutes think you are a complete joke and hate your guts? You guys are probably a bunch of fat white middle aged men who are to lazy and worthless to get a real girlfriend; the only way you can get treated that way is to fly half way around the world and hire someone! Get a life.

  7. Well anna you are probally right about how thai prostitutes think about farang men.I know we are 13 down on thier list on what is important to them.Money be number one to them.Hell even the family buffalo is ahead of us[sick or not].I guess they make us fell special and young again.More then a farang woman can do.Every man knows he got to paid for it anyway so why not a thai prostitute.

  8. Prostitutes in the west have a completely different attitude to Thai hookers because they do what a hooker is supposed to do. You pay them, you fuck them, you leave. Unfortunately most of the farang men I have met in Thailand seem to be living in some kind of weird pretty woman re-enactment. Western hookers do not want to marry you or expect you to look after their whole family “up the jungle” they also have no interest in having a baby with you (the ultimate prize for a Thai hooker.) A sex worker from the west is usually pretty shrewd with the money she earns because as we all know hookers have a shelf life and many that I know have earned and saved enough to keep themselves very nicely in their retirement years (physically and financially.) However a Thai bargirl will fritter all her money away or give it to her family hence the reason that they are so accomodating and nice to you, they want you to fall in love and marry them so they have a constant supply of cash (what’s a bar girl to do when she’s getting past it and she’s pissed all her money up the wall?) That sweet sexy little thing you met in nana will turn into a jealous, chubby, miserable little bitch once she gets a ring on her finger and she’s popped out a couple of sprogs and you will never see the bright lights of Bangkok again (you met her in a bar she knows all about you) So my advice is if you’re going to use hookers do it as it was intended, pay, fuck, be on your merry way it makes life a whole lot easier.

  9. An illusion of perfect relationship given by Thai girl is worth travelling 14 hours, especially compared to 14 years living in illusion of perfect marriage. Same result, less money, less time wasted. Simple cost / benefit ratio calculation – that is all about it, why most Farang men like me realize it too late ?

  10. @RonnieD: I guess it depends if you’re stupid and sign over everything you own to a Thai girl or buy her houses and mountains of gold. A divorce in most of the western world automatically means she gets at least half. Half is the starting point of the negotiations. If you want things like, oh, I don’t know . . . seeing your children (which you’ll be paying support for) then the real negotiations begin.

    I would say that at the end of a typical farang/farang divorce the guy ends up with 25% – 30% of the assets and ongoing alimony and child support payments.

    I don’t know what your net worth is but I don’t think I could spend 70% of mine on a Thai woman if I tried.

  11. $100 USD for a Thai girl? No, that is not true. I spent a month in Pattay from September to October of this year. The price ranges from 1000 baht to 1500 baht. Even then, the girl never asked me for money. The next day, I just gave it to her and she was happy.

    The Thai girls are exactly as you say and that is why I love Thailand. Yes, they are beautiful and really treat you well. They clean up for you and fold your laundry, make the bed… Likewise, when I spend a few days with the same friend, I will take her to dinner/dancing/bar hopping with me. I will even take them to the Thai market to pick up some clothes. I have never had a girl ask me to pay her but I have always given money b/c their is a tremendous difference in wealth between Americans and the average Thai. Oh, by the way, most of the girls I met were at dance clubs. I would go and talk to them, ask them if they wanted a drink, dance and then go home. Never did I have a girl ask me to pay them (of course, I always gave them money the following day).

    There is nothing differnt about going out with a girl in the US. I am 34.

  12. @SARA
    I agree with you that a it is generally not wise to marry a hooker. They provide a service. Make use of the service and leave. That’s good advice.
    However I disagree that hookers in the west are pretty shrewd and invest their money for retirement. The majority of hookers in the West, spend their money on drugs.

    While a Thai hooker spends her money on her family, it has to be far nobler than than making a ruthless Columbian or Nigerian drug lord fabulously rich.

  13. hmm… wait, just read some comments and been wondering what’s the difference between a girl from a bar with a fixed price and one who doesn’t ask any amount…im a bit puzzled guess they do the same work just differ in money dealings?

    so who’s a lot better or worse? one who is paid or for free?

  14. @Eaanah.
    I don’t think any bar girl is ‘for free” as you put it, considering that most of them enter the profession to earn money to support poor family members.

    Some have a fixed price. The ones that leave it to their Farang customers to decide on how much to pay, are actually working on the premise that if the customer is satisfied he will pay more than what she would have asked for in the first place.

    In a situation like this, she does’nt want to come across as being a greedy hooker. She wants ther customer to believe that he is special to her and she wants to be with him cos she likes him. She knows full well that he probably is a loser who is not accustomed to being made to feel special by other women he may encounter in his life.

    This leads to his feeling obliged to pay her more than he would a normal hooker.
    Of course in the course of the evening, he will ask her what a nice girl like her is doing in a place like that.
    Then she will give her sob story, the poor family, sick buffalo etc.

    He will feel sorry for her,pay her extra, and want to see her again. Afterall he has met a good girl right ?
    A few more meetings like that and he falls in love. When he leaves, he bids her a tearful goodbye and sends her money every month . He asks her to leave the bar scene.

    Ofcourse she doesn’t. She carries on working, finds a few more losers like this and lives very handsomely thank you!!

    These losers need to learn an imprtant lesson. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. The sooner you learn that, the better.

  15. I figured, thanks a lot ZED.

    Oh well if they are into that story telling as a habit it wouldn’t be surprising if one has the MASTERY you know in doing it. It wouldn’t be that hard to get people into their trap. Nonetheless, if one can’t afford to sacrifice to get a hard earned money how can one be trustworthy enough in emotional “made up” stories and so to be helped by. I just realized its like getting quick earned cash in whatever way maybe that’s the primary reason why they are into prostitution, a business I should say and getting a man/boyfriend is a bonus for stable income and perhaps investment in case one will pass away soon, you know inheritance.

    On the other hand, do farang men meet Thai prostitutes only or foreign prostitutes as well? Heard many farang hookers are all over the place. I wonder what are their stories as well.

  16. Oh just read some comments on hookers spending money for family, I’m not sure guess it’s an Asian culture. One works and then help the family regardless of the career and of course protitutes aren’t exempted.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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  18. I think that what hookers do with their money, is up to them.
    I don’t see a problem with them helping the family, as this is probably the primary reason they get into the profession in the first place.

    I think it is far better if helped the family, than if she blew the money on booze and drugs.

  19. yep but heard they take drugs to do their “job” well… low performance means lesser demand, yeah?

  20. anyway, going back to the article, haven’t you thought that thai prostitutes or maybe generally asian prostitutes are waiting for their knight of their shining armor to get them out and “save them” ? Just an idea, who would want to marry a prostitute anyway at least I’m speaking of a decent or at least educated Asians. So where do the targets go? of course to the farang customers. I can imagine it aint easy to be in that kind of job, nor staying in there, if there’s an opportunity of them to get a man to give them better lives and even help them save their family; again,of course that’s the best thing that’ll happen. That is why doing an extra mile and not just sex in definitely an investment, and so the story telling.

    On the other hand, if this is your line then you better be aware, no decent woman would want to marry a “whorist” either. Sorry for the term.

  21. @Eaanah: Some do use drugs. Primarily the methamphetamine called yaba. You can usually spot yaba-heads pretty easy. They act pretty much like you would expect anyone on methamphetamines to act. Hyper, dilated pupils, crazy look in their eyes, extreme mood swings, etc.

    In regards to why girls get into it, just look at the post on here where a study showed that over half of all Isaan girls want to meet a farang. Well, if you live out in some village and you plant rice all day chances of running across a farang are pretty low. Girls working the bars come back to the villages and talk about all the money that can be made or settle down with some farang who buys a big house for his wife and some girls figure it’s worth the tradeoff for a chance at hitting the lottery.

    Of course, she’ll tell you it’s to support her family because that sounds noble. In reality what she means by that is that she and her family would gain huge face if she landed a farang and he bought her and her parents huge houses. There are plenty of girls working at your local 7-11 or department store who make 10,000 or less and still find a way to send money back to their families. Living in a village in Isaan and having your own farm doesn’t require a lot of money. And most of these girls are in their late teens and early twenties so their parents can’t possibly be so old that they are unable to work and support themselves. It less an issue of supporting the family and more about improving their lives.

    The problem is that if she doesn’t hook up with a guy within the first six months or so she’s usually too damaged from the lifestyle to be saved. Hell, try to spend six months partying every night, getting paid relatively easy money (compared to busting your ass on a farm or cleaning toilets in a hotel), having guys profess their love to you and then never call or admit they have a wife back home, etc, etc.

    In fact, I think a large part of the damage that gets done to the girls is the men themselves. There are a lot of scumbags out there. Just look at this dude paul alrssen in this thread.


    Poor sap goes around telling women he loves them and wants to marry them and then disappears because he’s afraid he might get scammed. So by his reasoning it’s better to treat someone like disposable garbage on the suspicion that at some point they might try to scam you and you’re too f’ing dumb to stop them.

    And then you have the fact that most farangs are pussies. They let the women walk all over them and open their wallet every time she wants money. They lose all respect for farang men.

    Think about it this way, a lot of guys want Thai wives because they a good traditional Thai girl will cook, clean, take care of you, and is normally very thrifty with money. But all these farangs come to Thailand and they’re willing to put up with women who are none of those things. She doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, doesn’t even act like she cares about the guy unless she wants something so for her that seems like the perfect arrangement. She already has no respect for the guy because he lets her walk all over him so the only possible thing left for her to get is money.

    And that’s not just bar girls. I know some normal Thais who have their heart set on marring a rich farang and they don’t cook, clean, or do anything. They want him to take care of their every whim. Me and my friends were talking to one such girl not too long ago.

    Her: I want to meet a rich farang. At least a millionaire. And then I can go shopping everyday and buy all the things I want.

    Us: And what do you do for him? Do you cook? Clean? How are you going to take care of a millionaire?

    Her: No, I want rich guy so he can get a maid and take me out to dinner every night.

    Us: So what exactly are you going to do?

    Her: Spend his money! Thai women have to shop. It’s in our culture.

    She’s been around so many loser farangs who let women walk all over them that she has zero respect for us. She has zero desire to meet a Thai guy because no Thai guy would ever put up with that. On the old 1- 10 scale, she’s lucky to be a 5. If she ever meets her millionaire this guy’s getting a raw deal. 🙂

  22. There is more to life then prostitutes, and it is pretty sad admitting you been with one. It just makes you look stupid. If you are going to talk about your experience with women on holiday you could at least admit meeting one in a social situation like a night club. Even if they are just a freelance prostitute in disguise you would sound so much more outgoing and trendy.

  23. @Harry: Why is that? I agree that non-prostitutes are the way to go in Thailand but why is it sad admitting you did something that 99.9999999999999% of all guys who visit Thailand do?

    I think you’re caught up in that feminist bullshit that says paying for sex is bad. Of course, that is their line. They want to keep the supply of pussy tightly controlled. If prostitutes put a value on what sex costs then it’s easy for guys to figure out what the value of their relationship is.

    Let’s say that in a normal relationship you have sex 3 times per week. You can put a value on that of 2000 baht per experience which makes your monthly cost 24,000 baht per month. If your girlfriend is costing you more than 24,000 and isn’t putting out with the enthusiasm of a hooker then you’re getting ripped off.

    But women don’t want you to look at it that way. They would prefer to drive prostitution underground and raise the price (like drugs – more enforcement means higher prices). That makes their pussy more valuable. Cheap, affordable pussy means that their main asset is worth less.

    I hate to talk about women in such pragmatic terms but it’s true. I know women would like you think that they bring more to the relationship than just sex but the vast majority of guys get into relationships for a steady supply of sex. Love is a great idea but when you really get down to it most guys get into relationships for sex. Maybe that’s not you and you are free to disagree.

    As Charlie Sheen said when he was outed for being one of the biggest customers of Heidi Fliess’ prostitution ring “I don’t pay women for sex. I pay them to leave in the morning.” Personally, I feel the same way. When you are finished you can give them their money and ask them to leave. You don’t have to pretend to like them or want to spend the next day talking to them if you don’t want to. Hey, if you do want to, you can. But that’s your choice. If you take home a normal girl, common courtesy dictates that you have to.

    To me, that seems far more honest and respectful of the other human being you’re with. Have you ever had a one-night stand with a girl and wanted nothing more but to see her leave in the morning? And then when she wants to get breakfast and go “hang out” with you the next day and you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “I just want this bitch to go home.” Isn’t it more honest to just pay a prostitute and when you want her to go you give her her money and say bye-bye, thanks for a great time?

    Like I said at the beginning of this, I think normal girls are the way to go. Despite what I’ve said, I’m a romantic and think there’s true love out there somewhere. I could never find that with a prostitute. On the other hand, the fact that I can get laid anytime I want makes me a different man. If I go out with a girl and she starts playing coy I can drop her off at home and go get laid if I want. I’m not some desperate twat begging for her pussy. In fact, I’ve done that plenty of times. I’ve been out with a girl and she’s all “Oh, too soon. I don’t want to do that tonight.” Cool. Let me drop you off and I’m going to pick up a hooker on the way home.

    And the best part is that I probably get laid even more often from regular girls because of that attitude. Girls give it up a lot easier if you don’t act like a desperate loser. I don’t have to tell her I’m banging prostitutes but it’s obvious when a guy has options available to him.

    In fact, it was funny, I just had a “normal” girl up at my place the other night. When she left she told me not to do “too much” fucking around while she was out of town. I said “define too much” and she said, 1 or 2 other girls is okay but don’t get a new girl every night.

    And that is the beauty of it. Whether I’m paying for it or I’m getting it for free, every girl you go out with here knows you can get laid whenever you want. If she’s not up to the task then she knows there’s another girl just a phone call away who will.

  24. @Ruai

    thanks a lot, it’s quite a read and informative in some way, on the other hand I’m scratching my head right now and no much words in mind hehehe! Anyway, I still believe we can’t generalize all, we are of attitudes and perspectives ,people have different mentalities and set of personal norms and maybe set of goals or havin’ no decent goals at all hehehe!


    I’m not quite sure but if one is into that “hookering” guess it’s unfair to conclude the rest being the like. Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, that one still isn’t right, ……nor left hehe. I just think one can do better things that get his joystick plugged. But then, yes, true, we stick to those who are like-minded.

  25. @Eaanah: To some degree, that’s my point. When it’s available to you all the time you think about it less.

    Think about it this way, you can walk into any Bangkok nightclub that caters to farangs and guarantee that you’ll get laid. Guaranteed! I would almost guarantee the same for Thai nightclubs but they’re more hit and miss because of the language barrier.

    I don’t care if she’s a freelancer, an office girl who gets her rocks off banging a farang every few weeks, a girl pushing 30 and desperate to meet a farang bf, a retail clerk who is looking for her big white knight, or whatever. The only question in my mind when I go out is whether or not I want to.

    And that’s in addition to the phone full phone numbers of girls who you’ve met in the past who are always up for coming over to your place.

    That is very empowering. Knowing that you have access to sex whenever you desire it means that you never long for it. You’re never desperate for it. There’s no requirement that you act on that availability though.

    Truth be told, I don’t go out a lot looking for women. I usually prefer to stay in and have a few beers and watch a movie or read a book. There are several girls who call me from time to time and ask if they can sleep over at my place and if I’m in the mood, sure. If not, “Sorry honey, I’m a little busy now. Maybe next time.”

    These aren’t hookers. They’re girls who like to have sex from time to time and it’s easier to call me than go out and look for some guy. With me they know what they get.

    The subject of this post was about sex with prostitutes so I targeted my response to that. But in reality, it’s not about paying. It’s about choice.

    Back home very few guys have a choice about frequently they get laid. Even married guys usually aren’t calling the shots. But here, if you want a hooker every night you can have one. If you want a normal girl every night it takes a bit more work but it’s possible. Ultimately, it’s that choice that makes a difference for a lot of guys.

  26. @Mort, I agree with what you’ve presented and so everything is a CHOICE but I do hope that even there’s a truth in open sex here ( makes me think why some have to get hookers to pay duh!) that in some way we try to get rid of general conclusion and I mean for both sexes, the problem is how can we differ one from the other. And I mean too, being Thai’s nor Farangs.

    Anyway, going back to the title of the article why farang men come here to get prostitutes hmm …..because they’re more affordable, presentable and provide better services…. I guess lololol!:D

  27. @Eaanah: No offense but I hope English isn’t your native language because your sentence construction skills are crap. I’m not really even sure I understand half of your comment.

    And did you read the article?

    They’re not more affordable. I can get a hooker in Amsterdam to get my rocks off for 50 EUR. What’s that about 2300 baht? So to save 800 baht 17 EUR you’re going to spend 1000 EUR on airfare plus hotels? How many hookers would you have to bone over the course of your 2 week holiday to make up for the airfare? It’s something like 58 hookers. It doesn’t become more cost effective unless you boning 4 hookers a day every day you’re here.

  28. @Mort, Hmm..I’m not sure now if you can read English really ; however, you sound a certified whorist, it’s obvious . On the other hand, I don’t see the logic of you calculating the airfare expense my point was on the hooker fees per se. Sorry, but I don’t see any sense of your estimates. 🙂

  29. @Eaanah: Yes, I read English very well. Try re-reading your comment again. In the statement I was responding to, please, explain how this sentence makes any sense in the English language:

    I agree with what you’ve presented and so everything is a CHOICE but I do hope that even there’s a truth in open sex here that in some way we try to get rid of general conclusion and I mean for both sexes, the problem is how can we differ one from the other.

    A “truth in open sex”? What does that even mean? “Get rid of general conclusion”? Again, what does that mean?

    You have to take into account the cost of airfare because it’s a cost that must be paid in order to get here. There are many items that seem cheaper in Asia or wherever but when take into account all of the other costs taxes, VAT, shipping, etc then it isn’t as cost effective. Something is only cheaper when the total cost is less. You can’t take out major costs and then conclude total cost to be cheaper.

    I guess if you’re a bargain hunter you can find a lower absolute cost but I’m not sure I would go that route. That seems more like the Cheap Charlie expat type who will shop all night to find a 500 ST without much concern about quality. But, your typical bar girl has some pretty fairly standard going rates and when you factor in lady drinks, bar fines, and everything else it’s not so much cheaper that the cost gap is going to get men to jump on a plane and fly half way across the world to save a few bucks.

    Again, let’s go back to the Amsterdam hooker example. 50 EUR or 2300 baht for ST. Now, a Thai bar girl’s normal going rate for ST is about 1500 with a 500 – 600 bar fine. So, you’re in for 2100 baht plus some bars have taken to a two drink minimum before you can barfine a girl so you’re in another 200 – 300 in lady drinks (plus any of your own). That’s roughly 2300 – 2400 baht . . . pretty much the same cost as in Amsterdam, eh? And you didn’t have to fly half way across the world.

    I don’t know if you think you’re insulting me by calling me a “certified whorist” but I could care less what you think. You don’t have to be a frequent customer to do simple math. I mean it’s not like you can’t get the going ST/LT and barfine rates off of Stickman, Mango Blog, Suk Psycho, or a whole slew of other websites.

    You’ve made a statement that they’re cheaper but you have refused at every challenge to show how.

    Nobody is arguing that they don’t provide better service but that was kind of the point of the entire article so for you to restate it as your own idea seems a little silly.

  30. @Mort
    OPEN SEX, refers to getting sex is handy (paid or unpaid), that is why as you’ve ratified, it’s one’s choice and I have the same view.

    It speaks of giving certain thoughts on subjects out of “some” experiments and expreriences, I expresed doing away with general conclusion as facts and figures may be true to one or more individuals but not certainly the rest and take note, some, not ALL. It is as as one may be a certified “hooker user” but that doesn’t necesarily mean than the rest are. As you may have your own disposition as others have theirs. Generalization is a fallacy and it doesn’t support basic logic.

    Hope those are of help.

    P.S. As I’ve understood we do express our thoughts in here, that’s the point of the argument and so defending our respective premise. I think it goes wrong on the reader’s mindset. On the other hand, I’ve learnt to react on readings but certainly not believing all, I don’t know with you, Mort, I just hope you aren’t the one who wrote the article.

    And btw, do u know what’s LOL? and so the meaning of GUESS? I’m just wondering.

  31. @Mort.
    Please do not resond to Eaanah. Otherwise the rest of us have to go through the agony of reading his retort. I certainly cannot comprehend his logic or his language. It makes for painful reading. The queen will have a fit if she has to read his English.

  32. I think we all know that western men are offered the low end of the market where Thai hookers are concerned. Farang guys tend to hang out in areas like Nana and Cowboy which I would liken to Kings Cross in London ie the scummiest place on earth with the scummiest females working in it. The most beautiful girls for sale in Bangkok mostly work in clubs that cater to the Japanese market. You wouldn’t walk into a shop and buy and pay over the odds for an inferior product so why do so many farangs hand over their cash to pay for women who are quite frankly well past their sell by date?

  33. @RonnieD: Because most farang men aren’t willing to pay top dollar. You can walk into any of the Japanese joints, Baccara, Rainbow 4, even the Thermae and get any of those women as long as you’re willing to pay the price the Japanese pay.

  34. @Ruai: I totally agree with you but they should save themselves the airfare, if these guys like girls with stretch marks and a spare tyre or two hanging over their hotpants there are hundreds of them to be found in any British city on a Saturday night for free!

  35. Friday Night in LA
    Gas to pick her up in my SUV and drive around for the evening:
    Dinner for two at Houstons:
    Club entry for Two at Avalon:
    $120 (including tips)

    “I’m not sure if we should sleep together so soon”

    $320 is one third of my ticket

    After a few more dates of similar cost. We had sex. She had no stamina and refused to do oral. Typical. She knows I make money so she asks me to take her shopping in the Beverly Center. I tell her I’m going out of town. She doesn’t think she is a hooker due to the ‘western circumstances’ under which the cash exchanged hands but she is. Her pimp? The mindset that says, “make sure he has a good job, make surer he can spend money on you, no romance without finance” amd the sayings go on. Western womwn do it too. I will be BACK in BKK soon.

    Why do men go there?
    1- Better looking women
    2- better service
    3- exotic location
    4- great sack action without the BS

    All men and women mired in reality understand that no matter what the circumstances, we end up paying in one way or another. Sick buffalo or washer dryer, you decide.


  36. This is an interesting article and from a business standpoint it seems that Thai prostitutes deliver a level of services that ‘farang’ prostitutes do not. I think a major reason why is how de-personalized sex is in the Western mind. People talk about sex and delve into intimate details like they’re discussing the evening news. Teenagers shrug at hearing about each other performing fellatio and other sexual activities. It’s this nonchalance about sex that makes the experience of being with a prostitute in the West so much colder and more impersonal than the east. Prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world, but I think it’s been taken to new heights in Thailand. Think about it–the country that gave the world kathoeys would also understand what men are looking for when seeking sexual encounters. Thai sex workers offer a better experience because they understand that prostitution is an experience and not just sex. The cake is no good without the strawberry filling, creamy frosting and cherry on top.

  37. @ Mort I think you’re confused about the feminist point of view on prostitution. A LOT of feminists want to legalize prostitution. In the United States it’s just the huge population of Bible thumpers that won’t allow legalized prostitution. Feminists Do Not want to drive the sex trade underground. Feminists like myself would love to see legalized prostitution in the United States where the sex industry is government-regulated. All sex workers should be documented and assessed that they are 18 years old or older. They should receive government benefits like any other self-employed individual. At the very least the trafficking of children will cease and fewer children will be smuggled into this country for sex.

    Overall, I think you have some subconscious animosity towards women and I think it will certainly impact your ability to have a loving and fulfilling relationship with a woman. But this is true for most men that frequent sex workers. From what I can see respect for women isn’t high on the list of priorities for most men here.

  38. My spin on it all having been to Thailand three times now.
    ok my first time i was not overly impressed.The last two times i enjoyed big time.This was a few years ago now but
    I for one will be going there early next year to stay as long as possible being fairly financially secure

    This was a number of years ago now as i had met a beautiful chinese lady in Australia who was also sucessful.However & it is not the first Australian gf i had that expected this.
    She moved into my place & rented out her place where i had no problem paying the bills but then she start to ask for money to give her every week even i payed when we went out.
    She moved out after six months where it cost her a lot more even we saw each other for another three years.She told me all the crap like she wants to die before me & she cant live without my big dick.I cant go into it all for it was four years in total but recently she went to china & asked me to mind her dog.Message from china she misses me but stopped for 1 minute to pick up her dog.Thought this is strange only to find out she had a new boyfriend for 2 months.Total user it turns out.I helped her so much which is another story i wont get into.Lets just say she ripped my heart out.

    Im sure i will get repercussions for saying this but from my experience with girlfriends out of 8 in my life i would say 6 of them you would class as a whore anyway expecting you to fork out for everything & no i am not an ugly fat bastard not to say i am Brad Pitt either.
    Men go to thailand for many reasons.Of course the mostly friendly female company but i mean some go to party & drink & root everything that moves whilst others go for the gf experience where they may spend 2 weeks with a women if she is good & go to dinner & movies etc.me myself i am more on that side of things but over there i would not hesitate to drop one & find another if she started getting an attitude.

    I think a lot of men do go there because they couldnt get a petite little lady back home & i dont see anything wrong with that.Beats the heck out of some fat nagging women back in the home country plus you dont have to get your heart ripped out for you just get another one as women in my country do whenever they are unhappy with the relationship they have.

    As for prostitutes in Aus they run at about 85 per half or 150 an hour on the cheaper side of things.Generally the asian ones some quite young & beautiful.Cant say i have experienced the pushed out the door experience too ften here as the first guy mention in Ampsterdam.You have your time Allocated & that is what they give you but it certainly does not come close to Thailand.Pity you std’s especially aids to concern so even some women in thailand dont care either way it is best to be safe.
    Anyway i have rambled on enough so that is my point of view

  39. ruelas mcnulty-frobisher

    Anna and sarah you sound like the kind of bitter frigid worthless bingo winged fat supermarket trolley pushing four eyed unhygienic 40 something child support agency sponging single mother harridans who push western men into the pussies of 19 year old lithe beautiful thai girls.

    Ever stopped to think instead of being so ignorant and judgemental “girls”?

  40. When you live here everything changes. You’re surrounded by it 24/7 so it so the equation changes. The red light areas are a limited little world with limited possibiliities. The bottom line becomes glaringly obvious and the illusion of what was once hot eventually turns into a sobering reality slap of not. The good girls offer more and, even though what they want isn’t any different, they’re hotter, smarter and far more interesting. Walking around a place like the Paragon it stands out even more. Bargirls aren’t difficult to spot and the forced little routines they go through with their walking ATM’s only have me thinking one thing; I know your game, it’s all about the money. I stopped going to the bar areas some time ago after I moved into an upmarket area of Bangkok. I went to a restaurant/bar one night, just down the road from my condo, and ran into something that stopped me in my tracks; educated, attractive Thai women running their own successful business that didn’t mind engaging me in decent conversation. It made me realise that, with a bit of effort, getting to the next level wouldn’t be all that difficult. Yes, it maybe that they’ve still got one eye on the money and you’d be less than cynical if you didn’t ask yourself why any hot yong Thai lady would be wanting to interact with a farang when she could, so easily, get it it on with a handsome Thai dude her own age, who knows? Maybe you’ll meet one that’s got a Mars in Aries and a Venus in Cancer and just wants to get it on for the sake of getting it on. But, yes, it is understandable that men (who are on vacation) fly half way around the world to have sex with Thai prostitutes; it’s simply a matter of time and money.

  41. one thai girl living in belgium

    yes I like Sara’s idea , Farang Pros they just do their works and then finish , but thai Pros. they just want something more..its pity. and many many (stupid) men who belive her stories , he was married to her and what else gonna happen ? he brought her to his land or country , lol not just one year ! she asked to divorce him and she found new BF or new supporter.. what you think then ? I saw alot of this kind of thai pros. as they said , u cant take a girl out of a bar but you cant take a bar out of a girl. good luck to everyone.

  42. Belgium Girl: It’s really not that different for many non-pro Thai girls too. I know plenty of non-pros juggling multiple boyfriends or keeping their options open by chatting with guys on the internet.

    For instance, a girl I met this girl at a party a mutual friend was throwing. Nice, normal, university educated, middle-class girl with a middle-class job. We hit it off and started seeing each other. Not just once a week or anything but like five or more times a week sort of dating. Dinner, movies, just hanging out over some drinks, etc.

    About two months into this she tells me that she has some bad news. She’s been chatting with some guy online for about six months and he’s coming to visit Thailand in a few weeks and she has promised to meet him.

    I was obviously upset but not really angry. I hadn’t really pictured her for “the type” but it was obvious she was exactly this type. She had this guy online but wasn’t sure she would ever meet him so she got herself some insurance on the side in case that didn’t work out. When he finally confirmed his travel plans it was time to get rid of the insurance and go for her first choice.

    The funny part is she actually tried to string me along hoping I would wait patiently in case this guy turned out to be a loser in person. I told her I had no interest and moved on with my life.

    So Mr. Internet came to Thailand, they had a whirlwind romance, she posted pics of them together and videos all over Facebook telling everybody on her friends list that this was her true love and she was sooooo happy with her life.

    Fast forward two months later and he dumped her and suddenly I’m getting emails from her again. I had already started seeing someone else and told her that but she kept asking me out “to talk about what happened between us” and other bullshit.

    Finally she got the message and moved on. Now she’s got a new internet love that she’s announced to everyone on Facebook. Who knows when he’s coming out here but I notice that she gets tagged in photos of “crazy nights out” every weekend with all of her girlfriends so I’m fairly sure she’s gotten herself a new insurance guy on the side in case her latest internet man of her dreams turns out to be less than what she imagined.

    And this isn’t an isolated incident. I have plenty of female Thai friends and I see them pulling the same thing. Then they bitch and moan about how they are so unlucky with love.

    Of course, because they’re Thai and don’t take well to criticism you can’t tell them that they’re the ones screwing up their relationships. They’re out there juggling guys and as soon as they get one they’re looking to upgrade.

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