Why Do Farang Men Travel Across The Globe To Meet Thai Prostitutes?

How many times have you tried to explain prostitution in Thailand to someone who has never been to Thailand and been at a complete loss?  I found myself in yet another one of these conversations the other day and it made me think about why I have little or no desire to use the services of a farang prostitute yet I travel half way across the world to pay to have sex with Thai women.

First off, let’s look at what farang prostitution is.  I have two examples to share and I think they are quite common for farang men.   First off, let me say that I don’t visit farang prostitutes very often.  If I purchase the services of farang prostitutes more than once a year it would be odd.

The first experience I will describe is actually one of the better times I had with a farang prostitute.  I was in Amsterdam on business and walking around the red light district I happened across a very cute Asian woman.  She was, of course, behind her little glass window and after some exchanged smiles I walked up to her door and asked if 50 Euros was okay.

I was a little concerned about whether or not she might have been one of those girls you hear about who come to work through some shady employment agency and then get forced into prostitution.  Our chit-chat in the doorway dispelled any such notions.  She spoke English perfectly and I would later learn that her parents came to Holland before she was born and she had grown up her entire life in Holland.

We went upstairs to the bedroom and we continued to chat.  She was quite pleasant to speak to and she had a warm smile that made her seem genuine.  She asked me what I was in the mood for and I told her I would like a blowjob and then to fuck her.

After making sure that I paid before services were rendered she told me I could take off my clothes and jump under the covers when I was ready.   I don’t know where she went or what she did while I undressed but when she returned she quickly stripped.  I sat on the edge of the bed and she knelt on the floor and took me in her mouth.

After a bit of that she asked if I wanted to be on top or if I wanted her on top.  I told her to get on top and after some bumping of the uglies I approached orgasm.  While my evil seed was still filling the condom she jumped off, started to dress, and told me that I there were some wipes on the sink if I wanted to wash up.

While she did seem like a nice gal the whole experience seems so clinical.  Would you come home to your girlfriend and ask her exactly what sex positions she wished to perform before having sex?

Remember, this is one of the better experiences.  At least she had a good attitude and didn’t attempt to rip me off as I’ll relate in my next story.
In Amsterdam again but this time I am there on holiday.  After hitting  few pubs I’ve got a good buzz on so when I pass this gal in the window who had a body to die for I was already sold.

I entered her little cubby and we went into a back room on the same level.  There wasn’t much talk other than the discussion of price and a demand to be paid right then and there.

When we got to the bedroom she lit up a cigarette and stood there impatiently as she demanded that I get naked.  I complied only because I was too drunk to want to get into an argument.

I stood there naked and she took a long drag off the cigarette, snuffed it out in an ashtray and then she knelt down and began sucking my cock.  Well, I guess you could call it sucking cock but it was more like my dick simply being in her mouth and I was doing most of the work face fucking her.

When she had had enough of that she told me to go over to the bed.  She laid down in starfish configuration letting me know exactly what to expect.  I jumped on and started pounding away.  I remember thinking to myself that I hoped I cum fast because I wanted to get out of there.

A few minutes into the act she pushed hard against me.  She said “You’re taking too long.  Another 50 Euros or you have to stop and finish yourself,” with an angry and not in any way attractive look on her face.  I told her I would pay the extra 50 Euros just to end this nightmare.  She demanded I get the money immediately which I did before climbing back on top of her and finishing what I started.

I left her little room feeling dirty, ashamed, and wishing I had never laid eyes on her.  I truly would have enjoyed jerking myself off more than fucking that whore.

My guess is that the vast majority of guys who visit farang prostitutes have an experience that is somewhere in between the two tales I’ve just told.  Personally, I’ve had more experiences like the later story than the former.

Now, let’s compare that type of experience to the type you might have with a Thai prostitute.

First off there is no such thing as the wham-bam thank you mam, one nut and you’re out, sort of fuck in Thailand.  Even a short-time with a girl is a generous 90 minutes and if you’re up for it (no pun intended) she’ll pound out two or three orgasms with you.

A long time purchase is an entirely different scenario altogether.  Here you’re renting the girl for what could be 5 – 10 hours.  There might be a meal involved, some conversation, perhaps taking her out to a nightclub to go dancing, and maybe even a personal connection.  I don’t mean love or anything like that but I enjoy knowing that the person whose company I’ve paid for is a real human being.

A long term girl basically acts like the perfect girlfriend.  If you want to go back to your hotel and fuck until your testicles fall off, she’ll fuck you silly.  If you want to go grab dinner, she’ll serve your meal.  If you want a little massage, she’ll make her best effort (most are horrible at giving massages but they do try).

It’s difficult to reconcile it in your mind the first time you catch a prostitute folding your laundry or making the bed that they do provide full service which to them means acting like a proper girlfriend and making sure that the room is looked after.

To me and many other men this doesn’t seem like prostitution.  Sure there’s sex involved but it seems more like you’re renting the companionship rather than paying for the sex.  A farang prostitute is selling her pussy.  She doesn’t owe you any conversation, has zero interest in your satisfaction beyond whether or not you cum, and is incentivized to finish the business as quickly as possible.

That’s precisely why you’ll see guys blissfully walk down the street with their Thai hooker hand in hand.  That’s why guys can overlook her profession and marry a Thai prostitute.  It’s because she doesn’t act like the kind of prostitute farang men are used to.

Make no mistake about it though; she is with you for the money.  Many of men have had the rude awakening of running out of cash and being dropped like a hot potato.  But the Thai prostitutes are not so crude as to advertise that their interest in you is based solely on money.

In fact, they help men live the illusion.  Show me a Thai prostitute who doesn’t have a boo-hoo story about sending money to her poor family, a sick buffalo, a parent’s gambling debts, or some other financial disaster and I’ll . . . well, I don’t know what I would do because I’ve never seen such a girl.  Instead of feeling like he’s paid for sex the man now feels somewhat noble.  He’s helped her with her financial problems.  It allows him to believe that the dinner, the conversation, and the sex were all real.  Two people met, shared a great time together, and for what is for him a relatively trivial amount of money he was able to be a hero.  A good Thai prostitute knows not only how to stroke a cock but she’s a master of stroking egos as well.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to even know where the line is between the fantasy she creates and reality.  For instance, there was one girl I met who after several rounds between the sheets got up to leave around 10am in the morning.  I paid her and walked her to the door where she gave me a passionate kiss before disappearing into the hot and sunny afternoon.  I went back to bed only to hear a knock less than 10 minutes later.  It was her.  She walked into the room, reached under my robe grabbing my cock, and said “you can do one more time before I go home?”

Where exactly do you file that one under?  She had already been paid.  She wasn’t getting any additional money.  Why did she come back?  What was in it for her?  Did she really like me?  Maybe she started to walk home and realized that her place has no aircon and fucking me was a bargain price to pay to spend a few more hours in a comfortable hotel room.  I don’t think I’ll ever know the answers to any of those questions but what I do know is that she was unlike any farang prostitute I’ve ever run across.

Of course, not every encounter with a Thai prostitute ends positively.  There are certainly Thai girls running all sorts of scams but they tend to be mild in comparison to farang prostitutes.  And yes, there are girls whacked out on yabba, with abusive boyfriends, and stringing along suckers who send them money every month.    But for every girl like that there’s a bar full of women who will make you feel like a king as long as the money keeps flowing.

In some worst case scenarios guys have had a Thai prostitute take him for every last penny he’s worth.  It happens.  I guess it could happen anywhere in the world where you allow yourself to be blinded by love and you throw common sense to the wind but I would imagine it happens slightly more often in Thailand because the girls are better equipped to allow men to live in a fantasy world of their own creation.  While he’s off in dream world she’s cleaning out the bank accounts.

But what is it that’s different about Thai prostitutes?

Most European counties either have legalized prostitution or turn a blind eye to it.  Even in countries without a liberal view on prostitution it’s an hour or two flight for most to a country where it is legal.  In the US, while illegal, ask any taxi driver and he’ll take you to parts of town where you can pick up a prostitute.  Australia and most other farang countries have similar availability.

And many countries are known for the availability and beauty of their women.  Brazil, Costa Rica, Amsterdam, The Czech Republic, The Ukraine, and The Dominican Republic are hotspots for sex tourists. I’ve yet to see a red light district in any country where beautiful girls from every race aren’t available.  Asians, Africans, stunning blondes, beautiful brunettes, olive skinned, or pasty white skinned; it doesn’t matter.  You can always find a girl who suits your fancy.

So why does someone from the UK board a 14 hour flight to travel to a third-world country to have sex with uneducated girls from the poorest rural areas of Thailand?  The price he will pay for a night with a girl will run slightly less than $100 USD which is not much more or less than it would cost him in many other countries.  It has to be more than just the sex.

In fact, the most time you spend in Thailand or coming back to Thailand the more you realize that the sex is only a small part of it.  It’s about having fun.  It’s about the laughs.  It’s about her getting you to try some food you may have never tried on your own (fried bugs, anyone?).  It’s about the way she snuggles up to you after sex and purrs like a kitten.  It’s about the way she talks to you like you’re the love of her life without seeming fake or manipulative.
Maybe it just can’t be explained.  Maybe you have to experience it to really understand what it’s about.  Maybe farang women (prostitute or not) will never get it.  Maybe your buddies back at home will never quite understand.

But do you really care?   Hahaha

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  1. @ bill. i do agree with you that what happened in our society .
    Sound like we all do that .. i think most of human being want the best for themselves . they will keep looking until they find” the one ” who they think to be mr or miss right but only time that will tell who lucky found one or who happen to found the fake one then life turn to be other way so we have to start looking over again and again.. that call life .. live to learn
    i think men do that as well not only woman .. part of want to be the best .. even when they got married sometime people still looking .. coz of they still think that they can find better ( i guess they not happy with each other. i think if the people happy with their relationship they not looking any more ).. it shame but that how SOME people are never stop looking ..

  2. It is not just Thai women. This kind of fuggery happens all over. Evey chick looking for a better deal to only settle down in their 30’s when they star to sag ans crack. They are just like day traders, always looking for that extra bit of security and profit margin. It is what it is. People need to stop lying to themselves and just enjoy the pleasant moments, no matter how brief. Life is too short.


  3. Billy Bangkok: What you say is not surprising given the fact that Thai women are no different to women in any other part of the world in that they will always look to find the best possible male provider they can find. I’ve spoken about this before; it’s encoded in their DNA and nothing’s changed since the days when we were all running around in bear skins. A womens primary concern is security (food, clothing, shelter) and that, in these modern times, simply means money.

    Your friend stuck around with her on line dates long enough to determine if they could provide her with the type of lifestyle she desires/expects. When it became obvious that they couldn’t provide what she expected, she moved on. The higher up you go on Thailands’ societal ladder you go, the greater the expectations will be. Educated middle class and hi-so women are, obviously, going to have higher expectations than their low-so sisters.

    Knitpa: There are many reasons why people move on; financial constraints, differing educational levels, differing expectations, cultural and language differences, boredom, or that they are just incompatible. The reason that so many people never find the ‘one’ is simply because they don’t know what they want. With the number of divorces happening in this day and age (particularly in the Western world) one could assume that something is not quite right. The fact is that so many people get together, in a relationship, that just shouldn’t be together; they are just incompatible.

    I was in a relationship with a Thai lady for four years which nearly drove me insane. After finally terminating it I decided to look at things from a different perspective and began doing a bit of research into chinese astrology (pleae note: I’m not interested in the views of christians regarding astrology so don’t waste your time trying to convince me that it’s not true. I have the same firm conviction regarding your ideas about god) and found that alot of what was said regarding the character profile of myself, and my ex, was spot on. To put it bluntly, any attempt to forge a relationship, between her and I, would end up as an unmitigated disaster. And that, was precisely what it was; there was just no connection at the cerebral level. I have great respect for the chinese belief systems. They have been tested, and proven, over thousands of years. There is definitely something worth taking note of when considering the idea that the five elements – fire, metal, wood, water, earth – have a degree of influence in who, and what, we are. Your zodiacal year of birth will correspond with one of the five elements:


    Knowing that will give you a better estimation of wether, or not, you and a potential partner will be compatible.

    Hostile (or repulsive) pairings are as follows: Water dislikes Fire; Wood dislikes Earth; Fire dislikes Metal; Earth dislikes Water; Metal dislikes Wood (my element is metal and the ex is fire).

    Destructive pairings are as follows: Water can extinguish Fire; Wood can break the Earth; Fire can melt Metal; Earth can make Water disappear; Metal can break Wood.

    Affinity (generating and supporting) relationships are: Water generates Wood – Water is the mother of Wood; Wood generates Fire – Wood is the mother of Fire;
    Fire generates Earth – Fire is the mother of Earth; Earth generates Metal – Earth is the mother of Metal; Metal generates Water – Metal is the mother of Water.

    Good luck.

  4. so true,
    I’ve been to Amsterdam and Thailand
    Amsterdam girls gives a very bad service
    compare to Thai girls
    Amsterdam = beautiful scam
    Thailand = the real thing
    go to Thailand you wont regret…

  5. …’maybe farang women never get it’ ?

    Well my German girlfriend got it her own way. She rented a male thai prostitute during our holidays, who gave her perfect satification. You are right: ‘go to Thailand you wont regret’. Claudia did a daring step and for her Thailand is not a nightmare when it comes to sexs for farang ladies.

  6. amsterdam girls give bad service because they can choose and don’t have same stomach as thai girls…..i can understand them and I feel disgusted for thai women who for money can have sex also with dracula and company…
    about german woman who had sex with thai male, I know people who prefer to eat mortadella to s good steak or people who look like my grand mother and men who close eyes and have sex with her hahahaha

  7. may be when thai women will be so indipendent from men economy like amsterdam girls, then they will not give service at all

  8. thai women can drive somebody insane only if man has inclination to be insane…for me thai women are not worth more than the time for sex…the rest is emptyness

  9. if in amsterdam you can pay one euro for taxy, one euro for lunch one euro for a beer and coffe, 10 euro for hotel room , less than 100 euro for renting a house monthly at normal town, 10.000 to 30.000 euros to build a big house and pension avarage is about 12 euros a month, then believe me also amsterdam girls would give you a wanderful service…if thailand had same prices and same standard of living like in Amsterdam nowdays, than thai girls would be even worse and send you to hell….
    of course in the world there are good girls or bad girls no matter your money, but these are exceptions, the rule is over mentioned

  10. is useless and naive and gossip to try go around the real reason for everything…..money decide how friendly, how to smile, all behaviour of a girls moves according to your wallet…an important man wrote: that the “G” point in a woman is in the wallet of the man

  11. I was one of those men who flew across the globe to marry a Thai woman, boy was i naive. The secret Thai boyfriends (aka brothers), the secret yaba addiction, the secret gambling addiction, not to mention all the money i had to pay to loan sharks that she kept quiet. Also don’t think because you never met her in a bar she’s different, ask yourself what they are doing in a place like to Pattaya in the first place.

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