Student web prostitution “not unusual”

From the Bangkok Post

Assoc Prof Sukhum Chaloeysap of Suan Dusit Poll on Saturday said that he was not surprised with the report that Ministry of Culture had found more than 1,000 websites claiming to be by university students selling sex.

The quoted price ranges from 1,500-3,000 baht or higher for very good looking female students. When the ministry personnel phoned the published phone numbers, they could contact actual women claiming to be university students.

Mr Sukhum said he had been informed by Rajabhaet Suan Dusit students that some websites featured sex workers dressed in the uniform of Suan Dusit students as well. He wanted every university to discretely investigate sex-for-sale students whether it was true and if it were true, the students should receive psychological therapy as they were also human beings.

Mr Sukhum wondered why the concerned authorities did not take action to close down the offending websites or the issue was treated as normal.

He also revealed that female students selling sex were not confined to only websites but by peer-to-peer networking. One female student sex worker could offer a network of over 20 students with pictures album to be browsed by prospective clients.

My first reaction when I read this story was to laugh at the fact that Assoc Prof Sukhum Chaloeysap wasn’t shocked by the report.  The only reason he wouldn’t be shocked is if he knew what was going on.  Yeah, sure you were “informed” about these sites by students.  🙂

But I always wonder about the people who are shocked.  Of course the same person who is shocked by this is the same person who doesn’t quite understand that putting this information out to the press has caused “thai students selling sex” to become the number one Google search term in Thailand. Come on now, you know you googled some variation of that phrase.  Admit it.

2 thoughts on “Student web prostitution “not unusual””

  1. Probably on a smaller scale but I remember a few years ago there was a well known situation where you could bed a university student for 25quid in the UK, they needed the money to pay dfor thier studies apparently, there were about 15 girls involved and a few of them very busy.
    I wont mention the Uni but its the same thing, needs met, they needed money and a guy will always need sex, I believe its the oldest profession, of course a lot of people still have a problem with it, of course all the people who have a problem with it maybe should mind their own business.

  2. Dave
    Its interesting that people often use the line that “its the oldest profession” in trying to defend prostitution. In all spheres of life we are continually improving on the old, the archaic. New methods, new approaches, new medicine, new technology, new ways of doing things. Never do we hear anybody suggesting that we maintain an old harmful practice by virtue of the fact that it is an “old practice”. In fact, the older the practice, most often, the more in need of review and revision and change it is! Your glib “its the oldest profession” nudge-nudge, win-wink, justification is totally out of place. I doubt there’s a single psychologist in the world who will intelligently argue that prostitution is a good thing. It is so much more than a guy getting some sex and a woman getting some money. I doubt that people so much have a problem with that than with the impact of the many negative spin-offs from prostitution, all of which are harmful to society (even our liberal and enlightened Dutch brothers have, or are busy, closing down “walletjies”, the infamous red-light district in Amsterdam, where for years prostitutes were legally allowed to display their wares and ply their trade. Even the Dutch have realised that it is harmful to their society). I think everybody agrees that people should mind their own business. When the societies in which we live and raise our children, however, are threatened by harmful practices and influences, it very much becomes our business and we should mind it! In fact, it behooves us all to do everything in our power to eradicate those very things that threaten our societies, prostitution being one of them.

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