Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

I’ve tried to put together a semi-complete list of guest-friendly hotels in Bangkok (mostly in the Sukhumvit area) based on reviews on message boards, blogs, and other websites.  As with everything hotels go from guest-friendly to non guest-friendly at the whim of management so some of these hotels may no longer be guest-friendly.

If you are not aware what a guest-friendly hotel is, the easiest description is that many hotels will charge you a fee to bring guests back to your room if they allow guests up to your room at all.  Guest-friendly means that the hotel is not known to charge this “joiner fee.”

Personally I find the practice to be racist.  I’ve never had a problem going back to my room with a Caucasian but have been stopped (more than once) when returning with an Asian western friend who was a guest of the hotel.

Sukhumvit Area

Soi 2

Majestic Grande

JW Marriott Hotel

Soi 4

Nana Hotel

Majestic Suites

Landmark Bangkok

Soi 6

Grand Sukhumvit by Sofitel

Soi 10

Center Point Sukhumvit

Soi 11

Grand President Executive Serviced Apartments

President Solitaire

Swiss Park Hotel

Westin Grande Sukhumvit

Le Fenix

Soi 15

Dream Hotel

Royal President Executive Apartments

Soi 16


Soi 20

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Soi 24

Emporium Suites Hotel

President Park Serviced Apartments

Davis Hotel

Soi 33

Livingstones Lodge


Lang Suang

Center Point Lang Suang

Mayfair Executive Apartments by Marriot

Wireless Road

Center Point Wireless

Plaza Athanee

12 thoughts on “Guest Friendly Hotels in Bangkok”

  1. Andrew A. Koran

    I’ve noted that the guest friendliness of a hotel is sometimes directly related to to who and what you are. I would also add that the Citi Chic Hotel on Soi 13 is very guest friendly, your guest is required to provide and an ID and is held at the front desk until your guest’s departure.

  2. Yes, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit’s staff is very serviced mind,.. they can remember me everytime i come back! This is great being recognized!

  3. Robert Thompson

    I’ve stayed at Emporium Suites several times, twice on a monthly basis which is much less expensive if you are staying more than two weeks. It is a “service apartment” and, therefore, there is no problem with guests. A much less expensive alternative, though not as luxurious, is CNC on Sukhomvit Soi 33.

  4. I am going to be in BK from end Sept -end Dec 09. Looking for a reasonably priced upmarket serviced apartment with free internet and hopefully a pool and sauna facility in complex. Also it must be close to MRT OR BTS STATION.
    Lastly ,since I will have my 2 teenage daughters with me, I prefer a 2 bedroom unit. Aso being close to cinema and supermarket would help.
    Can anyone help with info please. Prices if possible also.

  5. @zed: What exactly does reasonably priced mean to you? There are tons of serviced apartments up and down Wireless Road but you won’t be able to touch them for under 30,000 baht per month. To some expats and backpacking tourists that kind of money is enough to make them choke on their own tongue but that’s not even close to what I would pay for rent in a crappy apartment back in the US. So for me that sounds reasonable even though it’s unreasonably high for others.

    So define what you think reasonable is.

  6. Thank you admin for your reply. I agree everything is relative. Being a South African, my currency is not quite as strong as the USD. In fact current rate is about 7.6o rand to the dollar.
    30000 baht is about 7500 rand. I was thinking more in the line of 20 000 baht.
    Does this sound too low

  7. @Zed, sorry but must have not seen your response. 20,000 is about right. You can find a lot of nice places in that range but 25000 is sort of a sweet spot in the market if you’re looking for something fairly central and nice. Might want to check out Compass Hospitality. Their better known places like the President Solitaire might be too expensive for your budget but they own several properties and overall they tend to get high marks at all of their properties.

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  9. Is Grand Sukhimvhit at soi 6 and landmark at soi 4/6 still guest friendly? Is there fee to bring guest

    Any recommendations for hotels around $100 guest friendly closer to Silom station?


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