What Would You Like to See?

As you may have noticed we’ve made a few changes to the layout here at Bangkok Diaries (if you read the site via RSS or email, stop by and take a look).  We’re also exploring different ways to expand the site and an idea that keeps getting mulled over is whether or not to put a message board on the site.  The argument against addign a message board is that there are some really superb message boards already out there.  The argument for is that many people have expressed their dislike for those message boards, don’t participate on them, and would like a different place to hang out online.

So, rather than guess what readers of this site think, we thought we would put the question to you.  Do you want a message board?  If not a message board what features do you wish Bangkok Diaries had?

2 thoughts on “What Would You Like to See?”

  1. I like the new look to the site but it’s not easy to find your favourite authors anymore.So maybe,like before,there should be an authors list.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Yeah, it’s something that broke when I installed the new theme. The original owner did a great job designing this site but as the underlying platform WordPress goes under various revisions little things break here and there. Rather than having to dig into the code myself everything something stopped working after an upgrade I thought I would go with a theme that is being actively maintained.

    I’ll try to get the stuff like the authors working again as soon as possible. This new theme takes a bit to get used to so I’m learning how to get around in it.

    Thanks for the input and please feel free to share any other thoughts you might have.


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