Thanksin Crosses the Point of No Return . . . . Again. Really This Time

Every time the ante gets upped in this ongoing struggle between the reds and yellows someone inevitably says that Thaksin has crossed the point of no return.  But this is Thailand so just when you think you’ve seen it all, boom!, something even more surprising happens.

Thanksin has been taking pot shots at the government, Prem, and pretty much everybody . . . except the king . . . until now.

In the Financial Times Thaksin says:

“General Surayud, Gen Prem [Tinsulanonda, the senior member of the privy council] and another privy councillor went to have an audience with his majesty the king and told his majesty that they will do favour for him by getting me because I am not loyal to the king,” Mr Thaksin said. “That started the whole process.”

Well, I guess just short of hurling personal insults at the king that is pretty much as far as one can go.

It should be interesting to see if he loses any support due to his effort to sully the king’s reputation.  Many of the red shirts L-O-V-E the king.  Thaksin pointing a finger in the king’s direction might force them to make a choice in where their allegincies are.

On the other hand, I’m not sure a lot of the red shirt crowd read the Financial Times.  Who knows?