Mee and My Dad

A really interesting documentary by a filmmaker who’s 60 year old father decided to marry a bar girl only two years older than himself. He travels to Thailand to meet his new mother, attend the wedding, and figure out if his dad has found true love or has simply gone off the deep end.

Mee and my Dad from UWE Bristol Media Practice on Vimeo.

Personally, as I watch this video I can’t help but think of how many marriages in Thailand are based on the same pragmatism. I got this sense that there is nothing in the relationship one normally calls love but rather a mutual understanding that he can support her and she needs supported.

In fact, during the film they ask her if she finds him attractive and she says no. They then ask her if he didn’t have any money would she still be with him and she says no.

3 thoughts on “Mee and My Dad”

  1. mercenary woman say he customer. Man thats kinda cold. Its a fine line between smart and mercenary

  2. She said she worked in a bar and he was a customer there. And she also said that “If in the beginning he didn’t have money she wouldn’t have been with him.” She was speaking of the past not the current situation

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