This Is Why You Don’t Start Fights With Thais

If you haven’t heard the advice already allow me to tell you now that starting a physical altercation with a Thai is suicide. Thais very seldom one on one and they are known to be very patient in plotting their revenge even if you get the upper-hand the first go.

In this video we see some idiot getting out of line with a Thai and learning the hard way that when you fight one Thai you fight them all.

Believe it or not this guy is actually lucky. If the bar lady hadn’t stepped in the rest of the Thai guys would have continued to beat him into a bloody pulp. With Thais the fight doesn’t end when you knock the other guy down, that’s when it really gets started.

So let that one be a lesson for you guys who like to pop off. The Thais will put up with a lot of crap from us farangs. They usually try to avoid conflict but once you cross that line expect no mercy.

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  1. I think he deserved what he got in this instance, and he was lucky they only landed a few punches/kicks. To be fair, Thais treat each other in the same way – it’s just that they know the rules and tend to avoid conflict. The only brawls I’ve seen in Thailand have always been caused by foreigners (in places like Pattaya) who seem to want to continue their hooligan-style activities in Thailand.

  2. This poor farang didn’t start “a physical altercation” nor did he seem to “get out of line” other than being “jaay roon” and pounding the bar counter with his fist. As for the comment that “he deserved what he got”,… my word! What would he have deserved had he actually started the fight? Death? This is a shocking illustration that the Thai aren’t as sweet and smiley as everyone thinks. The concept of “cool heart” is just that, a concept, and just beneath the surface they are anything but cool. This incident looks like a clear case of unprovoked assault on the part of the kid who came from the back and knocked the poor farang out cold. He needs to get what he deserves – some time in a prison cell or a hefty fine at least.
    I do agree however, that the best thing is to avoid confrontation with Thai, especially if you drunk, are only a visitor, cannot speak the language, don’t respect the culture and are here for some cheap thrills – in fact, don’t come at all!

  3. I think Nick raises a good point about what constitutes a threat of physical threat in Thailand. In Thailand – perhaps not in the west – his behavior is definitely out of line. Thais would never argue with someone in this fashion, use expletives and pound the bar. In Thai culture this is a physical threat, and I think the guys in the bar (who most likely have mafia links given their response) were just waiting for an excuse.

    In the video, he then turns round and says something like “who wants it” and motions with his hand. That’s all the excuse they need to get violent. Actually, I think if he behaved like this in many pubs in the UK, the same would have happened – except the guys who attacked him would be customers not staff.

  4. Leosia,

    What are you talking about? What makes you think they have mafia ties? I find it odd that on one hand you try to make it seem like the Thais overreacted and then conclude it by saying he probably would have gotten a similar beating in the UK.

    Your entire comment is a massive contradiction of itself.

    How can you say:

    In Thailand – perhaps not in the west – his behavior is definitely out of line.

    And in the same breath say:

    Actually, I think if he behaved like this in many pubs in the UK, the same would have happened

    Simply amazing.


  5. Ruai:
    Where did I say the Thais overreacted? I’m afraid I don’t see the contradiction either. In Thailand his behavior is not acceptable anywhere, whether it’s in a bar or 7-Eleven. In the UK, you see this type of behavior in pubs all the time – but it’s normally fighting between customers.

    If you watch the video carefully, there is one women sitting at the bar at the beginning and then she walks away. At the end a women tries briefly to help him up, and there is a girl sitting on a stool close to the camera. The westerner is surrounded by Thai guys and there is no restraint when they decide to hit him. After they’ve finished they are completely calm. You think these are just customers? How many bars have you been in in Thailand and been surrounded by Thai guys? I hope not many.

    It’s clearly a go-go bar or brothel of some kind – and you think the Thai guys are just customers? Of course they are. The guys are either connected with the girls or the bar somehow – either way you get the same answer.

  6. Being from “the west” I’d say he was indeed out of line. Beating him to death isn’t the answer, but he still needs to be respectful. And it was just downright stupid of him to act that way, especially as a foreigner. Any idiot could tell you that.

  7. His aggression was sufficient to trigger a response. It’s irrelevant whether he was out of line or not. Surely, bar staff were unprofessional and the response was over the top, but that too is irrelevant.

    Thais are in general *extremely* tolerant and can endure a large amount of unpleasantness, even abuse (visit any bar if you think otherwise). However, when they snap, or when they feel they can get away with it, they can get viciously violent.

    Would you come to a brothel-bar somewhere in, say, Easter Europe or Latin America, start raising your voice at the manager and pounding your fists? Even the drunkest lout would know better than to try… and would instinctively shut up. In Thailand, many get fooled by what they perceive as Thai submissivness (but is actually just avoidance of conflict).

  8. Leosia,

    I don’t know what brothel bars you hang out in but most bars centered around providing women tend to have very few Thai male staff. In fact, I think BadBoyKenny just wrote an article about the fact that there always seems to be one butch-lesbian in these places and he pondered whether it was due to the tendency to have very few male staff.

    Yes, there are women in the bar but there are women in every bar in Thailand. And even if there are girls working the place as a freelancer that doesn’t mean that it’s a mafia run joint.

    Take for instance, Gulliver’s on Soi 5. That’s a bar/pub. Sure there are freelancers working there and there is plenty of male and female staff but they are far from being a brothel. They don’t control any of the women. The women just come in and troll for customers. The pub makes it’s money when the girls buy their drinks and nurse them all night hoping to catch a customer.

    There’s nothing mafia about the place despite the fact they have several big muscled Thai guys who do security and many others who tend the bar or serve food/drinks.

    To be honest I really don’t think you have any clue what you’re talking about.

    And if you don’t see your own contradictions then I think you’re being intentionally blind to them.

    I think the guys in the bar (who most likely have mafia links given their response) were just waiting for an excuse

    Actually, I think if he behaved like this in many pubs in the UK, the same would have happened

    I would assume then that every pub in the UK is run by the mafia too? Obviously a Thai male cannot be pushed too far and give some twat a good beating without being in the mafia?

    Your comments are very racist and demonstrate a level of bigotry that is the kind of stuff that got this guy’s ass kicked in the first place.


  9. @crocodilexp: Exactly. In my mind it’s a form of racism much in the way that Australian chick who ran from the cops and then insulted everyone at the police station is a form of racism. It’s saying that you think you’re above someone. You’re above their laws. You’re too important to be treated in this manner.

    The guy actually would have been okay had he he not done his “want some” comment and the corresponding physical stance challenging a fight.

    But this being Thailand, I bet you if that guy walks into the same bar the next day and apologizes they’ll tell him mai ben rai and it’ll never be mentioned again. As vicious as Thais can be when pushed too far most don’t hold a grudge as long as they won the fight. They know people do stupid stuff when they’re drunk and they’re quick to forgive as long as the person makes and effort to show some humility and regret.

  10. @crocodilexp and @amanda agree totally.

    @ruai I think you seem to have a problem with reasoned discussion without getting personal. So I will adopt your style:

    I would assume then that every pub in the UK is run by the mafia too? Obviously a Thai male cannot be pushed too far and give some twat a good beating without being in the mafia? Your comments are very racist and demonstrate a level of bigotry that is the kind of stuff that got this guy’s ass kicked in the first place.

    This is just crap. I love how people like to resort to politically correct arguments about racism when the subject is not about racism, it’s about decency and respecting culture. The guy was out of line, end of story.

    To get so hung up about my “mafia link” appears a bit strange, and you’ve ignored the facts in the video. I’m not making it up, I didn’t shoot the video. I wasn’t talking about Gullivers – which incidentally in the past was a hangout for African drug smugglers, or is that (fact) racist?

    I’m assuming your pretty naive about Thailand and don’t speak Thai either, am I right? How would you compare the bars in Pattaya, Patpong and Saphan Kwai for example in terms of security/police connections/mafia/ownership – any idea? Do you know how much a place like Gullivers or Soi 8 pub actually pay the police each month? Do you understand the connection between Ban Rak police station, the recent riots in Patpong and the groups that supply illegal goods to the street vendors? Do you know the one of the youngest, most senior police officers in Bangkok is also a mafia guy who owns a steel mill, racecourses, lives in an 80 million baht apartment and runs a brothel outside Bangkok for 13-16 year old girls from Laos, Isaan and Vietnam, who go with Thai guys for 200 baht a pop?

    I assume if you read BadBoyKenny then your idea of a great pick-up spot for Thai girls is while they pray at a shrine, right?

    Thanks for your insight.

  11. @Leosia: I’m stuck on what you said because . . . uh, you said it. Based on zero facts. Simply because male Thais were in the bar it suddenly became a brothel run by the mafia.

    If you don’t want people to get stuck on ignorant and misleading statements then don’t make them.

    Simple really.

    Yes, I know the mafia exists. But your disjointed response really doesn’t address the issue. For instance, you say Gulliver’s has/had lots of African drug smugglers hanging out there as did many other businesses on Soi 5. But does that mean Gulliver’s is a mafia run brothel?

    You can’t take random fact A and combine with random fact B and jump to conclusion Q. Yes, plenty of bars pay off the cops. It’s a well known fact. Every go-go on Soi Cowboy, Nana, and Patpong is contributing the the policeman’s retirement fund. But it doesn’t make them mafia run. It means that in Thailand that a part of doing business is sometimes you have to pay off the cops.

    Similarly, reading BBK doesn’t mean anything other than I read a diverse group of blogs. Assuming anything more than that is the same 1+1 = 534857943573 faulty logic that had you calling the place a mafia run brothel.

  12. Leosia,

    I wanted to issue an apology. I checked out your website and noticed that the first several posts on your blog are rantings against how corrupt the police are, how bad the tourism authority is, etc, etc.

    So I wanted to apologize because I wasn’t totally aware when I responded that you suffer from burn-out. You’ve been here too long and now the only thing that brings you joy is complaining about Thailand and Thai people.

    By the way, this quote pretty much sums up how far deep into the pit you’ve fallen:

    Really, if you exclude blind people, retards, disabled and anyone with an IQ below 86, that covers about 99% of the Thai population.

    So, I was pretty spot on when I tagged you a racist in my original response to you.

    Why don’t you go home? You obviously hate Thailand and the Thai people. What’s the matter, can’t make it back in the real world? Can’t find a real job back home?

    I mean, to some degree, we all have a choice where we want to live. If you hate things so badly that you post again and again at how bad things are here, why don’t you simply go back home or to some other country where things are just peachy?


  13. You know, looking at this, reading these responses, I’ve got to agree with a few and just rip at some others. In my book, standing at a bar that’s likely closing, cursing and pounding your fist, that’s a recipe for problems. Having traveled a bit, you could take this to Australia, Canada, much of Europe, MOST of the USA and get something similar. Granted, language limits vary. But posturing like he did is an open invitation that will either be taken up on or not.

    To me, Thailand’s simple. Clear your head, take in some delicious food and definitely some beer. Keep your head, watch your tongue, and in general maintain a reasonable level of respect. When you’re pissed because something’s not right, act “in need”, not demanding. And whatever you do, and this works in every culture, don’t down the people as if you were somehow created from some superior form of mud.

  14. They advertise that the kid was only 15. So what? It was a total sucker punch. He stood back, measured him up and punched him right on the jaw below the ear as if he were punching one of those balls you pay 10 baht to punch at a mall. Total act of cowardice. Then you hear the another Englishman say “ya don’t fuck with the Thais mate” Hahaha. Classic example of a servile ass kisser. Both those farang are low-lives. Total losers. If you can’t hold your booze don’t drink. I once knew a Canadian in S. Korea who would go out alone and get shit faced, based on the way he acted I knew he’d have problems. Sure enough he got his face kicked in and had to have massive re-constructive surgery. As was seen in this video the guy was sucker punched and knocked out cold, but they still stomped his face a couple times and punched him. He was lucky. If it happened in parts of LA, NY, Chi, or Philly he’d be dead. Probably be dead in parts of BKK too. In my opinion they should have offed him. One piece of shit killing another is no big deal. It’s only when decent people get hurt that problems arise.

  15. I keep watching this clip and laughing my ass off. right after he spouts off “who wants it?” he gets tagged and you can hear the punch, but also him making a noise like “duh” Fucking Homer Simpson gets his ass kicked. hahahaha. His head whips around to face the camera perfectly too. Excellent. I loved seeing this tool get owned. I retract my earlier statement. it would be a shame if they killed him, because he makes a wonderful punching bag. I bet they drug him off, threw him in the back of a pick up and now he’s a human punching bag somewhere upcountry. No big loss. And he now has a purpose providing hours of entertainment for impoverished rural people.

  16. Nick, Why do think I have serious issues and need help? I rightfully condemned the sucker punch and advise people who can’t hold their alcohol not to drink. This isn’t some nice, innocent person getting clocked. The guy’s a thug. Decent people don’t behave that way. If it were some nice guy just minding his own business getting thumped I’d be outraged, but this wasn’t the case. This was funny. Do you really care what happens to a thug like that? The Thai who sucker punched him obviously didn’t. You can actually kill someone with a sucker punch. A perfect ending to the night would have been if the guy suffered an aneurysm and died and the kid who clocked him along with all those who punched and kicked his unconscious form loaded up into a pickup, ran off the road, and died in a fiery crash on the way home. The world would have been a slightly better place, if only infinitesimally so. I really don’t mind when bad things happen to bad people. No big deal. It’s a good thing y’all. I’ll add that the Thai woman should also win the lottery for her good deed of intervening on the victim’s behalf. A compassionate act. And the ass sucking sycophant of a Brit to be heard saying “ya don’t fuck with the Thais mate” should suffer a throat injury which permanently silences him. I think this is the cosmic balance needed in this situation.

  17. Actually, I didn’t watch the video again before my last post. For some reason I thought that the Thai woman had assisted him, but she really didn’t do anything to help him and in fact just looked like she was going help the Thai guys take out the trash. Or perhaps she wanted to frisk him and steal his wallet. I retract the previous suggestion that she should win the lottery. She gets nothing. And if her intent was to steal from him then I hope she lost her mobile phone on the way home.

  18. the thais are wonderful people that cock got what he deserved just because its common place in uk ( the land of scum) does not mean you do it in thailand. let it be a message to all foreigners.

  19. In general I agree with the points raised by Nick.

    I can’t understand why some other readers compare the violent outcome with the UK. I just wonder if UK is a civilized country then. Where I come from (Central Europe) this situation would have been solved most probably in a peaceful manner and the guest asked to leave the venue.

  20. I could have understood if the guy he was talking with was the one who beat him, were these guys the man’s bodyguard? Whatever is it, I still think this isn’t good, regardless of nationalities, somebody should have mediated and asked the two parties to be in another room to resolve the issue. It’s not the issue of who’s right or wrong, but I think it’s a different story when there’s Physical assault.

    The video exposes the farang getting mad with his actions expressing them BUT he NEVER TOUCHED the other person. We can’t hear the audio, the farang might have said something that triggered the moves whatever, if they understood English, then he’s into Verbal assault. But still, there’s no justice and it isn’t fair.

    Which makes me think in cases like this if the farang can file a Physical assault case, can’t he? I have no idea on Thai Civil law or Criminal Law except on Drug offences and Defamation against the Royal Family. So I can’t say what happened in the video is unlawful. I’m curious how do any situation as this assault is resolved legally.

  21. @Eanah: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . . . . wait, let me catch my breath . . . okay, hahahahahahahahahahaha

    Thai vs. Farang legal dispute . . . Thai will always win.

    And one does not need to actually harm or place their hands on someone for that other person to feel threatened. In fact, one doesn’t even really need to understand the language to pick up on the fact that this guy was agitated and becoming aggressive and confrontational. That’s when the first Thai guy steps in and pushes him back a bit. His body language seems to be that the guy needs to cool down. He’s telling the farang to step back for a second and cool off.

    And if he would of, we wouldn’t be watching the video. What he did was then provoke the confrontation by asking the Thais if they “want some” and motioning that he’s ready to fight.

    At that point getting clocked by a sucker punch is well deserved by Thai standards. Thais don’t fight one-on-one and when you fight one you fight them all.

    At a karmic level I don’t think the guy deserved to be sucker punched but on the other hand would anybody feel sorry if one of the guys who he was challenging to a physical altercation would have fairly cleaned his clock? No, people just have a problem with the Thai way of resolving physical threats.

  22. Hi Ruai,

    Oh, I feel better than I made you laugh!:) Hope you’re fine and still breathing well or I may be guilty if something bad happens to you!LOLOL! πŸ˜€ :)) =))
    Ok, you still managed to write, so I assume you’re fine. Good. lololol!

    Anyway, thanks for explaining what happened, that’s what I complained about the audio, not really that I couldn’t hear, but words were blury. Can hear the Thai guy said (if this is right)
    farang: *&&**(*&^&*
    thai : I don’t understand it.
    farang: (*&^&*()()
    thai : if u drink more, u order..
    farang: NO! NO!if u *&**(((*)() THAT!WHY? OK?
    farang: u want some
    (and then there goes the action!)

    The farang was angry,he could have been at least controlled and he wouldn’t have ended that way, don’t know what made him really mad though and I can’t tell if he was drunk or so. But then, my point is, if that farang wasn’t a farang(if he was a Thai) would he get the same result? And that Thai vs. Farang legal dispute makes the Thai always win is quite a bit both sad… and grrrrrrr……wow!

    Finally, this has served a great lesson for all. As noticed, people here have high tolerance level talking about the “mai pen rai” mentality but seems actions absolutely make the “volcano erupt”. :-S

  23. Actually the farang threatened the Thai manager. He made some comment about how he would have the bar “done over” big time. So it’s not as if it’s a guy simply getting angry. He’s making threats.

  24. Thanks. Oh, I figured. That farang must have expected and internalized LOS in ALL aspects and conditions. πŸ˜€

  25. Wow, such manhood. How many Thais does it take to take down one drunken Englishmen? Apparently quite a few. Lucky the bar lady was able to sort them out.


  26. I don’t agree with Ruai “Thai vs. Farang legal dispute . . . Thai will always win.”
    I heard this old BS so many times from dunken farangs in the beer bars. Ok it’s not very likely that in this particular case the Thal legal system will step in, but in more serious cases Franags have the same rights than Thais in the court.
    I expereineced this myself when a friend of mine was sued by a Thai family for causing a serious car accident which left a Thai women dead. It took 3 months for the before a court hearing was set, but with the help of some eye witnesses the farang got a non guilty verdict.

  27. My girlfriend and I are from Germany. We visited Thailand in 2007 and my girlfriend had sex with a young thai guy. What was supposed to be a one-night stand ended for me badly as the thai made it soon clear to me that he will stay in charge for my farang girl, as long as we are on holiday in Thailand. As we were in a foreign surrounding and I felt that my girlfriend had enjoyed sex with him, I became so insecure that I did not dare to confront him… he had fun with my girl and lived on our holiday bugdet. But however humiliating it was…., when reading the above article I was probably lucky to retreat voluntarily…..

  28. Dude! You’re such a loser!!! a) for letting your girl have sex with another guy, b) for having a girlfriend that needs to be satisfied by someone else c) for letting another guy screw your girl and get away with it, d) for letting your girl screw another guy and then sticking around with her and that guy for the rest of your holiday e) for even admitting that this happened!!

  29. hmmmmm……. I think Rainer meant DO NOTHING when you’re here regardless of the situation……(to get rid of being punch by Thai guys) Hehehe πŸ™‚

  30. @Rainer: The only thing you did that was voluntary is allow your girlfriend to sleep with some Thai guy in the first place. You should have kicked them both to the curb the next morning when the girlfriend even hinted that this was going to become more than a one night fling. I would have demanded she and her Thai lover get another hotel (out of her pocket), canceled any flight reservations made on your credit card in her name, and never spoken to the bitch again.

  31. @Rainer
    Good lord man! Grow some balls and some self respect, you must have more respect for yourself than to let shit like that go down! Dump that bitch and move on!
    Thai guys are not really dangerous in a fight. Don’t tell me all those salary-men on the BTS or the scrawny metrosexuals are any fight at all, they’d probably rather jump in a klong than start a fight with a big farang.
    The only guys you have to watch out for are thai guys in the red light districs and in tourist areas (which tend to be the same). Those guys are CRIMINALS and gang bangers! Put one of those Thai guys in the area around the main railway station in my country and let’s see how they fare in a fight. Don’t start fights with gang bangers.
    The other guy that’s dangerous in Thailand are the hi-so guys. They will get you beat or worse for talking to their girl and you won’t see it coming. Always ask who knows who when talking to a group of Thais.

  32. It’s ok. Foreigners get the shit kicked out of them all the time in England. The cosmic cycle continues.

  33. Dear Rainer,

    It’s so touching that you let the thing about your girlfriend happened because you love her so much. I found and read the article you wrote about the incident. Now,Mr. Dear Sweet Guy, Man up for crying out loud!!! Have yourself some self-respect! You act like a poor submissive Thai girl who is stuck with a disgusting shitty Thai guy. Gosh…I did try to sympathize with you, but I have to agree with many comments above. Why the heck did you do that to yourself!?!

    It’s funny that one of my close friends and I just recently had a discussion about our very very nice poor young German friend who attaches himself to a demanding little Thai princess. I very much dislike to hear how good people are taken advantage of. You are 10 times worse than he is. You know what, I hate to say that even a submissive Thai girl will take you for granted. Geez…

  34. The more pissed idiots from abroad (and there are many candiddate countries) get smashed like this by Thais, the better off we will all be – they probably won’t be so keen on visiting Thailand again. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  35. you act like that in Thailand and get violent and you will get that in return.

    Don’t do it, don’t disrespect the Thai people in their country, get drunk and be merry.

  36. Want to notice that many bars/pubs in Thailand usually have military/cop involved… so it may be correct to say they are ‘mafia’…

  37. Ruxo you are wrong, sorry, Nick is a dick, to say the poor farang didn’t get out of line, not sorry, basically its the same as anywhere, you get drunk and threatening as a foreigner you will probably get a clout as the guy in the clip did.

    In the UK in would have been well before this in the movie as in the US, good to see some comments from clueless people as normal.

  38. Ruxo, if there are cops in the bar it may be the only thing that keeps the Thais from killing or maiming you. So, no, no mafia.

  39. The Thai’s are very tolerant people, this guy was being a belligerent asshole, I don’t understand why idiots like this come to Thailand and think they can act this way without consequences. I see so many stupid farang here try to get things done with force and anger, that is not the way to treat people. It’s refreshing to see this obnoxious prick get the shit kicked out of him.

  40. Thai’s are not very tolerant any more in Pattaya or Phuket, because stupid farang behave like idiots. Especially drunk English people.

  41. RamupmaButt: ha, ha, ha,….very funny comment! Because my girlfriend had a sex affair with a thai guy and I was humiliated it does not mean that she will be ready for anything you think….

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