This Is Why You Don’t Start Fights With Thais

If you haven’t heard the advice already allow me to tell you now that starting a physical altercation with a Thai is suicide. Thais very seldom one on one and they are known to be very patient in plotting their revenge even if you get the upper-hand the first go.

In this video we see some idiot getting out of line with a Thai and learning the hard way that when you fight one Thai you fight them all.

Believe it or not this guy is actually lucky. If the bar lady hadn’t stepped in the rest of the Thai guys would have continued to beat him into a bloody pulp. With Thais the fight doesn’t end when you knock the other guy down, that’s when it really gets started.

So let that one be a lesson for you guys who like to pop off. The Thais will put up with a lot of crap from us farangs. They usually try to avoid conflict but once you cross that line expect no mercy.

56 thoughts on “This Is Why You Don’t Start Fights With Thais”

  1. Rainer,

    I’m going to kick your ass for making me sick.

    Of course you’re full of shit though. No way you did that.

    But then again you are German and you guys are known to be twisted freaks with all sorts of sexual perversions.

    The answer to everyone’s question as to why you would allow such a thing to happen is simple;

    You liked it. You jacked off thinking about being a submissive little bitch to your dominant gf and projected it onto her lover.

    I’m sure the guy was a loser and you could have kicked his ass, but you were role playing right?

    You’re a sick fuck Rainer. So is your gf. how on earth can she be attracted to a Thai guy anyway? She probably has HIV now, but you should be OK since you don’t have sex with her.

    You’re a creep Rainer. Get some help.

  2. awaaawhh !!thought the fighting was on the video, seems it’s extended in here…..oh i see, the different kind. lololol! peace! 😀

  3. …thanks Eaanah. I did not want to offend anyone when going public with my very taboo experience. But you are right, that my girlfriend had sex with a thai guy obviously seems to extend ‘fighting’ into here. People become aggressive. About the nature of beach boys I recommend the following article, which I think is very objective:


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