Thais ok with corrupted government

Well this does explain a lot about Thaksin’s popularity. 🙂

Thais ok with corrupted government

Published: 28/06/2009 at 12:02 PM

A latest survey reveals that many Thai people would accept a crooked government if it can make the country prosper and raise their standard of living.

The Abac Poll Research Centre conducted a survey on people’s well-being, involving 1,228 households in 17 provinces nationwide.

84.5 per cent viewed that corruption in businesses would not be unusual and 51.2 per cent said they would tolerate a corrupted government if it can improve the country and their well-being.

73.9 per cent agreed that living self-sufficiently can help ease the economic crisis.

On the continuing border dispute between Thailand and Cambodia, 84.6 per cent wanted both sides to negotiate peacefully and jointly improve the regional economy. 4.8 per cent wanted either side to use force to solve the problem.

52.9 per cent supported the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship’s anti-government rallies under the condition that they must be held peacefully.

16.3 per cent said they would support the UDD unconditionally. 21.1 per cent opposed the group.