How Many Girlfriends Do You Have?

I guess you have to love Thai culture. I’ve recently started a beginner Thai course here in Bangkok and on the second day of class we were learning how to ask questions about whether or not you have something. The teacher (Thai female) wrote on the board:

Question: Khun mii faan may khrap? (Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?)

Answer: Phom mii fann laaw khrap (I have girlfriend / boyfriend already)

Answer: Phom yang may mii faan khrap (I don’t have a boyfriend / girlfriend yet)

Answer: Phom mii faan laay khon khrap (I have many girlfriends / boyfriends)

Then she went around the room of all male students and asked us each if we had a girlfriend. Everyone either said yes or many. The teacher sat down somewhat disappointed and said “Dichan yang may mii faan khrap” (I don’t have a boyfriend yet).

I guess only in Thailand would that shoot up to the top of the list of phrases a Thai instructor thinks you need to know. 🙂

6 thoughts on “How Many Girlfriends Do You Have?”

  1. lololol! thanks for the share, at one hand, we’re learning the language along with you. 🙂

  2. I am currently learning thai at TLS language school in Bangkok. I practised my thai abilities before in daily life a little bit and used the rosetta stone dvd. In both cases I enjoyed learning talking about food, transportation, shopping and so on first…

    Compared to my current course the described dialogue is rather “relaxed”. Many of my fellow students prefer learning to speak about intimate body parts first. When they learned some dirty words already, the next week they come back with theier new “conversations” and try to disturb the teacher with new bar phrases…

    Do not understand me wrong. I can do that too and sometimes enjoy a night out.
    But I do not fully get the sense of learning thai for bar girls only. I mean they understand talking money, right??

    Or does anyone feel that the enjoyment of bar girls is improved when you can speak thai? Speaking thai or not even prices are the same and also the rate of girls who want to stay longer or not take money is about the same.

    Sorry… just thinking for myself 😉

  3. That sort of thing is okay if you are on vacation or you’re not planning to live here. Using that slang Thai around the average Thai, who’s not involved in the bar industry, won’t see you being taken very seriously. There’s a time and a place to use it, or not.

    TBH, being able to converse in Thai with bar girls will probably just make them feel a bit more comfortable around you. The fact is though that they’re still just doing a job and their rates won’t change significantly. For me, enjoyment of a birl occurs once she’s naked and in my bed lol. Most of what they talk about sheer bloody nonsense.

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