Hot or Not? What Thai Girls Look for in a Foreign Guy

Given the huge cultural differences between Thailand and the West, its not surprising that what’s hot in one culture may not be all that in the other.  In the two years I’ve lived in Thailand, I’ve seen guys that would be considered pretty average back home end up with super hot Thai girls.  On the other hand, I’ve seen guys, who back home would do quite well, get ignored by very average Thai girls.  So what’s the deal?  Well, after extensive scientific investigation (read:  many nights spent partying in clubs) I’ve come to the following conclusions about what’s hot or not in Thailand, which should be of use to any hopeful romantics in the country.


 Thai girls want something different – but not that different


The first clue as to what Thai girls want involves looking at the other half of the Thai race:  Thai men.  Virtually all Thai girls in their 20’s or older will have dated at least one Thai guy in the past. The majority of Thai guys tend to be short, thin, and somewhat effeminate.  Foreigners, on the other hand, tend to be taller, heavier built, and more masculine.  All these factors can definitely work in the foreign man’s favor – but only in moderation.  Most Thai girls want a man who is tall and strong – but not some huge body builder or muscle freak.  In fact, most romantically successful foreign guys in Thailand tend to be relatively slim and effeminate compared to other foreigners – though of course larger and more masculine than the average Thai male.  So if you read body building magazines and spend hours at the gym pumping iron, you might want to lay off the steroids for awhile before booking a flight to Thailand. 


Case Study:  The Vin Diesel type is better off staying at Home


Back in the West, a hyper masculine guy with a strong, muscular build like Vin Diesel would probably be considered very attractive to a lot of girls.  Not so in Thailand.  See point #1.  Don’t forget that the average Thai girl is fairly short and as thin as a stick – she’d probably be terrified of someone Vin Diesel’s size!  On the other hand, a guy who looks like Matt Damon – someone who is slim, strong, yet with a slightly effeminate face – would do very well in Thailand.  So nurture your metrosexual side and you may have to beat off the girls with a stick.  



The Clothes Make the Man


Its been written over and over again that keeping a high standard of personal hygiene and dressing with a little class does wonders for the foreign male’s chances of winning over a beautiful Thai girl.  Well, most foreign guys in Thailand must be too busy downing yet another Chang to do much reading, because its amazing how poor most foreigners dress in Thailand.  I’m not even referring to the neo-hippy backpackers because that’s a whole different story, but to the middle aged guys who show up to a club wearing sandals, shorts, and a Red Bull tank top.  In any decent club, restaurant, or bar, the average Thai male will be wearing nice shoes, designer jeans, and a stylist dress shirt.  Follow suit and you will instantly be elevating yourself above 90% of the foreigners in Thailand, and receiving much more attention from the opposite sex to boot.




Skin Color Does Matter


Its unfortunate but true:  in Thailand, people are judged all the time based on skin tone.  The whiter the skin, the more attractive, wealthy, and elite a person is perceived to be.  Little wonder then that the supermarkets are filled with skin-whitening products, that many Thai girls will carry around an umbrella to block out the sun’s rays, and that Thai models are so pale they look like they haven’t been exposed to sunlight since they stopped wearing diapers.  Therefore, a foreign male who gets a kick out of burning his skin to a crisp reddish brown on the islands before hitting the clubs in Bangkok shouldn’t be too surprised when Thai girls don’t give him a second glance.  Of course, most Caucasian foreign guys who arrive in Thailand are pretty white to begin with, so as long as you don’t seek out the sun, you should be fine.  On the other hand, African-Americans, Indians, and Arabs who arrive in Thailand will be at a distinct disadvantage in the dating arena due to their darker shade of skin.




 Loose the Beer Gut


If there’s one physical feature that’s an almost universal turn-off to Thai girls, it’s a large beer belly.  Of course, loosing weight is easier said than done, and poor genes or a slowing metabolism sure don’t help.  Neither does the widespread availability of cheap beer in Thailand or that huge portion of bangers’n’mash at your favorite expat restaurant.  However, by following a few simple tips, it can be relatively easy to stabilize your weight or even drop a few pounds in Thailand.  First off, if you must drink, better stick with whiskey & soda rather than the ubiquitous beer, which is heavy in calories.  Secondly, Thai eateries generally serve meals of smaller portions and fewer calories than the typical gut-busting fare of an expat restaurant, so eat local and you’ll be shedding the pounds in no time.  Fitter guys appear younger, healthier, and generally more desirable to Thai girls, so control your weight and notice the difference in the attention you receive from the Thai ladies.




When All Else Fails


Some of you readers must be thinking about the time (probably numerous times) you walked down a street in Bangkok and saw an old, overweight foreigner with zero fashion sense being escorted by a beautiful Thai girl half his age.  Doesn’t that scene run counter to all of the above advice?  It sure does, but remember that such men are likely being escorted to the nearest jewelry shop or ATM machine in a calculated bid to slowly relieve them of their life savings.  The truth is, no matter what “look” a foreign guy has or how unattractive he may be perceived by Thai girls, there will always be some uneducated girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who will be more than willing to date him provided they receive material support in return.  This may be great for foreign guys who would have no chance of scoring otherwise, but also depressing for many guys who feel like they are being “used” rather than genuinely loved.  However, for the foreign guys out there who are looking for a beautiful, classy Thai girl that’s genuinely interested in true romance, then take the advice in this article to heart and you may very well find the girl of your dreams in Thailand.




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  1. Heres a funny thing.
    Last year I went to Pattaya with an old friend for some fun.
    You need to picture the two of us. We are chalk and cheese. We have both always seemed to do ok with women in our own country. UK. He has done very well but theyre all dirtbags. I have had less quantity but more quality.I’ve had they moments at least and I dont go without. Ive been married 4 times so I presume I must be awful to live with.I am comfortably off and well presented. Im told Im a good witty talker. Im in good sporty physical shape. Ive still got hair and its still brown.Im 57 but most people think Im about 47 and lastly, I’m extremely modest.
    ( Blimey, Im the perfect man)

    My mate Charlie, whilst he has managed to stay very slim like a weedy teenager,also has a teenagers dress sense and mentality. He’s 56 but still wears hoodies and beenie hats. Lies around on cushions all night smoking dope. He has never
    had a decent job. No money. No education. Hes slow witted. Slow moving. He has sloppy unhygienic ways. He hardly ever showers or brushes his hair. Never been anywhere or seen anything. He scratches his arse and picks his nose. But his only saving grace is that he seems younger than his 56 years, at least at first sight. His girlfriends all tend to be big and fat and on benefit. I dont know why I hang around with him.He is a waste of fresh air.

    So, out we go in Pattaya to hit the bars. Im cleanly dressed and feeling confident whilst he, the scruffy git, is wearing extremely short clingy nylon shorts and a string vest from the pound shop, along with ugly sandels and ‘socks’. Looking a bit gay actually. He lurched along the road with an uneasy gait, stooping and round shouldered. Then, as soon as we stood outside a bar the girls lunged forward like iron filings to a magnet, grabbed him and dragged him inside. Left me standing on my own like I was invisible. They were all over the little shit four at a time, groping him and sticking their tongues down his throat. Me – nothing. Im just watching this going on. And yet no decent intelligent woman would give him the time of day back home. This happened over and over every night until I hated the bastard.
    So what did this mean?
    Is it due to cultural differences, that they have different ideas on whats attractive from us in the west. Regardless of not washing and looking unkempt etc. they like slim young boy types, and my mate was as near as you can get as a 56 year old farrang. Surely they cant really have interest in anyone of our age.
    Did they see me as ‘stuck up’ and less casual jand drunk? Was he more approachable? Or did they sense that he was a dope and would be parted from his money more easily than me? What do you experts think was going on?
    Whatever, Ive ordered my new beenie hat and string vest for my next trip, and I wont be going with that arsehole again.

  2. This post is dum and targeted for white people. The writer is wasting precious internet space. Screw your self racist old fuck.

  3. Racist? What are you talking about? Are you drunk or on something? I didn’t mention anything about anyone’s colour. I might be black. You don’t know.

  4. Love the post mat you summed it all up on a nutshell . I’m off to Pattaya next week a for a month I will give it a jolly good shot . After w few drinkies I better aim straight
    Thanks for your post you surly have done your homework . This is my 9 th trip

  5. Blaine Turnacliff

    The classic old scenario where old western foreigners, can still get younger, attractive Thai women. It’s certainly changed a lot since the heady days of the 80s and early 90s, but still exists. Much of the reason is from the colonial mindset still held by many in the developing world, where whiteness and the European male was seen to embody the ideal in a man. Times are a changing though and it wont last. Even now in the West, the white male is being relegated to much the same position as the Asian male, by the black man. The black man now stands for masculinity, strength, sexual virility and desirability by mass media and females in the west, while the white male is increasing seen as weak, small dicked, beta versions. White women are flocking to the black brothers more than ever before. What will be interesting to see is whether Asian women follow their white sisters or whether they continue with their white worship….

  6. It’s certainly a fact that the girls value status. It’s the same the world over.

    Higher status Thai women will be intelligent and educated. They will also have class…and they want men who meet that standard.

    It’s hard in Thailand for Arabs unless they can flash the cash but not long term relationships (though they seem popular with lady boys and visa versa), Indians and negroes. Money is an issue. The Indians rarely have any and can be pretty gross…and these are the ones who CAN afford a holiday! Skin colour is very important in Thailand and, as in much of the world, lighter skin denotes status, intellect and culture; and this applies within every racial group as well as across groups.

    The bitter comment above from a, I guess, negro is way off the mark as across the world they are looked down upon despite the MSM pushing a positive image. Its mere wishful thinking. Thai women do not want black kids and it would bring shame upon the family and village. Period. Nor do they want someone who is violent, criminal or runs off on them. Sad for good, intelligent, negroes but they are in a small minority given the low average IQ of that particular race.

    So, there is hardly even a pecking order. It’s Caucasian guys…… and then the rest.

  7. I think like people said “there is this white privilege” from colonialism. So the whitest will always win over a dark skinned. It apply to both among the asian culture and black culture.
    Among black community, black males will mostly choose the light-skinned over a dark-skinned.
    Black guy are just good for fuck but not “long-term relationship” because most black guy have bad reputation when it comes to relationship “low income, low education, domestic violences, drug, rape, child abuse, guetto, gangs, no romance….”

    The country that start to get a better status among asians are “South Korean male celebrities or young Kpop idol” who are seen as better than a white guy. “Handsome, rich, well-mannered, romantic, gentle, talented, smart and funny.
    And soon it will be the Chinese who have 30 million male who will have to seek a wife from poor country in Asia. Chinese men will be able to afford to buy a wife in SEA country. And China is already the richest country in Asia next to Japan.

    Anyways, the white privilege will dissapear sooner or later. Asian guy are really competitive. They know money will attract the lady. And there are more and more asian men who are starting to be richer than white men in the west.
    So the old white men will have to go to another 3rd world countries “India or Africa”. South America is too dangerous for naive oldmen.

  8. Here for Justin…you ignorant moron the article and personal experience are more than lovely to read. Most likely you are one of them twats that jurk off all the time and that’s the best you can do. So if you can’t get laid in a sea of women that’s your problem. So piss off

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