One night in Bangkok continued.

My brain feels like it is swimming in thick oil and my body is aching but that’s what happens when you party in Bangkok two nights in a row. But it was worth it!

OK, back to the night before yesterday. Pete had arrived on Friday but he didn’t tell his girlfriend that he was here. He wanted a few nights to play on his own before seeing her. He’s such a lovely boy! He picked up a girl in the gentleman’s club and brought her with us to the after hours nightclub but I don’t know what happened to her, she just disappeared. My girlfriend arrived with two friends and one of them is a good friend of Pete’s girlfriend. The plot was thickening! My girlfriend had already told her friend that if she told Pete’s girlfriend he was here they would not be friends anymore but Pete wanted to take it to another level. Just after we got to the nightclub I swallowed another half of E and finally I was feeling a bit of love in the air. We had been dancing in the laser light beams to heavy techno music, smiling at everyone because we were just feeling so happy, for about an hour when Pete asked me to step outside with him, he had a plan. He told me that he was going to take the friend of his girlfriend home and fuck her because then she could not tell his girlfriend that they had met. I was laughing my ass of but he was serious. Nut, my girlfriend, came out and joined us and he told her about his plan, she said he was nuts but that it would probably work, after all TIT (This Is Thailand). We went back in to the flashing darkness and thundering music and kept smiling but no one noticed because everyone else was smiling also.

A Thai guy, maybe in his 50’s, was up on the bar dancing away, and looking good, whilst his groupies were jumping around below. I recognized the two big, though looking, Thai guys standing next to him and they gave me a discreet nod which I returned. I knew them both, one was special branch police and one was army special forces and both worked as security at different nightclubs to make ends meet, no wonder corruption is ripe in this country. It was obvious they were working private security for the old guy, I could see that they were both carrying guns on their back in their belts, so it wouldn’t look good if I went over and talked to them now. Their presence and the the young beautiful girls surrounding the old guy told me that he was somebody you didn’t want to get on the wrong side of, probably mafia, maybe police or army, TIT.

The girl who took care of our table in the gentleman’s club had joined us in the club at first but apparently some VIP customers were now there, at the table next to us, so she forgot everything about us and started to caring for them instead. That was fine, after all she has to make a living, and we didn’t care. Nut was looking good as always and when she dances no guy can keep his eyes of her. I saw that the girl from the gentleman’s club talked to her and she shook her head and moved closer to me. I asked what was wrong and she told me that the girl had asked her to go talk to one of the VIP guys. That pissed me off! I had already introduced them and she knew that I wasn’t fooling around om my girl since I had denied the company of a girl in the gentleman’s club, that should have told here that we were serious. I knew that she had to take care of her clients but she should have told them that this girl has a boyfriend. I went over and told her that I didn’t want her to ask my girl to talk to other guys again, Nut pinched my thigh hard but I wasn’t going to let this slide without making a statement. Off course she denied that she had done such a thing and I decided to back down as to not make her loose face, she had got the message. I told her that I was sorry if I had misunderstood but that if someone actually did ask my girl to go keep some other guy company I wold off course be very angry. She was very understanding and told me that she would keep an eye on my girl to make sure that no one made any moves on her. Fair enough.

It was time to bounce once again and we moved on to the next nightclub but dropped Pete and his girlfriend’s friend of at his hotel first. After another couple of hours smiling and dancing at a place that is a lot more shady, where all the bouncers carry guns inside their jackets, we finally went home to get some sleep. When we stepped outside to get a taxi the sun was already up and on the way back home we could see the monks in their orange robes doing their morning walk and scores of people off to work. All in all it was a good night! Now it was time for love.

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