Tilac Bar is the Best – Tilac Bar on the Decline

I usually love reading the Stickman site though sometimes I find myself asking questions about what motivates certain posts or even if the same person writes all of the posts. This week was one of those weeks where I had more questions than answers.

In this week’s Weekly he writes:

I’m of the view that the peak at Tilac has been reached, and passed, and I hate to say it but I feel it is a bar slowly in decline. There are lots of new girls and while many are pretty, I don’t know that the attitudes could be accurately described as wonderful. Tilac has become a high pressure sell joint with girls asking for a drink within 30 seconds and being abusive if one is turned down. Sigh, another good bar turns crap.

I’m not so sure I would agree but I remember that not long ago Stickman was singing their praises. In fact, a quick check took me to a post titled “Tilac, Simply the Best” written in April where he describes Tilac as the best go-go bar in all of Bangkok. No other bar supposedly comes even close. An entire Weekly column about why they are better than their competition. That’s some heavy duty approval stamping.

Tilac Bar in Soi Cowboy is in my mind, the best gogo bar in Thailand. Pretty much everyone I know likes it. It’s busy every night, often packed from 9 PM onwards and however you measure it, Tilac is the act by which others follow.

How does a go-go go (sorry) from being far and away the best go-go to being on the decline in the span of four months when no other bar has jumped up to win Stickman’s glowing approval?

Better yet, just the week before he declared Tilac now on the decline he was still praising the bar, albeit with some hedging due to complaints readers had sent in.

I’ve been talking up Tilac for quite some time and it remains my favourite bar. And no, despite some cynics suggesting otherwise, there’s nothing in it for me, no money changing hands and not a single free drink pushed my way. It’s busy most nights and does a roaring trade at the weekend. However, to bring some balance, a number of readers who have taken my recommendation and checked it out for themselves have not been so impressed. More than a few have reported issues when it comes time to receive their change. I’ve never had a problem myself, nor have any of my friends who are regulars, but there must be something going on as I have had a number of emails from readers reporting their change has been light. It seems that someone at Tilac – perhaps just a single rogue, perhaps a bunch, who knows – realises that there is good money to be made by short-changing merry customers who are more concerned about where Miss # 25 is than how much change they get. I maintain that it’s a great bar but do make a point to check your change.

Seriously, or more to the point, how can anyone take you seriously when one week you call it your favorite bar and even have to fend off accusations that you’re taking money to help promote it and seven days later talk about how the bar has hit its peak and is on the way downhill? A few readers complaining about being shorted on their change? Or are we to believe that last week Stickman was having a raging good time in the Tilac and in the span of one week the wheels have come off and the place is in an inescapable nosedive into oblivion?

But those aren’t even the reasons stated. Supposedly in one week it’s gone from his favorite bar to a place filled with drink thirsty dancers and cons.

While Tilac is one of my favorites I’m not sure I was every as gushing as Stickman was about the place. So I do frequent the place enough to know that most of the management and bar staff are the same as are most of the dancers. Sure you have your ebb and flow of girls coming in and leaving but for the most part the core group is the same as last month and even the month before.

Stickman is often accused of being paid off by certain businesses to promote them on his site. There always seems to be someone inferring or outright accusing Stickman of taking cash to write glowing reviews and/or to punish one’s competitors with accusations of something horrible going on in their bar. Personally, I don’t know and don’t care enough to form an opinion one way or the other. I view the content as entertaining and informative and then form my own views about the places he writes about. But whipsawing like this is the type of stuff that will certainly fan the flames of the “Stickman is a paid shill” camp.

I hope in the coming weeks he’ll step up and detail in as much detail as he’s been telling us how great Tilac is as to why he’s had the sudden change of heart.

8 thoughts on “Tilac Bar is the Best – Tilac Bar on the Decline”

  1. GIGO = Garbage In, Garbage Out

    90% is reader shit or else his “wife”.

    Don’t think he even bothers to pretend he teaches anymore.

  2. Was in Tilac a few nights ago for the first time ever and I found it a really nice place indeed. Many girls, some quite stunning, interesting layout, nice lightshow. I popped in to a few other bars and none impressed me as much (although I would have to think if I like Tilac more than Baccara… for the obvious reasons).

    I’m not sure who/why is anyone reading Stickman anymore. His site was both informative and entertaining 8 years ago, but IMO he was badly bruised by the Notstickman encounter – the contents is really dodgy these days, he comes off quite shifty as the Tilac coverage proves, and most of his ‘readers’ submissions’ are junk these days. Not to mention the horrible, horrible site layout.

    There are much better written Bangkok sites these days – although they all do have a habit of coming and going.

  3. I found this quite a common pattern in BKK over thae last year, especially now when there is less customers and more pressure from some of the bars on the girls, and a few in Pattaya can be classed in the same vein but there are plenty in Pattaya that are great.
    The word soon gets around in Pattaya and the owners, some anyway seem to take heed of the warnings and sort things out.
    There are a couple of good Go Go’s in the soi Bauhkow area that dont hasstle you at all and have a good attitude.

  4. Never liked the Stickman site – don’t like the rambling style and poor usability (no RSS, search or navigation – not that I can find anyway). For insight into the bar scene I read The Farang Speaks Too Much, run by the boys over at The Big Mango. It has the advantage of many contributors and comments and, in comparison with Stickman, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  5. I thought the original Stickman sold his website some time ago? The new owner is probably looking to make a return on his investment. The original Stickman site was pretty good for newbies with a lot of relevant info if you could find it.

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