Best and Worst Dressed Sex Tourists on Soi Cowboy

Stickman posted a link to the worst dressed video but he failed to note the same person also made a video of well dressed men visiting Soi Cowboy.

To be honest, while the worst dressed aren’t exactly dressed to go to the opera, IT’S SOI COWBOY!!! Shorts and a t-shirt are pretty much the uniform. The concept gets an A+ but the examples he found makes it a C- at best.

16 thoughts on “Best and Worst Dressed Sex Tourists on Soi Cowboy”

  1. I see nothing wrong with wearing shorts and t-shirt. I think it depends on how you wear them. A few of the examples fit the describtion though.

  2. From the same weekly stick, Mrs. Stick (a Thai lady) answers a question from a guy who wonders if he should tell his girl he likes to go to go-gos but doesn’t do anything.

    Mrs. Stick says: No one likes a man who goes to these places. Stickman kept it secret from me for a long time, I think about 6 months and then he told me and took me at the same time. I don’t like it. My first impression was why were so many nice and well-dressed men in there. They were guys who can meet ladies so why do they go there? What I remember most were guys wearing nice suits and it confused me so much.

    I know it’s not part of this discussion but I think that speaks loudly to all of the farang women who claim that only pathetic losers go to these places.

  3. No probs of seeing worst dresed “creatures” in the area, if it’s a decent place I may wonder why, after all, ALL they need is their pocket full. Simple logic.

    Those in business attire perhaps were just on tour- for curiosity’s sake, who knows? They aren’t much in the video anyway not so wise also to judge as they just went past through there. ( or just viewing, wait the next evening they’d be back dressed like the rest lolol)

    So what? They’re still sex tourists, truly dignified! A round of applause!!lolol!

    🙂 🙂

  4. @Ruai,

    I can see that you really hate farangs woman for whatever they say or do… You should not judge them all in same way as we all woman are different. So if you like to comment about farang woman I think you should be specific on someone and not generalize. I simply totally disagree with your attitude about farang woman and honestly I think you should keep that for yourself as sounds quite insulting to other farang woman in general who are writing on this blog.
    Coming back to the topic of best dressed sextourist…. I had been there recently with some of my friends to have a beer.. Well indeed you can see all type of man and all nationalities. I truly believe that the dressing code on that particular Soi isn’t 100% relevant to make an impression about one person and the reason why he is walking there. Some of the men are going out there in the suits and tie maybe simply because they just came out of work and had no time to change. Some goes out dressed like this because this is their way of dressing. Not all man likes to wear shorts and slippers. Curiosity is another factor on walking there and taking a walk or having a beer after working time. After all Soi Cowboy it’s a tourism attraction in Thailand! At the bar where I was having my beer I meet with a British couple (woman and man both farangs) and they told me that the reason why they came there is simply to see it and enjoy the street scene. Nothing about being sexpat! And they were both well dressed since they were just coming out of their office. However indeed the place is famous for prostitution and yes many farangs, Japanese, Chinese and other nationalities (tourist or residents in Thailand), are going there to find some comfort with a nice Thai lady since it’s so easy to get it ! They are literally dragged by the girls dressed very summary and very sexy. And after all why shouldn’t a nice well dress farang/ man visit that place and maybe find some moments of happiness with a nice beautiful Thai girl for few bucks…. Hahaha… Have a nice day ahead!

  5. @GMA: You are upset because I’m talking about you. I’m not talking about all farang women. Here is what I said:

    I know it’s not part of this discussion but I think that speaks loudly to all of the farang women who claim that only pathetic losers go to these places.

    How is that all farang women? It’s not. You have internalized it as all farang women because I was speaking about people like you who say evil and ugly things about farang men and Thai women. For instance, you do remember saying this, don’t you?

    My husband found a “nice” Thai lovely bitch 3 years ago, who by the way cheated on him too with some other onces which has more money than he has… hahaha…

    or this . . .

    Most of the farang man who are coming to Thailand are looking to escape of the harsh reality life and make themselves feel confortable… and they found the pefect match, Thai gogo bars girls who rip them off by kissing their ass… there is nothing about beauty here… look around … tell me how many Thai beautiful girls you can see on the streets ? Very few of the farang man are lucky enough to find the right one and exactly as you said . The good Thai girls will not look at a friky fat farang pig who is just looking for sex.. ( which most of the farangs do anyway), as back home no one give a damn shit on them because they are looses but here they are considered interesting for what they can provide.

    or even this . . .

    And yes I must admit here that some Thai woman has understood this trick well enough not to care about any morals. It is not regarded as prostitution, it’s simply way of life, making a living for Mama,Papa and entire family… We have a saying in my language.. The male dog will not go after female dog unless she raise her tail! and many Thai Girls are raising their tails just for the sake of having a farang boyfriend to pay their billd.

    So if you’re going to call someone a hater of others . . . you should take a very long, hard look in the mirror because you’re just one of many farang women over here in Thailand pissed off that the rules don’t work like they do back home. So you call the women bitches, prostitutes, and whores and say they have no morals and whatever. All the farang men are only over here for sex and we’re all stupid and so on and so on.

    Listen, we’re tired of hearing the angry farang girl rant. If you don’t like it go home!!! Quit lying about the Thai people and about the farang men just because farang men over here don’t want to put up with your attitude.

    You really need to get your head on straight. I find it funny that the farang couple you ran into can go to Soi Cowboy and simply want to enjoy the street scene but all the single guys are certainly there for prostitution.

    And after all why shouldn’t a nice well dress farang/ man visit that place and maybe find some moments of happiness with a nice beautiful Thai girl for few bucks…. Hahaha…

    You have no idea how many times I’ve been to Soi Cowboy and walked out alone. By choice.

    For example, I went down there Saturday night. A buddy of mine rang me and asked if I wanted to meet for a few beers. His girlfriend (Thai) was out with the gals that night and he wanted to hang out. Sure. We head down to Cowboy, throw back 3 or 4 beers and chat with the ladies.

    After that we decide to head to some other bar that a friend of ours owns to end the evening. My friend’s bar is not a go-go or anything. Just a place to go after 2am since he’ll pull the shades and stay open until you’re ready to go home.

    That’s pretty typical of my visits to Cowboy. Other times I take friends visiting from out of town and give them the guided tour. I introduce them to some of the mamasans and such, we watch some girls dance, and usually we either leave together with me sending them off in a taxi to their hotel or they decide they’ve fallen in love for the night and I head out by myself.

    I’m not saying that I’ve never partaken or that I don’t but probably only 1 out of 10 visits – if even that. So the whole picture you paint of everyone except for the farang couples being their ONLY for sex is as misinformed as everything else you’ve said in your racist rants about Thais.

  6. New here. Can anyone tell what the term farang means? Does it only refer to whites or to all foreigners like Arabs, Indians, Africans etc

  7. farang usually means white westerner. Africans are Africans. Arabs are Muslims (that’s what Thais call them). And Indians are Indians.

    Sometimes the term gets used more generally to mean “foreigner” but if you told a Thai that your friend was farang she would typically be expecting the person to be a white westerner.

  8. Well I am a South African of Indian descent (forefathers originally from India).
    I have Indian features, but don’t have an Indian accent or mannerisms.
    Also dressing is totally western. How would I be percieved in Thailand?

  9. Dear Zed,

    You would be percieved as an Indian as far as your features concern. I’m not sure of the purpose of you asking the question. Maybe you are wondering how you will be treated? If so, please don’t worry. You will be treated with common Thai hospitality like any other foreigners.

  10. @Dariya and Zed:

    While I think Dariya is going for the politically correct answer. I would say that she’s correct in that few Thais would openly treat you any differently than any other farang I’m not as confident as she is that having Indian features wouldn’t be a strike against you in the bigger picture.

    I mean, everybody on the planet has their little prejudices and stereotypes of others. It would be nice to think we live in a colorblind world but I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Those prejudices and stereotypes also serve useful purposes or project people in a positive way as well. For instance, if someone tells you they have a Thai wife, one might automatically assume her to be polite, caring, and lady-like whether or not any of those things are true.

    I would imagine – to answer Dariya’s question – the reason you ask about this is you’ve heard that Thais have some negative stereotypes of Indian men. In my experience, many Thais do hold negative stereotypes of Indian men. But then again, many don’t. I know several Indian guys with Thai girlfriends. In the end, I guess you’ll either be some girl’s cup of tea or you won’t and for the gals who hold negative stereotypes you just aren’t going to be their cup of tea.

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much though. You’re not going to get kicked out of any establishments or be refused service anywhere.

  11. I gotta agree with the first poster.. Why would I want to dress up for Soi Cowboy? To impress a country girl fresh of the farm or what? I honestly think many of these girls will be a little intimidated by a suit and/or tie! Casual jeans, t-shirt is fine or a dress shirt. I go to Cowboy once in a while to relax and have fun that’s it, not to look like a big-shot in front of gogo girls. Now, if I was to go to a regular club or even a karaoke/g-club, I would put on some nice threads.

  12. I am going to bangkok frm oct 16 to 19. I like to enjoy night life in bangkok
    If any body knowwhere i can get farang call girls in bangkok is there any farang independent call girl websites or any conatct number ,whose U(all) what the rate they farag girls are charginf for 3 hr .pls reply

  13. In answer to Zameer

    Is this a piss take?

    Farang call girls are normally of the Russian variety. Try the CM 2 night club in the basement of the Novotel on Siam Square. Plenty of Russian totty down there.

  14. I can’t speak for anyone else but my friends and I will head out for a night on the town. First place that we’ll hit is either Cowboy or Nana. Why might I be dressed up? Because by Midnight, I’ll be at BedSupperClub or one of the other establishments that will not allow me to enter without “proper” attire.

    The first few times that I went to Soi Cowboy, I picked up a girl or two. But it’s been a long time since I grabbed a gal out of Cowboy or Nana. Ages really. It’s a funny place to hang out. Mostly, we get drunk. Chat up gals whom we know…including the Mamasans…and we flirt. It’s really no big deal.

    Personally, I don’t understand why anyone makes a big deal out of it. What’s the difference between picking up a gal at Soi Cowboy for a fun night and picking up a gal at one of the nicer clubs in town after buying her drinks all night. It costs about the same and usually ends with the same results.

    Whatever floats a motherf*ckers boat.

    I’ve got a Thai girlfriend and have had the same girlfriend for nearly four years. She doesn’t give a rat’s ass that I occasionally sit down for a few beers at Cowboy or Nana. It ain’t her thing but we’re all individuals.


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