3 thoughts on “Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand-Episode 2”

  1. They (the tourists) mostly bring it upon themselves. They wouldn’t act like they do in some of these episodes in their home countries, and yet expect to “get away” with it here in Thailand.

  2. Thailand whored itself out in pursuit of the almighty baht from tourism and in the process turned itself into a toilet. Is it any surprise that there are so many turds — imported and domestic — floating around?

    The mock outrage of Thai officialdom and promises of reform; the Royal Thai Police falling all over themselves with idiotic press statements; the bleatings of blognorant; the protestations of the Thai hyper-patriots and their stooges in the camp of the KJDs (Knee-Jerk Defenders); the fresh ammo in the hands of the CTBs (Chronic Thai Bashers) on the other side of the trenches… I haven’t been this well-entertained in years.

    Thais love scams, tourists are stupid,the RTP is corrupt, ice is cold and iron is hard: as much fun as this is, can’t we move past the tautologies and get back to the important things like where to find a good steak, honest booze and the fine cheap trim?

  3. This show is supposed to document how dangerous and sinister Thailand is? Funny, because what it actually depicted was a bunch of drunken, violent tourists acting like baffoons and getting what they deserved.

    Okay first segment….a young woman gets a slap on the wrist for marijuana possession. In many parts of the United States, she’d be serving hard time for the same offence.

    Second segment…a man is awating trial for an ATM scam. Yes, the wheels of justice grind slowly in Thailand. But, it should be fairly obvious that either he or his father is guily. Thai police don’t just arrest people randomly at ATM machines.

    Third segment….a drunk tourist pisses on a poor taxi driver’s vehicle and then smashes the front! In my opinion, the taxi driver ought to have taken out a baseball bat and knocked the guy’s head in. Instead, we see a remarkable example of Thai patience and good humor as the bystanders hold the guy until the police arrive. The guy is so pissed that he neads to be convinced its better to fork over $50 rather than go to jail. What a pile of dirt.

    Fourth segment….two American “vigilantes” (whatever that means) go into a go-go bar and start sexually assualting women. Then attack the staff who try to stop them. Fortunately, another foreigner is decent enough to step in and give the brute what he deserves.

    It seems that Thailand has far more to fear from tourists than tourists have to fear from Thailand.

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