5 thoughts on “Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand-Episode 3”

  1. Uts pretty unbelievable stuff. I am sure most intelligent Bravo users (??) will see through it all – cough.

    More concerning is the silly stuff about the Thai film-mnakers being threatened with jaild. For what?? For telling the truth of course!

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  3. @Koh Chang: What parts did you find unbelievable? Personally, I thought a lot of it was dead on other than the fact that they fail to show the balanced side of it where not everyone is a drunken idiot. How about the thousands of other people who went out that same night and didn’t get a beer bottle smashed on their head?

  4. @Koh Chang: I thought the cough was for the part where you said Bravo’s users would get it 🙂

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