TAT’s Desperate Move to Lure Tourists

I stumbled across this video shot in April 2009 that supposedly shows why Thailand is such a great place to visit even when there is political turmoil going on.

I was here when PAD shut down the airports and when friends and family frantically emailed asking if I was safe I told them I hadn’t even seen a single demonstrator. Everything was safe.

But isn’t it a tad bit desperate to shoot a video that showcases the political turmoil and basically says, “Hey, don’t pay attention to those crazy rioters . . . visit Thailand”? Or is it such a ringing endorsement when the one guy tells the interviewer that Thailand is better than Mexico? Is that going to be Thailand’s new sales pitch “Visit Thailand. At least it’s better than Mexico!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love Thailand. But instead of trying to convince people that they should still come despite the problems . . . why not fix the problems!!!!

3 thoughts on “TAT’s Desperate Move to Lure Tourists”

  1. Hmm. I’d be ideal to fix the problems. But how? That’s the question. I think what TAT was thinking was that, instead of waiting until the problem is fixed, just go out and tell the tourists everything is fine. I mean, it’s not a complete lie, but it’s better than sitting still and watch a number of tourists decrease.

  2. @Ruai: But that ends up becoming part of the problem. Maybe if Thailand’s tourism dropped off those in charge might go about making real changes. Instead they just say “don’t look over there” and hope tourists believe them while nothing has changed. What is different today than when they made this movie? Nothing. Protests still going on, ASEAN meetings threatened, when the PM leaves the country the generals have to reassure everyone there will be no coup, etc.

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