Thai Lady Caught Lying With Lie Detector

A really good video first mentioned on the Big Mango blog. Basically, boy meets Thai girl on the internet. Boy marries girl. Boy brings Thai girl to live with him in England. Boy starts to hear rumors from Thais that his girl cheating on him. Boy takes girl on national television to take lie detector test to prove whether or not she’s lying. Girl fails test miserably.

Pretty much your typical love story.

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  1. Well after seeing this show I was amaze.I thought all thai bar girls could beat a lie detector test.He may have met her on the internet but you can tell she work the bars in thailand.When are the old guys that go to thailand to get young thais wife smarten up.These girls only want one thing,and it is not some old farang from england.Most of these girls do not want to live anywhere but thailand.I know because I was stupid to marry one many years ago.Anyway if you have not read the book money number one,do so.Everything in if is true.Private dancer is also a good read,for anyone going to thailand for the first time

  2. Not even going to bother watching the video. Lived and travelled enough in Thailand to know one thing: If her lips are moving, she’s lying. That being said, I still wouldn’t go anywhere else for a fun holiday. Just make sure you board your plane the same way you came into the country–by yourself.

  3. Half the marriages in the western would end in divorce because either or both lie to each other.
    My ex English wife lied through her teach in court when I divorced her, and when I was paying her maintenance by cash for 2 years and we had a row and she went to the CSA as I had reduced her money as my wages were cut she said I had paid her nothing for 2 years.

  4. Ohh dear! Nothing new on the “land of smile” ๐Ÿ™‚ Some Thai lady’s believe they can cheat even the lie detector! Actually they still believe that a smile or complaining about their farangs husbands which voluntarily agreed to marry, will gain mercy! This video says a lot.. and there are more to see on Youtube. All farangs guys believing in True Thai love watch it out! Hopefully you will understand some fundamentals of it and open your eyes regarding your love relationships with Thai girls. Note: Not all Thai girls are money/material minded but the wast majority YES!

  5. @GMA: The vast majority of Thai women are not money minded. The vast majority of Thai women who hang out on Sukhumvit and troll for farangs are.

  6. The guy in the video is sad and pathetic. Its obvious that he’s got absolutely no self esteem, otherwise he couldn’t just sit there, watch his lying cheating wife insult him on television, and still want to “work things out”. Its like he’s got a big sign hanging around his neck saying “Please treat me like dirt and take advantage of me! I deserve it!”

  7. I was 100% sure you will react on my post ๐Ÿ™‚ ! You like hunting everyone who shares another oppinion then yours in regards to the Thai girls. Well whether you like it or not, people have different views. In the movie isn’t mentioned that she is from Sukhumvit road. Sadly right ? She is a Thai wife cheating and lying. And continued to do so even she was caught with the lie detector. Of course this could happen to anyone but sorry to say this time was a Thai girl. And as I said there is more to see on Youtube on this topic.
    Enjoy viewing.

  8. Most of the time any problems arise from guys like this wanting his status symbol young wife to walk down the street with, they marry a bar girl and then don’t start as they mean to go on.
    Find and get to know an ordinary Thai lady if you want a Thai wife, take time to get to know her, there are plenty of normal Thai women who work in ordinary jobs who may like the idea of a foreign husband but it takes more than a holiday romance to know how things will go.
    Thai women have many qualities western women don’t have so they can make good wives but its still something you have top work at.
    I met my wife who was a Teacher 4 years ago, we were together for more than 2 years before we married and been together now 4 years in a happy contented marriage.
    She has far more qualities than my ex English wife and I live happily in Thailand now for 5 years and not been back to UK once.
    It can work but not every time no different to anywhere in the world, most people who think they know about Thai people have no idea really and tar them all with the same brush and most guys who are cynical about them are the ones who came to Thailand, fell in love and got stupid and lost it because also they don’t know how to run a relationship.

  9. @GMA: I react to your posts because you always attempt to portray Thai women negatively.

    Your husband left you for a Thai girl. Get over it already.

    You sound like a broken record constantly trying to find ways to portray all Thai women as liars, cheats, and prostitutes.

    Has it ever dawned on you that it is this bitterness that might have drove your husband into her arms?

  10. Read my last sentence where I clearly mentioned that not “Not all Thai girls are money/material minded” So I don’t portray All Thai woman prostitutes, cheaters or liars.

    Unfortunately Thailand has a well known reputation for being the biggest sex tourist destination in the world. And you know well why it is like this. You can try to debate or justify why it’s so, and find all kind of excuses but this is reality and it’s an undeniable fact.

    This reputation has been build because very many Thai girls are willing to do whatever it takes for money and stability. You may say that is because of their family poor condition, no education, or anything else.

    Today in Thailand there are plenty of opportunities for every woman to get an education or to get a decent job and stand up for her values. And yes there are many who are doing that.

    For some of course it’s always easy and more convenient to find a sponsor. And when the sponsor has finished up his money then they are looking for the next.

    This is my point.

    In regards to my ex husband I’m long time over it.

    Of course I tried to find answers on what went wrong. And after many discussions together the final answer from him was, that I have been the best think in his life and I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s all his fault and he cannot understand himself why he did that. He regrets deeply what he has done and besides he is not happy either. The ordinary educated Thai girl he went for, cheated and lie on him.

  11. One important thing many westerners do not understand is that Thai culture looks upon Sex in a whole different way, it is hard to understand but as an example if a girl is forced to have sex in the western world she would be so distraught about it and have 2 years councilling etc.

    In Thailand it is a different meaning, Thais just get on with it, I am not talking children etc, if they are raped a Thai or anyone else would be prosecuted but sex is not such a big deal in Thailand, it may not be acceptable in the minds of westerners but that’s how it is.

    Basically if your poor and your family is hungry as for centuries you will do what ever to feed your family and sex is no big deal so an easy option.

    Of course there are so many western people who judge the Thais who have no idea or don’t care anyway but come out with all sorts of views and ideas but are not in touch with the real world.

  12. The guy is OLDDDDDD.

    Of course she married him to get taken care of. Why is this even on TV? He gets a e-mail order bride – this is what he gets. A lot of American guys get burned by Russians mail orders all the time.

  13. Im 18 my thai girlfriend is 21. She studies university (That is a fact i know 100%) I have met her family her mum, step dad, dad his girlfriend, sister and step sister family friends. They are no where near poor family in Thailand. I aint got no money at all. When ever im at the mothers house she always gives me free food beer etc all day long. She is a lovely woman and i have met alot of woman in thailand and i no the ones that want money. This one prostitute i was sleeping with when i first went to thailand (for free) After a week or so was asking if i will send her money when i go back to england as a sponsor i basically told her to go fuck her self!!!! Oh well she was 28 i was getting free sex cant complain to much. Then i met this amazing little charmer … OMG beautifull 21 yr old woman who never has any money except the tiny bit her mum and dad give her. I know she aint no hooker or looking for any money she knows i aint got any! I do admit though so many thai girls are looking for 2 things. money and a passport. Im not giving my girlfriend money or a passport! Normally it is all these old dudes like in this video you see in bangkok. Old as fuck wearing their shorts with the sandals with socks on and there little hats bless them thinking they got young woman who actually love them haha. When ever we see them me and my gf have a little giggle wherver we are in chiangmai or bangkok w.e. They do make both of us laugh but at the same time feel really sorry for them. My girlfriend isnt amazing at english im not amazing at thai but we both speak good enough of each.
    So just to prove alot of the girls are fine but most of em… well yeah after money ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I just came to this and unless they have a native Thai intelligence officer ….it won’t work! Lie detectors can lie. An aquaintance of mine who is a lie detector operator and ex Us intelligence told me that unless you are very will acquainted with the values of the culture and the physiological responses, a lie detector is useless.

  15. Since lie detectors work on physical responses to emotion caused changes in the body yes you can beat lie detectors if your responses do not match the standard.

  16. People lie in every country, my ex wife was very very good at it, I do it, my mates do it, my children did it, my parents did it, people do it daily, some hourly, whats the big deal.

  17. Dave – It’s a big deal because all social systems rely on a high degree of trust. While most systems are indeed hardy enough to withstand a certain amount of bullshit (New Jersey, for example, and most Englishmen), cohesion starts to unravel rather quickly once a bullshit threshold is reached.

    Thresholds differ among systems. It can be argued that Southeast Asian systems have more robust thresholds, bolstered by their ‘face saving’ cultures (to use a grossly misused term) which actually demand a certain amount of well-intentioned bullshit.

    But most western-based systems ultimately fail, particularly if they are borrowed by non-Western cultures. Many of the people in your comment are refered to in the past tense. Perhaps this is evidence of it?

  18. As for lie detectors . . . yes, you can trick them but to say they won’t work unless you understand someone’s culture is wrong. All you have to do is get baseline answers to similar questions where you know whether the answer is true or false. Lying causes certain involuntary physical responses that someone skilled enough can suppress. Think of it like holding your breath. Breathing is an involuntary physical reaction caused by CO2 levels in your bloodstream being too high. You can suppress your desire to take a breath. If you know exactly what the machine is measuring and how to counter your body’s natural response you can fool it as well.

    That being said, they’re fairly good at catching lies in those who aren’t skilled at fooling the system.

  19. I’m currently banging a hot Thai woman who is married to a Japanese man who is in Japan. She is here with her 2 kids living with her family.

    I feel sorry for her husband, but too bad for him to leave her alone.

  20. i im thai people im so feel bad to see this youtube . why old man like to have yuong thai wife ? if old man like to do it why not belive her ..why not remember
    frist time start to be love with her . why leave her alone .
    and i don’t want people have bad thinks about thai lady …some thai lady they so good everybody it’s not same …everywhere is same have good and bad
    i im had austarlia boyfriend we be together 3 year now ..we was so happy i im 28 and him 31 it’s so nice and i never think i love him for money ….coz i can work …i have coffee shop in thailand but my bf leave in austarlia he work too
    why im not with him in austarlia ? coz i love thailand and good work for me and my bf come to visit me everyyear . and one day i want my boyfriend leave with me in thailand …that so cool i just want everybody have a good thinks
    and i have just one think to say money for notthing have to belive and feel to love “old man ….you have to think and ask your self what is love do you know about it or not ..or just want yuong lady for fun … have to belive
    i love thailand ..

  21. @Rasa: Let’s not forget that she got caught lying. I know that not all Thai women are liars. But, she was lying.

    If you could never imagine yourself doing this then you assume that it means that only a small percentage of women would ever do it. You’re too close to the subject to be objective.

  22. If you are an older farang, in Thailand, this is the reality: unless you marry a wealthy Thai woman, any relationship with a Thai lady, when there’s a twenty to thirty year age difference and she’s from a poor background, is all about the money. If youโ€™re comfortable with that then all well and good but please donโ€™t try and tell people it’s anything else but this. In the above mentioned situation, who is at fault? The answer is both parties. Him for being so naive and her for going into the relationship with dishonest intentions from the start. Do you really believe any farang is going to enter into a relationship with one of these Thai gold diggers if she tells him right from the start that she’s got a Thai husband and that she wants to make a better life for her family back in the village. The answer, of course, is no. So, yes, it is dishonesty. As far as the farang is concerned it’s just a case of the small head doing the thinking for the big head. Their karma is what is happening to them now. Incorrect actions lead to incorrect (bad) consequences.

  23. you are so right about this.. my question was.. what is difference between older farang and younger girl ( 18-30 )? one just about to start and one just about to settles ( or finish as i may said ) so …one… so much to learn and so much to do but other see it done that what you expected from the one that just start ..that what happened in this kind of relationship .. i read a lot in the news or see in tv .. it not surprised me at all..the both parties get in this relationship coz what they can’t have from other and get out from this relationship coz they can find from other..

  24. Hello .
    I agree to most told here about thais . I have been there many itmes and meet a lady each tiem I was there and thought it could end in happy marriage- but now after the last – one from khoan Kaen. we knew for a year. — then I found out hos she lie and cheat on me- a lot.. she has a profile on thailovelinks. so BE CAREFULL SHES DANGEROUSE ! – to find your dream lady in thailand forget it guys.. Thais are brainwashed to think about thailand all the time- they dont have ” warm good heart ” they are cold ! – they can lie to farang but they would never dare to lie or cheat their thai husbands.. and 10 years after divorce- then are stil ready to go back to him . when they have emptyed farangs wallets.. forget it friends. there is other asian women. better. Vietnam.. Philippines..

  25. Well, the bottom line is you get out of something what you put into it. If you expect to get the woman of your dreams via some mail order service or whatever follows you home from a go-go bar then you’re a fool to begin with. Even if you’re trolling online dating websites, if it seems to good to be true then it probably is.

    I think the problem for most men is that they feel that they are good hearted people. When someone says that they are willing to look past how old or fat or ugly they are and see the real person inside it’s easy to fall for that. For many guys it might be the first time in their lives (or first time in many years) that someone has really shown them any affection.

    @Bruno: Sorry, but you sound like one of those fools. To characterize all Thais just because you got scammed by one girl is in itself foolish. I love how you say that you come here many times and each time you meet a girl who you think it can end in marriage.

    I find it hard to believe that on multiple occasions you have, on a short stay, met the woman of your dreams and felt like you could have a relationship that would end in marriage each time.

    First off, in my personal experience both dating Thai women and having Thai friends, most girls who are actually good marriage material would be very cautious about someone who is only here for a short time. They actually want a real relationship. Many girls I know would never even date a guy who didn’t live here. One of your first danger signs should be a girl who is more than happy to have a long-distance relationship that involves you supporting her or answering all of her sick buffalo cash requests.

    Second, I don’t know about you but personally I don’t put a girl into the “this could end in a happy marriage” category after even a month or two. I might decide she is someone I want to get serious with and see where the relationship goes but I’m not thinking about paying any sin sod just yet. I don’t know, I’ve just been around long enough that I really don’t believe in love at first sight. I’ve been in far too many relationships (with both farang and Thai women) to think that I can really know them without going through some difficult times with them. I’m not talking about tragedies or anything but you really can tell a lot about where a relationship is going via how people handle conflicts.

    So right off the bat I have to assume that the girls you are meeting aren’t really looking for a real relationship. They’re looking for support. And the fact that you can’t tell the difference is what tells me that you’re a fool.

  26. Re: Billy Bangkok

    Very good post with many good points to take note of and just reinforces what I said about the foolish situations that many guys who, as you say, fall in love with some girl, with a questionable background, within a very short time frame after arriving in Thailand.

    If you meet a Thai lady that has a low level of education, is from a rural background and who doesn’t appear to have a real job, the odds that she’s looking for some kind of financial leg up in life are fairly high. How could it be anything else but this?

    There are many nice Thai ladies out there who are good relationship material. I see them on the BTS every morning on their way to work. Yes, they’ve got real jobs and they have pride in themselves and their ability to be fainancially self supporting. Unfortunately, many farang seem to believe that the ideal Thai lady, for a relationship, can be found down at Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. As Kinitpa said on, another thread, if you end up in a relationship with a lady with a of questionable background, and it all goes pear shaped, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. You set yourself up to be a victim.

  27. How do you know a woman is lying? Her lips are moving! (paraphrased of Ja Myung GO (Korean historical drama)
    After all we are after the BBD. One goes to Thailand to find what? A job, Better climate? A woman? Why did you bring your Western ideals with you? Her job is to tha clan and family. Romantic love as you might know it i nonexistent. The treat you well because that is the custom it is tit for tat. Many socially acceptable Thai ladies are not the wanton sex goddesses or your dreams, But your fail in The west has more to do with you than them. A great lover gets. Most men never learn
    Then push themselves out of the comfort zone and brain asleep. This is the world! What do you have to offer? Money(real money) status and prestige?
    Think that the girl made not have had wonderful experiences with men and why not have a thai lover where she can converse n all the nuances of the language

  28. Actually, I live in Thailand (and have done for the past 17 years) for tax avoidance purposes. But yes, you are right, it’s all about wants and needs.

    After a couple of failed relationships here I’ve pretty given up on the idea of a long term relationship with a Thai lady. Mainly because of the language, cultural differences and, as you say, their obligations to their families. I don’t believe in the idea of Sin Sod anyway. I’d rather use the money as a deposit on a condo; there’s going to be a better rate of return on it. The chances of meeting and marrying a wealthy Thai women are almost nil and I’m not interested in the idea of providing for a poor girl from the Nth East.

    When you live here long enough it becomes fairly ho-hum anyway. One starts to live a normal sort of life which isn’t based on chasing after the women here. I’m quite happy hangin’ out on the beach in Phuket, or Samui, and going surfing. If one wants a bit of female companionship, it’s easy enough to find chai mai?

  29. Megalithis, I guess that’s ok if it suits you, I have lived here 6 years and have been with my Thai wife for about 5 years, I see so many come to Pattaya and try to find the girl of their dreams, it can happen but trying to find her from the bar girls the odds are pretty narrow, its more hard work but there are plenty of nice fairly intelligent Thai ladies who work as nurses, Teachers etc.
    Bar girls are for holiday playthings.
    My situation is somewhat different, my wife was a Teacher and we run a business here in Pattaya and is successful and we need each other to run the business so it helps a lot, she is not lazy like many bar girls and she does not take advantage and her motives are the same as mine, work hard, make a good living and have nice things & be comfortable for the future.

  30. @Rio: Actually, it’s a very old joke. I think I first heard it in the context of lawyers.

    Do a Google search for “lying their lips are moving”

  31. Dave: Yes, my situation isn’t the best for maintaining a strong relationship unfortunately. I spend 6 – 8 months working offshore so it’s a tough call for a lady in a situation like that. I picked the wrong types of Thai ladies in the past and the old adage of “while the cats away, the mice will play” certainly applied there. But, at the end of the day, it was my choice so ‘Som Nam Na’ I suppose. I’ve come to realise that, as I’m not going to change my career any time soon, I’m better off being single. Still, I do envy guys that find a good Thai lady and have a good situation though.

  32. I have actually met the lady in question. She used to work behind the bar in my local but only lasted a week or two. I saw the JK show when it was broadcast and was taken aback when I saw her but not taken aback by what I heard.

    I don’t think That women as a whole are bad people, they just do things differently. For instance I occasionally have a rub and a tug in a local massage establishment in the south of England and three of the girls are from Issan. Two of them coincidentally worked for a friend of mine who has a bar on Soi 8 in Pattaya. When the girls almost always inevitably separate from their farang husband they go into what they know best and that is the sex trade, hence why they are working in a massage parlour.

    The girl in the TV clip saw a chance to earn extra money for her family and went ahead, we all know money is number one for these girls. These girls are great holiday companions and short time playthings but as for a long term relationship, forget it.

  33. Thai women are all liars and cheats. This old fart in the video is obviously broke (probably by the lying whore in the vid) or else he would drop her like a bad habit, go back to Thailand and get a few 17 year olds beauties to bang.


  35. —–but is not so difficult to notice their insolence and nerve to show interst for money using words like love and care each other and i want men good heart and many other words
    They dont even hide their crazy love for money only and is so evident and boring and disgusting their attachement to richness and the way to get it that I am surprised that still exist farangs who dont know yet
    if you speak with a thai woman about it, she will openly admit that if you dont give her as much money as you have, then they dont love you. This discourage every man with brain to express feelings to a thai woman which are not ofonly sex pleasure and nothing else
    when will you all farangs learn?

  36. The Paddy’s are still getting caught, they discovered Thailand well after most of the rest of the World

  37. love from a thai woman is like to get love from a cat…..but cats at least have natural behaviour, not part od a program…..

  38. cat eat what they need and not more, thai women eat endless… long as the other pay…..
    I live in Laos at present since one month, women also need a man who take care of family, but at least they dont make it so impertinent way, they have more dignity and more honesty and are really very modest and quite…….

  39. Hi Ant 45
    I read your comment and I agree with you . There are two countyrs in the world wiht so gready women –
    no 1 is Russians
    2. Thais
    I was in Philippines to and they are so poor so poor and i one way they are same as thais try to find a man help them – but they hide it well – and I feel much more welcomed i na filipine family than in a thai . Two very differenct cultures.
    Thais are not interested about your country or culture. They dont evne listen to what you say – their whole focus are around ” How can I get money- as much as possibl from that farang ?”
    I never hear a filippina be so ruthless and gready as thais. – sure they think about it but they are proud people and have a decent behavour. At least those I have meet and they are interested to hear about other countries and cultures.
    LAOS ? yes I guess your wright . its also what I heard. Can you find a lady there for me ? hehehe or I can come and visite you .
    What are you doing there ?

  40. Bruno
    I like your comment, even if is much more to say about the impertinence of thai women, which is above each accetable limit of impudence….and is unbelievable accepted and tollerate by thai society, like big success when they suck a farangs left and right
    no, in Laos is not like that, laos women don’t like thai women and they tell it openly…they say “we are not thai ok???….
    some laos girls who work at bars in north east thailand, because they need money to help their family, but they return to laos soon and they behave very down to earth, very shy and are good company…
    but in Laos is not the same…laos women are really super beautiful, sexy , shapy and they are aware of it and they also like to find a man with money who marry them, but they dont give you so much chance to approach them, they keep distance from farangs and if you meet a lady who likes you, you cannot take her to hotel, because police can put you in prison or force you to pay also something like 5000 us dollars or more.
    You can invite her at dinner or everywhere you like, but not at hotel or in your house, but you can spend the day with her openly…so you see, this is also not so easy, this discourage every farang to have relation with laos women, unless you marry her, but also in this case the procedure is very complicated and also discouraging…the reason of all this is not im my acknowledge, but is really like that. If you go to laos and even if you look like richard Geere or tom cruise,dont expect laos women look at you….
    about philippines, i must accept your opinion because i have never been there and never had a relation with a filipina.
    If you like to sty in Laos, the country is beautiful west east south and north and very relaxing, opposite to thailand and if you need visa to stay as long as you like, it will coast only 30 us dollars each month and if you apply for work permit, is easy to get, but you must have a program to where you will work or who will employ you or what kind of business you like to open…
    but about sex and women, i must admit that thailand is better, as long as you only have sex and then send them to hell….

  41. bruno, if i write my adress of Vientiane or my teephone number or emai, everybody here can read it.
    In Vientiane I am busy concerning Chiropractic and mc Kenzie therapy, i don’t think you are interested about it and in this blog is not suitable to explain.
    But if you come to Vientiane, there is only one italian restaurant, a good one and see me almost every evening there

  42. I am sadden I have a 4 month old infant whom I married to a Thai girl from Isaan. She is maniplative and vindictive now that I am back in the states. I only get 1hr with my son while we chat on Skype each day or every other day. If I would call later on the evening she is unavailable. Claims busy taken care of the baby all day and night.
    If I confront her on a situation she makes the baby cry until I get angry yelling at her to stop shaking the infant. This happened 3 out of 4 times untill I caught on. I know the relationship is based on money now with a baby, her plan is in the works.
    I hacked in her social network account and read her emails. What I read sealed the deal on my suspicions. She’s been keeping contact with customers while I was away and even when there. It’s disgusting to know while she was 3 month pregnant willing to meet up with her customers for sex.
    This is low of the lows of human being can possibly go. Added the fact I was sending her 8000bht a month on top of her salary working a legitimate job because she was pregnant.
    I love my son very much. Her visa is in the final review process.
    My friends tell me to drop her and the baby if I want to retaliate. There will be plenty of old farang willing to take care of my son. It’s is tough when your the biological father.

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