Sappy Brit Charged With Murder

Wow, just ran across this update the other day. Seems that Phil the weepy-eyed Brit who caught his Thai wife in a lie isn’t exactly a prince either.

Seems good old Phil beat the crap out of the Thai gal and when police investigated they took his DNA which turned up an arrest warrant in Germany where his accused of raping and murdering a Germany lady.

I guess he’s the one who should have been given the lie detector test.

A Briton accused of raping and killing a housewife in Germany was trapped six years later when he had a violent row with his girlfriend in Britain and police took his DNA.

Philip McNally had been arrested by Welsh police following an argument with his girlfriend at Ynys Yr Afon in Neath, South Wales, in February this year.

As is routine with violent crimes, detectives in Wales ran Mr McNally’s sample through Interpol’s DNA database and a match with the unsolved crime in Germany came up.

Police discovered McNally was wanted for throttling Helga Pfirsching, 45, and drowning her in the bath at the family home in Worms, Germany in 2002.

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