More Bad News for Thailand

Looks like supermodel Kate Moss won’t be adding at least $40,000 USD to the Thai economy this year.

Supermodel Kate Moss suffered an expensive hangover, as an alcohol-fuelled festive period has reportedly forced her to cancel a USD 40,000 trip to Thailand.

The supermodel regularly jets out to the luxury Thai island of Koh Sumui at the end of each year for a sun-soaked vacation, Daily Mirror online reported.

But Moss allegedly fell ill on Christmas after an indulgent morning of eating and drinking and her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince banned her from boarding a plane forcing her to cancel her flights, as well as those she had booked for four pals.

“Kate goes away every New Year and booked this year’s trip over four months ago. Unfortunately she rather over-indulged during the festive period, stuffing herself with turkey and all the trimmings, booze and Christmas pud,” a source said.

“After drinking champagne from 10 am onwards, she felt really ill all afternoon. Jamie told Kate in no uncertain terms that she would not be flying anywhere,” the source added.

“Annoyingly she can’t get a refund so, after forking out for more flights, she has been joking that it’s the $40,000 hangover! All things considered, she has taken it really well,” the source said.

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  1. As they say in Thailand ‘som nam na’ That’s what you get. You drink like a fool and act like a fool, bad shit happens.

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