Strangeness on ThaiLoveLinks

I was sitting in front of my computer trying to get some important work done and I got an email from Thai Love Links telling me that someone had shown an interest in me. Of course, I this was really important work so I immediately stopped what I was doing and decided to check out who it was.

For once, it wasn’t a 50 year old fatty with missing teeth living in the more remote part of Issan. In fact, she was, I dare say, attractive. Cupid must be smiling down on me helping this girl find her way to my profile and then being interested enough to click on the old “Show Interest” button.

So I sent her an email where I thanked her for showing an interest and then thought I would be clever in trying to start a conversation by asking her why she says in her profile that she doesn’t like speaking very much. Seemed like an odd thing to say in one’s profile and considering it was the entirety of her description of herself she hadn’t given me much to work with.

A few moments later I receive this reply.

yes you can finding many thai narak. ladies for your mention it about marriage in finally… shouldn’t destroying them by sex for testing them or taste them….that calling selfish..many farangs like to said like you and do nothing i knew from many ladies on internet………

Just to help you understand a bit of what she’s talking about I say in my profile I would like to meet a nice lady and that I’m marriage minded.

I’m guessing that if this is how she goes around introducing herself she will likely remain single for a long time. But the second question I had to ask myself was why is she even on a foreigner-centric online dating site if this is her opinion of farang men? She’s heard we’re all depraved sex fiends who just want to jump their bones so, of course, signing up on a site and sending indications of interest to guys seems like the most reasonable course of action.

It also caught my eye that she’s 30 years old, living with her family, has employment status set to “Other” and claims to be a Catholic. Based on the wording of her email it doesn’t sound like she has any experience dating farang men so we’ve got a 30 year old Thai woman who has never been married. Thirty is pretty much the cutoff for many Thai guys so I’m going to assume she woke up one day and realized her only hope is Big Whitey. Maybe her parents were pressuring her because, you know, they were hoping she’d marry someone and be able to send a little cash to help support them.

So reluctantly she goes out and signs up on an online dating website and starts trolling for men. But, she doesn’t really like us farangs. She’s happy being single. But she’s not getting any looks from Thai guys and mom and dad are eyeing a new pickup truck so a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

She puts the absolute minimum effort into creating a profile. I already mentioned what her description of herself was. She states in what her perfect match should be:


She omits an age range she’s interested in and states that she’s looking for “Friends” because she’s still not come to terms with the fact that she has to meet a guy and *yeck* maybe become intimate with him.

So out she goes clicking on profiles and if the guy isn’t someone who wouldn’t make her vomit when the relationship gets to that point where sex is unavoidable (in her mind, after the wedding reception) she clicks on the “Show Interest” button and waits for the replies to start coming in.

Yes, what a catch this one will be for some lucky guy.

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  1. What’s thai narak? It is the fear of many men that the girl only wants a MRS degree and meal ticket and is not interested in a real “complete” relationship!

  2. She’s probably a 30-year old virgin paranoid that she’s going to get swept into bed by a Farang whore-mongerer who will give her some combination of AIDS, crabs, and herpes and then ditch her. I love it.

  3. @Danny: I agree.

    One thing I don’t understand about Thai women is so many of the women on Thai dating websites explicitly state that they have zero interest in sex. I know no girl wants some sexpat or sex tourist to treat them like a bar girl but saying you have NO interest in a sexual relationship with a bf seems rather counter-productive.

    I met one girl who told me that she dated her last bf for something like 3 or 4 years before she slept with him. That fact she was 32 and single really wasn’t that surprising. 🙂

    On the other hand, a lot of Thai women are hornier than the guys.

  4. It is not easy to find someone who really loves you the way you are and will live with you through thick and thin. At the same time, it is not especially difficult to meet a really nice person either. I am sure you will meet that person one day.

  5. @ Billy Bangkok

    Some Thai women are as sexually repressed as a Catholic nun. They see sex as a duty which they have to perform for their husbands, but which holds no pleasure for them whatsoever.

  6. @Danny: Great, I’ll tell that to my gigs who call and want to come over for a booty call.

    I can appreciate that this is true for a select minority of Thai women but for the most part Thai girls are as horny and willing to bump uglies as any other women around the world.

  7. @Danny: Not my experience at all. These women are some of the horniest in the world. I have an unproven theory, pertaining to A woman’s sexiness. I find the more tropical the environment the hornier, and sexy the woman are.
    Central and S. America equals Thailand in many respects.

  8. @Chuck Wow: Spot on.

    @Danny: Thanks for the Lonely Planet guide to Thai women. Your information is about 20 years out of date and even then it might not have even been accurate.

    Some guides still tell you that holding hands in public is taboo in Thailand but you see Thai couples doing it all the time on the BTS, in restaurants, etc.

  9. @ Billy – I met one girl who told me that she dated her last bf for something like 3 or 4 years before she slept with him. That fact she was 32 and single really wasn’t that surprising.

    A man would wait 3 -4 years?? You seriously believe that??? ROTFLMAO

  10. @The J

    It’s not surprising, in Thailand it’s easy. While the BF was waiting 3-4 years for the “good girl”, he may well have been shagging like a mad dog on the side.

  11. HI I AM OVER 46, blonde and good looking, no thai guy would date a woman over 30? cause I am over 30?????????? GET A LIFE SWEETIE……guys are guys worldwide….plus east asia has too many men….like china and India. I have no problems worldwide but then I am very pretty, not an ulgy old white man.

  12. @JJ: Just a fact check here . . . in Thailand there are more women than men. Easy fact to check if you Google. It’s about 51 or 52% women in Thailand. Plus when you factor in the unusually high transexual and gay population it clearly means that Thailand does not have “too many men.”

  13. well .. i think love online just like shopping catalogue that show the quality of the products that you want.. it your choice to choose what you are looking for. there are something for everyone.. we all see things in different views and nothing wrong with that .. coz they all try to show quality and name their price tag as you want to pay their price.. some well educated and good looking expected to get more than other and the less quality one seem like to take anything that will offer them. some lonely but some need someone to be their slaved in the kitchen and bedroom it all come to how you expected yourself and how you want to see yourself with .. @Rio link as Thai woman matrix it seem to be as closed as you can get your choice about Thai woman.. and i like that .. it will help to give a westerner to guideline..what kind of woman that he with and how to handle them ..good luck for all..

  14. That’s an entertaining article! I was born and raised in Thailand. I tried this on-line dating thing many years ago. I was new about on-line dating when I first started. I talked to a guy on ThaiLoveLinks in 2005. It was only in a chat room so we never really talk on the phone, I wasn’t sure it was safe to give my phone numbers out to a random person. He told me that his Thai wife left him for somebody else. He also said that he is a physician(could be a lie)from the US. The pics he posted was kind of freaky. I told myself “Hell no”. They were all touched up pics in the studio with his shirt button down so you could see his naked chest!! It was totally in the 70s. I could see he was wearing makeup. I told him that I was not really interested . Just recently, I came across his profile on Facebook !! He has been happily married since 1998 with his Thai wife. Why was he on the dating site to begin with. That is just so wrong to me.

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