Why Do Cute Thai Girls fall for Farangs?

Interracial relationships involving Thai women and foreign men are about as easy to spot on the streets of Bangkok as the ubiquitous carts selling noodle soup. Why do many Thai ladies choose to pass over Thai guys and date white men from halfway around the world? After all, most foreigners don’t speak much Thai, know all that much about the culture, and often live thousands of miles away. Are Thai women genuinely more attracted to foreigners, or is it all about the money?

In fact, there are many possible reasons why a Thai lady might choose to date a foreigner. Four of the most common reasons are money, fidelity, worldliness, and just plain physical chemistry. Without implying that all interracial relationships are motivated by one of the above reasons alone, they serve as a useful starting point to understand some of the different “types” of Thai ladies that prefer dating white guys.

A.  Miss Gold-Digger

Her reason for dating foreigners: Money, cars, jewelry, real estate.

Her profile: She might be a poor village girl with a large, dysfunctional family she needs to support, or a middle-class Bangkok girl who just needs to have the latest brand name fashion handbag or mobile phone. Either way, she’s attractive and knows it.

 Her target: An older, wealthy, and generous guy who knows the value of being with an attractive younger girl and isn’t shy about paying for it. She doesn’t mind a one-night stand as long as its well-compensated, but her goal is to find a guy who will be her steady ‘sponsor’ for a few months or years – or at least until she finds an even better prospect.

How to spot her: Asks you questions about your income or assets, wears expensive jewelry or clothes despite having a low-paying job (or none at all).

Where to find her: Shaking her booty at a go-go bar, or hunting for older guys on the internet.

How to win her over: Take her out for a movie with VIP seats, followed by a shopping trip at the Emporium.

B.  Miss Broken Heart

Her reason for dating foreigners: Fidelity. The bad reputation of many (mostly lower class) Thai guys for womanizing, drinking whiskey, and gambling.

Her profile: She fell in love at a young age with someone from her hometown, maybe got pregnant and then abandoned with a young child the moment her boyfriend found another girl. Moved to Bangkok to work and send money to her relatives upcountry, who are looking after her child.

Her target: A decent, loyal, caring foreigner who is willing to settle down in Thailand and support her and her child. In return, she’s prepared to be a loyal, caring, and dutiful wife. She’s willing to date someone substantially older than her, as long as she’s convinced he’ll be by her side for the long haul.

How to spot her:  Often is a single mother, complains about Thai guys being “no good”, looking for a guy for marriage.

Where to find her: On the internet, or perhaps even serving drinks at a hostess bar along a quiet soi.

How to win her over: Don’t try to get her into bed on the first date, show interest in her child(ren).

C.  Miss Misunderstood

Her reason for dating foreigners: Worldly, respects women as equal partners.

Her profile: She’s a middle-class or upper-class Thai lady who studied at a good university, maybe even lived abroad. She’s frustrated at dating Thai guys who expect her to be pretty, cute, and devoid of personality, and who would be shocked if she dared to express an opinion about, well, anything. Has a good job and is economically self-sufficient.

 Her target: An attractive, educated foreign man from an equivalent social class who treats her as an equal, respects her thoughts, and cares about her goals and aspirations. Prefers a long term relationship over a short fling.

How to spot her: Speaks fluent English, not shy about expressing an opinion, fashionable dressed.

Where to find her: Trendy yuppie bar or café.

How to win her over: Be intelligent, well dressed, and respectful. Don’t speak to her in pigeon English, she probably speaks better English than you do. Indicate your level of education and career goals without bragging about how much money you make. Show an interest in her personality.

D.  Miss Farang Crazy

Her reason for dating foreigners: All about finding a cute piece of white meat.

Her profile: She’s a girl in her lower-20’s who probably had a huge crush on David Beckham a few years back, and is on the hunt for any guy who vaguely resembles him. Money isn’t her priority, as she comes from a middle-class family or already has an older ‘sponsor’.

Her target: An attractive, white guy of a similar age with sex appeal for a one night stand or for a summer fling.

How to spot her: Ignores everyone who doesn’t fit her target.

Where to find her: Trawling the backpacker bars of Khao San Road, or anywhere else where young foreigners hang out and drink.

How to win her over: Dress like a teen idol, gel your hair into the latest style, and practice your dance moves because this girl is all about the physical. Don’t even bother if you’re over, say, 30.


Next time you see a interracial couple on the streets of Bangkok, don’t jump to any conclusions. Thai women are a mixed bunch, and may date foreigners for all sorts of reasons. If you’re a foreign guy interested in dating a Thai girl, you might want to reflect on what you bring to the table – and what kind of lady is likely to fall for you. Will you end up living a quiet life with a village girl in house nestled amidst rice fields? Enjoying a string of flings with girls you met on Khao San? Buying a condo and car for a knockout showgirl who ditches you when the funds run dry? Always keep her motivations for dating you in mind, and you’ll be sure to enjoy great times with the ladies in Thailand.

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  1. Finally, a farang / Thai girl post that isn’t racist! 🙂

    Even as a Thai person, I agree with what you wrote.

    Thai girls are not all the same. Some like farangs, for various reasons. And some like Thais. Whatever – enjoy what you have!

  2. @Joe: What have you found racist about other posts? I ask that seriously because if what us guys are saying is racist then we would appreciate knowing your view so we can be less offensive.

  3. I think i’ve dated each type of girl in your story. The best girls are the ones who are educated and just want to have some quick fun, there not the ones you want to bed all the time usually just for a night or two, or at least until they go back to school 🙂

  4. Danny.Nomad

    You are either:

    1. A bitter woman writing under a pseudonym…. realize you are undesired by other men because of your doing. Some of these Thai girls are simply attracted to guys; don’t be jealous. You have power over men, and you know it’s wrong, and you hate it. Start looking appealing and start dating real men.
    2. A gay fellow who despises straight men. Stop being angry at men. Your real beef is with God.
    3. A wimpy hetero guy who thinks standing up for women will get him more women. Be a man; stop being a wanna bitch.

  5. Please don’t forget about us farang dam. Lets call my parties in Bangkok………Black Thai events(like black tie). Yeah I know its corny.


  6. Sean I can assure you that I am none of the above. I am not particularly interested in “standing up for women”. What I am interested in is figuring girls out. If you’ve seen how stunning some of the girls I’ve dated are, you might say I’ve been doing a pretty damn good job at it.

  7. I believe you have only skimmed the top off a very deep subject here. However, I no longer subscribe to the oft touted theory that it’s all about money. And to be fair, your article doesn’t overindulge in this. Is it possible to form an ordinary, loving relationship with a Thai woman who may be all, some or none of the above? Of course it is. As well as examining her motivations for dating you, take a good look at your motivations for dating her.

  8. I was VERY HAPPILY married to my husband of 18 years. He we t to Thialand on a buisness trip with a coworker who was much younger and had no moral standards. My husband was a good man, went to Church and Sunday School every week. He coached our young chdrens soccer teams. In all we had dTwd and been married 22 years. We had a wondef life together. He spent his entire week while not working with a 21 year old prostitute. My husband was a 35 year old man at the time. We are now divorcing. When I confronted him about the prostitute necause I found an ongoing onli Romance between him ans “Sai”, his prostitute, he becAme Defensive, Embarrassed, Sad and violent. He was placed I’m jail for 3 days for assatimg me. He has been placed under a 61 day emergency protective order, and can not see me or the chuldren at all. He has missed their elementary school program. He will miss their end of the yeAr award program
    . Where his daughter is expected to be awarded the principle award for the 4rh year in a row. He will so miss their Baptism, which is scheduled for the beginning of June. I really hope FUCKING that gold digging Prostitute-Bar Girl that was barely 21 years old was worth it. He has been dismissed from the board of directors from our cities local soccer association, he is being investigated by the state soccer association. He can never coach soccer or be a part of the
    soccer association again because of his actions….. Fucking a PROSTITUTE from Thaighland, and as Resut beating the crap out of his wife because of his embarassment and shame app brought on by his poor judgement and the abhorrent lifestyle these shamefule women choose to live!!

  9. when ur stock is low someplace, you make a move to another where your stock is high, if you have to go to thailand to get laid and exploit poor bar girls from up country ur just a loser, spin it however you want, but theres a reason these guys don’t meet the higher class thai girls in thailand, because the girls are higher class.these men are often angry mysognists who believe that feminism and women’s rights have ruined their chances in the west. so they got to places like thailand, vietnam and cambodia, where their choices in women are usually bar girls. no shot with decent women , most of them too embarrased to be caught with a farang, doesnt want others to see her as a prostitute lol. pathetic.

  10. No @ pee sao luk. Some men are just attracted to asian women. The caramel skin, the dark hair and eyes. There just aren’t enough of you to go around in the west. Many of the ones who live there are ‘social prostitutes’ who only date rich men, celebrities and drug dealers. Samrt men go to the source to find beutiful asian women in thier home country. You can not blame men for liking what they like. It’s your fault for being pretty, I say.


  11. Joe Said: Finally, a farang / Thai girl post that isn’t racist!

    I’m with you on that. Been here for 12 years seen it all done it all and nothing is worse than listening to some smart ass telling you how all Thai girls are the same.
    I had one Thai girl tell me how her boyfiend was just an ATM machine until he lost all he had in a business deal. That same girl supported him for 2 years selling shoes on Sukhumvit until he got back on his feet.a and there still together after 7 years. There are as many bad stories about Thai girls as there are good ones but most Farang not wanting to appear soft in front of their freinds are deaf in one ear. One things for sure..if you get a good one she’ll stick by you through thick and thin. Thai girls/women are the same as women all over the world need a little bit of love, stability and security in their lives and there’s bog all wrong with that.

  12. what the hell do beautiful thai ladies see in western men except money. i mean come on for gods sake just about all the stinking british men or rather british pricks all look the same, bold heads, fat and covered in tatoos, these are rejects from britain already known as the land of scum. they in no way would respect thai women because they beat the shit out of uk women every day.
    80 per cent of brit males are retarded the other 20 are decent blokes that get tarred with the same brush as the scum when they visit thailand. the only way to know its a decent brit is to look for a full head of hair and no tatoos.

  13. Nice /good education Thai girl

    Hello, all of the comment to telling about all of Thai ladies. All of people in this world have good and bad. You can not judge just look at them out side, I mean you will look at inside them heart, kind.

  14. Wow wat a segregation… but does it really matter wat the gals like.. cummon grow up.. in bangkok u can find someone to get laid then its no harm and aprl the thing with ure hubby is sad but the way u ruined his life ure on the firing side..

  15. If this is how Thai girls really are, you should all do yourself a favour and visit Latin America. There are alot more women with a kind heart there, and it isn’t plagued with gold diggers like this other prostitute capital of the world seems to be.

  16. Do you think the same men who go to thailand will have the same luck with Latin women? I am asking, I do not know.

    There are gold diggers everywhere in the world it just “seems” that most men get more value/fun for their money in Thailand than Most other countries…..I theorize!

  17. LMAO at Aprl

    Your husband’s life sounds like some sort of 19th century puritanical joke. Are you guys Amish?

    Sounds to me like fucking a Thai prostitute was the best that could have ever happened to him. Fuck your life. You’re gonna sit there picking up the pieces and/or finding some other sap you can tame and control. Meanwhile he’s reborn and will live the rest of his days under control of himself….not you or the bible, which is just a bunch of stories FYI.

  18. I think one point in the discussion is still missing.

    You start with “why do CUTE thai girls fall for farangs”.

    In the eyes of the local thail male middle or upper class population this might be considered cute: Below 25 years, above 160cm, white skin, no tattoos, no scars,…

    Now compary what is cute to quite a lot farangs: Small body, Waking up next to a different black ass every morning and so on, you have seen all the tattoos and motobike scars yourself 😉

    If definition of cute would be exactly the same, thai men would see farangs as a dating risk. But do they ever?

    So maybe consider this point, that the girls just can’t make a decent middle class living when their origin and looks are mostly Isaan. Compare girls on TV first. Then spot the same in one of the major high class shopping center and check the boyfriends origin 😉

    By the way: I am okay with dating the crab. Be happy

  19. Steve said “80% of brit males are retarded” You’re right but the 80% you talk of certainly don’t live in Thailand” I’m a Glaswegian but I’ve lived in Thailand for 12 years been in Nana and cowboy more times than you’ve had hot dinners and could count the fights, arguments even, I’ve seen between farang on one hand. 99.99% of us expats that live hear have the same things common, we respect each other, we like girls and the last thing on our mind is whacking some poor guy the head with a beer bottle. When you can say that about your own major city wherever that may be then you can talk intil then crawl back into the hole from hence you came

  20. yes money helps ..but please does any girl with half a brain anywhere want to hang out with bums without money ?
    well sure they do in …yep in Oz, UK , USA etc etc
    Sounds like these gals have some smarts so good on them !!!
    I am a54 my thai gal is 26….
    I love my gal and the baby is on the way ker -chinggggggggggggggggggg!!!

  21. i’m a thai woman. i’m a rich professional translator with high pay. the true owner of my company is not an alien but a Thai who successfully overtook an once overseas firm. i got high pay since my graduation from the country’s top 3 thai universities. i work and live among foreigners more frequently than thai people of other careers. i am never interested in any foreign or farang, and i never think of catching any foreigner. i am afriend any farang or foregin will deceive me. Why? because all the companies i have joined as workers are half owned by Thais and even totally owned by Thais who overtook once foreign firms. my working condition is the best of the best working environments of the country. I work for 5 days with annual leaves. my salary is so high that i can buy house or anything i want on my own. i can afford travelling overseas easily. my thailand is one of the lowest unemployment rate. I want a Thai man particulary the thai business partners of my firm, and i’m afraid i would be dismissed if i have any love relation with my thai boss as you know love with the boss is prohibited in working enviroment. my youger sister gets higher pay than me because she works as a certified accountant and graduated from one of the best known university like i did . she married a Thai man. she is Thai of full blood, but i am thai with some han chinese blood from my mother side. i know well that my thailand has a bad image of sex tourism,but that’s one aspect of my country’s image. thai women who work as prostitutes come from north lanna or northeast isan or south malay. Why? because in fact these parts of the new name country Thailand are in fact the colony lands of Siam. we are not the same people. we have different looks and different languages to the extent that we cannot understand each other. Thais has 41 ethics. The king and people who live in the central plain of Thailand are people of Siam. Thailand encounters riots in the south who wants to declare independance from Siam. But siamese language is the enforced central language for all conquerred lands of Siam. And i’m in fact a women of siamease origin partly with an ancestor of royal surname. My younger brother is successful man, too. The term “Thai” or “Thailand” is a new term invented to unite all colony lands of Siam that people of Siam conquerred more than 200 years ago. Our kings are in fact Thai-Mon descent. The siamese like me is the fewest. we were overthrown.. but we still prove the real success people, because we work hard and become successful again, still much more than other races. my relatives of Thai full blood work as businessmen and succeeded in buying expensive house on our own. but we are the fewest, and fewer than han chinese immigrants, and we never want to show off any difference in race in order to stop racial conflicts. thai women who seek you or foreigners like you in fact come from poor opportunity or unsuccessful women (usually people of chinese immigrant origin who makes up 15% of the population of Thailand) who cannot find good high pay jobs.

  22. Many issues with certain parts of this article. First, people need to remember that western does not equal white, as it’s obvious that there are non-western whites (white Africans, East Europeans and Russians) – most of which Thai girls won’t touch due to the fact that they only really like money – and many non-white Westerners come to Thailand and get treated virtually the same as western whites once they are known to be American, Canadian or British and have money and a nice passport.

    Secondly, there is more evidence that money is the primary reason for Thai-Western “love” relationships more than anything else. There are tons upon tons of stories, articles, and links talking about the many Thai gold diggers that are only seeking marriage with a foreigner for a passport or money. In fact, there was a story a few months ago about a western guy who lost all of his money – immediately, his Thai wife divorced him. He panicked and stole a lot of money, and ended up in a Thai jail cell. But it’s not just Thai, it’s many Asian women that aren’t well-off (Hong Kong gals, Chinese, and even Asian-Americans are notorious for practically hunting such white men for a passport or for money since 40% are living in poverty, or they simply want more money), who are interested in Western guys mainly for money and status (money = status/prestige in Asia), and nothing else, which is why they seek such men (or for a passport). Again, this is well-known, which makes it horrible for white men and non-white Western men to not realize that, 80-90% of the time, we are being used and aren’t actually loved at all except for what we can provide (money/passport).

    Warren Olson, a private investigator researching love scams in Thailand, even admitted that Thai women date white westerners to make money for their families, and often seek Western men (of any race) to get money and/or a passport:

    Would such Thai women date a poor white South African or poor East European? Generally no. Why? I think the answer is obvious. They are lumped together with their stereotyped view of non-Westerners, including their thoughts about Africans, Indians, Middle Easterners, etc. In other words, they are regarded as not financially wealthy. While any Westerner of any race is VIP in Asia, including Thailand, *not* just whites. And they are VIP mainly because of money, status, and the “green card” phenomenon. Which is why, in my experience, it’s so easy to get a girl in Asia if you’e American. The thing is, most people writing articles like this never get the perspective of non-white Westerners like myself (because Asia has very few non-white Westerners), who have lived in Asia and done the dating game as well – and gotten a large amount of interest from the local girls.

    Once again, simply Google “Thai gold digger” or “Hong Kong/Asian gold digger” and you’ll come up with dozens of stories and failed marriages (and duped expats) who reveal the true nature of such gold diggers, but a few for now:



    As has been noted on forums above by expats who know better –
    “Try Japan is you’re looking for an Asain that isn’t just interested in your wallet..any 3rd world Asain country and they’re going to be all about your money and what you can buy them.”
    “Dey want duhhh american money and den dey wruv u wrong time. That’s how it works brah, especially in Thailand where it’s relatively poor and the working conditions aren’t particularly pleasing.”
    “this, i see LOADS of old white guys dressed in rags following these fobbed out Asian women dressed in versace/ and Louis Vutton”
    “No, not all Asian women, just Thais. If I learned one thing from living over there is to never date a Thai woman.”
    “Most of the 3rd world asian girls are VERY family orientated, they will do whatever it takes to support their family (parents and brothers and sisters and possibly children). Its not like they want to get the money to buy fancy stuff for themselves or whatever, its family first and youre just a tool to them.”
    “in most Asian countries it’s a cultural standard to teach your daughters to marry money. sentiments of love and romanticism are not as highly valued as money and status in the east. it’s up to the individual to choose which is more important and valued to her though.”

    ^ I can go on and on – *however* I’m in no way indicating that all Thai/Asian women are gold diggers, only a good amount – but a good amount are not either (which is why there are so many Thai-Indians, Blasians, and other non-white Interracial Asian couples) – though it’s silly for some to ignore the reality of materialism in Asia and indicate that most of the old, fat, balding, clearly unattractive white men with young Thai women are due to actual love or romance. People need to get real.

    Many Hong Kong and Chinese – and even Thai – will even admit in their dating app profiles that they want a guy from a particular country (for a passport/citizenship) or making a certain amount of money. As a non-white Westerner/American, I almost got the princely treatment there. And I never hung out around bars, so I wasn’t seeking gold diggers. And guess what? Almost all of the Asian girls I had, in one way or another, asked for – or *expected* – money from me a few months into the relationship. Western guys are a “chick-magnet” in Asia – regardless of whether they are black, white, green, purple or blue with polka dots – because we are regarded as having money. Again, such women would rarely consider relationships with a poor East European or Russian, or white African (all of whom are discriminated against in Asia, by the way), while Indians, Blacks and others *from America/Britain*, often have a large number of girls interested in them once they are known to be from the West – a case in point that in Asia, especially Thailand, money, status and materialism are all that matter. Just the other day, a Hong Kong gal send almost $200,000 USD to her Nigerian lover from a dating app because she was so in love with his status as a prominent Nigerian businessman (he was actually a scammer): http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-crime/article/2039951/hong-kong-woman-scammed-out-hk14-million-nigerian-lover

    And that’s the point – gold diggers aren’t interested in the person – they’re in love with the money/status/citizenship that the person has, and what it can do for them.

    There was a huge outrage over a Hong Kong event to get HK women hooked up with Western, white men called “dinner with a foreigner.” Ultimately, it was a setup to get Mainland Chinese women (gold diggers) a “legal” way to get a Western, foreign passport and thus entry into the West – and for them to get Western money – which is why the women had to pay $600 upfront to enter!

    This doesn’t mean all Asian girls are gold-diggers – I do not know the percentage – but alot will *greatly* consider your nationality – and thus how much money you have – before they consider anything else. Which is why the first thing they will ask is “where you come from?” Materialism is rampant in Asia. Western men of all races should be extremely careful and make sure that they aren’t being used by a women who cares nothing for them, and only regards them as a walking ATM machine – a term that a white guy in Asia used to describe how they are often thought of by Asian women/Asian families, especially in Thailand.

    P.S. Read:


    It is titled: “After dating 5,000 guys, Thai woman creates course on catching rich white men”
    It notes: “In one of her live videos, Praiya added that she does not just accept anyone in her course, she only wants to work with women who are really serious about becoming a gold digger.”
    ^ There you go, more evidence – Western money is what they like, not Western men.


  23. Th best way to deal with thai women is pay, do your time and throw them out.
    Thai women are the worst form of golddiggers and female scammers on earth – just being a Thai woman should be a crime.

    Thai families, society, government and police encourages and allows Thai women to use their looks for scamming and extorting money from farangs.

    Many farangs have been pushed off balconies, scammed, left penniless and homeless thanks to Thai women and the system.

    Anyone still falling for Thai women stories in 2018 is a 1st class moron.

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