The gig is my buddha or a fortuitous reversal

Again I will start my story with a disclaimer. I have lived in Bangkok 3 months, and I have read many posts here in the diaries. I am new, wet behind the ears, an amateur learning sometimes the hard way. I expect to get insults and some of you insisting I run home immediately as a sorry twat and failure.

However, I have yet to read about a situation such as the one I am in. I am not saying it doesn’t exist, But I eagerly await your thoughts and comments.

5 weeks ago one morning I met a girl at a party I was djing at. She took me to her apartment, a nice place, and we spent the entire day and evening together. We have spent every night together since. She has moved into my apartment. It has been very lovely.

Her story is that she owns a massage shop. From the very beginning I asked her if she goes with customers, and she said no way, her sister(and co owner) and family would never allow it.

Ok so be it. The thing is, through reckless behavior so typical of many unsuspecting forangs moving to bangkok for the first time, I have completely run out of money. My gig pays for everything, food, drinks, even rent this month. Am I lucky?

Well as you already have ascertained, my gig is a sex worker. Through a little deeper investigations I have found this out just a week ago.
For a month I happily lived in denial, and really believed I had found a hard working honest girl who cared about me. I am certainly not paying for her to stick around. I started to fall for this girl, calling her my girlfriend…now I see her as my gig.

She has an awesome heart, sends money to her family every month, and for some reason has decided to take me in. Am I her project? Why is she with me?

In many ways I feel very thankful and blessed to have someone helping me in a time of need. I am not a bum, I have interviews next week for 2 teaching positions, and I make 500 bht-4000bht a night djing.

I can safely say I will eventually make 40,000 bht a month in this country.

So I have decided for various reasons to move forward with this experiment in unusual relationships.

Back in the states some of my best friends and ex girl friends are sensual massage therapists, rub and tuggers. One always lies to her boyfriends about what she really does. Another met her boyfriend on the table, and they had a seriously dysfunctional relationship that somehow worked.

Now I am testing my endurance firsthand of what it is like to date and live with a girl that straight up goes with customers. In return for me being the boyfriend in her life, she is paying my way while I get back on my feet.

I have forgiven her for lying to me, and understand what she does makes her alot of money, but it is terribly difficult to give myself completely.

I know she would certainly not allow me to date other girls. She would move out.

All the time I hear or read about the dynamics of dating thai women, and it almost exclusively revolves around money flowing from the man to the woman.

I have requested she doesn’t fuck her customers. Supposedly she has only fukked 2, who are previous forangs she has been with before, which happened before she thought I was serious about her. Even though she has been living in my apartment. There have been many others by hand and mouth in between.

I told her I’m not down with her fukking customers, period, and she tells me she isn’t either, while she is with me anyway. By hand I am “ok” with and uncomfortable by mouth but I am in no real position to tell her to stop. Besides, its her customers that have afforded me a gig who is paying for me to live. So be it.

Call it what you will, but I do find some condolence that of all the bar, massage, gogo girls, freelancers and mercenaries out there making money off of men, I have a girl who is in fact taking care of me financially. It’s not easy emotionally…but my sex working gig is my buddha.

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  1. Do you really not have any pride? Letting your “girlfriend” support you?! Hopefully this is a prank posting. I can only imagine the postings you’ll get. I have no problem with the sex worker issue, its the fact that you came here with no money, no real job, and are letting some local girl support you. The word “looser” doesn’t come to mind? Eventually you’ll make 40,000 baht a month?! That doesn’t even cover my rent (am sure I’ll get postings now about over paying my rent, haha)!

    Thanks for the morning fun!

  2. I have a question about terminology: Does “gig” mean the same thing as “gik”? The latter, as most readers know, means a person with whom one has no-strings-attached sex. The former may be used to describe one’s job (and perhaps has another meaning of which I am ignorant). Is this another case in which transliterating Thai words follows no strict spelling rules? If so, that would explain why I’ve seen many other posts us “gig” for “gik.”

  3. @gecko I know many people living comfortably on 40,000 bht a month in bangkok. I came to Thailand with $10,000 american, about a months salary for me back in the States. there are alot of people who come to thailand without a job lined up looking to Start a new Life. My intention was to stay 6 months, now I’d like to stay indefinitely.
    @ling yes in this context I am using gig as gik. I’ve seen it both ways so wasn’t sure, but it is a nice play on words isn’t it?

  4. Yeah but Philip, you think its okay to let your “girlfriend” support you while you run around DJing? I am sorry, but I don’t see it as a career move. But, maybe I am too old these days.

  5. @Ling: I think it’s a transliteration issue. In Thai, there’s a difference between “kh” and “k”. KH is pronounced like a K in English whereas K by pronounced like a G in English. Gig isn’t really a very good transliteration in terms of how Thais say it. They usually pronounce it Gik or Giik or G-iik.

    If you look at the word in Thai, it’s กิ๊ก. If you notice that the beginning and ending characters are the same (the character above is the vowel) then it becomes somewhat apparent why Thais transliterate the word as “gig” since the ก character (gor gai) is a G sound. But your average Thai will pronounce the last gor gai like kh making it sound like Gik.

    @philipbquick: You’re a retard. You claim to have blown through $10,000 in 2 months? Let’s forget about what a absurdly small amount to call a life savings and focus on the fact that that’s about 320,000 baht. That’s like 5300 a day for 60 days! Any guy who is letting a massage-girl/prostitute support him doesn’t sound like the kind of guy staying in 3000 – 4000 baht a night hotel rooms so you have to figure the vast majority of that 5300 a day was hookers and booze.

    That’s okay if you’re on holiday or if you have nearly unlimited resources but when $10,000 is all you have to your name to go on a bender like that just yells “RETARD”

  6. @Mort: Thank you for the helpful explanation — I admire both your knowledge of the Thai language and the clarity of your presentation.

  7. Technically the guy is a Pimp. Which in Thai is pronounced “Papasan” because of transliteration issues 😉
    No big deal. He’s neither the first one nor the last one to reverse the trend.

  8. I dare to ask the question: why is it different for a guy to prostitute himself working for any job or company for years at a time and pay for his girlfriend than it is for a girl to sell her body and take care of a man she likes/love?

    Fire suit on 🙂

  9. @Mando. HAHA! Cause we (me) are old fashioned in some ways and its the man’s job to earn. I earn and she takes care of me and the house, etc. I like living like its the 1950’s in the States here in BKK.

  10. @Mando: For me, it’s the fact that – right or wrong – sex is not the same as asking you to come into an office and do accounting for 8 hours a day. When you come home from work your girlfriend doesn’t have to worry about what diseases you picked up today or have to imagine some fat dude sweating as he’s pumping you in the ass.

    I’ve been told that a Thai girl supporting a farang by going with customers is pretty much the lowest rung on the prostitute ladder. To have a Thai husband or boyfriend and have to sell yourself to make money is okay because they know he probably doesn’t have money and has even less opportunities to get a decent job.

    Think of all the places you go on a daily basis and see mostly women in Thailand. Hotels? Probably female receptionist, maybe even manager, maids, etc. Go to the bank and what sex are most of the tellers? Go to upgrade your mobile plan and who are most of the salespeople? Go to any department store and what is the ratio of male employees to female employees?

    A girl supporting her Thai boyfriend or husband is not seen as anything unusual because she has far more opportunities for jobs than he has. Why do you think the family always sends the females to Bangkok to find jobs while the guys ride around on their scooters all day impregnating more 16 year olds who will soon need to become go-go dancers to support their children?

    But when you land the mystical farang he’s supposed to have unlimited power to make baht notes come out of ATM machines. If you are so stupid as to find the only farang who has less earning potential than a Thai guy then you’re pretty much advertising to the world that you’re an idiot.

  11. What is it exactly you want us to say?
    What was your purpose in relating this tale?
    It seems that, fictional or real, you are just bragging about being a man-whore…..and seeking the cheers/envy/admiration of those out there who are paying to support their woman…or for sex from many. Believe me you are not alone. There is more to the story than you tell.
    To make a judgment (that must be what you want?), whether its a badge of honor or shame, I’d like to hear her story, see a picture of the girl and the “customers” she pleasures.
    How old is she?
    Does she have children?
    While I have no problem with the morality of you selling yourself for mere food and rent….as I am well-acquainted with, and accepting of, the sex-for-sale business….its seems to me that your girl …who is getting regularly reamed out by a variety (?) different men (which is nothing for you to be proud of)….is probably not much interested in sex with you.
    Maybe you “can’t get it up”?
    There’s certainly a lot you didn’t tell us. Are you happy? What kind of person is she? What is the state of your relationship? Is it a fuck’em, use ’em and forget ’em play on your part as it is with most prostitutes? Are you honest and loyal? Do the two of you laugh go out and dance etc.? Or do you wait in the room, like a dog, for her to bring you food?

    Her motives are the important issue here. You should ask her about that…not us.

    While I understand a Thai guy (and there are thousands) living off of their whore-wife I personally consider it a rather shameful thing for a farang to admit doing.
    My guess is she anticipates that there will be some sort of pay-off in the not-to-distant future….a trip to the states or a more laid-back life-style at your expense….. and either you intend to provide that or you’re an evil prick.
    Either way it is no badge of honor. It happens all the time.

    BTW, you fail to mention your visa situation, which after three months should become a big expensive problem for you. See what she does when that comes up.
    You also don’t mention where you work dj-ing (so we can come and see you) whether you have work permit etc.
    We are all players here boy. Your not telling us any glorious story we haven’t heard before.
    Write us again when this plays out further.

  12. P.S.
    I see some contradictions that don’t make much sense in your poorly-crafted fantasy tale.
    You say you make an average of 2,250Bt a night dj-ing (How on Earth do you get these gigs?)….that’s 66,000+ per month by my math.
    Why is she paying for anything?
    And why would you look for a full-time day gig teaching for 40K when you can make so much more, be surrounded by beautiful dancing Thai girls smack-dab in the middle of the BKK nightlife that attracted you here?

    What kind of teacher/DJ makes $10,000 a month in the states?

    If I was you I’d go back home work a few months and come back here a richer and wiser man; perhaps establish a business and secure life.
    You’re wasting your time here.

  13. Hey Phillip. Ignore the idiots that have replied so far, most of them are probably bitter middle aged sex tourists. First let me tell you that your situation is not at all unique. Most girls, in Thailand or wherever in the world, whatever their profession, want to be with a guy who they’re attracted to and enjoy spending time with. Your girl is no different. Just because she works in a massage parlour, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to come home every night to a guy that she loves.

    A word of caution though. If you live together, and she’s willing to temporarily support you, then you are definetely not just her “gik”. She probably views the relationship seriously and is hoping that someday you will commit to her. If you don’t mind being in a serious relationship with a working girl, and you have genuine feelings for her, then go for it. On the other hand, if you aren’t comfortable with your girl’s line of work, you can either try to help her in trying to find a different, much less lucrative line of work (which will probably involve supporting her financially) or pull the plug on the relationship.

    PS. Whether or not she does have sex with customers, I certainly wouldn’t take her word as bond. Thais have a tendency of telling you what they think you want to hear, especially in this kind of situation.

  14. This post has to be a hoax. No guy can be this dumb. A loser in all points. How this guy has lasted here is beyond me.

  15. A sex worker in Thailand is just another profession, like a dentist. They provide a valuable service. Not just a service, but a fundamental biological need. If they did not exist, the crime rate in Thailand would rise dramatically.

    Forget all the people living a cliched life and do what makes you happy.

  16. “Change is the essence of life.Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”
    It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive…
    @kevin, my post is all too real. She is 20, no kids and we have alot of sex all the fukking time. I am young and full of vitality.
    We have a great time partying together…she is my best friend and lover.
    Your assumed averages about my income are based on me working every night, which I do not do.
    I am an advertising and entertainment marketing professional in the states. I am a tour manager and event and television producer. Yes, i am thinking about going back to re-up the kitty and give this a shot again.
    @DANNY touche buddy! you nailed it man…thank you for the honest feedback.
    Of course we talk about this alot, but i feel if this relationship is gonna work I can’t keep confronting her and thinking about the head or handjobs she gave last night.
    BTW last night she said she would stop giving head, which she gets 3000 bht for, remember she sends a ton of money to her family.
    But I am aware of the trait of thai women to tell you what you want to hear. I get that. So Instead of believing in some idyllic world where my gf is being good at work, I expect the worst and hope to get over the jealousy.
    She is very serious about this relationship. She is also quite jealous, and always accuses me of wanting other girls, and tests me by saying its ok, go fuk another girl….
    She is like most 20 yo girls I know, playing games and things. But she is also very mature for her age, smart, and really a fukking great time, joking around, talking shit…and the way she talks is just adorable.
    Remember she is the OWNER of this shop. For every 100 bht her workers make giving a massage, she gets 200 bht. If they leave for the night with a customer, she gets 500 bht.
    What else, I got my visa extended till march 11th, when I will make the border run to laos. Hopefully I will have my own money for this by then.
    I find no glory, pride or bragging rights here gentlemen. Whether a girl, your friends, or parents are paying your way it sux big time not to be self sustaining…I wanted to share because not having any real farang men friends in bangkok its nice to get feedback albeit online from a bunch of strangers.

  17. Danny Nomad:

    What you say about working women in love… is essentially true.

    But this guy is an obvious liar and poser.
    I am surprised you don’t see that.
    I mean; didn’t you notice she moved into his apartment?
    So she’s paying the rent on two apartments…her really nice one and his too.
    How could a massage girl manage that (plus take care of her family etc.)? Why?

    What he really should be asking us about is his visa, work permit and such nagging (and extremely serious) legal questions which threaten his very liberty and certainly his presence in Thailand… and he seems to ignore them completely.

    I work in the entertainment industry in Thailand.
    How a guy who’s been here a few months gets one-night stand gigs DJ-ing, for 4,000Bt per, with no work permit etc. just about exhausts my imagination.
    Most of us work under contract.
    Where does he do these gigs?
    Who provides the equipment?
    Who is he entertaining?
    How did they find him?
    Why would they hire him at all?
    To do that he’d have to have the kind of Thai contacts and friends that would (take years) guarantee he’d never need the support of a massage parlor prostitute.

    As for us being ” probably bitter middle aged sex tourists”. I don’t see anybody who is speaking bitterly except those who perceive that they are being lied to like a bunch of stupid chumps; and I’d say that we are mostly experienced expats who see right thru him…not tourists.

    I don’t believe a word of his story, (though there are many such that are true) and though entertaining…its full of holes and he’s full of shit.
    I’m a little disappointed that the editor here allowed it on the site as anything but pure fiction.

  18. Ohhhh Kevin…
    I work at a variety of bars, clubs and even after hours street bars sprinkled throught sukhumvit and silom….
    Last night for instance I djd at new wave, I am working on producing a weekly at a new club currently called zulu on soi 13 but the name is being changed to divinity…
    Yes, She paid rent on 2 apartments this month…her cousin/maid is living for free in her apartment off the pha kanong bts stop. We are nesting together off the asok stop.
    Kevin, if you work in the entertainment industry, where can I send you a cd and one sheet for some job opportunities? perhaps we can meet for a beer. I am an a/v installation performance artist and tech…
    I use ableton live and modul8 on a macbook pro with an akai midi controller and can run multiple projectors..I also do 3d mapping of spaces with video for very cool effects
    If you want to stop by her shop and pay for a special I could ask her to discount for you…
    This isn’t a lie man…
    Listen, I got paid 4000 bht on New Years eve once…my standard rate is 1000 bht
    Honestly, I am more interested in talking to you about work opportunities than proving to you my personal life.
    I have dj’d all across the states LA NYC Denver Chicago SF Miami, etc etc
    I am also a producer and promoter….
    I am looking to do a broadcast on UB radio and would like to work with the dudesweet guys…
    I am slowly building a network here…I also do Television and event production…cam op, lighting, rigging,sound, stage decor- AP TD and art direction…
    Can you give me some direction on where to get some work doing this?
    Come meet me and my girl for a beer dood…
    we exist and its real

  19. philipquick

    Well you are creative. I’ll give you that.
    I don’t really see what it is you are asking us…or why you related your story.

    If your story is true than I sincerely apologize. Send your personal email, web address etc. I’d like to get acquainted as I could perhaps use your production services.
    Be cautioned.
    You cannot legally stay in Thailand beyond 3 months without a long-term non-immigrant visa of some kind.
    You cannot work in BKK particularly in high-profile entertainment venues without a Work Permit (which will provide you with the visa).
    Getting around these two requirements takes at least some intimate Labor & Immigration Dept contacts and a lot of money.
    Otherwise you are in serious peril and could spend a lot of time in a Thai prison if you lack the funds (as you say you do) to get yourself out.
    I sure wouldn’t be on Bangkokdiaries posting if I were you.

    P.S. And BTW describing someone as your Buddha is quite repellent to Thai people and Buddha. Some things they have no sense of humor about and that’s one of them.

    Cheers and good luck. I mean that.

  20. philipquick:

    I’m afraid I don’t live in Bangkok.
    And I work every night so the trip is next to impossible.

    But I am happy to see some credible details.
    As I said to nomad…stories like yours are not unusual.

    I could write a book about unusual experiences with Thai women…but I think it pointless.

    If you care to post your email/web address I will write you privately.
    I don’t care to share mine with everyone. I am a high-profile guy.

  21. Kevin
    [email protected]…there goes my anonymity!
    email me and I will map out my visa plans…if you are in entertainment I suspect you are in pattaya, chang mai phuket or the islands, all places I would enjoy traveling to for work.

  22. A massage shop run by a 20 year old, that’s unusual. But a massage shop where workers “leave for the night with a customer”, that’s very unusual. Would you mind sharing the name of this place?

  23. Suk awesome man! I just showed her your site and what you wrote here and I asked her if its ok if I share the name of her shop. I told her “hey! this might be good promotions for you, he may write about your shop and you could get more customers” she laughed and answered with the proverbial “up to you”
    So…here it goes…
    Sawadee Krap next to the Ambassador hotel on soi 11. The only reason I am posting this is because of your site Suk, which is a nice site btw.
    My buddha I can’t believe I am revealing such details.
    oh yeah and Kevin…the buddha reference is a joke between me and the girl.
    I have been trying to figure out why the fuck she is with me and at one point I said, I get it, you are my buddha, helping me find the way and success here, and when I do you will go.
    She laughed and said yes i am your buddha.
    we like jokes in our world.

  24. You can like jokes all you want but other Buddhists might find them offensive. From time to time I see a girl who likes to say “What up, my nigga?” and I always tell her that this is really offensive to black people and if she ever gets caught saying it she’s going to be in a ton of shit. The fact that it’s a joke to her isn’t going to make a whole hell of a lot of difference to the black guy who takes offense to being called a nigger.

    Same thing here. It may be your little lover’s joke but another thing you need to learn about Thailand is insulting Buddha is the kind of thing that can get you killed. Like the crazy dude who busted up the Erawan shrine a few years back. The police had to save him from being beaten to death by an angry mob even though he was obviously mentally unbalanced. Thais have zero sense of humor when it comes to Buddha or the king. Choose to make jokes about either at your own peril.

  25. Hey Philip

    Sounds like you’ve made some good contacts already, what kind of music do you spin? I’m not part of that industry but I’ll come out and check out one of your sets next time I’m in BKK. Even if you get a steady DJ’ing job it might still be wise to do some English teaching on the side for the regular paycheque and more importantly, a work visa. Good luck and I hope all works out well with you and your girl.

  26. Hey Danny…I am uploading a new mix on soundcloud I will get you the link when its ready. I play electro fidget indy dance remixs, new wave classic rock mashups and stupid top 40 shit for the girls. I will play electro house, that shit you here in gogo bars, or straight acdc rock jams….
    we call this genre bending stuff fidget….
    ps i am teaching about 10 hours a week now, looking to get that up to 25 hrs…I may do more if they throw in the work permit.
    @Katechon HEll ya I did! Thanks for asking! I had to co-ordinate with one of my friends back in the states to sell one of my projectors, so made the 500 bux and paid 14,000 bht for a nice new screen installed.
    Oh, and last night, my girl went with a customer and his wife who were from Dubai, and they dressed her up in lingerie to dance around and let the wife suck on her nipples for an hour. She made 6000 bht.
    Sounds like fun to me!

  27. Glad to hear that Phil.

    Take care Dude, and keep us posted.

    I’ve suddenly got the feeling things will work out for you. U sounds very much, er, upbeat. 😉

    *crosses fingers*

  28. @Suk It’s not unusual to find massage places where the girls don’t live in. A young lass I met in one of the places down Soi 33 was a regular visitor to my Bangkok residence before she buggered off back to Chiang Mai.

    @ Philip keep us informed as to where your playing, I’ll stop by next time I’m in town.

  29. I give a FF what anyone thinks, your entitled to your opinion but I have no objections to guys that have there mothers, aunties, wifes,sisters, girlfriends, giks,skanks, or any other type of breed possessing a virgina.

    All fair in love and war folks.

  30. Hi Philip,

    Probably the girl wants real love and is afraid that you will leave her. If she is paying for your cost of living, she might thinking that you wouldn’t leave her because she is supporting you.
    Be careful, anyway good luck with the girl.

  31. Nice story Phil(why is all farangs working in teaching?isn´t thais sick of english teachers?seem is like an english academy every corner?)
    BTW Phil,how much is the rent for that place where you live?
    Hope you do well,never mind the haters,life is to short.
    Keep us updated.

  32. George:
    Thai people who have the money to send their children to an international school where they can learn English…are sold 100% on the idea of their children speaking English (so am I BTW).
    Its not a question of whether the children are bored with it or not. Its not up to them. Its up to their parents.
    Teaching English is something the Thai aren’t very good at and have no college diploma (required of farang) for teaching it. So its job a farang can legally do in Thailand.
    That…and the is a great demand…. is why so many farang do it.

  33. I dont know,it just sound strange to me that a country dont have theyr own language school to develop theyr own teachers(im an expat an in all the country that i live in europe the english teachers use to be locals).
    I read like thousand of blogs and everybody had planing to work teaching eng.
    I mean,is nothing else to do there eccept teaching?
    Or most of you people are not qualify to do other jobs?
    It just feel sad to me that is nothing else to work there,cause my eng. is not good enough to teach the thais xD

  34. I don’t teach English so let me get that right out there.

    First off, English is a difficult language. The grammar and spelling rules are very difficult, IMHO. So, you need native English speakers to teach English. No offense but your English is horrible and if you’re telling me it was taught by non-Native English speakers, well, that sort of proves the point, doesn’t it?

    Like Kevin said, the demand for English teachers is high and the requirements to teach are rather low. Many schools don’t even require a university degree though they’re supposed to. Again, the schools are willing to take on the (technically) illegal teachers because the demand for them exceeds the supply.

    And you do find this very common in Asia. Korea, China, and Japan are other big destinations for expat English teachers. And if English is not your native tongue you need not apply because they won’t even consider you. So guess what kind of jobs most expats have? Teaching.

    It’s not that people are unqualified to do anything else, it’s that that is an easy route to a work permit. Much like me, an American, working in Europe. I am not an EU citizen which means I am not entitled to work in the EU. When I do work there I have to apply for a work permit and I can only do that if the company has demonstrated that no local (EU) talent can be found. Fortunately, I work in very specialized area that there are few people worldwide who do what I do so my work permits go through rather easily. But if I was a software engineer, bartender, clerk, or some other job it would be very difficult to demonstrate that I possess some sort of talent that cannot be found in the EU.

    The same applies here. It’s made especially true when being a native English speaker is right at the top of the list of job requirements. Getting a work permit is very easy in that case as long as you meet other minimum requirements.

    And this is Thailand. Despite all the English schools most Thais speak mainly in Thai. If you’re looking to relocate to Thailand and try to find an IT job your choices tend to be limited to working for farang owned businesses unless you have a pretty solid grasp of the Thai language.

    There are lots of niche jobs here. I know one guy who works for the tourism bureau. I know another who worked in a Thai government job. Some Thai companies market mostly to foreigners so they hire foreign sales reps and such due to familiarity of cultures. But unless you have a overseas owned company in Thailand it’s pretty rare to see large numbers of farangs employed in one company.

    Last but not least is salary. A Thai IT worker might make 20,000 – 25,000 baht per month. I think most farang would have a difficult time living on that. Not impossible but believe me there would be few if any luxuries in your life. So, you can do IT and 20,000 – 25,000 a month or you can teach English and make 35,000 – 40,000 baht per month. With private lessons you might end up with 50,000+ a month in income. If you actually have a decent educational background you can get hired at some of the better schools and make 80,000 baht or more teaching (not at the beginning but I do know a few teachers who have been here awhile making that much or more). It’s not rocket science.

    To be honest, probably your best bet is to come here and start your own business. The startup costs are very low compared to back home. Of course that requires capital and the ability to run a business. If you don’t have either of those and you don’t speak English natively then things are much more difficult for you. You have to have contacts.

  35. A little update for y’alls.
    I am now working about 24 hours a week and making 40k bht a month teaching.
    I received another new contract to be a high school teacher starting next month.
    I teach, speech, social and life, science, film making and art. How cool is that?
    I shot a video I am now editing for a .kickstarter campaign. This is a site that raises money for your projects.

    My girlfriend wants to get out of the massage shop and back into owning a salon, like she used to. It will take 100,000 bht to get it back. Her rent on it is 8,000 bht/mth and it comes with an apartment upstairs. With one other lady working, she can net 30,000 bht/mth. Its not as much being a lady of the night, but she really doesn’t want to do that anymore.
    So I am editing a video for the kickstarter campaign to raise the money to make this happen.

    A Young buddhist girl wants to get out of the sex worker industry in bangkok. She sends money to her family in the little village of Ubon every month. She wants to get the salon back, doing mani peddy’s, hair, color, facials.
    Donate $10, get a mani peddy. Donate $20, get a haircut. Donate $50, get cut and color.
    Donate $100 get the cut color mani peddy facial and shoulder/ foot massage.
    We have an excellent 20 minute interview with her, she was amazing to work with…a natural…b roll walking down soi cowboy, waving at potential customers in front of her shop, cutting hair, walking a “customer” out of her shop. THis week she will go home to Ubon, I have given her a shot list to get her and her mother at the temple, her family on the porch, making dinner, laughing together…her father on the farm doing whatever…her playing with her young brother…
    The video will be 2 minutes long.
    When its uploaded I will post here and you can take a look, maybe donate to the cause!
    The way it works is you set a time limit, we are going with 1 month. You only get the money if your goal has been met, $3000 for us. If at the deadline we have raised ANYTHING LESS than the original goal, she gets nothing.
    Also I just produced a video for a client who was traveling through from ny.
    Anyway, thats what’s happening now, lots of creativity here. Oh and I uploaded a mix for any of you that want to hear a sample of a set I do.
    Again, this is fidget electro wobble house indie dance, definitely not mainstream or for everyone, but check it out…

  36. I´ve know decent middleclass thaisgirls, that got ripped off for years by young professional criminal falang bfs in bkk, so why should this story and guy be a fake ?

    ofcourse it could easily be fake and it´s sure pretty rare.

    I also met young guys, who fucked whatever bargirl they wanted in bkk for free, that´s something I would have never believed if I would not have seen it with my own eyes.

    this story sounds much more human, romantic and ok than some of the shit we all know many girls and guys inclusive ourselfs get or got there in real.

  37. Matty manslaughter

    Hello all, pay no attention to my name its my nick name as a musician. Phillip, you say you promote? Well im planning a trip to bangkok next summer and im interested in possibly playing some shows, but me not knowing any one there will make that difficult i suspect. So i was wondering if theres anyway you could help me accomplish that. P.S. I play post hard core rock with my band and i also do acustic songs

  38. Good one Phillip, there is a Thai word for you ”Mengaa”’ which means you living off your lady. Good for you. Too many farang pay over the odd’s of these women, and some of there money into your pocket. Good to readdress the balance..

    Cheers bud, regards, Andy

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