Dating Thai Men: A Personal Experience – Ms. Modern meets Mr. Ancient

Part of being in a new culture is to experience everything that the place can possibly teach me. One of my curiosities was Thai Men. When in Thailand, you hear frequent comments just how bad Thai men’s behavior is. Besides seeing congregate to drink whiskey together at 3pm in the afternoon, I wondered how bad of a species could they really be? Whenever I look, they are always smiling and excessively helpful.

So the curiosity of their never experienced character and their exoticism allured me to attempt to actually date them. Here in the middle of Issan, Surin to be exact, I was surrounded by flawless dark skinned friendly Thai men with a permanent gigantic smile stuck on their face. Nowhere in sight was a white man who was single. So I couldn’t help but be attract to them. But were they attracted to me?

I didn’t remember being ugly in America, in fact I consider myself visually appealing after I shower. After a few months, I realized its not in their Thai nature to visually check me out. Never do their eyes fall below your neck. Although it leads you to feel invisible, I sometimes slightly wish this was adopted by some Western Men.

Although you can never generalize men based on one experience from other stories I hear that this is how dating is usually approached. I am not referring to the Westernized Chinese-Thai Bangkok boy but rather the rural Isaan son of a father type. The one who is the least exposed to any form of Western dating, besides a few scenes from the latest American action movie dubbed in Thai.

The Thai way is very subtle. It starts off like a small rolling ball not in a hurry to get anywhere, sort of like a Thai buffalo. They want to court. It’s what they know. That is the polite thing to do. It is polite to turn you down when you invite them back to your room after a night of drinking. It’s almost sacred and very rare form of behavior in the west, but at the same time utterly frustrating to the point of feeling rejected. Their lack of aggressiveness I mistook for being uninterested.

When I met Go, I didn’s even realize that I met him. I would often see him when I went to fill up gas on my motorbike; he worked at the same place. It started off just as casual conversation. As my Thai started to improve, so did the length of our conversations. He was the first Thai guy that showed interest in me. Eventually after about two months of me frequenting the gas station, he asked me to go eat noodles with him. I knew that maybe this could mean something. After a few dates, a double date, and a meeting at the local pub as a group date, he still did not even hold my hand. I gave up, thinking maybe he is just not interested in me. Usually I was able to detect this, but at this time in this unfamiliar place, I was not certain what this type of behavior translated to. It drove me crazy for about a month. Beyond frustrated, I phoned an American male friend back at home for some insight. He asked me if I had ever seen “Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon.” I said “No, why ?” My friend replies, “Well Sarah, the female is supposed to be the one to show interest in the man in Asian culture. You can’t be afraid to make a move.” My pride suddenly stood up and said NO this is not how I have ever done it. I am not the hunter, I am the prey pretending to run from you.

I swallowed my pride and decided to run after him like the tiger. I called him more and I questioned him similar to the style of some of the stalkish men that I have dated. After all, he was a really shy Thai guy and I was probably somewhat alien like to him. After 5 months total and one month of the not communicating, he finally held my hand, after I grabbed his, and then he finally came to my room, after turning me down several times before that. After consulting with a Thai female, she said it is a very ancient culture and this was his way to show his politeness and that he liked me. I had to revert back to a 7th grade dating mind frame and wow there is something so innocent about that.

Overall, Thai men are more polite. They will not make you carry anything and they will act like a man, and you will act like a female. The roles are very clear. He doesn’t like you wearing clothes that are too revealing. Sometimes he may drink and gamble with his friends but he will always laugh and make you laugh, conflict scares him. Although the language barriers and cultural differences can be vast, Thai men are worth exploring ladies if you are in no rush. Sit back, enjoy and observe the ancient style of dating still alive today.

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  1. Thai men dating farang ladies is NOT the same as Thai men dating Thai women. Most likely he feels very inadequate dating a nice looking (as you describe yourself in a few words) farang lady. I have yet to see a Thai man treating a Thai girlfriend in the way you describe. I am NOT saying All Thai men are rude to their ladies, I am just saying that the “norm” is that “most” Thai men treat their Thai women totally different than they would treat a beautiful farang lady. While it is possible you may have a great guy, it is more likely that the cultural differences are what kept him from courting you.

    Have you been dating him a long time? does he take care of you the way YOU like? please let us know!

  2. Thank you Miss Anonymous, this is wonderfully unusual and insightful. You do have a sample of one. Of course, I doubt most Thai men are like that, and that they’d react the same to a Thai woman as to a Farang woman.

    Thais in general are very much afraid of losing face and looking clumsy (especially in a social situation). Even just having to speak minimal English (well within their abilities) fills many Thais with dread. Farang have a reputation for being abrupt and dismissive, and quite a few Farang women can be rude even to guys they’re interested in. I assume if a Thai guy felt there was any potential for losing face he’d not be quick to approach you, especially since Thais are not desperate for sex (not to the same level as most western guys).

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Recently I got a bit tired of reading blogs or forum post written by Farangs on Thailand. Most I read was either arrogant, smart-aleck, narrow-minded, or disrespectful. Or a combination of all of the above.
    Your post is a welcome change. I love how you openly share your very personal experience without judgement. Keep that habit.

  4. After a few more months pass – and the drinking, the yaa-baa, and the accompanying beatings commence – let us know how this works out for you, m’kay?

  5. You think, if this article is true, it will last THAT long?

    I would love to see such a successful relationship happen here!

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  7. @the article writer: any updates? I truely meant it when I said that I would love to see such a relationship happen here in Thailand.

  8. Hey girl anonymous
    Interesting post – funny too, I can totally relate to your experience!
    The deal with Thai men drinking is really an unfair exaggeration.
    The other day I was chatting with a Thai female friend and she said to me: “Oh I’m so tired of my (Thai) husband drinking too much and coming home drunk too late”. I was like: “oh no, what time does he get back?”. Answer: “11pm”. When my guy is out “drinking late”, I’m lucky if he’s back by 3am.
    Most of my ex Farang bf were worse drinkers than any Thai bf I’ve had.

  9. Hi there,
    I recently holidayed in Phuket and on one of the first days being there met a Thai male on a boat tour out to an Island. He was very sweet and gentle natured but also very charming, confident and nicely flirtatious. Due to travelling with my mum I hadn’t experienced the nightlife in Patong yet and after a while of conversing with one another he asked if I would like to go out in Patong with him. Hesitating due to being in a foriegn country and not knowing him very well my mum was the one who encouraged me to go, she had also been talking to him as well and got a nice vibe from him. (This may be due to her love of buddhists.)
    To cut a long story short I ended up spending the next few weeks of my holiday with him. He was very attentative, loving and caring and very mindset in me being his girlfriend and me moving there to live with him. He captured me is a sense and I now have returned home with a Thai boyfriend…
    We have been talking every day since and not only did he capture me but Thailand did as well and I am planning to move there next year to teach English as I teach children at home and would love the experience.
    I am just curious to know why he was keen to form a relationship with me after a few weeks of being together and when he saw me off at the airport reassured me that I was his girlfriend and that he would not be going with other women and hoped that I would show the same respect. He seemed very insecure about this…
    Since being back I have heard mixed reviews about Thai men… I have heard it almost accepted for Thai men to cheat, almost as common as going to work. I know this can’t be categorised but have read and heard from various sources. We come from such different cultures due to being Thai and Western, although Thai are becoming much more accustomed to the Western way of life. If anyone has any advice that could help me as I am very curious and would like to see our relationship progress. Thanks!

  10. The odds of him NOT cheating on you are so slim that you need to prepare yourself for some disappointment. It IS expected and accepted for Thai men to go with women other than their wives or GF’s. This an Asian thing and as a westerner it is hard to understand. I highly recommend you really look into moving to Thailand ,as a female, if you do not come to grips with their culture over all.

  11. thais are vary from person to person just so u know like any other cultures. finding a good guy is as hard as finding a good woman. the idea of thai men can cheat on women & wives and still be alive or get away with it is garbage. Yes, it’s true…it’s more acceptable in society everywhere in world (western included) for men to date many women & brag about it like it’s something cool (rappers been singin about how many hos & bitches they have for years).

  12. Sandy in Bangkok

    Thanks for sharing your story. I am wondering about the culture clashes and future misunderstandings that may happen. I have not dated any Thai men because I felt I would never truly understand them.
    Good luck to you.

  13. Have to say I agree with some of the above. I met a thai man while on holiday last year and he told me tht he was going to the temple to be a monk for a while. I was impressed that he was so dedicated! i returned this year to do some voluntary work and decided to look him up…..we started seeing each other almost immediately but things did not add up. Always wanted to hold my wallet, and spend my money, always had to shower at his “cousins place”, always wanting to be alone with me, never being happy when i so much as smiled as anyone else! one day i went to a pub owned by a friend, and I met a lovely thai girl. we started talking and slowly realised that we were seeing the same guy who worked at island safari in koh samui. when i confronted him he was very argumentative, and a few days later the girlfriend called me and told me it was over. I have since realised that some thai men will have a foreign girlfriend, obtain certain possessions and money and still keep the thai girlfriend on the side! Watch out for a guy called Whay or Jom…..this is his modus operandi, and my stupidity!!!!

  14. Wow very naive, you should look around the web ,plenty of info provided by people who have spent decades in LOS, be very wary of thai men 99% are users of prostitutes/alcohol/drugs/ or you if you let them.
    Also well known for being violent and controlling.

  15. many thai men are alcoholics and compulsive gamblers. Most thai are also liars and that goes for both the women and the men,unfortunately. One can argue that it is the culture and the fear of losing face, but liars are liars no matter cultural differences. I know thai culture very well, and would stay well clear of dating any thai.
    At the start of the relationships and maybe for the first year or so, thai men will be the most affectionate, warm and sweet-talking men on Earth, but if you keep seeing them, maybe move in with them,you’ll soon discover their true nature.

  16. hello there,

    Please excuse my gramma and any miss spelling in this comment.

    First I am Thai, I was born and raised in BKK until i were 15 year old. Then I moved to the Michigan usa . I lived there probably about 13 14 year, back and forward to the state. I want to say without bias any culture and I want to do the best base on what i feel so some of you can really use as a guide line in the future.

    In both world, I saw good and bad. The bad will be express out along with the what good’s. Let’s talk about the good first. The key to good’s open mind is “Education”. Simple? if you can understand how differences it is between your education and Thai education then i have no further explaination, and it good because it save alot of my time. But to leave it like this many of you will probably still in doubt what are my point?
    As you might has experience some thai or asian friends in class room. They all seem smart or fast learning. For thai they just a small population compare to all thai people. They just a small soceity of rich parent whom spend alot of money for his or her special class tuitor after school or 7 day a week study. They goal of life from their parents is difference than westernize. Their parents goal is being evaluate by their kids GPA. No matter if the kids is weak in phycial, selfish, or lazy . Still if his or her GPA is above 3.5 they will be consider as intelligent,smart, good person automatically. And that will gain alot of face for their parent in their social life having such a wonderful childs. Now, for those who are middle class and lower class. First things first, is their right to choose for the best school with teacher whom teach with spirit. Alot of school that they attend mostly i repeat mostly the teacher him/her self actually become a teacher for stable carrer, not from their heart of wanting to become the one who can lead the way for young minds.

    So is this a bit clear ? ok…. if the education is still had a big gap for rich and poor. So is the mind of the kids will be such as … uper class mostly the man will be mamaboy and so on because they never work and have to earn their own money for any good and probaly go on to live with their parent for a long long time. (there are a poportion of upper class which teach their childs the right way ” rich people raised their child as a poor boy/girl so they learn the valueble of money- contarary to the middle and lower class income they will rasied their childs like goddes to full fill what their lack in their childhood” ) for women samething. now middle and lower class, matterrialism play important roll for them because they all want to be rich dont want anyone to look down on them. Money play alot of factor in their young minds. They will absorbt selfishness from their social life and throughtout his/her life it will be under their skin.
    Thai has a reputation of the land of smile but the fact is they smile is to kill. They lack of self confident, to pick the side to be with is not from right and wrong but from the majority and minority of society.
    Thai are deeppest selfish and unsincere, their language has alot of phase , such as if western say I thai will have = gu (for closed friends),chan(normal level consider polite)d-chan(very polite )phom(very polite )ka-phom(very very polite). and many more what i tried to said is they had many level of faking and being real to only a group of people they know and out from that group they just careless.

    so what you see is not what you get unless you had meet the one who really can open up such as listen to you learn your culture, being himself, stop faking as you are his princes ( because they think you richer that Y ). what they do behide your back are .. first of all they will talk about sex life between you and him with his friends and earn alot of reputation of Westerner sexual pleasure. they will luagh and ask detail but suddenly if you appeal in the middle of conversation they will just stop and only little smile and act like nothing happen.

    I am thai yes I am but really I am glad that I has a chance for the best education in the State. I am sure that not many will be lucky like me. but you know what , since i came lived in thailand i been teaching many people of what i know from there and it i been tried many year…. result…. nothing….. and now I am just close one of my eyes to live in thailand there a good and there a bad here, but definately there the same everywhere except Education and Family structure is weakening their youngs or well prepare to become a valueble person to the society… that what the difference


    Avondale HS
    Eastern Michigan University

  17. I’m half thai, and this blog is lovely to read like a breathe of fresh air 🙂
    I’ve grown up in England so I’m kind of use to the Western culture of dating and since now I’m living in Thailand I’ve started to date a couple of Thai guys.
    My first experience wasn’t very good, I liked him he liked me we went out dated and he had a girlfriend of 6 Years! -____-
    I was kinda devastated. I stopped seeing him after that.

    My next experiences were just flings.

    Now I’ve started seeing a guy.

    I think I like him a lot more then he likes me. But he is from North Thailand, and I have asked him if he had a girlfriend but he said no.
    I’m still going to keep one eye open with him, not that I don’t trust him.. I just don’t trust them saying they don’t have a girlfriend.

    We spent the day at the temple and he brought noodles for us to eat.
    He is lovely, but I did take the first steps on holding his arm when we walked down the street.
    The only time he’d hold my hand is when we crossed the street and then he’d let go :/

    So now I’m kinda curious. This time I don’t want to seem like a stalker, just the girl he would want.
    So I’ve decided to be aloof. See him once a week. Ect.
    He knows where I live, so if he did want to see me he could.

    Ahh we’ll see.

    RULE: Always keep one eye open with a Thai Guy. Cause you never know. Behind that sweetness..there is an onion that you have to peel back to get to the truth of them!

  18. Why bother with thai men at all,then? There are plenty of other guys out there who have not become totally ruined and corruptes by their culture and who can think for themselves. I would not touch a thai man.Don`t know about other asian men, but thai men, no no no. All thai think about is status and money. Strange in a buddhist country as I would assume that this attitude goes against buddhist teaching. But nevertheless, their minds are poisoned and twisted, I’m sad to say.

  19. If one believes that a Thai man has no gigs on the side, one is not in touch with reality as it presents itself in Thailand! I work with rich Thai people who also have poor Thai men working for them so I see it all. While I can’t speak for ALL Thai men, I assure you I know for a fact than every single Thai man I know has a minimum of one girlfriend/wife and at least one gig or two, even the poor Taxi drivers!

    I am a Farang and I know this, if you are half Thai then you MUST know this also. Wake up!

  20. Interesting article. I run a dating site, and some of the Asian men who have joined… well let’s just say I’m beginning to understand why USA and other Western men are so gigantically popular in Thailand/the Philippines!

  21. I’ve never really been involved with a thai men and I have no clue how they are, in the past I’ve dated singaporean, indonesian guys I’m asian myself. But I’ve always find thai men attractive , to be more specific exotic. I’m surprised to find out that 99.9 of thai men are cheaters, but the thing is I feel like its no different than any other men from other countries is it? A guy that I dated who was indonesian chinese was a player, the other one wasn’t that great either. It may be that I wasn’t lucky when it comes to guys, but seriously making judgements based on your personal experiences, or stories you heard from someone else often comes across untrue. My conclusion is there will be always be the good and the bad everywhere. Maybe thai men are on a higher level when it comes to cheating compared to other counterparts so we gotta keep an eye on them at all tines until we’re sure that we can trust a thai men

  22. …my German girflriend (no wife) had a sexual relationship with a thai guy. Once he had fastenend his grip around her he became very demanding and controlling, drained a lot of money out of her and our holiday budget and showed no respect at all to the fact that I was her boyfriend for already four years. But she wanted it anyway,….which I still cannot comprehend because she absolutely dislikes macho-behaviour when it comes from the side of western males.

  23. @InstantNoodle; All Thai men cheat…ALL…some more than others…you can never trust a Thai man or a Thai woman…who do you think the Thai man is cheating with?… a Thai woman or a lady boy….

    Having said that, ALL men of the world will cheat given the opportunity. Men in the US have much fewer chances of cheating (less available women) and they can loose their shorts if caught….Cheating in the US and Europe is not encouraged by the society or the feminists so it is lessened to a great degree compared to SE Asia…

    I have to say this though, I have never seen women who cheat as much as Thai women…it boggles the mind. They can have a good BF and then they mess it up by cheating…I do not get it, then again I do not get the Thai culture that is supposed to be Buddhist but they act in such an apposite way…strange!

  24. Hello 🙂 its nice to read all your comments…I lived in Thailand for 1 year…I threw myself in to thai culture and had very little ‘farang’ friends…yes I fell in love with a thai guy …and then I found out he had a girlfriend and baby….broke my heart …stated clear of thai men after that…and 1 month before I left for home I met an adorable thai guy. He’s a professional Muay thai fighter and doing a degree at university. Finishes his masters next year. I have been over to visit him twice since our meeting and while I’m in the uk we speak on the phone nearly everyday. I was very cautious to get into a relationship with another thai…but I have to say I don’t regret it. He treats me like a princess and with the upmost respect. His muay thai agent had encouraged our relationship very much so…and is the sweetest romantic ,well mannered guy I have ever dated.he has never drank alcohol or wants to try it and his life at the minute is his studies and Muay thai training. A lot of thai people & ladies say I am very lucky to have good guy! I am going over again in October and he has been dropping hints about proposing to me 🙂 I want to say yes for sure…I have started a successful business in the uk the past six months …and he has his study commitments there,but has made it clear he would be happy to visit the uk, to see if he likes it here…..has anyone any advise before I do so….?any feedback would be appreciated kind regards x

  25. I will be moving to Bangkok in few weeks, I’m warned thanks for the posts! @Mando6971

  26. happy in love…how old are you? how ol is he?
    which language do you use?
    if you are a good looking young educated lady, you can have same success everywhere in the world….
    how long do you think this feeling will last?
    is very easy to fall in love….what is difficult is what can happen later….
    if he is and will remain a good man , in love faithful always a good man….this means that also elephant can fly

  27. @Rainer – stop posting your story everywhere already! It’s been what… 3 years since the incident? I’m suggesting therapy… and dumping that “girlfriend” of yours.

    @Mando6971 – who are you? The Internet “dont date a thai guy” police? You just warn about about thai guys… so what exactly are your experiences with them? Why would you generalize so harshly? Been hurt or what?
    I don’t say you should believe everything a guy charmingly says to you (whatever nationality) and yes, you do have to be cautious in tourist areas where people from huge social/educational backgrounds meet… that applies to men and women on sex tourism holiday as well as with the “holiday fling” with a person from a 3rd world country. But seriously, stop generalizing and saying “all” Thai men are gamblers, alcoholics, cheaters etc.
    I know a few women (thai and farang) that have been happily married for years. Does that mean Thai men are the best? No, I’m not as stupid to draw simplistic generalizations like that. There’s good, there’s bad. Just because you didn’t have good experiences doesn’t mean there are no good (Thai) men. Just because I have good experiences (5 years relationship with a Thai) doesn’t mean there are no bad (Thai) men.

  28. mina, mandol is wrong, not all thai men are so bad, only 99%
    about you know “FEW” women….few means few….but you write as to generalize…as long as they are few (very few I would say), you automatically admit that is about exceptions, so you confuse, use word few and then you write that does not mean thai men are the best (you mean the few?)….is very schizzofrenic explanation, may be to avoid that really very few thai men are good….is indirectly your admission…

    when in italy women say…I have good experience with a man, they mean that they have been all life together and 5 years, here, is the shrtest relation could happen between man and woman and you mention it as the longest….in your point of vew
    may b before you write and judge , you should come out from your small thai world and limited thai culture , may be wanderful culture, but usds for farangs as blackmails, but start travel around the world and then jugge

  29. @ant45 – Hi ant. It doesn’t seem that you understand my post at all. I didn’t make any generalizations (I actually made a point *not* to make any generalizations) and I didn’t “admit” to anything.
    I said that just because I know some sucessful couples does NOT mean that I’m going to conclude that “all” Thai men are good. That would be a generalization. Just like to say that “all” Thai men are bad. As I said: There’s good and there’s bad (thai, western, indian, italian etc) men/women. It’s not just black and white.

    And yes, a 5 year relationship isn’t that long… but I was speaking from my own expieriences and I am too young to show a lifelong relationship… ask me again in 30 years.

    I didn’t even judge (who?) anyone… Especially not farangs? I don’t know where exactly you could have taken offense here.


  30. I dont need to live 200 zears to see that turtles live that long.
    make it simple: in Thailand relations are easz and marrz verz verz quick same as divorce, can also be obtained in one day, while in Italy for example, before marry, boy and girls meet and know each othe much much longer and then may be marry and when married, thez make all possible efforts to stay together and help each otherí…. not only man must help, also woman…and in case of some argue or some problems, they trz find solution and how to love each other and forgive each other….
    In Thailand, marrz is just fun and at first problem, thez divorce verz quicklz, most of the time because the man drinks and go with younger girls and no way thez try find a solution. They say that when there are problems amongst partners, they dont see why stay together, but the problems is that they have same problems with second and third partners and no way about find asolution to keep marriage alive, because fun comes in first place….means a new wife is a new pussy….is verz rare to find thai men who dont think that way, therefore I dont need to wait 30 zears to know what will be, just look around zourself and if zou are ř yearstogether wih a thai man, means that he will need and use you and dont think that he does not have another woman besides you….if I am wrong in what I write, it means that is possible find white flights

  31. Hi ant. Thanks for your opinion on that matter. I quite agree with you that nowadays many marriages end in divorce too quickly because both partners run away from problems instead of finding a solution. Relationships can be hard and I agree that both partners need to work towards finding a solution. However, I don’t agree that this is a Thai (men) problem… I think it’s a problem that exists around the world. Anyway, thanks for your opinion on that matter & wish you bests of luck.

  32. yes, is a world problem, but since we are on a blog about thai to compare to
    farangs, the problem in this case is about thai men. Thai women are verzy superficial women and thai men since age of 14 are crazy looking for sex and this bring them to wrong idea about marriage and have a partner. Even if the problem is world wide, I have been since 40 years abroad, from groenland to new zealand and nowhere in the world where I have been, the marry and divorce is so very normal and quick like in Thailand, because when they marry with the idea to divorce at first small problem or when they find another partner with more money or in case of men, if find younger girl and often use divorce as an excuse to run away from marriage that cannot last because was too quick and divorce too quick and easy and cheap…
    In italy for example, to marry, need some discouraging burocratic procedures and to divorce, apart that can coast about 20.000 euros, since you need a lawyer because will be a sentence of divorce same as any other case, but you must wait 3 zears of legal separation during this time, the partners can still decide to change their mind and dont divorce…in case thez want both divorce, after 3 years they will hve to wait another year for legal confirmation…
    may be in italy -not only in italzy- is exagerate …..but at least this make people think before marry, because if people want fun and sex with other parner, they must realize that marry is not only that, but is a very serious matter and you know what I mean, but tis make men very responsable and love their wives forever…..
    in Thailand men do not have responsability at all, they marry have childreen, then marry again and again childreen and wife make the same, so childreen left and right and most of case they are left to friends sisters brothers grand mothers …what I dont understand is in which way the pretend to be a family s country….
    the problems is also that childreen notice that parents have other partners and thez growup with the idea that that will be also their way to behave in future…
    I agree that there are bad and good husbands everywhere in the world, but to be bad husband in thailand seems to be a national case

  33. …well, so at least I must than be happy that Khun did not get my German girlfriend pregnant, when she had holiday-sex with a thai guy.

  34. World Traveler

    I can’t believe the egocentric and ethnocentric comments herein. I read the same old generalization over and over again. Americans having the privilege to judge an entire nation of millions based on a small sampling (sometimes with only one). I suppose I can meet an idiot on Hollywood Blvd. or a thug in Compton and generalize all Americans that way too. But oh – when it’s American or European everyone is an individual. We can’t possibly be all alike. But when it comes to Thais – oh, they’re all the same. Tell me something, has anyone here actually dated Thai men from all spectrum of society? From the Harvard educated doctor to the environmentalist? From the poor aspiring Thai boxer to the 21 year old with a Lamborghini because his dad owns the entire mall? But wait a minute, they’re all the same or mostly all the same? What leads you to that conclusion? Comments from a few bar girls about Thai men or comments from the obese farang tourist about how ALL Thai women actually worship their fatness over Thai heart throbs? Come on guys and gals, there is as much variety in Thailand as anywhere else. One can appreciate the common cultural theme, but one has to be respectful and not view one sample as representing an entire nation. So who is superficial? Look in the mirror.

  35. I really enjoyed your article:-) Thank you anonymous! Firstly I would like to share my story in short… I have lived here in Thailand for 3 years and I have an incredible Thai boyfriend, he is actually Karen (galien) as thai`s know them, from the hilltribes. We have been together for nearly 3 years, he is the most gentle, kind, considerate and understanding man I have every met and been lucky enough to come into my life. Our relationship started off slowly at a pace that I was not used to but definitely needed. As i am 7years his junior I tend to follow my mind too much acting ‘without thinking, I tend to be very passionate and slightly insecure due to heart break at a younger age. But my other half has taught me from the start to slow down, take it easy as his culture teaches him. And most importantly to learn about him and him i trust before love.. He would often tell me he likes me but would say love is a big thing and it needs to take its time and once we have trust that means we love each other. I never been with a man who made me want to be a better woman the way he does.. I have had 2 other serious relationships in my past that were quite a train wreck dare i say but i do believe that it actually doesnt matter where the person is from, what their culture is, if this person is meant to be with you and you him or her then you and your other half will always strive to be the best you can be for each other, always trying and improving on your faults and most importantly acknowledging your faults and trying to fix them. My man loves to drink a few whiskys with his buddies but he always wants me at his sides and if he see’s him tired without me even saying anything he will finish his whisky and off we will go home, he does make mistakes as do i but he always tries to correct them and appologises for ‘making a mistake to his duty’ as he says. In my experience i have heard and seen many negative things about thai men but it goes the same for any man from any country. Positives and negatives. Its just about meeting the right man for you no matter where he is from. I am lucky i found my other half, he teaches me to be a better person, to open my heart and he tries to learn from me and has said to me before he thought he was full and couldnt learn anymore but then he met me.I am not an easy woman, there aren’t many men who can handle me but I am lucky to have met this wonderfully patient, kind, honest (too much sometimes) trusting man who strives to be a good man to me and shows me how to be a better person too. And let me say I have all of this with language barriers and culture differences. But as I said earlier its not about where we are from, what language we speak, what country, what culture its about finding the right person for you!

  36. Ya thai guy are very sweet good looking guy they are very polite and will try their best to make you smile and laugh even though it will make them look silly in front of others.

  37. I would totally agree the majority of thai men will cheat on you. Speaking from experience I had been living in thailand and dating a thai man. We lived together for 8 months and I helped him look after his 8 year old son, was welcomed into the family. He treated me in an amazing way very thoughtful and kind, we spent all our time together however when I came back to the uk for a months holiday he broke up with me and has a new girlfriend much younger. Despite asking me to marry him just before I left.
    I had already booked my return ticket back, the whole time he was seeing someone else.
    I would seriously stay away from all thai men if you don’t want to get your heart broken. They are lovely to your face but will treat you like shit. You have bee. Warned.
    This is also true in our group of friends many of them were seeing more than one girl. One guy had been dating his girlfriend for over 10 years and they getting married in the summer and he is sleeping around behind her back. Everyone knows but they don’t care it’s the norm.

  38. My daughter started working as a waitress at a thai restaurant and meet a thai gentleman who treats her wonderful after few dates that was with other from work he gave her a silver necklace looked like kind upside down horseshoe with word omega on it he has bought her some thai women’s pants new her size with out her telling him has made her sushi cooked her food drove her home and now there boss is asking her what ring size she wears and the guy she been going on dates with blushes but in my daughters thinking he never asked her to be his girlfriend i explained different cultures have different ways maybe that what the necklace was can anyone tell me if i am right

  39. Ant45 is completely retarded .Have you ever met high education Thai men like physician or business man? Are they alcoholic and cheating on their wife?I came across here because I’m interested in western women.Now I know this is a completely bad idea.All Thai men cheating and wanting your money are bullshit.May be all of you spent to much time around Pattaya and you think all Thai would be like that?

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