Bangkok – Renting Modern Condos VS Older Condos – A closer look

It seems these days everyone wants a Modern Bangkok Condo with large square meter (metre). Most of the clients that call us about renting all seem to be trending towards getting larger square meter (metre) for their baht. Very rarely do we get clients who will accept an older condo.

So the question is can you get a modern condo which is also a decent size?

The answer to this depends on how flexible you are with your requirements. The biggest difference between the two is square meter (metre), in that Older Condos provide much more space than newer units. Case in point, Sukhumvit Soi 59 which has a cluster of new and old buildings located not too far from each other.

A closer look at the difference between 2 buildings in the same Soi;

Moon Tower – Built in the 1990’s with facilities such as a pool, gym, sauna, squash, a beautiful garden area to relax in and 24 hour security. A fully furnished 2 bed, 2 bath condo here offers 202 square meters (metres) renting for 50,000 baht/month. The units here are very clean and the building itself is maintained quite well.

59 Heritage – This building was just completed this year (2010) and has facilities such as a pool, gym, steam room, garden area and 24 hour security. A fully furnished 2 bed, 2 bath condo here offers a mere 70 square meters (metres) of space for 45,000 to 50,000 baht/month.

Some quick math and we realize that the difference is not subtle but substantial. For almost the same price you would get 132 square meters (metres) more, that’s almost another condo in itself.

Similarly a new 1 bed, 1 bath condo would be around 42 square meter (metre) for 20,000 baht/month as opposed to an older unit with modern furniture offers a 1 bed, 1 bath condo around 63 square meter (metre) for the same price.

Again the question arises is it possible to get a modern condo with larger square meter (metre)? The answer is yes it is, but you have to make some sacrifices in your requirements. There are some older buildings that have completely renovated the entire building including majority of the units, to be clean and modern with very desirable square meter (metre). There is a building like this in On Nut that offers great value for money where a 2 bed, 2 baht condo is completely modern at a 135 square meter (metre) for only 40,000 baht/month. I know what you’re thinking, who wants to live in On Nut? Well I did mention you would have to flexible with your requirements, didn’t I?

So all in all is it possible to get a Brand NEW Modern condo with large square meter (metre)? The answer is unfortunately No because they just don’t build them like they used to. But you could find older buildings which have been renovated to look modern.

If you are in search of new modern condos then visit, alternately if you don’t mind older buildings have a look at this site

Author Sam Chotalia. Copyright 2010 Sam Chotalia

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  1. 50.000 baht/mo? Those prices are obscene. For $1600/mo you can get very decent digs in most metro areas in the U.S. (excluding few select cities on east/west coast).

  2. Agreed but when you compare the cost of living prices it’s nowhere near the ballpark of US. Also just because I used a 50k example doesn’t mean there are no 5k or even 3k baht/month places in Bangkok. Show me the same in the US?

  3. Well Good and detail information but my quesiton is there are different places and definitely cost of living will be different for them too so at one place there will be no any fixed baht/month there should be different baht at each place..

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