My Love Affair With Thailand Part V

The next morning arrived like a volcanic eruption. I awoke just before midday to one of those only too familiar moments of confusion. What happened last night? Who is this in bed with me? Oh dear, there appears to be two people in this bed with me.

Tuk and Meow showered as I lay on the bed trying to recall all the events of the previous night. I was in a sort of daze not quite believing what had happened but feeling as happy as I had ever been. Last night had not been an illusion, I had met two beautiful ladies, had a great time, visited some bars and a karaoke and then made love with them both. They were now ordering breakfast for us all as they laughed and had fun in my hotel room. Thailand truly was a paradise.

We hadn’t discussed money the night before and as they undoubtedly wanted paying I was keen to get it right. With Nok it had been easy, we had already agreed a price for our day out and I then added some for the night we spent together. The same for the second night we spent together. That seemed like such a long time ago now as I heard room service knock at the door with our breakfast. In came a trolley laden with food pushed by an attractive lady I had seen a couple of days before working on the reception desk. Tuk and Meow helped her unload the food onto the table and I gave her a tip for the effort it must have taken pushing our trolley along the corridor. From what I could see my friends had ordered the entire breakfast menu twice over and more. There were sausages, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, rice porridge, prawns, rice, 3 or 4 bowls of soup, coffee, tea, orange juice, milk, cereals in little boxes, various types of fruit and cold meats. I didn’t really know it at the time but Thai women can eat like horses and sure enough Tuk and Meow got stuck in. I was still a little worried about the question of payment for the night before and didn’t want to appear as though I was stalling so as I was eating I made to tidy my things. As I was doing so I placed some Thai notes next to their handbags which were next to the TV. They seemed oblivious to what I was doing as I hoped the amount of money I had left was acceptable to them.

Even after years of visiting Thailand, eating with Thai’s in restaurants, in their homes, in hotel rooms and on the street I have not quite got used to having food taken off my plate or taking food off other peoples plates. I guess I’m just territorial with the instincts of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier when it comes to food. As I watched Tuk and Meow eat I was transfixed by the easy and informal way they went about things. Brought up to think meal times were a formal event, elbows by my side, don’t talk with your mouth full, use the right cutlery and all the other rubbish we teach our kids in the UK, to see these two Thai ladies sitting cross-legged chattering away to each other was as refreshing as it was interesting.

With breakfast finished and the remnants tidily stacked together and placed outside my room door by Tuk and Meow the time to say our goodbyes had arrived. I was sad to see them both go, we had all shared some lovely times together. I kissed both of them on the cheek as they did with me, we shook hands and hugged as they retrieved their bags and money from beside the TV. Nothing was mentioned about the money so I presume it must have been the correct amount. I watched them walk down the corridor towards the lift and waited until I heard the lift bell signalling their departure.

I have listened to hours of discussion by farang men concerning the correct amount of money to pay a bargirl/freelancer/go-go girl for a short time or a long time. My way of thinking is if you are happy to pay the money and the lady is happy to accept the money then you have the price exactly right.

My hotel room seemed empty after my two friends had left so I got my camera and went off in search of some photographic opportunities. I passed my tuk tuk driver friends and the barbecue stall as I was full to the brim after the enormous breakfast I had just been subjected to. Making my way to the main road to flag down a taxi I spotted a dog in a pretty bad way with what I took to be some sort of skin infection. It had lost all the fur from its hind quarters and its skin was red raw from where it had been scratching. This saddened me as I thought it unlikely it would receive any help from an organisation such as the RSPCA or PDSA and would probably die a painful death. It also got me thinking about the dangers of living in Thailand where the safety net of social security just doesn’t exist. I have since learned there is a rudimentary health care programme for all Thai’s but it is no use pretending it is comprehensive. This is probably why there are so many pretty young ladies who are willing to sleep with farangs such as me for money and is a discussion that is far too wide-ranging and in-depth for a sex tourist like me.

I arrived at Silom Road by taxi for a wander around. I took some pictures of the very impressive buildings and toyed with the idea of visiting Geoff in his hotel. It was a couple of days since we had met and a few beers and a chat seemed quite a good idea. I knew the name of the hotel Geoff was staying in and quite literally stumbled upon it as I took some pictures. I went to the reception to find out if he was around. The lady behind the desk resplendent in her very smart uniform smiled and called his room. She passed the phone to me and Geoff invited me up. I entered the lift with his room number, floor, right out of the lift and then ……. ringing in my ears. Geoff answered the door in a dressing gown and immediately invited me in. Sat down on the couch was a very attractive Thai lady wearing a matching dressing gown with the hotel motif displayed on the top left hand pocket. I shook hands with her and she introduced herself as Pim. Pim was probably about mid-thirties and very confident. Not at all like a bargirl. She was sipping red wine from a glass and smoking a very long cigarette. She had styled hair with elegantly painted finger and toe nails and wore her gold casually. I think Geoff could see I was impressed; he excused himself to the bedroom in order to change while I sat down and chatted with Pim. I didn’t get the, “how long you come Thailand” or “you hab lady?” rather I got the “what do you do for a living” angle. This was certainly interesting. Having lots of questions for Geoff he appeared and we went downstairs to the hotel bar.

“Where the f**k did you find her then?”

“Accident really, I popped into a hotel I was passing for a drink the other night and just got talking to her”

“She’s fit …… and posh, is she on the game?”

“Presume so, not mentioned money though, claims she used to live in England and was married to a foreigner”

(At this point it is fair to mention that as Geoff is American, England could be anywhere in Europe)

“I’d imagine she won’t be cheap”

“You bet”

“Guess what happened to me last night in Soi Cowboy”

And another nights festivities began.

I waited in the hotel bar while Geoff returned to his room. The bar was pleasant and was sparsely populated by business types taking an afternoon drink. Not the sort of place I would usually drink but pleasant nevertheless. Geoff returned after 20 minutes or so with Pim who had discarded her bathrobe and was now wearing a smart but suspiciously creased grey skirt and jacket clutching a bag that was too large to be a place for putting her lipstick and foundation in but too small for an overnight bag. I guessed she earned her living hanging out in high-end hotels looking for customers who weren’t the beer bar or go-go bar type. We sat down and Geoff ordered a round of drinks. Pim didn’t say much but I could tell she had spent some time in the west judging by her mannerisms. She seemed self-assured and comfortable in her surroundings smoking long cigarettes and exhaling the smoke slowly and deliberately. I warmed to Pim very quickly as her manner betrayed a wicked sense of humour and a throaty laugh. After a couple of drinks Pim said goodbye and kissed us both on the cheek before she sashayed through the revolving hotel door and out of Geoff’s life forever.

I ordered another drink as we discussed our plans for the coming evening. I had no specific plans but was aware I was to be going home in a couple of days. I hadn’t yet visited Nana Plaza so we resolved to go there at some point and although I didn’t mention it at the time I felt I wanted to visit Nok in order to put a ghost to sleep.

Geoff is very much a go-go bar person so we spent the early evening visiting a couple of go-go bars on Soi Cowboy. We passed the bar where Tuk and Meow worked but there was no sign of them outside and not wanting to interfere with our plans for the night we walked straight past to another go-go bar. Inside we took a seat to the rear of the establishment, I find sitting right up at the stage leering at the ladies close up is a bit too pervy for me. It is also a little quieter too away from the stage. We were soon joined by a bevy of beauties who draped themselves all over us in a big pile of Thai girl. Enjoying the attention we bought a few lady drinks and enjoyed the fun. Some of the girls lost interest and took their turn dancing on the stage as they were replaced by more girls willing to drape themselves all over us in an abstract Picasso painting kind of way. After an hour or so we were both draped out and decided to visit Nana Plaza but not before going for something to eat. On my recommendation we stopped at the same street stall I had visited the previous night for my pork kebabs. I was showing off a bit as I turned my kebabs over the hot coals. I was engrossed in my cooking and only briefly took my eyes off the food to have a look where Geoff had gone. There, not 6 feet away from me was Nok. She stood, arms crossed, feet together looking at me. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. I glanced at Geoff who was busy taking the telephone number of a go-go dancer dressed in a red cape wearing gold boots with two red flashing horns on her head.

“Hello Nok, how are you?”

“I cry”

“Why do you cry Nok?”

“You not come see me”

“I’m sorry Nok I was busy”

“My ladyboy friend in bar say you wave her”

“Yes Nok, I saw all your friends in the bar but you were ill”

“Yes, I go loom hab food poosenink”

“Remember Geoff, Nok?”, I gestured towards Geoff who was still talking with the caped crusader.

“I lemember Geoff, I cry you”

“Listen Nok, I will call you tomorrow morning”

“Ok, you call, I cry”

“Bye Nok”

Nok turned on her heels and walked towards her bar. It was nice to see her again and now I had an excuse to call her.

4 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Thailand Part V”

  1. Interesting read. No matter how many times I read a similar story, it seems justifyable to be repeatitive, knowing how many western men are so sexually desperate and frustrated in their own marriages and/or relationships.

    While Thailand has a lot to offer in culture and history, most men go there to enjoy the nite life, where almost no other western country can even comes close to offer!

  2. If you arn’t living there full time,these stories keep the part time monger
    in memorical fodder,certain parts of these write up’s trigger un- or subconcious memories that remind one of the most insignificant things at the time,but now they all come flooding back as the story read’s,like,the smell’s,certain sights and experience’s etc….very descriptive,emotional and drawing writing.
    Keep ’em coming!!

  3. This series is a very enjoyable read that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. It’s also interesting to see that, despite your comment about the uptight Brits with their table manners, you retain the British thing about not discussing money. You wrote for ages around what to pay the girls but kept hush on what you decided upon. Funny.

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