My Love Affair With Thailand – Epilogue


After leaving Nok I felt pretty bad. I quite simply did not want to leave Thailand. I buried myself in the anonymity of Don Mueang airport and had a few beers to make me feel better. Thankfully the departure time for the flight came quickly and I was soon on my way to Istanbul. A short stopover and I was greeted by a dull and rainy Heathrow. Reality.

I never went back to see Nok and soon afterwards the bars on Asoke Corner were pulled down. I wish I had kept her telephone number but sadly I didn’t. I would love to meet her again some ten years later and I hope things have turned out well for her.

I met Tuk again about a year later in a different bar on Soi Cowboy. She had lost weight but still had that effervescent sparkle about her. She told me Meow had met a farang and didn’t work in a bar anymore. I asked Tuk to send my regards to Meow and wish her well.

Poo was working in the same go-go bar up until a couple of years ago and had been promoted to cashier. She was still partial to debagging customers right up until the time she left her employment.

Sai from Patpong has never been seen again, Just Do It Sai!

Geoff is living in Thailand full time after selling his dental practice and narrowly escaped death during the tsunami. His beach hut was swept away but luckily Geoff and his companion escaped with nothing more serious than some cuts and bruises. We still meet up a couple of times a year wherever Geoff may be in Thailand. I have never asked him if he ever met up with the devil lady.

Pim – Whereabouts unknown.

4 thoughts on “My Love Affair With Thailand – Epilogue”

  1. Amazing that when you visited Thailand ,you have only chance to talk only the bar girl who are looking to …same target .
    Amazing that you really like to visit bar more than any

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your series of blogs. They bring back fond memories of the various Thai girls I’ve had fun with.

    It is quite the unique scene, isn’t it? Nowhere else (except Hong Kong) have I found a similar rent-a-girlfriend experience like this (and in Hong Kong it is the Filipina and Thai ladies that stock the farang bars (though we are called gweilos here, not farang).

    Like every decent bloke with an ounce of empathy in his soul, I too tried to “save” a few from the bar life. But they just can’t leave the easy money – and after a few years of cash-filled pockets they can’t imagine how they could survive on a 7/11 salary… this becomes the trap, I guess. But there is no question in my mind that they do it to themselves – the other 99% of Thai women who don’t work in the bars seem to manage just fine.

    Sadly, as fetching and charming as these girls are, after a few days with one the shine fades, doesn’t it? If her english is decent enough you quickly realize you are from different planets: culturally, interests, background, social network. The conversations get shorter and shorter once all the life-story stuff is done.
    I’ve been down the path enough times now to see the relationship arc clearly.

    Ah well…, I have many many memories to make me smile when I am too old to get it up!

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your series of posts on your ‘love affair with Thailand’. You certainly made the most of your 6 day trip there. Very well written story – did you keep a diary at the time of these events? You seem to have remembered them exceptionally well for 10 years ago, although this may be because they were such exceptional experiences!
    I have just returned from my first short trip to Thailand, and am experiencing the probably all-too-common feeling of immediately wanting to be back in Bangkok! Unfortunately I only spent a few days there, and I stayed around Khao San Road mostly. No doubt I will be heading back there in the near future, probably on my own to allow myself a little more freedom 🙂
    Look forward to reading your other posts.

  4. Amazing story ive never been to thailand and i have the strange feeling ill have to check it out. i had similar fun nights at home but they are very rare. i might booze myself to death though. those must have been some of the most unhealthy 6 days in your life – besides 20 further visits of god knows how many days of always too short of a vacation..

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